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Inability to connect and analyze across platforms, is a mess, not enough resources — that's the TOP 3 challenges marketers face when it comes to analyzing performance ⏳

Swash Labs, a full-service digital marketing agency from Texas, tackled those challenges with a little help from Whatagraph.

Previously, would spend around 40 hours a month on existing reports maintenance and updates. With Whatagraph, Swash Labs reduced their reporting maintenance time to just 4 hours a month 🧭

Ready to overcome your challenges? Start your 7-day free trial now, link in the comments 👇
Swash Labs — a full-service digital marketing agency from Texas, has discovered the power of Whatagraph reporting tool 🚀

Digital marketing agency would spend around 40 hours per month on manual data gathering, analyzing and reporting tasks. With , Swash Labs cut their report maintenance time to just 4 hours a month! 🔥

Learn how to overcome your data reporting challenges and read more about success in the comments below 💡
We would like to take a moment and thank everyone who made the August Membership Mixer happen!

Thanks to the Denton Chamber of Commerce for helping create such a memorable event and Dan's Silverleaf for giving us a wonderful space to celebrate.

Delicious food donated by Fuzzy's Taco Shop and Rooster's Roadhouse-Denton.

Tasty beverages donated by: Jeff Floyd Canned Oregon and Ben E. Keith Karbach Brewing Co.

Raffle prizes donated by: Oak St. Drafthouse, Miss Angeline's Denton, East Side Denton, TX, Komodo Loco, Golden Boy Coffee Co. and Dan's Silverleaf

Also a special thanks to Swash Labs for our fun slideshow, elizabeth bakes for our custom Little Guys cookies, Sam & Tori Troutte for our entertaining photo booth and Frankie J Reinke for playing the tunes.

And of course, every one of the Chamber members who came out! It was a blast! We should do that again sometime!
We congratulate Swash Labs on 10 years of doing business in this year!

We're also grateful to have received ' generous support through their Platinum Sponsorship of social media and branding for 4 years. Your support was a big help to our organization.

Thank you to Josh, Diana and the Swash Labs team for your dedication to !
We printed these foil greeting cards with foil on the inside. They were designed by Swash Labs 🤩
Visit https://thefoilprintingco.com/uk/metallic-foil-sample-pack to order a foil sample pack✨
We with Swash Labs year-round because of our endless gratitude for the work they do to support DMSA. From designs, to advertising and monthly collaborations with our team to keep us on the path to success, the Swash team has truly changed our work for the better. Support us by supporting them this year: https://buff.ly/36Xtoj7
Congratulations to Swash Labs
Each year, the Denton Mayor and City Council Members have the honor of recognizing local businesses for their exceptional support of City departments and others in the community. Working with staff and City boards to review nominations over the past few months, it’s no surprise that Swash Labs was selected. GSATi and Swash Labs teamed up at the beginning of the pandemic to assist small businesses by providing free training and support in pivoting to e-commerce. They have volunteered their time and talent to create webinars with the Denton Main Street Association and made those training video available to the entire Denton Community. Additionally, they have provided one-on-one time with Downtown small businesses to answer questions and assist in gaining online access to e-commerce tools and creating small business websites. Thank you for your continued dedication to your business and community and congratulations!
Our friends at Swash Labs have compiled a list of favorite personal treats and things that are getting them through the coronavirus times. We hope something here makes you smile!
Read on:
Tim did a thing with our friend Josh over at Swash Labs to talk about how things are going and how we're adapting to the pandemic. Enjoy!
It has been an crazy week as we at GSATi look to support local businesses in helping them pivot from a primarily on premise business model to an off premise business model. We have also been working with our friends at Swash Labs to produce a webinar on making this critical jump quickly. For more info check out the event page at: https://buff.ly/3dmj2LK
Denton is chock full of small businesses (including ours). To our clients and friends facing closures or drastically diminished sales, this essay (written by our good friends at Swash Labs) may be helpful:
Join us for an informative webinar on how to bring your business to the virtual side. Hosted by representatives from two of our partnered companies, Jason Bodor (CEO) of GSATi and Josh Berthume (CEO) of Swash Labs.

In this webinar, learn the basic ins and outs of some popular eCommerce platforms, what you'll need to get started, and ask questions that concern you and your business.

This programming is free to attend and open to the public. We will be live streaming directly to this event, so make sure you have RSVPed as "Going" to receive notifications.

In times when demand calls for action, we are grateful to have partners such as Swash Labs and GSATi who are here to help educate our members and community on how to adapt quickly and efficiently. If this is a venture you feel would help you and your business or another entrepreneur in your life, please invite them to join us as well.

