Bahari VIP Show Dog and Pet Transport

Located in Douglasville, GA. We offer VIP & Flight nanny, other pet transport services. (Breeders, R

* We use Life360 GPS app on all transports.
* USDA registered. #67-T-0134

Obituary of Timothy Daniel Dorn | Fletcher Funeral & Cremation Service 11/24/2022

Obituary of Timothy Daniel Dorn | Fletcher Funeral & Cremation Service

Obituary of Timothy Daniel Dorn | Fletcher Funeral & Cremation Service Timothy “Tim” Daniel Dorn, 54, husband to Lana Ridley Dorn for 29 years, went to be with God on Sunday, November 6, 2022 after a sudden illness. Tim was originally from Simpsonville, SC. Currently living in Douglasville, GA. He was a graduated from Hillcrest High school, class of 1986. Surviving...

Lana Dorn, organized by Atlanta Kennel Club 11/08/2022

Lana Dorn, organized by Atlanta Kennel Club

Thank u to Atlanta Kennel Club for organizing this GoFund for us.

Things are out of balance for me. I'm angry and screaming at Tim one minute. Crying screaming hysterically the next. Much like our 29 years marriage 😍
The hospital did keep me most of the day Sunday. They allowed me to go home to care for the dogs after I viewed and said goodbye to Tim. Only if I promised I would come back. I was having chest pains, anxiety and still recovering from RSV. My heart is 💔 but is healthy. No Pneumonia. Tested positive for blood clots. They did a CT scan. All were clear. They released me.

This summer, we went through several unexpected and expensive emergency costs.
Tim's Life insurance policy jumped from $32 to $72 a month after his birthday. Due to the financial situation with everything else over the last 8 months, his policy lapsed. No life insurance. I have double and triple checked. He did have an accidentally policy but Heart attack is not covered.
As our life has been under such financial strain since 2018 after his car accident, Seriously, why would things be any different and go smoothly in Death 😭💔

If u can and want to donate, please do. It will be much needed for funeral costs.
If u prefer something more personal, direct, and private, we do have electronic payment methods. Because of our pet Transport business (which is probably over unless I find a partner or someone to house sit the kids), we have Venmo, PayPal, Cashapp, Zelle. All are in my name, under my phone number, and email.
Our mailing address is 55 Peggy Meadows Way Douglasville GA 30134.

Services for Tim will possibly be Sunday in SC. Will update when I know exactly.

I will have a Celebration of life for him in Atlanta or Perry for our Atlanta and dog community family. TBA
Please continue to keep us in your prayers and thoughts. It will be a very strange and difficult road for the dogs and I. We will be missing a huge part of Bahari Siberians. We will push forward. Stay as strong as I can......

In this picture AKC used. It's Tim and Ben (GHC CH Bahari's Napoleon Dynamite) 9-11 Veterans at the 2015 SHCA National Specialty in Topeka, KS.

Lana Dorn, organized by Atlanta Kennel Club With a very heavy broken heart I'm very sorry to say that my husband of 29 yrs, Timothy Dorn, crossed … Atlanta Kennel Club needs your support for Lana Dorn


Our transport route for next week is leaving Atlanta Monday/Tuesday for Pick up in Florida, Atlanta, Cleveland, OH, Roanoke, VA.
After Cleveland delivery we are empty going back to Atlanta.
We are USDA certified.
We offer VIP and Semi-VIP transport service with Competitive rates.
Have a great and safe weekend.


We are moving toward New Orleans from Phoenix. If we have passed your area, I'm very sorry.

🎊 Coming home Special from California 🚗 🚙

🐶 💲500 per pet 🐱

🎊 Along this route! Between Phoenix and Atlanta. If you need your pet to be transported pass Atlanta, It's $1.25 per mile from Atlanta to the delivery address.

We will be in Phoenix, AZ tonight. Will leave tomorrow morning.
We can pick up and Delivery along this route.

