The Cupcake Patch

The Cupcake Patch


what cookies are you making for Valentine's Day? and cost?
Hi there from the High Sierras in Nevada. Just dropping by to tell you how much I'm enjoying your page. You are SO talented. I wanna be like you when I grow up! :) Hope you're having a great weekend.
- Mary
Your cookies were a hit at the anniversary party today!!! SO DELISH. Thank you 😘
Let's just say Jordans groom's cake was absolutely perfect, thank you Kim!

The Patch is an up an coming quality home based business! I specialize in Cupcakes, Cookies, Cakes, I take pride in this business!

I do it because I have love and passion for what I do! To me it is fun and not actual work! I have been running this business out of my home for a little over a year now. I aim to please customers and give them what they are looking for to the best of my ability. If you ask me for something that I know is out of my reach, I will be honest and let you know that up front! I think every one deserves


Hey Patch Peeps, please hang in there with me. Working around a one yr old and a 2.5 yr old is proving more difficult than I planned.

Im working as fast as I can. Some orders will be ready for pick up this evening and the rest ready for pick up tomorrow.

Right now I'm stuck at the doctors office with a kiddo being evaluated. I will have a better time frame when I get back home and get to work.


The oven is heated and ready to go. Let the baking commence. I will message everyone as I complete your orders. I'm going to try to make extras for those of you who forgot to order. I'll let you know Tuesday or Wednesday about extras. THANK YOU EVERYONE!


It's February 3rd and that means it's time to get your Valentine's Orders in!

This year I will be keeping it simple. I'm offering

Valentine's Cookies $25 per dz
Cookie Gift Boxes $20
Chocolate Covered Strawberries $25 per dz
Cookie Decorating Kits $25

The below picture is an example of what you can expect this year. Decorating Kits come with a dozen cookies, icing, and mixture of sprinkles and candies.

Be sure to order early as it will be limited this year.



When it comes to Valentine's Day what are y'all looking for? Please take a moment to vote! It will tremendously help me to better serve you!



Happy Friday Y'all!

I hope each of you are settling in nicely to 2018! It has been a rough start at our house as everyone decided to catch the plague and pass it back and forth. They were even gracious enough to share it with me! I know I'm so blessed right!

Actually, I am very blessed. 2017 has taught me a lot about people and myself. It has taught me about love and a whole lot about giving. It has opened my eyes to whole new meaning of hurting and it had pushed me beyound anything I could imagine.

When I started this little business of mine, it was with the hope and dream of actually opening my own tiny bakery. My house was never meant to be a permanent solution. That door has simply just never opened for me. It's ok though, because I feel blessed beyound measure with what I have been given!! I feel comfortable in saying that I gave it my everything!

I have put a lot of time, energy, and above all a lot of love in to this dream! I have often times put my family last and missed events that I so wanted to be present for but couldn't because of cake! As 2017 was drawing to an end, I knew I had to make a choice. One that was difficult for me. I also had to do so while dealing with issues of feeling like a failure.

2017 also brought to is the joy of becoming foster parents. We have loved till it hurts, we have found anger over situations that we absolutely have no control over, and more recently I have felt more compelled than ever to fight for kids that are stuck because of a very broken system! I feel like it's my mission to give them a voice and to find better options. To figure out how to implement change on their behalf! If you have ever thought about foster care, I implore you to stop considering it and just do it! It will change you in away that you never thought possible!!!

With that said, I made my choice. I have decided at this time that The Cupcake Patch will no longer be accepting orders. As of now I will only be doing Holiday Orders!!! I did not come to this decision easily. In fact, it has taken a lot of time. Which is why y'all have not heard much from me! Lots of things have played into this choice and has I stated above I feel good about it! My initial decision was to shut down completely, but I just couldn't do that! I can't walk away completely! 2 reasons for that, YOU ALL AND MY LOVE FOR BRINGING YOU JOY! O.k. maybe 3 reasons, my talent. I totally understand that God gave me an amazing talent and I firmly believe that we should not waste those talents that He gives us! Which is why I have decided to remain open for Holiday Orders Only!

Each of you have been a tremendous blessing to me over the years! Your love and support have meant more to me than I can possibly say! Some of you have become very dear friends! Y'all have encouraged me and it's because of you that I have been successful at all!!! I can never thank you enough for all that you have given me! I may have never got my dream bakery but I got much more than that!