Swash Labs is a full-service advertising agency working remotely across the U.S.

An award-winning, full-service advertising agency working remotely across the U.S.


Our Creative Group Head Jess is on vacay for her birthday, and let's just say SHE DESERVES IT 🙌 Thanks for all the incredible work you do for us, Jess, and happy birthday! 🎊


We like spaghetti on our plate, not in our clients' accounts 🍝 We get it — sometimes when you're building a business you don't think to streamline all of your logins and account information. But don't worry, untangling spaghetti is one of our specialties around here. 👨‍🍳 🤌


Happy birthday to Dynece, Swash's amazing Administrative Assistant! 🎉

Around the Labs 09/07/2023

Pictured: Josh (2012) sporting an early prototype of what is now the official Swash Labs WFH uniform. 👔

This is what they mean when they say "business casual," right?

Photos from Swash Labs's post 09/06/2023

You may know your Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, or what Gilmore Girls character you are based on a BuzzFeed quiz you took in 2015, but do you know your social media personality type?

Photos from Swash Labs's post 08/31/2023

Pong walked so Playstation could run 🫡


Nothing gets us more hype than seeing our clients thrive 🤩 Congrats to our client StoryForge on their incredible growth!

Trust Your Remote Workers — and Trust Your Workers To Work Remotely — Swash Labs 08/22/2023

Many corporations think ending remote and hybrid work is the next best step forward. Here’s why they’re wrong.

Trust Your Remote Workers — and Trust Your Workers To Work Remotely — Swash Labs Remote work empowers employees and makes them more productive. So why are so many companies trying to end it?

Photos from Swash Labs's post 08/02/2023

As a business in today’s world, nothing’s more valuable than the trust of your audience.

9 Things to Know About Threads, Meta’s Answer to Twitter — Swash Labs 07/10/2023

We see the potential. 🧐 Here’s what we’re thinking about “Threads, an Instagram app.”

9 Things to Know About Threads, Meta’s Answer to Twitter — Swash Labs Will Meta’s big swing at toppling the bird app stand the test of time?


Once a week, our crew meets together to talk about every active project in the shop.

Every. Single. Project.

We discuss what’s happened that week, talk upcoming deadlines, raise visibility on potential issues, and we celebrate the wins — large and small. Do you wish your Agency talked about *you* more often? 🤙😏


Happy first day of summer! You know what that means — Swash Summer Reading is in full swing 📚 Keep an eye out for some upcoming recommendations to add to your bookshelf 🤓


On July 1, Google will sunset Universal Analytics (sometimes referred to as “GA3” or “UA”) and only Google Analytics 4 will remain. Here’s a quick overview of what the heck that even means:

💬 What is GA4? 💬
GA4 is the evolution of Google Web + App, which is a type of analytic property geared toward sharing streams of data from applications and websites in a centralized place. It was made to future-proof Google Analytics.

💬 Why is Google Analytics changing? 💬
Changes in cookies and privacy settings mean the platform needed a new algorithm.

💬 What exactly is changing? 💬
1. Certain metrics and their meanings (e.g. “bounce rate” is now “engagement rate”)
2. Data is now event-based rather than session-based
3. Analytics reporting

Photos from Swash Labs's post 06/14/2023

When it comes to picnics, we aren’t playing around — see what we’re each putting in the Swash picnic basket this summer. ☀️


Happy birthday to our favorite wordsmith, Faith! 🥳 Thank you for keeping us — and our clients — on-message and super dope these past six years. May your inkwell never run dry! 🍻

Memes as a Marketing Tool — Swash Labs 06/02/2023

To meme, or not to meme. Here's how and why to use memes for your social media marketing.

Memes as a Marketing Tool — Swash Labs Learn how to effectively use memes as part of your social media marketing strategy.


We're blushing 🤭


Happy birthday to Account Services Director and resident sheep wrangler Joan! 🎉 We hope your day is be-ewe-tiful! 🐑

Photos from Swash Labs's post 05/18/2023

Don't lie — are you reading this from a fingerprint-smudged monitor? 👀 Here are a few questions to guide you through a spring cleaning of your digital home.


Today we're celebrating Media Planner Nico! 🥳 😸 HBD!

A Toast To The Classic Cafe 05/16/2023

Congratulations to our lovely friends at The Classic for 30 years in business! Some of our staff's fondest memories have been shared under this roof. Long live the tomato basil soup! 😋

A Toast To The Classic Cafe The Beloved Roanoke Restaurant Celebrates 30 Years.

I, Creative — Swash Labs 05/15/2023

“I have received more than a few cold-call emails pitching me on replacing my creative staff with a learning model service…” Josh anticipates how the proliferation of AI will affect creative work.

