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We help small businesses create and execute marketing that is both simple and profitable. Stop guess

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one of the greatest resources out there

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I see this every day and wanted to clear the air.

2 Pre-Frame Funnel Video DYP - Marketing Plan Formula 01/02/2023

Happy New Year everyone,
This is the year dreams come true.
I will do everything I can to help make them so.

Please enjoy a free mini-series of a presentation I did for one of the largest and best Email Service Providers in Latin America (and soon the US too).

2 Pre-Frame Funnel Video DYP - Marketing Plan Formula Video 1: The Key To Doubling ProfitsVideo 2: The Forgotten Math To ScaleVideo 3: The Master Marketing EquationVideo 4: The Essential Marketing StrategiesThe key to doubling profits Watch Next Video Want to see how you can become a Marchitect® (Marketing Architect) and double the profits in your bus...

How To Build A Million Dollar Marketing Agency in 2022 11/05/2022

Do you work for or hire marketing agencies?

Do you own a marketing agency?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, find 20 minutes and watch this video.

This is a private excerpt from our CMO school with an agency owner client.

We review exactly how to build out a 7 figure marketing agency and separate yourself from the competition.

Or if you are hiring / paying for marketing services now, this will give you some insight on how to vastly improve their results.

Good luck and have a great weekend.

How To Build A Million Dollar Marketing Agency in 2022 Do you want to know the secret sauce when it comes to building your marketing agency to 7 figures and leapfrog your competition?❌ It isn’t about what strateg...


What do you make of this?

For us Marchitects this is a huge opportunity. More inventory at less cost.

As Warren Buffet said, “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”

Marketing Tech Stack How to Choose the Best Email Service Provider Open Office Clip 09/30/2022

What are the best tech stacks for marketing?

This is a common question that most marketers grapple with.

I can't understand why....

Yes, that was sarcasm.

Not overwhelming at all, is it?

Today I wanted to share with you a short discussion on marketing tech stacks, Email Service Providers in particular.

This discussion was recorded from our CMO School classroom (see below for more info).

You'll learn some interesting considerations around choosing an email provider, as well as CRM, Sales Pipeline, etc.

What are some of the decision points when choosing an email provider?

You can watch the recording here.

Would love to hear from you on what you think about ESPs.

Did we miss something?

Did we help you choose, move, or fall further in love with your ESP?

Let me know, hit reply and share your thoughts - or in the comments on YouTube.

All my best,

Marketing Tech Stack How to Choose the Best Email Service Provider Open Office Clip This excerpt from one of our CMO School classrooms is a discussion around email service providers. The marketing tech stack is often a fairly large considera...


1 Amazing Opportunity Seeking 3 High Ticket (High OTE) Remote Closers & Sales Professionals Needed

Our fast growing, innovative, and fun company is looking for those professionals who want to earn an above average income (high 6 figures), set their own schedules, and enjoy all the benefits of working from home in your own business.

We will provide you with SQL to fill your pipeline, the training you need to succeed, and the infrastructure and support tools to sell our irresistible high dollar/high benefit offer.

You will also:
✅ Receive world-class business-, sales- and life-coaching from the CEO, Russell Lundstrom
✅ Be joining a team of passionate entrepreneurs looking to make a big dent in the universe with a high performance team and culture.
✅ Enjoy all the benefits of 'owning your own business' without all the headaches that come with owning the business.
✅ $150,000 OTE + Bonuses + travel and continuing education

To Apply: Simply us an email at [email protected], along with your LinkedIn profile and a short introduction video. Zoom or Loom the choice is yours.

NOTE: No video, no consideration, sorry. This is key.

Who are we?

The Marketing Plan Formula is the premier coaching and education platform for the highest performance marketers in business today.

We are the Marchitects. The marketing architects who create the optimal marketing blueprints for businesses to achieve their vision.

We work with marketing professionals who aspire to the Director, VP, and CMO roles. We work with agency owners and fractional CMO's who play a key role in their client's success. And we work with the visionary entrepreneurs who understand that higher performance marketing is the key to growth and scaling.

