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We are Gold² Creative – the advertising and marketing resource for growing companies. To continuously lead in superior communication with clients.

To provide the best quality product with more than competitive prices and exemplary customer service. Listening to our clients needs, meeting deadlines are an integral part of our company’s success.


I Can Do It Myself.

There’s a children’s song of the same name, and the lyrics encourage kids to be independent but still knowing it’s okay to ask for help.

It’s a great message.

Asking for help is part of what every entrepreneur must learn to do as well.

We can’t do it all ourselves.

We can try, and sometimes we can even make some headway.

But the effort and time to do so can make for problems.

Why not “delegate” to the experts that can do it for you?



Web and app development.


And yes, graphic design.

(If I had a dollar every time someone told me that they could do it themselves, I’d be a rich man.)

As with all of the above, it probably costs less than you think, has a better outcome than you’d get from your own efforts, and allows you the time to do your mission critical work.

So sing along with me, “I can do it myself but, it’s also okay to ask for help.”

Do you ask for help?


7/25 - Culinarians Day

Gold² Creative would like to thank all of the excellent chefs, cooks and restaurateurs keeping the Long Island and New York tri-state community fed. An imperative part of any successful eatery is the menu.

Here are three tricks to keep in mind when designing a menu.

1. Keep it Concise - Deciding what to eat is never easy, especially with so many excellent options! Having a smaller menu will not only save on cost it will also guide patrons to making a quicker selection

2. Delicious Descriptions - Having an enticing food description should not only provide a list of ingredients but also have the patrons mouths watering.

3. Fantastic Photos - Food photography can be tricky. It's important to ensure that the food looks just as amazing as it will taste.

Share with us some of your favorite Long Island and NY tri-state eateries!

Need help showing your culinary delights off? Give us a call 631-805-4634


Is Package Design Important?

Studies show customers are willing to pay more when a product is delivered in a premium package. Whether the product be clothing, jewelry or even printed material the vessel in which it's delivered can speak volumes!

Here are three simple tips to consider for excellent packaging.

1. Clear Branding - The company name/logo should be the first thing the eye catches.

2. Functionality - An easy way to save cost on packaging, is to have one package fit all functions, including mail.

3. User Friendly - It's easy to get carried away with creative ideas. However, sometimes simple is best. As important as great packaging is, ultimately the product inside is the desired prize.

Gold² Creative has limitless creative, functional and cost effective packaging solutions to help our clients thrive!


Choose Wisely!

Choose Wisely!


It's not easy being in my head! Do you overthink?

Gold2 Creative updated their phone number. 02/03/2022

Gold2 Creative updated their phone number.

Gold2 Creative updated their phone number.


Love the Love : )
Bennet Gold is a superb graphic designer, whose prowess is matched by his intuitive marketing sense. Bennet creates designs best suited to each of his many clients, each project is in keeping with current market trends.
His work is invaluable; he creates strong images for my social media and website. Each image reflects both his creativity and innate professionalism, which keeps him at it till the image in work is the best it can be. I'm grateful to work with him and hope I may do as long as I'm in business.
– Gabrielle Carlson / Gabrielle Carlson Designs


Sometimes all you need is bold type as your graphic and a catchy headline to get eyes on your message. This was created for my clothing designer client Gabrielle Carlson who happens to have beautiful creations!
Need help getting your message across? Give us a shout: 631-243-5960 / 631-805-4634 / [email protected]


Not sure where to go for your marketing and graphics? Give us a shout!

Humor Sells 09/28/2021

Humor Sells

Humor Sells During these crazy times, many of us crave immediate gratifying comfort. This can come in ways such as snacks, TV, and streaming videos to name a few. The other thing people crave in a crisis is laughter to help distract us from some of the horrors in today’s world. When things aren’t going well...


When you are in need of Sales, Strategies & Design under one roof

The Importance of Planning Ahead With Design 08/20/2021

The Importance of Planning Ahead With Design

The Importance of Planning Ahead With Design Visual design is more than aesthetics; design is a form of communication between your business and your audience. Businesses use design in all stages of marketing to please, inform, and persuade to purchase (or engage). First impressions count. Visual design is vital for any business looking to make...


An organization I do the marketing for has changed its name. I believe in simplicity and getting to the point without people losing interest. With that said, I created this quick video announcing the change. Need a great way to announce something of interest? Give me a call! 631-243-5960.


I'm thankful I don't have too many of these!

Gold2 Creative updated their address. 07/26/2021

Gold2 Creative updated their address.

Gold2 Creative updated their address.