I, Creative — Swash Labs Will AI replace creatives? Josh explains how artificial intelligence falls short.

Photos from Swash Labs's post 04/27/2023

via Josh, our fearless leader —

"Happy 12th birthday to Swash Labs! I started this company when I was 32 years old. I’m 44 now, and there’s an ocean of time and experience between those two ages.

I feel happy and driven by a real purpose to do the work we’re doing.

If you’ve been with us at all along the way, inside or outside, thank you."


Social Media is the Worst: Six Ways to Make it Easier for Your Business — Swash Labs 04/27/2023

Don’t get overwhelmed by the insanity that is social media. Utilizing social media to market your business is easier than you think, and you may actually build something you enjoy in the process.

Social Media is the Worst: Six Ways to Make it Easier for Your Business — Swash Labs Learn how to leverage social media for your business in a way that is simple and sustainable.

Photos from Swash Labs's post 04/24/2023

Every successful campaign *needs* a compelling call to action. Here are a few guiding principles for crafting ad CTAs. 🪄


Today we're sending all the good vibes and birthday wishes to Media Strategist Kennedy! 🌟 HBD! 🥳

Photos from Swash Labs's post 04/13/2023

The weather is warming up — for some of us anyway — and it’s got us in our Spring feels. Here’s what we’re excited about doing once the snow melts away. 🌱

GreenFest | Outdoor Family Festival | Denton, Texas 04/05/2023

North Texas fam! Mark your calendars for GreenFest Denton on April 15, an outdoor festival and 5K benefitting the Greenbelt trail. 🌳 Sign up for the run or simply enjoy the bluebonnets, bounce houses, and bites!

GreenFest | Outdoor Family Festival | Denton, Texas GreenFest on the Greenbelt 5K is an event centered around health, wellness, and recreation.

StoryForge 04/05/2023

A big congrats to our client StoryForge on their acceptance into the BETA Accelerator program! StoryForge is an innovative app for writers to develop their work, and they're presenting their product at the BETA Showcase on April 13. If you're in the Minneapolis area, stop by and check 'em out!

StoryForge StoryForge is an online platform for writers to share work, get feedback, and move forward on the path to publication.


Happy birthday to the boss man Josh! 🎂 🎉 We hope it's the best one yet!

Photos from Swash Labs's post 03/31/2023

All the talk out there about algorithms, viral content, and hashtags may make you want to throw your hands up and quit social media altogether. But sharing content with intention is simpler than you think. Here are some simple ideas to guide you as you navigate posting for your brand.


Here's a screenshot from today's Q1 birthday bash, starring Joan's adorable BABY LAMB!

Recognizing and Harnessing Visual Hierarchy in Graphic Design — Swash Labs 03/21/2023

Not all designs are created equal. ⚖️ Learn all about the art of visual hierarchy, as explained by Andi.

Recognizing and Harnessing Visual Hierarchy in Graphic Design — Swash Labs This graphic design vocabulary term is a must-know.


Remote work has been under the microscope for the last few years, but we determined early on that it's a great fit for us. Take a look at what practices we have adopted here at the Labs to keep things posi and productive.


Today we're celebrating Stephanie, possibly the only person who make data riveting and make you laugh at the same time. Happy Birthday! 🎈🎊

Little Guys Movers and Swash Labs: Partners for 10 Years — Swash Labs 03/01/2023

We’re more than a decade into our partnership with Little Guys Movers, and we’ve loved every second.

Little Guys Movers and Swash Labs: Partners for 10 Years — Swash Labs Swash Labs has partnered with Little Guys Movers on advertising campaigns for over 10 years — check out some of our favorite work.

Sorry haters. A year later, a Denton business that switched to a 4-day workweek is still thriving 02/21/2023

Sorry haters. 😎 We're in the news again!

Sorry haters. A year later, a Denton business that switched to a 4-day workweek is still thriving The founder of Swash Labs says business has never been better and employees have never been happier or more productive


Join us in wishing a happy birthday to our Director of Agency Operations, Diana! 🥳 Thanks for always holding down the fort.


Happy birthday to our Art Director, Andi! 🎂 We owe our good looks to you! 😛

Photos from Swash Labs's post 01/30/2023

This time of year, many of us feel pressed to work extra hard to reach our goals. But keep in mind that rest should also be a high priority. In order to be more efficient and to be your best self, make sure you're doing these things to relieve your body and your mind.

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Making the eCommerce Jump: A Webinar
Making the eCommerce Jump: A Webinar
Stephanie Delk as the popcorn gif from Scary Movie.
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