Dexter House of Pizza

Dexter House of Pizza


Wow! First time stopping here for pizza on our way through town. Pizza is phenomenal! Crust is light and crispy, not greasy. Absolutely delicious!!
Gift Cards?
Can i call you to set up a gift card for a local c0-worker of mine? like do $100?
let me know
I come all the way from the Old Town area to have your food. The service is fantastic and the food is great as well. Now I may also be visiting some friends from Dexter during this time, but I know that you all never fail me!
I would like to take a moment and thank you guys for being willing to customize our order today.
My hubby was so happy with his salad
I don't think I spelled this right buttttt I CAN'T WAIT FOR THESE!

I had no clue what pepperoncinis even were until I started getting salads from Dexter House of Pizza but now I can't live without them 😍 Experimenting with greek and italian, cannot WAIT for these pickled peppers!
House of Pizza nails it again!! Calzone, steak bomb, and the bacon cheesey fries with chopped jalepeno were all so good!! Glad for the night off, the food was great!! ❤️
Tonight is the last time I ever order from this dive. 2 hours and no delivery. They have my phone number and they don't even have the decency to call to let me know. Now they won't answer the phone.
Risk my life to get lunch and your closed no pkg for u lol
Hello!!!!! Is anyone there?? I think your phone is off the hook. Either that or you are super super busy!
I have to tell whom ever wrote the nice note on my grinder that it brightened my evening on a night that I needed it. Thank you 😊
Knowing it's Friday night and your busy I'm still upset with being told the food would be ready in 10to15minutes but it wasn't. Instead showed up and sat around for another 30minutes until being able to pay and leave. I could understand if this was a one time thing but it seems that it has happened quite a few times over the past few months... 👎

Pizza Restaurant We're a Pizza Shop that sells Subs, Spaghetti, Fried Foods! Want a drink? Grab a Pepsi Cola product!

Sorry ur waiters aren't very pretty but at least they're Funny!


We have 4 large pizzas we'd like to give away. Someone decided to pull a childish prank and now we have 2 large pepperoni pizzas and 2 large sausage pizzas! First people to show up can have them for free. (Yes they've been sitting there since 5 p.m.) otherwise into the garbage they go.


Dexter House of Pizza will be closing early tonight not because the roads are junk but because it is slow as molasses due to the roads being junk. Safe travels tonight everyone!


Dexter House of Pizza is about to toss these buckets into the dumpster. If anyone wants them before we do please come in and grab some! We'll hold on to them til 9 p.m. tonight! Nov 1, 2022


Shoutout to Pixels 2 Print! We love our new apparel! Thank you so much!


We have a pair of glasses that were left here yesterday, Sunday May 22nd.


Dexter House of Pizza would like to Congratulate our neighbors at Heart of Maine Nutrition on a strong successful 2 year anniversary! Here's to many more, Cheers!🧋


If you see this lovely couple wish them a happy 15th wedding anniversary!


We are closed today but hope everyone has a Happy Easter.


Happy New Year! May 2022 be a prosperous year for you all!


They say better late than never but this is a bit ridiculous.


Let's say I go to your neighbors house, grab their dog, bring their dog over to your house. I play with the dog on your couch and the dog p**ps on the floor... But hey I'm a nice guy I clean the p**p up and put it in your trash. Then when I'm done playing with the dog I leave.
The couch is covered in dog fur, the floor covered in dog fur and still has that p**p on the ground since I didn't disinfect it, the garbage with the p**p stinks and you have to clean it up. Now I'm quite positive you'd be absolutely LIVID! Please tell your friends they can't eat the Chinese from next door on our tables. Its not like my neighbors come clean up after you nor did they pay for the tables.
This has been a public service announcement by Dexter House of Pizza!


We'd like to take a moment and remind everyone that calling in your order and simply not coming to pick it up is called "Theft of Services" which is also against the law. 4 orders this past 2 weeks have not been picked up, some of these orders ranging from $30-$60. We'd sincerely appreciate it if it would stop.
-Unhappy Management


From Dexter House of Pizza to all you pretty little mommas! Happy Mother's Day!


Due to the lines being worked on, the phones are not working at the moment. We are still open and taking walk in orders. Thank you all for your continuous support.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Dexter House of Pizza will be closed Thursday November 26th for Thanksgiving. See you again on Friday! Drive safe Eat well!
This year all of us at Dexter House of Pizza is grateful for all our customers that have seen us through 2020. Thank you for making this year tolerable!!!


We have candy for trick r treaters. You can come in at any time today to collect .


From Dexter House of Pizza Happy Halloween!!! Be Safe and Scary!!!


So no not us but really too good not to share with you all as we will take this moment to SINCERELY THANK EACH AND EVERYONE WHO'S BEEN SUUUUPER PATIENT WHILE WAITING FOR YOUR MEALS!!! We Love You All!

Photos from Dexter House of Pizza's post 08/22/2020

Want to thank S&H Electric for their hard work yesterday for installing all these lights! We can see now!


