Tan It All - Dripping Springs

Tan It All - Dripping Springs


I was charged for month after I had canceled my service with the required notice. Their employees give you the run around, erroneous info & after numerous texts and emails to the business office and a month of opportunities to fix it, Tan At All refuses to follow up or answer. They owe me $67. I will not patronize this business again. Sign up for their automatic drafts at your own risk.
Clean beds, friendly staff and great location
Clean beds and friendly staff

Tan It All is a full-service tanning salon offering everything you need to keep your skin GLOWING year-round! From sunbed to spray tanning- we have it all

Operating as usual

Tan It All - Dripping Springs updated their business hours. 09/11/2021

Tan It All - Dripping Springs updated their business hours.

Tan It All - Dripping Springs updated their business hours.


We have changed our hours for the week of 4/26 -4/30 to be 10am-7pm while we work through a staffing shortage. We are grateful for your understanding and support. Updates will be posted here and onsite once we go back to regular hours.


Wishing everyone a Happy Easter. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!


All locations will be open at noon today!

All locations will be open at noon today!


We will remain closed till conditions in the area improve. Check back with us periodically for any change in the schedule.


We have decided to stay closed today out of caution. We will continue to monitor the weather and post an update for tomorrow in the morning. Stay warm and safe y’all!


We will continue to monitor road conditions through the morning and keep you updated if plans change. Thank you for your patience!

We will continue to monitor road conditions through the morning and keep you updated if plans change. Thank you for your patience!


We are closing at 2pm today, Thursday 2/11, to give our staff a chance to get home safely. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Stay safe and warm and we’ll see you tomorrow!

We are closing at 2pm today, Thursday 2/11, to give our staff a chance to get home safely. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Stay safe and warm and we’ll see you tomorrow!


A little taste of luxury for that glorious bronze we all love!


Bathe your skin in our fan FAVORITE Moroccan Midnight for superior hydration. 🀍 Rich Argon Oils, Kaduku Plum extracts and Revolutionary Plum & Almond Oils will insure your skin stays luminous, supple and glowing. DHA-Free natural bronzing agents envelop the skin in streak-free/stain-free color that add rich dark bronzing results to any skin type. 😍✨


We will open at 10am today.


We are closing early to give our staff a chance to get home safely before it gets dark and roads ice over. We will continue to monitor the weather tonight and if there’s a change in schedule, we will post an update here.


We will close at 6pm today and reopen at 10am Saturday 1/2. Stay safe!


Get your glow on before the celebrations start.
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Live in the lap of #luxury with this exquisite new natural bronzer. Rich in argan oils, kaduku plum extracts and plum and almond oils, your skin will certainly stay supple and glowing. In stores today!
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This exclusive black bronzer is rich with vegan collagen, extravagant squalene extracts, and the most sought after grand electrolytes-rich cocktail blend. Reward your skin with the royal treatment you deserve!


A heartfelt thankyou to all who have served.


Tan It All - Dripping Springs


Tan It All - Dripping Springs's cover photo


Where’s our #pumpkinspice fans at?! This just hit our shelves and smells better than ever!! Go get you some boo. 😘

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We are closed today but open tomorrow, Sunday, from 12-6pm.


Our second new product is this luscious lemony goodness that is infused with aloe, cucumber, and vitamin C, making it the perfect after-sun moisturizer! πŸ‹Don’t forget, the more hydrated your skin is, the longer your tan will last.
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Drum roll please! πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯

Introducing Opalescent, your favorite social media filter in a bottle!! πŸ“Έ Grab yours next week when they hit the shelves at all our locations.
Want to guarantee we’ll have one in stock for you? We are taking preorders in-store.
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Come see us this weekend. We will be closed all day Monday and will reopen on Tuesday. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #memorialday #memorialday2020 #tanning #tanitall #tanitalltx #tanitalldrippingsprings


We’ve got two new summer products hitting our shelves next week. Are you ready?! Here are some clues.. #holographic 🀩 #lemonyfresh πŸ‹
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Photo creds: @goldenfruitsydney and @niji_minato πŸ™πŸ½


Tan It All - Dripping Springs's cover photo



We are deeply aware of many customers who use our services exclusively for treating symptoms of Psoriasis, Eczema, Fibromyalgia, Dermatitis, Seasonal disorders and depression, Acne, Body/Muscle Pain and Mental Health conditions.

