Widdershins, LLC- Grass-fed Beef & Raw Milk

Widdershins, LLC- Grass-fed Beef & Raw Milk


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Cheers (with milk!) to the newest protected forever farm, Widdershins, LLC- Grass-fed Beef & Raw Milk in ! 🥂 The Russells worked with MFT to protect their 30-acre farm on Bear Hill Road in Dover-Foxcroft. There they raise pastured livestock and have a micro-dairy, and sell their yogurt, milk and cheese from their self-serve farm store. They also sell pasture-raised meats direct to their customers throughout the year. The Russells also worked with Maine Harvest Federal Credit Union to refinance simultaneous with the sale of the easement.
Loved the wonderful chevre I got at the Fall Folk Festival today! Looking forward to connecting with you at a future time for a quarter of beef!
How much is a gallon of milk? What is the rough price per pound of beef?

Grass Fed Beef, Raw Cow & Goat Milk, Soft cheeses & Yogurt, Pasture Raised Pork, Devon Cattle, and M Our hogs are silvo-pasture raised with grain and milk/whey.

Widdershins is a licensed Maine Creamery and Farm store offering raw cow & goat milk, yogurt, mozzarella, feta & various flavors of chevre. Beef& pork are available by side or whole animal by pre-order. Our beef animals are pasture raised or given dry hay during the winter, no GMO grain, hormones or antibiotics. We also offer pasture raised broiler chickens by pre-order. We sell Devon cattle breed


We have 4 hogs available for November processing. $3.55/lb plus processing. FMI please call Wendy. 207-717-6058


Our Jernsey heifer (Jersey/Guernsey) puts out some cream. Half of the half gallon!


Browsers at work.

Yearlings are living the goat dream.

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Bummer Dude. Is this supposed to fly off in the field? 😭🤣Not as bad as it looks really. It still shut me down for a while, but it was just a pin that needed replacement.

Photos from Widdershins, LLC- Grass-fed Beef & Raw Milk's post 09/05/2022

Some stove black and elbow grease was needed. It's been a couple years since I've blacked it. I really like the jewelry on it. Ready to heat and cook again.



These House Sparrows live in the barn year round. So sweet to have them singing in January, but they p**p everywhere. We refer to them as the "little sh****ng birds".


Good morning 🌄


Dear Patrons, we're having a little problem with you returning glass milk and yogurt jars. When you forget to bring back your empties it becomes an epidemic and 5 others also don't return them. I literally have 7 glass half gallon bottles to put 13 gallons of milk in tomorrow. I have 4 quart jars for yogurt. I do have plastic milk jugs, but if I continue to have to use them there will be an increase in prices.


Whether you eat animals or not, animal agriculture is important for restoring environmental and soil health.

The soil on the left is the result of regenerative agricultural practices being implemented and holds significantly more organic and Carbon matter. Sheep and cattle were carefully managed and rotated on the land. They ate the grass, deposited their urine and dung and were then moved away to let the grass grow back quickly.

The cycle is then repeated at a later date depending on season variability and vegetation recovery. This allows the pulling of carbon into the soil. It is darker because carbon from the atmosphere is now in the soil making it more nutrient rich and dense.

The soil on the right is from a commercial farm that grows grain and uses no animals on the land.

The soil with more carbon holds a lot more water (roughly 150,000 liters of water per hectare for every 1% of carbon that’s added) and is full of microbes.

Animals play a crucial role in regenerating the land and getting carbon into the soil when properly managed.

These ‘regenerative’ practices also can be applied to crop management through the careful integration of livestock.


Polled, registered Jersey bull. Gust is 16 months old and knows his job but needs a new permanent employment opportunity. He is out of a super cow from the University of Connecticut and should have a 50/50 chance of throwing polled calves. Structure and temperament and great milking genetics. Contact FMI. CALL 207-717-6058.


Nice cool day to get some mozzarella smoked.

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Close enough to call it done. Just have to lace the ends to cinch it tight. Thanks to good friends for the help, we will have some really nice hay/whatever storage in the back yard too. 96' long×17'wide.


She's still so tiny, yet she covers a fair amount of real estate on the couch.🥰


Fawn is such a nice girl.


When one is afraid of hights, one brings the hights down. I'm stripping the shingles off to properly dispose of this well used sheep/goat/calf shed.


Pip has been getting some barn time lately.


Chris Russell no loading cows in the trailer.


It appears that this 💩head was in the wrong place at the wrong time.🤠🤣


These yearlings are doing well with their rotational grazing, despite the dry conditions.


Small goat at top does not belong there. Imagine that, it's a goat.

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With the first crop of hay behind me, now I have turned my attention to making next years hay crop better.


How true




Chicken nuggets.

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We have two self propelled Bush hogs available due to someone opting out. First is a registered Gen 5 Kinder doeling, ready to go now, she's a sturdy girl, dam has always had quads and feeds them with some supplementing. (Second udder shot). Next is a Kinder x Mini Alpine doeling ready mid-August dam is an excellent milker (first udder shot). Both are vaccinated, dewormed, copper bolus, Bo-Se, disbudded, CAE and CL clean annually tested herd. Contact us FMI.


"Pork butts" reserve your milk/whey and grain fed, pasture raised pork now. Whole or half hogs available.

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Widdershins Kiss and Tell "Kissy". F5 Mini Nubian, she is the only keeper this year.