Have a Great and Safe weekend Everyone ☀️🍹


🎉Open Availability for August 15-25th from South Carolina - Texas - California!🎉
*Semi private VIP transport.
*USDA registered.
*2-3 Pet spots available going to CA.
🚘*Leaving Atlanta, GA on Aug 14-15th *Current cities we are picking up, going through, and/or delivering to.
Atlanta, Charleston, SC, Jacksonville, FL, Mobile, AL, Baton Rouge, LA, Houston and Dallas TX, Albuquerque, NM, Phoenix, AZ, San Diego and Ventura, CA
** We can detour off the route if needed.
* ALL spaces are available coming home from CA to GA. Our route is open. We haven’t mapped out back to Atlanta yet (Las Vegas, Texas or Colorado, Gulf of Florida)

💲Contact us for Special Rates
($500-1200 based on mileage) 💲🚙


Leaving Atlanta in a couple hours for a quick transport to the DC area.
** DC area back to Atlanta ** Empty van! Message for Special prices 🎉


Open Availability for August 15- 25!

*Semi private VIP transport.
*USDA registered.
*2-3 open spots
*Can pick up and Delivery along the route.
*Current stops are Pensacola, FL, Texas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, Southern California
* ALL spaces are available from CA to GA.
*Contact us for Special Rates ($500-$1100) SC to CA and anywhere along our route.💲🚙


SPECIAL RATE FROM Tampa to Atlanta! Gas cost ONLY!
Anything transport going past Atlanta is $1.25 per mile.
PM or CALL ASAP to Book! 07/04/2022

Stay safe and have a great Monday 💚🇺🇲💜


Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!


Based in Atlanta. 🐾PM for quote. Ground transport quotes are based on $ per mile. Due to continuing raising gas prices.
🐾USDA certified.
Flight Nanny transports are all confirmed flights. TSA PreCheck. No waiting in Atlanta's really long security checks.
🐾Our ground transport is an Chevrolet Express Passenger van w front, rear, and side AC. No stacked crates. We only transport 1-4 pets at a time. Fast pick up with same or next day delivery.

Photos from Bahari VIP Show Dog and Pet Transport's post 06/29/2022

MUSH Rescue reached out to us last night to help transport this sweet baby today back to her foster home. Of course, we said YES! Whatever we can do to help.
Jewel had her last heartworm treatment today. We met up w Mama Shay to get Jewel.
Along the way home, we stopped for ice cream. 🍦🐶

MUSH Rescue is a great nonprofit organization that saves Siberians. They are always in need of $$donations$$, more Foster and permanent adoption homes🏡🏠.


ISO: Clients who are in need of immediate Ground 🚘⛽ or Flight Nanny ✈️ transport this week/weekend. 🐶🐱 Please Message me or Bahari VIP Show Dog and Pet Transport to book🦋 Thanks🐕💚🐈‍⬛💜

(We were booked for the week. Due to a family emergency w our VIP client, they had to cancel and reschedule for next month. Sending Healing Prayers to them🙏)

Photos from Bahari VIP Show Dog and Pet Transport's post 06/21/2022

Our last VIP clients 🥰 Super sweet babies. Abby was 11 w some arthritis. Rusty torn his ACL last week. And Sammy 💜💚 was an older sweet lovable big baby🥰
These guys bonded with us. It was funny. Rusty wanted to get back in the van. Kept coming back for more scratches and love hugs😍 Fun transport.


Bahari VIP Show Dog and Pet Transport is leaving for Cleveland very early am on June 20th. If anyone needs anything within 100-150mile from that area transported South, Please message us. Great rate! Look to be heading back to Atlanta mid week.
We have an open crate going up too.

Picking up from Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2022 🔴𝐋𝐈𝐕𝐄🔴 is not out of the question. Our transport price would be based on your delivery location. (Prefer East coast or Southeastern states) Amazing deal with a great rate 💰.
Stress free transport with a respectable trusted exhibitor that's a Siberian breeder of 30 yrs 🐶

Photos from Bahari VIP Show Dog and Pet Transport's post 06/15/2022

Happy 🥵 Hump day Wednesday 🌞👓
We have a route starting tomorrow Thursday June 16th from Atlanta to Tampa. We have open availability w great rates.
From Friday June 17-19, we are at a dog show until 12pm Sunday.
After our dog show, We have availability across Southern Florida to Palm Beach Gardens.
Switch drivers in Atlanta. Before delivering our VIP clients to their new home near Cleveland, OH.
After Cleveland, we have availability.
If anyone needs a transport in PA,OH,MI,IL,IN,MO,KY,TN, South back toward Atlanta or Florida... we are offering really great rates. Message for quote.
Everyone have a safe, profitable, and great week/weekend 🥰🐶


Leaving Atlanta Tomorrow, Monday June 6 for Charlotte, NC to Buffalo, NY.
Open space available. Message for rate🚗


🚗 Leaving tonight. 🚘
Limited space available on our trip from Atlanta, Montgomery AL, Indiana, and St Louis.
*Trip back from St Louis to Atlanta is unavailable. Private transport of Newly Graduated K9 officers.