We will be re-opening our Cedar Park, Stone Hill (Pflugerville) and Belterra Village (Dripping Springs) locations starting Wednesday, 4/15/2020.

Our hours for this week will be 10 am to 6 pm M-F, 10-6 Saturday and 12-6 pm on Sunday.

In addition to our existing cleanliness regimen, special periodic sterilization will take place between customer visits, and social distancing will be practiced at all times in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

If you have any questions, please email us at the email address provided on our website.


We will see you 4/13.








We are open today at regularly scheduled hours.

All our services are in private, enclosed rooms that are sanitized with medical grade disinfectant. It is important that you know, we have always prioritized sanitation in our salons and will continue to do so.

Get a little sunshine, take a respite from the stress, grab that 20mins nap your kiddo won’t let you take. πŸ˜‰


πŸ™Œ Happy Friday everyone! Not only is it Friday and the beginning of another amazing weekend but it’s also the end of the first πŸ“… month of the year!

We hope you are πŸ”¨ crushing those βœ… goals you made for yourself just a few short weeks ago. And in case you may have fallen off track just a little, don’t worry, it happens.

Whether you need muscle or 🧠 mental recovery we’ve got you covered with our amazing πŸ¦‹ Cocoon Wellness Pro. Maybe you’re looking to start or πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ upgrade your skin tone. 😍 UV or sunless tanning anyone? Looking for 😁 teeth whitening or πŸ’‘ light therapy or maybe even an amazing πŸ”΄ Fitbody wrap? We still have you covered!

No matter if you’re starting over or still going strong Tan It All is here for you! Stop in today and let’s keep moving forward! πŸ€—

We'll see you soon!! 🧑

Visit tanitall.com and click on SHOP to see our most popular packages and products!!

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πŸŽ‰ Happy Thursday!! If you stand on your πŸ‘£ tiptoes, you can see Friday!! πŸ™Œ

Yay!! That 🌀 beautiful day of the week again. The day that gets you mentally prepped for your amazing weekend coming up. Let's make it a great day fellow Tan It All-ers!!

πŸ€” Are you part of the 30% of Americans who have a πŸ’‰ tattoo? If so, we have a product that won't just give you the tan you're looking for, but can also πŸ›‘ protect your ink.

πŸ’– Color Vibe by Devoted Creations doesn’t contain any bronzers and is enhanced with 😍 collagen stimulators and regenerating and repairing ingredients! The ingredients list in this formula is ridiculously amazing. It includes an ultra-lightweight dark tanning intensifier, maca root and white charcoal radiance boosters, Liquid Glass Technology (ingredient found in many high-end πŸ™Œ face lifting and tightening skin creams. It's a πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦³ wrinkle reducer and also helps to shrink and minimize the appearance of pores), and the all-important tattoo and color fade protection. This protects the 🌈 vibrancy and details of your tattoos and tanning results at the same time. πŸ€” Ever heard of Electric 🌼Daisy? It's an ❌ anti-aging flower derived ingredient that promotes skin firmness!! Super cool! These are just a few of Color Vibes extensive ingredients.

If you're concerned about keeping your ink looking πŸ‘Œ fresh, but still want that quality gorgeous tan, then Color Vibe should be a part of your tanning regiment. We carry many amazing lotions with and without tattoo protection. πŸ™Œ There is something for everyone here. Questions? Don't hesitate to ask. πŸ€— We're here to help you on your tanning journey.

We'll see you soon!! 🧑

Visit tanitall.com and click on SHOP to see our most popular packages and products!!

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Happy πŸƒ Wellness πŸƒ Wednesday!!

πŸ˜† If you haven't noticed, it's been winter the last couple months. We know, sometimes it's easy to forget when the random 🌑 70 and 80 degree day pops up. But that doesn't change the fact that πŸŒ₯ sun light is definitely in short supply compared to πŸ’ spring 🌞 summer months!!