The “Can You Do It Any Cheaper?” Client 07/23/2021

The “Can You Do It Any Cheaper?” Client

What do you do when a client says "I can get it for less"?

The “Can You Do It Any Cheaper?” Client Some clients like to negotiate cost because it’s a game to them. I always think why are some customers so quick to chisel people on the cost of their time for services, but are happy to hand over $50 for a meal. Then there are some types of clients who, even if I told them something is $5, they wo...

Simplicity is the Best Policy 07/16/2021

Simplicity is the Best Policy

Simplicity is the Best Policy Too many people think they are the master of all including writing their own copy and creating their own visual designs. Most people do not have much knowledge about visual design, your instinct may tell you to fill the space with too many images. You’ll probably use the most elaborate fonts you c...

Stand Out From the Competition 07/08/2021

Stand Out From the Competition

Good design sells! What is your opinion on this?

Stand Out From the Competition Do you think you have no competition? Well, think again! Every business, no matter what industry, has a good amount of competition. Good design can make or break your business: If your designs are impressive, people will just gravitate towards your business or product. The next time you go to a stor...


Is your business making noise?

Be Specific 06/30/2021

Be Specific

The importance of being specific . . . thoughts?

Be Specific Communicating effectively is vital to success in just about every part of our lives. At the top of the list of what makes communication is BEING SPECIFIC! Much of our miscommunication comes from the lack of being specific. We believe we’re being specific when we say: This is needed next week. Be t...


Time to Rebrand?

Easing Your Way Into It 06/17/2021

Easing Your Way Into It

Easing Your Way Into It Sometimes it's smart to move cautiously, to check out what's going on, and test the proverbial water, BEFORE making a move. Being impetuous can lead to trouble as I've learned the hard way. Over my 3 decades in business, I've had my fair share of bright shiny objects that were too good to be true, h...

Personal Branding at It's Best 05/29/2021

Personal Branding at It's Best

Personal Branding at It's Best So, to start she has a great hashtag, , but there is so much more. Christina Shaw owns an Allstate agency and out of approximately 10,000 agencies nationwide, is in the top tier of Allstate producers. She's a single Mom of two young girls and is an ACTIVE participant in their lives, posti...


I normally do not advertise promo items, but I saw these imprinted vaccination card covers and thought they were a pretty good idea especially for people in the insurance, health, and elder law professions. I, like many of us, are itching to move on and hopefully masks will be a thing of the past soon - but we will need to keep and protect our cards! Give me a ring or shoot me an email if interested!
Bennet: 631-243-5960 / [email protected]


It's that time again for Friday F%*k Ups!

It's not often I'm at a loss for words, but this one almost left me speechless! You would think someone would've painted an "O" over the "I", or could this be the actual name of the school? Would you send your children there?


I for one enjoy crab, but - I have my limits when they talk back!
Take that extra minute to proof your message, and if you're not sure of the spelling . . . the dictionary helps : )


The truth!


How true this is!


Finding new business

# Giraffes helps you gain customers with sales, marketing & visual design.

Explainer Videos, What’s That? 02/05/2021

Explainer Videos, What’s That?

Explainer Videos, What’s That? In a busy, complicated world, explainer videos are a simple, easy to digest form of advertising, especially with complex subjects. Explainers offer quick hits with a long shelf life. It’s no surprise that businesses are shifting there advertising dollars to video, especially considering the high v...


Marketing / Sales / Visual Design

Great to be able to join forces when visual design, sales, strategic marketing, and copywriting are needed!

We Know Sales Can Suck, BUT You Can Get Back Into The Groove 02/03/2021

We Know Sales Can Suck, BUT You Can Get Back Into The Groove

We Know Sales Can Suck, BUT You Can Get Back Into The Groove Sales can be a challenge and sometimes it seems as it there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Days of cold calls that go nowhere. Networking events at which you stand around clutching your glass of wine like a life preserver and seemingly no “good” people to meet, endless rounds of meetings ...

Let's talk sales. 01/27/2021

Let's talk sales.

Let's talk sales. Let’s talk sales. Not to worry, it’s a quick blog post. Nothing super ponderous or controversial, just easy stuff you can, should, or could be doing. Think about these things: The new year is ticking by (yes, ticking by!) . Where are ya at? How are your goals holding up? Need a wee bit of engine...

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Choose Wisely!
Love the Love : )Bennet Gold is a superb graphic designer, whose prowess is matched by his intuitive marketing sense.  B...
When you are in need of Sales, Strategies & Design under one roof
Finding new business
Marketing / Sales / Visual Design
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