This is our transport route May 13-15. I am leaving very early Friday morning 4am.
If anyone need a ground transport along or near this route, please message us.
Start: Atlanta, Knoxville, Lexington, Cincinnati, Toledo, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Back: Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky,Tennessee, Asheville NC, Greenville SC, Atlanta.


Springtime tip!

Spring is here and it’s soon time to start planting flowers and tidying up the flower beds. Don’t forget there are many plants that are harmful to your pets!

Photos from Bahari VIP Show Dog and Pet Transport's post 05/04/2022

Our 1st 2 puppy transport deliveries for today 🎉 They were so excited waiting for us.
We use Life360 GPS app so they can following their puppy from pick up til it gets in their arms 🥰🐶

2 more to go. My Godson Dusky to Kiera and Bella to Long Island, NY.

I spent yesterday picking up in Florida. Over 1300 miles and 25 hrs from home to FL back home. Where we switched drivers to Tim.

Photos from Bahari VIP Show Dog and Pet Transport's post 04/25/2022

My fluffy client, Kiwi
She's ✈ back to the Big Apple. Her mommy n daddy were on their Honeymoon in Hawaii 💜💚💜

Photos from Bahari VIP Show Dog and Pet Transport's post 04/21/2022

Our next Ground transport is schedule to leave Atlanta on May 2 w several client pick ups in Florida for Ohio to Connecticut/ New York back to Atlanta. We do have a couple of open spots available. If interested, please PM us for a quote 🐶
I have 1 spot open from (April 27-May 1) for a Flight Nanny transport. We are already booking for May and June ✈🚙

Photos from Bahari VIP Show Dog and Pet Transport's post 02/11/2022

Good Morning 🌞 My precious beyond adorable flight nanny transport is a Corgi puppy named Xena 💖 She has been a really good girl. In wonder at the start, now snoozing away😴🥰 Have a great Friday and weekend!

Photos from Bahari VIP Show Dog and Pet Transport's post 01/22/2022

The beautiful precious little White Walkers (Samoyeds) last night on the deck after dinner. They needed to release their energy from the nap after I picked them up in Columbia, SC. Tim left last night for Albuquerque, NM to deliver the pink girl to her new show home. The boy gets delivered tomorrow in Colorado weather permitting. First we pick up 2 Siberians puppies we're transporting from a friend in Colorado to Ohio. I was supposed be flying to Denver on Tuesday, pick up, fly into Cleveland then back home to Atlanta. Plans changed w the Sammies puppies and additional Siberian puppy from the same breeder to the same delivery area 🥰. It's an extra long cold weekend but so much more fun w puppies 🐻‍❄️ 🐶

Photos from Bahari VIP Show Dog and Pet Transport's post 01/16/2022

It never gets old seeing the new owner waiting on us in Baggage claim 🥰 Dylan and Dak 💚💜


Today's precious puppy is a Boykin Spaniel soon to be named Dak. The official dog of South Carolina 🥰 I'm taking him to his new owners in Texas. He IS very smart, curious and A HANDFUL! 😂

So far our weather at home was only rain. Power kept going on and off before I left. Some neighbors posted some have power, others don't. Roads so for are fine just alot of standing water on the interstates.
They are predicting it will be snowing when I ✈ back home. Hopefully not bad. For once.... I don't want snow ❄. Definitely don't want ice! 🧊
Everyone stay safe, warm, and dry.


This dog has been too funny. Flopped down in the middle of the food court.... 😂

Photos from Bahari VIP Show Dog and Pet Transport's post 01/04/2022

Today I get to spend my Birthday with this handsome guy🥰 We are going from Atlanta to Oakland, CA w a plane change in Las Vegas 🤩

Photos from Bahari VIP Show Dog and Pet Transport's post 01/04/2022

Today I get to spend my Birthday with this handsome guy🥰 We are going from Atlanta to Oakland, CA w a plane change in Las Vegas 🤩

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Stay overnight in Harrisonburg, VA. Time to get up n back home to my kids.This was 1 of the Seniors they brought in from...




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