😱 Did you know that darkness actually reduces cellular activity and energy production⁉️ Our bodies produce 🀯 cortisol and adrenaline to compensate for the lack of sunlight which can cause all kinds of problems to our πŸ₯¦ metabolism and thyroid. Sunlight doesn’t just feel great on our skin, it also helps our bodies in many ways. One of those ways is how it ↗️ increases the rate our bodies utilize sugar. This stimulates an enzyme in the mitochondria which not only helps control the breakdown of πŸ₯— food but also helps break down food for energy.

πŸ’‘ Light therapy is a very popular and widely used treatment for those who struggle with low energy during the darker months. Our πŸ¦‹ Cocoon Wellness Pro and Red Light Therapy service can be absolutely, positively awesome for this situation. ☝️ One of the biggest benefits is πŸ€— mood elevation. We have plenty of customers talk about how much better they feel, emotionally and mentally, after a session. But most of all you’ll likely have more πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ energy throughout the day and light therapy can even support your immune system.

Your body NEEDS the 🌞 sun, so when the sun isn't exactly there for you during this season, Tan It All is. If you have any questions about these services, we'd be happy to help!!

We'll see you soon!! 🧑

Visit tanitall.com and click on SHOP to see our most popular packages and products!!

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Show of hands, how many of you out there love spray tanning? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ It's so awesome right? 😍

βœ… Quick
βœ… Easy
βœ… Flawless.

You can go from not tan to a 😍 beautiful bronze in ⌚minutes. But know what's not awesome? When your sunless tan starts to crack and fade. πŸ€— Don't worry! We are here to help.

There are things you can do to extend the life of your spray tan:

❇ One of the most important things you can do is 🧼 exfoliate beforehand. Exfoliating takes care of the dead skin cells before you put a layer of tanning solution over it so your tan doesn't prematurely fade.

❇ Next, GET YOUR TAN ON AT TAN IT ALL! 😘😘 At Tan it all we believe in quality!! That means we are going to provide you with πŸ‘Œ professional high quality products and options that will get you the most out of your time and money. πŸ™Œ Our spray tan booths are equipped with prep spray and we have multiple options of touch up DHA products.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ The American Academy of Dermatology advises that the most effective sunless spray tan solutions have DHA as the active ingredient!!πŸ‘

As always, Tan It All has you covered. Speaking of covered, don’t forget to πŸ§₯ wear loose fitting clothes. If you have any questions about our sunless options or any of our other services and products, please, don't hesitate to ask. πŸ€— We are here to help!

Well see you soon!! 🧑

Visit tanitall.com and click on SHOP to see our most popular packages and products!!

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✨ N O W β€’ H I R I N G ✨

Today starts the πŸŒ„ beginning of another brand new week full of potential. Yes, it may be a cloudy Monday, but it can still be another awesome and β˜€οΈ beautiful day! Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful! πŸ€—

Are you 🀩 looking for something a little more fulfilling in life where you get to help others everyday? Maybe you’re at that point where you are ready for a change, job change that is.

We are always looking for someone who is a real people person, a πŸ€Όβ€β™‚οΈ team player, and self starter!! πŸ™Œ With competitive pay and some amazing perks, like generous a commission structure and free tanning! Tan It All has you covered in all ways!

Whether you’re a πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ strong leader looking for a management position or you just want to πŸ’΅earn money part time while going to school helping others at a local and great πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ family owned business, apply with us today. 😘 Are you ready to become a part of our team?

➑️ http://tanitall.com/careers/

We'll see you soon!! 🧑

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Why YOU Need Tan It All!

Tan It All is an Austin tradition! Just like El Arroyo’s sign, our Tan It All sign is unique to Austin and our eclectic culture here. From sunbed tanning to spray tans, Tan It All has you covered year-round with custom packages and solutions for all of your tanning needs. Have questions on where to start? Ask one of our friendly, knowledgeable sales associates about the tan that is right for your skin type and active lifestyle needs. With locations throughout Austin, including our NEW location in the Dripping Springs area coming soon in May 2018, we are convenient to patrons all over the city! Check out our weekly and daily specials via our page, website and Instagram channel. Leave us a review, TAG us, interact with us and make sure to CHECK IN at your preferred Tan It All location for a chance to win some great promotional offers!

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Monday 9am - 9pm
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Saturday 10am - 6pm
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