Current Menu


To the 4 boys on their bikes across the street from us: We saw your sick wheelie bro! Rockin!


Dexter House of Pizza has decided we will no longer be delivering. It's entirely too busy to keep up with. We appreciate your understanding in our decision. Stay safe.
Please share this to let everyone know of our decision.


Happy Easter (tomorrow). Normally Dexter House of Pizza would be Closed on Easter BUUUUUUT!!!!! And this is a big butt. Due to the lack of power for many Dexter Residents Dexter House of Pizza will be open FROM 11a.m. TO 5 p.m. We know you want to have a hot meal on this holiday where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and we'll be open for this short period. Unfortunately we won't be delivering tomorrow and we sincerely apologize to those that it would be much more comforting for delivery. See you tomorrow at 11! Stay safe and healthy!


We apologize to all our customers who tried to get through this evening. We tried to keep an eye out for when the power returned to Spring Street but the website wouldn't load properly. We will be open tomorrow at 11. Hope to see you all then. Thank you for your loyalty and understanding.


Dexter House of Pizza is closed currently due to the power outage. We hope to see you all when it's back on and hope that you are all safe.


Due to the weather, we are not taking any more deliveries for today. If you have to be out and about, be safe.


During this Pandemic, Dexter House of Pizza will be DELIVERING to the town of Dexter only. Delivery fee $5 for all of Dexter! Delivery drivers will not under any circumstances go inside your home or business so please keep an eye out for the delivery driver and meet them at the door. We will be accepting credit/debit cards and cash. We will not be accepting checks. As a personal request for our drivers please let us know if they need to take any dirt roads.
Delivering hours will be:
Monday - Thursday 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Friday - Sunday 12 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Please hit the Share button to get the word out!


Dexter House of Pizza is open for take-out! As most of you have heard there's some new safety measures to keep during this pandemic.

1) Customers will be able to walk in or call in to order their food.

2) If you walked in you need to grab all the drinks / chips / baklava you desire then pay!

3) After paying you'll be asked to wait outside the building. Certain exceptions will be made for people that don't have a vehicle which we'll ask you to sit in one spot patiently for your meal. Once you leave we'll need to sanitize the area you sat in so thank you for your understanding!

4) We will, as soon as your food is done, bring your meal put to you, there is no need to get out of your vehicle. If you've left and come back please just knock on the window to let us know your back.

We thank you for shopping with us and pray for everyone's health and safety! Let's all keep our wits about us during these trying times!


Dexter House of Pizza will be OPEN Christmas EVE! We will also be CLOSED Christmas Day! A Merry Christmas to all!


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We apologize to especially our loyal customers who buy this card specifically for the 10% discount used here. The folks that run this promotion didn't ask if we wanted to continue this year and we dont have a contract with them.
~Sincerely Dexter House of Pizza~


Dexter House of Pizza would like to thank everyone that applied for our business. The position has been filled. We're a small business and could only hire one of you from many applications. Our deepest apologies if you weren't selected. Again thank you for putting the time and effort into applying with us, we hope you'll find what your looking for.


Hello Everyone! A happy May the 4th! Whomever it is that thinks scratching the paint on our bathroom walls is cute would you kindly knock it off... We're trying slowly but surely to improve the Dexter House of Pizza but these setbacks make it truly difficult. We realize this is probably one or two people acting foolish so please can ya just do your business, wash your hands and get out of the restroom without tearing the paint off with your nails.


We know how nice it is to meet up with a friend, roll down the window and have a little chat. We just want to remind everyone that this is still the entrance and exit to a business parking lot! If you would all be so kind as to park up against the curb and chat we'd deeply appreciate it! Thank you for your understanding!😀


Dexter House of Pizza will unfortunately be closed Easter Sunday (4/21) so make sure to get your fix tomorrow (4/20) from 11 a.m. - 9 p.m! We'll be back on Monday!


Someone said a couple days ago it was time to take our warning signs down. 🤣🌨🤗


We at Dexter House of PizzaWant would like to send a big Thank You to our local Mail Man for moving our On Fire flower pot. You saved our shop! Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to take this moment to remind everyone that our flower pots with plastic decorations are not ash trays. Even if you think your smoke has gone out don't put them in there. The pots are filled with flammable fertilizers.



We would like to give everyone a heads up that the snow/ice is sliding off the roof. Please be careful and make sure your vehicles are parked further back.


New menu's. Dont forget to ask for one.


To our Dearest Customers,
Our staff at Dexter House of Pizza is not responsible for remembering whom has a Dexter Tiger Football Card (saves you 10% off all your meals at DHOP). It is the consumer's responsibility to show the Tiger card to take advantage of this wonderful discount! So please, take care of that card BETTER than credit cards! As always Thank You for getting your pizza at Dexter House of Pizza!




55 Spring Street
Dexter, ME

Opening Hours

Monday 11am - 9pm
Tuesday 11am - 9pm
Wednesday 11am - 9pm
Thursday 11am - 9pm
Friday 11am - 9pm
Saturday 11am - 9pm
Sunday 11am - 9pm

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