Appointment Setting: We provide MQL & SQL leads for you to set consults with.
Phone Setter Calls: Qualify and consult with potential clients for enrollment. Arrange and schedule calls (book calls and leads)
Conduct 1:1 Zoom meetings with prospects to help change their lives and business
Work with technology systems including Zoom, Hubspot, Social Media, and CRM

Existing sales experience and proven sales track record (preferably in B2BC with high ticket consultative sales)
Able to have executive level conversations around business growth and marketing.
Strong ability to close and is fueled by getting people “out of their own way”
Hungers to meet or beat KPI
Loves to own the client relationship. You will have a direct influence on a large group of people.
Is a top performer with high conversion, proven sales performance
Excel in a high-performance, direct- and outbound-sales environment
Extremely outcome-focused and results-driven
Strong drive and work ethic, motivated self-starter, desire to grow
Loves adding massive value and contributing to the lives of others
Reliable, strong, independent, and assertive self-starter
Comfortable with high volume; emotionally resilient who does not take “no” personally

Highly competitive commission-based compensation plan with significant upside in both comp and responsibility (if desired)
Company-sponsored training & professional development
Flexible remote work-from-home setup (will help with equipment if needed)
Making a difference in people's lives with economic upside

If this is you, we want to talk. Go ahead and send in your introduction video to [email protected]


This is the way we slash marketing waste by more than 50% for our businesses.

Stop wasting so much time, money, and effort on random marketing.

Start producing a positive ROI on every dollar you spend.


Want clarity around the optimal marketing strategies for your business...

Are you the founder or CEO of a 1-5 Million Dollar Business?

Do you want the marketing strategy guaranteed to double your ROI in 12 weeks?

In this video I show you how to find and optimize the best marketing strategies for your business.


The reason why most business owners who go out an hire marketing agencies experience lower than expected results isn't readily apparant. The problem is you're trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.

In this video I explain the basics of why so many business owners are disspointed with hiring agencies.


I recently was lucky enough to get an interview with Jessica Fialkovich from ExitFactor (The place to go to create a foundation for selling your business).

As we got to talking, it became apparent that there are only a few "bolt on" applications that can add huge, and we are talking a full multiple here, value to your business.

The asset of having a written, profitable, and measurable marketing plan.

I can't think of much that is more valuable than that to any business.

Can you?

The FASTEST way to add 6 figures to your business value - 12 weeks or less 06/16/2021

📝 Marketing Tip 031: The FASTEST way to add 6 figures to your business value

How do you at least 6 FIGURES to your business valuation in 12 weeks?

I recently had a brilliant conversation with from If you don't know her, she is the founder of America's fastest growing and largest business brokerage.

She and her husband are the goto experts when it comes to exit strategy, business value, and growth through acquisition.

In this short vid (3 min) we discuss how you can quickly add at least 6 figures to your business valuation in as little as 12 weeks.

The FASTEST way to add 6 figures to your business value - 12 weeks or less -----------------------------------------------------One of the quickest ways a business owner can add a full multiple to their business valuation is to have...

The World's Biggest As***le - Funniest Commercial Ever 06/01/2021

The most brilliant video ad you'll see all year.
Betcha you cannot not watch the entire thing..

The World's Biggest As***le - Funniest Commercial Ever The World's Biggest As***le is a Great Commercial with an unexpected Twist. A definite Must See...CREDITSAgency: The Martin AgencyChief Creative Officer: Jo...

The Marketing Plan Formula 05/30/2021

Million dollar business owners...
If you knew how to reverse engineer your business in order to discover the optimal marketing strategies to realize 100%+ ROI this year

- even if you're too busy to spend much time on marketing
- even if you're the engineer/operator and have no idea what to do for marketing
- even if you've only ever gotten clients through word-of-mouth and referrals

If I offered you a new, modern process that takes your existing business and data mines the specific marketing strategies you should be using to scale your business, in 100 days or less

Would you take me up on that offer?

By leveraging 100's of client engagements, and by starting multiple 7 figure businesses of my own, I've reverse engineered this unique experience into a simple process that gives you the toolset to double or triple your sales this year.

Is your business ready?