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Our new Mini Nubian buckling "Stinger" (Storybook Farm Beauregard) making faces. He is polled and blue eyed.


Walking and videoing rather wobbly.


Gala, the Guernsey.


Beautiful day to be wrestling netting through tall, thick grass.

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This bu**er was responsible for a day wasted. On the first pass around a hay field of course. A Big thanks to some local businesses owning friends for helping me get going again. The big tire shops couldn't, or just don't help on weekends.



I'm off and running. Finally got started on the hay season.


That's about $3 worth of straw at the current value. 😔 Im not letting that blow away in the wind.


Check it out girls and boys!🎉I scored BIG today with the last 15W-40 at TSC. WAY cheaper than the parts stores too. This stuff is getting to be like finding a unicorn.


Our farm store freezer is stocked again with delicious goat cheese! Also known as Chevre, we have six spreadable flavors: Plain - add your own flavor, Garlic/Chive, Pepper Jelly, Dill/Pepper, Ranch, and Strawberry Jam. And four flavors of Truffles (cheese candy balls) Cinnamon, Sweet Coconut, Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Coconut. Perfect additions for your summer gatherings. We also have smoked, yes SMOKED feta and mozzarella along with plain of both.

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I love my job, it's labor intensive, often literally sh*tty. My co-workers sometimes don't cooperate, but most the time life is good. My office is beautiful (sometimes wet or chilly), we have three herds to move for grazing this summer, it takes about an hour and a half to put up about an acre sized paddock, move water tubs and take down the last paddock and herds move every two to three days depending on the grass conditions. The grass is free, the animals are happy and healthy and I don't pay gym fees.

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Our current herd sire, Full Moon Farm Loch slick and shiny in the morning light.

Photos from Widdershins, LLC- Grass-fed Beef & Raw Milk's post 06/13/2022

Two months ago I swore this doe was having quads again. Nope, last kidding of the year and it's a BIG single doeling. Kinder x Mini Alpine.


And this is as high as Chris Russell likes to get on a ladder.


Wendy is the real shining star in the workforce today. I'm not so good on ladders, so she is running the lacing through the ends to cinch it tight.

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We can't thank Jim Russell Warren Frye , and Fred Frye enough for the help pulling the cover over the hoop frame this morning. I have a bit of tightening up yet to do, but this is going to be an amazing help for us with storage of things.

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These "kidding pen panels" are great looking, and keep animals in. Just not the KIDS or LAMBS that need to be kept in. Not really happy about having to put pens around the pen.


It's a Jersey thing.

Photos from Widdershins, LLC- Grass-fed Beef & Raw Milk's post 06/01/2022

Nice day to climb on the mulch bales.

Eat Better - Support Local Farming

Widdershins - means counter clockwise, Webster’s Dictionary says: to go against or in a left handed, contrary direction. I guess that means we have taken a contrary direction to conventional farming and we’re making it work. We believe in selling our products at the local level, helping our community eat better with the knowledge of how their food was raised.

Beef, pork & lamb are available for the freezer by side or whole animal by pre-order. All are born and raised on our farm, start to finish, no guessing on where they come from or how they were raised. Our beef animals are strictly grass-fed: pasture raised or given dry hay during the winter, no grain, hormones or antibiotics. Our hogs are pasture raised and milk and grain fed, they are never confined in buildings even in the winter. The sheep also are never confined in barns in the winter and travel around the area as do our beef animals, rotationally grazing fields that would have otherwise been left to overgrow. Improving and reclaiming land for our neighbors.

We have selected specific breeds of animals to do their work for us on the farm. Heritage breeds known for their ability to do well on pasture, in harsh conditions and not need pampering and special diets. Devon cattle, the first domestic cattle brought to North America by the pilgrims. Docile, hardy milk & meat producers who doubled as excellent oxen. Katahdin sheep, a breed developed in Abbot, Maine less then 20 miles from us. Known for their hardiness, ability to browse brush, hair that sheds instead of wool and excellent meat. And our Large Black Hogs, docile, friendly grazing hogs with fine flavored, lightly marbled meat.

Widdershins on site farmstore also offers eggs & raw milk from our Jersey and Jersey/Devon cross cows and goat milk currently from our Alpine goat, but in the future from our Nigerian dwarf cross goats. Our dairy cows & goats receive a small amount of commerical grain to suppliment their pasture & dry hay rations. Milk patrons can be on a weekly schedule or hope milk is available on a walk in basis. Future plans include yogurt and cheese sales once our cheese room in complete.

Please share our information, our business relies on word of mouth. We can also be seen/reached at our website at www.widdershins-fm.com

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Browsers at work.
Walking and videoing rather wobbly.
Beautiful day to be wrestling netting through tall, thick grass.
It's a Jersey thing.
It's a Jersey thing.
#highlandercat #highlanderkitten #registeredcats  #widdershinsllc
Scapa is ready to pop out some lil ones, aaany time now. #highlandercat #widdershinsllc
#kindergoat #miniturenubian #widdershinsrawmilkanddairyproducts #widdershinsllc
Our new Highlander Cat, Scappa, had a little mishap. All is well now. 🤙🙂 #highlandercat
This little fella will be coming to Maine in April.  He is an F3 Mini Nubian buckling - polled & blue-eyed!!!  From Stor...
Happy New Year, Smee!! Every dairy farm dog knows the enjoyment of "new milker inflation day".🤠 #widdershinsllc #widders...




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Monday 8am - 7pm
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