From the bottom of my heart and with all my love, THANK YOU for everything that you have given and done for me and for my family!

P.S. Valentine's Post will be up very soon. Be sure to order early as they will be limited.


I'm taking a survey, so PLEASE comment below with your answer and opinions.

1) Do you watch morning talk shows?

2) Do you watch video blogs? Rather they be on Facebook, YouTube, or just online.

3) Does a live video blog interest you at all?

4) What are some topics you would like to see in a live video blog? Besides politics!

5) What time of the day would you most likely watch a live video blog?

Again, please post your answers in the comments below. Thanks for taking the time to comment!


Y'all these cookie trays turned out perfect! Place your order below.

They are perfect for gifting or just for keeping all to yourself! I must warn you though, it's hard to keep others out!


My fridge is filled with Cookie Dough! Sugar, Peanut Butter, Choc Chip, and Snickerdoodle. These Cookie Trays are going to be awesome! Better grab one while you can!

Here's a pic of my Christmas Tree this year, I LOVE how it turned out. Let me see yours!


The Cupcake Patch


Let me know how many you need! These are perfect for all your Christmas Parties! Each tray will contain 3 to 4 dozen cookies.


Let the icing begin. 4 dozen cookies!


The beginning of snowflakes!


Guess what time it is????


Happy Thanksgiving Patch Peeps! I wish you and your family many blessings to be thankful for!

Leave me a comment below and tell me how your family spends Thanksgiving Day! Somebody will win A FREE dozen cookies!

We are lucky enough to spend this day with my family for lunch and with my hubby's family for dinner! Being with family is my favorite. A close second is the pecan pie!


Happy November y'all! I'm curious to know what your families favorite dessert is for Thanksgiving. Comment below and let me know what's on your menu ery year!


Patch Peeps check out this event!!!


I know it's not even Halloween quite yet, but these cute guys made an apperance this weekend. Besides it's almost cold enough!


The Cupcake Patch


Today I put my perfectionism off to the side and let the kiddos ice some pumpkins! They did a great job! Ok... I may have done a few. LOL


Saw this and thought I would share it with y'all! I love to bake, but even more so I love the joy that my baking brings to others! To see their excitement, their smile, makes it all so worth while!

"Baking is not a small act at all; it’s an act of love, it’s an act of charity, it’s an act of kindness and compassion. I hold that in my heart every time that I bake β€” that something as simple as a chocolate chip cookie might mean the world to someone.”

Karen Ash


Made these yesterday for a friend who sells Monat.


Remember when I said I was a little rusty.....well there's this....😭😭😭😭


Made these for an anniversary party this weekend.


So here's a picture of a little something I threw together over the weekend. I am not lying when I say that a few tears were shed over this cake! I'm a little rusty!!!


Hello Patch Peeps! It has been a while since I have last posted. Please excuse my absence.

As some of you may know in March my hubby and I became licensed foster parents. In April my hubby started a job that has him out of town Monday through Friday. In May we took in 2 kiddos. So this Summer was spent adjusting! Lots of adjusting! It took a while for us to figure out what was going to work for our family and what wouldn't work.

Just when I thought we had it figured out, we hit a major snag and had to do a lot of re-evaluating. The past few months have been a huge learning curve for all of us! It's been chaotic but it's also been rewarding! My heart has been broken a time or two, but that's nothing compared to what these kiddos go through!

Anyways, I said all of the above to say this.... I finally feel like I have come to a point where I can start working again! Although I LOVE this job and really never considered it work!!!

I will be accepting orders again. I'm also going to start taking orders for Halloween now! My availability will be a bit more limited than before and I want to make sure y'all have an opportunity to order before spaces are all gone.


Hey Patch Peeps I will be out of town June 28th through July 10th. I plan on spending some time with the family laying on a beach!!!


I literally finished this at 9:53 and pick was at 10! Oh goodness, talk about cutting it close!!!


I'm not sure this enough coffee! Bed at 4:30 and back up at 8. Still have two dozen cookies and a cake to finish! I need a whole lot of coffee and a whole lot if Jesus!


All done by hand.


Working on order #2. Here's how I work. A lot of times when y'all order cookies I don't have the particular cookie cutter I need. Especially when I'm doing characters. So i have to find a picture, print it, cut it out, and hand cut every cookie. So here is a picture of my process.


One order done and drying. Two more to go! I'm pretty sure I'm pulling an all nighter! However, everyone will get their order! Let's do this!

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