Dragonfly Emu Farms

Dragonfly Emu Farms

We are a small hobby farm nestled in Donaldson, Arkansas where we raise our very LOVED mixed mob of standard color and rare blonde emu❤️

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Just a quick reminder that our hatching instructions are on our website along with a ton of other helpful information. Please reach out if you have any questions at all throughout the process 🐣I made plenty of mistakes starting out because I was too embarrassed to ask a "dumb question". So please don't hesitate to ask, that's what I'm here for❤️

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If you message me and I don't respond right way I apologize. For some reason I don't always get my push notifications. You can always reach me through our website❤️

Dragonfly Emu Farms Welcome! We hope you enjoy learning about emu as much as we enjoy sharing our passion for them!

Photos from Dragonfly Emu Farms's post 01/09/2024

Moving Emu From Point A To Point B On Your Property:

If possible try and raise your chicks as close to where you want them to end up as adults. They grow and I mean they grow fast, so be prepared! Most emu are not very food driven like goats or other animals and can not really be harnessed and led around safely. Multiple fencing and lots of turns can be confusing and disorienting to an emu. They typically do not like change and may take a little time to get adjusted to new surroundings. If you need to move them be patient, don't rush it or chase them to where you want them to go. Start feeding them closer and closer to their new destination. If you're lucky you have found a "special snack" they love while they were chicks that might help lure them the right way. It is easier to move a group at a time unless you have a singleton that will likely follow you anywhere. In conclusion, if you can't carry them it is best to wait until they have fully matured to move, adults are calmer and more predictable in my opinion compared to juvenilles that are far more sensitive to change.


🌱Emu are a species that offer many benefits to their environment. They help spread seeds, promote germination of new plants and keep large amounts of pesky insects away🤗Keep in mind they do like to run their parameters, sooo I wouldn't plan to have your prized roses planted there😉


💁‍♀️Lets Talk Fencing and Predator Proofing. The higher the fence the better of course for a 5-6ft tall dinosaur, but in my opinion a grown emu would climb out of a 15 ft fence if they felt there was no other way. An emu would not just voluntarily escape and leave their territory and mates unless they felt threatened by a predator or another emu. The bond between mates is extremely strong. Being separated is very, very stressful to them. An option is putting chicken wire towards the bottom that can keep smaller predators out. Neighborhood dogs that get into their enclosure are most often the biggest threat they will ever face. 6ft fencing and predator proofing the heck out of our farm has worked well for us. Please do not use electric fencing. Barbed wire on top of fencing is typically a no-no for emu because of possible neck scrapes but honestly some of our outer parameters do and we haven't had a problem (yet anyway😅). Chicken wire higher on the fence however can be sharp and rub their necks so be aware of that as well.


📌Just a reminder to have fresh batteries in your calibrated thermometer/hygrometer. Multiple inaccurate thermometers in an incubator will have you chasing your tails🦕


Info on egg turning:
Eggs should be turned back and forth 3-5 times a day (odd number). This mimicks the rocking motion the males do in nature, they do not turn them 360 degrees as this would disorient the growing chick.


This is a super nest compared to most😅


Happy New Year🎉Laying season is in full swing! Message me if you are interested in hatching eggs from our mixed mob of standard color and rare blonde emu.


Wowzers! 706g


That's one big egg!


On occasion we have emu eggs available for eating. Emu eggs are the equivalent to 10-12 chicken eggs and can feed a large family. If you are a LOCAL family IN NEED for yourself or your pets please message me PRIVATELY. Eggs will be cracked open and not hatchable. I don't know how they taste, we've never eaten them but you can find recipes online. Very limited availability. Happy Holidays🙏


Night owl...emu☺️

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Emu chicks sometimes need encouragement to start eating and drinking. In the wild they would learn this from Dad.
📍Tip: Tiny flecks of kale in their crumble/water and a little ducky help spark their interest🤗


📍Commonly used incubators for hatching Emu eggs are the Styrofoam Hova-bator, Nurture Right, Brinsea Ovation 56 X, Dickeys or GQF cabinet incubators🦖❤️


My little collection🥰

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My first go at emu egg carving. This is going to be fun🤗

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#emu #dragonflyemufarms
Emu chicks sometimes need encouragement to start eating and drinking. In the wild they would learn this from Dad.📍Tip: T...
Previous hatches for your viewing pleasure❤️
Previous hatches for your viewing pleasure❤️🦖❤️



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