The Marketing Plan Formula May/June 2021 Applications Now Available"I'll Help You To Reverse Engineer Your Business To Get 4-5x ROI On Your Marketing"Give me 12 weeks and I'll help your business achieve the next 4 - 5x growth.How to create a repeatable and scalable marketing system that adapts to achieve even the loftiest of....


👀 How do you optimize your ad funnels? What tools do you use?
In this video, I show you a quick lesson on how to look at visitor behavior and make adjustments to your funnels.

If this is helpful, I'd love to hear from you. If you have questions, please let me know and I'll try to answer them.


You want to use content for prospecting but you don't know what content to produce, where to show it, and if it is even worth it...

I get asked this all the time. Thought I'd take a minute (or two) and share with you a framework that will make answering these questions simple.

Lemme know what you think.

If you'd like the notes from the vid, click on link below:


"But,.... everyone's a customer", says most entrepreneurs...

I know, it is a wonderful thought, and it might even be true.

But when it comes to marketing, this is the kiss of death.

If you're trying to sell to everyone, you're selling to no one.

In this vid, I'll try to explain that this might be the root cause of any marketing struggles you experience.

Now, are you trying to sell to everyone?


It's True... 👀
The solution to your overwhelm is that you have run head on into the marketing iceberg!
🚢 More businesses have been sunk, cast down to the black ocean depths than ever before.

A graveyard of ideas and value that could have possibly changed the world, only they never made it to port...

A tragedy, yes, but it doesn't have to sink yours...

I hear from every day about how overwhelmed they are with marketing.

The solution begins with understanding the icebergs are out there, will sink your ship, and all you need to succeed is a simple map 🗺️

A map that shows you where all the icebergs are, and how to get around them.

In this quick video I explain the marketing iceberg idea and how you can quickly evaluate and create your own marketing map.

--> This is the main reason you are NOT seeing results in your marketing.

I'd love to hear how your voyages are going.... rough seas or smooth sailing?


If you are a business owner or professional and find yourself going out to different marketing forums, groups, etc. and you're asking questions like "what has worked for you?"


I think you might have gotten a little ahead of yourself.

Let's take a step back and look at why this is not the best strategy for your business.

The problem is your seeking external solutions to your internal marketing challenge.

And therein is the problem.

See, successful marketing is simply what I call the Master Marketing Equation = Showing the right message, to the right person, at the right time and place.

So think about it. You have a unique customer/solution mix in your business. As does every other business.

So if you go out and copy/mirror another businesses marketing you are introducing a different customer/solution mix to your marketing.

Sometimes it will work, if there is enough overlap, but, in my experience, it rarely does.

The solution to this is actually within your own business.

I shot this quick vid to explain what the problem is, and how you can easily solve the problem.

As usual, lemme know what you think.


To find the absolute best to market your software/products/business you have to STOP.

Take a step back

The answer lies within your business.

For who struggle with knowing which you should - and should NOT - be using in your business, I made a quick video for ya.

I simply don't know any other way. Everything else is just throwing crap against the wall and hoping something works.

This is the easy solution.


You think that and are the only things that work for your business?

You've tried just about everything?

Digital marketing, SEO, blog, content, the socials, maybe even direct mail....

But nothing has worked. You find that good ole' fashioned networking is the only thing that works.

Well, I hear this all the time and have a little solution for you. I filmed this quick vid explaining my thoughts.

Would love to know what you think. Comment below.


Ass - out of u - and me,

I try not to assume. As trite as that expression is, it is also very true.

Assume is really just another word for guessing, and the entire point of the Marketing Plan Formula is to remove the guesswork and replace it with objective data/information that actually makes your marketing productive.

No more "next greatest thing" or "I just know this one is going to work for us".

When you use the Marketing Plan Formula (MPF) you will see that we reverse engineer your business and your best customers, and then rebuild your marketing to get more of them.

I call this the

Master Marketing Equation = The Right Message, To The Right Person, at The Right Time & Place.

If you can do this, you are almost guaranteed to have effective marketing.

That's really all marketing is.

So were do we begin?

Of the hundreds of business owners I've worked with, almost all of them are trying different marketing strategies but less than .1% have a valid reason for actually doing so.

They just assume (guess) that this strategy is going to work for them.

Let's you and I not do that.

Let us instead know for sure that the time, the money, and the effort we put towards our marketing is stacked in our favor.

Sound good?


Like grown up food for adults and baby food for babies (you wouldn't feed a baby a steak or burger), I'm going to introduce you to the MPF in bit sized pieces and in the right order so that you can begin to put together your own plan.

So, we are not going to talk about marketing strategies at this point. No ads, techniques, hacks, or other squirrels (that is actually Step 4 in the Marketing Plan Formula).


If we can agree that successful marketing really is defined by the Master Marketing Equation, then we can clearly see that within the equation there are dependencies.

The right message, and the right time & place are both dependent upon the right person.


So the first step in your marketing should be defining your 'Right Person'.

Who is your best, most valuable customer (Step 3 in the Marketing Plan Formula)?

What do they look like?
What do they want?
What problems do they have?
What do they need to hear from you to buy from you?

And then, that leads to the question, how do you know who your best, most valuable customer is (Step 2 in the Marketing Plan Formula)?

Well, cashflow is king for any business, so it stands to reason that your "best" customer is the one who generates the most cash for your business.

I call this your Ideal Customer.

Makes sense right?

And, finally, once you have defined your Ideal Customer, you can begin to ask yourself some important questions...

Is this actually the person I thought I wanted to serve in my business?
Are these the people that I want to serve?
Is this the business I want to build?

Which leads to having a very clear Vision for your business.

Are you currently building a business that reflects your vision?

If all your marketing works perfectly, are you going to have the business you dream of?

And so it all begins your Vision, your Mission, and your Values (Step 1 in the Marketing Plan Formula).

One final step is necessary here too.

And that is how do you know if what you're doing is effective?
As efficient as possible?

Well, that is answered by Measuring for Success (Step 5 in the Marketing Plan Formula).

Do you see how each piece leads to the next? How they have to be in order?

Ok, this was a lot for a single post, but I wanted to plant these ideas in your head so you have the process.

Tomorrow we will begin breaking them down step-by-step for you.

If you have questions, just reply to this message and I'll answer them for you.

Thanks again, and see you tomorrow.


Attention: 7 figure business owners/founders

If I could show you how to create marketing strategies that finally work for your business, and are profitable

-> without wasting gratuitous amounts of time, money, and worse of all, wasted hopes and dreams on dead end marketing

-> without hiring yet another marketing agency that always seems to disappoint
-> without the hoping/praying/guessing/ and more praying...

Even if you have no idea how to access new customers in an authentic way. You have no experience with cold calling, emailing, online advertising, or hiring sales reps.

In the last 30 years, I've built three 7 figure businesses and helped many more do the same, as well as consulted with over 300 different businesses, and...

After all that, only recently discovered the simplest, common sense marketing solution I've ever seen.

If I could teach you that solution, and show you how to transform your marketing results forever,

would you take me up on that offer?


Today I’m deeply contemplating this idea of an identity ad. Originally planted by Joel Erway in his incredible podcast Sold with Webinars.

And then I get a text from another master marketer Russell Brunson about the greatest lesson he learned from his father.

What a great example of an identity ad.

Know of any others? I’d love to see them.

Join The Collective - Marketing Plan Formula 01/26/2021

🤟 let's get your marketing rockin!

👉 Discover which marketing strategies are best for your business
👉 Implement them in your business
👉 Then optimize for profitability

Just a reminder, I'm hosting live office hours at the top of the hour.

I invite you to join me.

Join The Collective - Marketing Plan Formula Join The Collective!Time-Sensitive & Private Invitation - Offered only to a select group of 100 92 qualified business owners How would you like to be a part An intimate, marketing mastermind of B2B business Owners and get 1-on-1 coaching, Feedback, and access to my 30+ years of direct marketing ex...


Call me inspired. From the message, to the business, to the office and the meaningful work.
The MPF Forum Collective is walking in their footsteps.

Want your business to be the top-listed Advertising & Marketing Company in Denver?
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