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Welcome, Wilmot Panthers Football Golf Outing! Your terrific booster club has set up a fantastic day for you and we're excited to host you. Good luck out there! Special thanks to all of the sponsors today that contributed to this outing and helped make it happen.

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Consider Nieuwenhuis Bros. For Your Home, Project Or Business Waste Removal We offer daily, weekly or monthly service agreements.

We have a wide range of dumpsters, bins and roll-offs available to assist you with disposing of your trash, waste and project discards. Our job is to make your home, office or worksite a cleaner, safer place for you and your employees. Our one-time service includes the rental of the bin or dumpster for as long as you need it, as well as the removal and dumping of your full bin at your convenience.


When you’re doing a lot of landscaping work on your property, your regular garbage collection service may not always be able to pick up everything. In many cases, our team can provide dumpsters for the type of garbage your landscaping efforts will create.


If you’re planning on performing extensive landscape work, you may not be able to have all the debris hauled away with your regular trash pickup. In most cases, we can haul it away, since we have fewer restrictions.


"When I rent a dumpster, how is transportation handled to get the dumpster removed from my property?" After the service is complete or if the dumpster gets full during the rental, simply call the rental company to arrange pickup.


If you have unusual products, such as manure, liquids, or hazardous materials, that need collection and disposal, please let us know and we will make arrangements. Many materials need special permission before they can be delivered to a site.


When you’re cleaning a home or office, it’s not unnatural to fill the dumpster more quickly than you expected. If you realize you need another, just give us a call and we can bring one to you.


Are you concerned that your property lacks adequate space to house a temporary dumpster? We’re always happy to help you assess your space and recommend the most appropriate size.


It's important to choose the right size of dumpster to rent for your project. A 10-yard dumpster may be your solution for cleanout projects involving the inside of your home, the garage, or the yard.


If you run a business, you might notice how much your garbage can pile up over time. You need a cost-effective way to dispose of the garbage, allowing you to focus on work instead of junk around the office. Have a professional crew handle the junk for you.


Did you know you can there are companies willing to buy a vehicle that won't drive? Call us to learn how the parts of your vehicle will be stripped and sold and then the metal will be used for recycling purposes.


Did you know that your city may have limitations or restrictions on the number of garbage containers they’ll pick up? If you anticipate having more than they can haul, let us help.


Did you know that the average kitchen-size bag of trash contains enough energy to light a 100-watt light bulb for more than 24 hours? Across America, schools, government buildings and other facilities are increasingly using methane from landfills for heating and cooling.


Are renovation debris piling up at a faster than expected rate? Junk removal services can quickly remove renovation debris – including glass, drywall, door and window frames and flooring – as the job progresses to ensure a clear and safe working space.


We know how easy it is to underestimate how much room you need in your dumpster, as some items are all bulk and no weight. If you find that the container filled up well before you expected it to be, call us for an out-of-cycle pickup so that trash does not accumulate around the container.


Moving, spring cleaning, and renovating can generate a lot of unwanted stuff. Try to donate or sell as many of your usable items that are still in good condition to reduce waste and lower your junk removal cost. Try selling goods online and call local consignment shops to find ones that will pick up the donated used goods for free.


Trash is one of humanity’s continuing problems. If you are trying to get rid of a lot of it at once, you should consider renting a dumpster while you are working on it. You can rent for as long or short a time as you wish.


I’m about to start a special project, but it will leave a lot of left-over scraps and material. How should I dispose of this? If you are conducting a special project, tell a professional garbage disposal crew about the project, and let them handle things.


Dumpster, as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary: Originally a trademark, the word dumpster describes a container for receiving, transporting, and dumping waste materials.


All dumpsters have a fill line, and it is important not to place materials inside that will extend above this line. One reason is for safety due to transportation regulations, as lids must be closed. The fill line is also a way to anticipate load weight so that it is not exceeded.


When you live in certain residential neighborhoods, you may find that your HOA will cite you every time you can’t fit all your garbage in your cans. If you’ve got a major junk removal project underway, we’re always available to handle the excess garbage.


Recycling is also important because it helps the environment. The original manufacturing process for virtually any type of product involves more energy and creates more pollution than producing a recycled item.


Property owners and real estate agents have found our junk removal services invaluable when they need an apartment or home cleaned in a hurry. Our crews quickly remove refuse left behind in rental properties and houses being listed for sale.


Dumpster rental costs: When renting a dumpster, there are a number of costs calculated into the total. These include the size of the dumpster, the rental duration, transportation to and from the site, and the weight of the dumpster when it is removed.


It's easy to forget about how much garbage is produced, but it can add up really quickly. In fact, the average American discards four-and-a-half pounds of garbage every day, which add up to 250 million tons of household and municipal waste every year.


Have you ever wondered how much waste Americans generate? When construction, demolition, and non-hazardous industrial waste are counted with household waste, total waste amounts to almost 545 million tons each year, according to a report by engineering firm R. W. Beck.


What size dumpster do you need? A 20-yard dumpster is about 7.5 feet wide, 20 feet long and 4 feet high. This larger size is useful for kitchen or bathroom demolition, fence removal, roofing projects, deck demolition and house, basement or garage cleanup.


Does it ever seem like your storage unit is a waste of money because you never need any of the stuff you’ve stored in it? If you’re ready to sort through it to get rid of what you don’t need, you may want to work with a junk removal company so that you don’t have to haul everything to the dump yourself.


For leftover quantities of paint, either latex or oil-based, instead of trying to dry it out, contact a local theater group or the drama department at a local school. They may be more than happy to accept the donation.


When we place a dumpster on your property, we need two things: a place to set the item and access to the location. If you are not sure if the location meets these criteria, we can conduct a quick site assessment and show you the best location.


Make sure that you have a way to remove your pile of garbage. Set up a weekly collection by a professional garbage removal crew so that your piles of garbage are taken away from your property.


Planning a large-scale cleanup project? A central location for dumping trash, like a rented dumpster, is essential. Without this, you’ll get people stacking trash everywhere, creating a mess and a headache for whoever has to deal with it later.


You want to clean out the garage or attic, but are hesitant about letting the junk build up in front of your house, right? Let us know when you will be starting your project, and we will arrange to pick up your trash quickly so the neighbors don’t complain.


Did you know there are a limited number of landfills in the country? The more Americans think about recycling the items they are willing to throw away, the longer landfills will last. Reducing the garbage in landfills helps the environment.


When you schedule a bin to be dropped off, it is a good idea for someone to be available to show us exactly where it needs to be placed. Make sure our truck has access to the site, and the access is maintained, so the bin can be easily picked up when it is full.


Unfortunately, even the most efficiently run offices can still have issues with clutter and broken equipment accumulating. If you’re about to move to a new location, you may want to rent a dumpster so that everyone can throw out the things that don’t make sense to pay movers to take with them.


Getting a smaller dumpster might cost less, but you have to pack it very carefully to make sure that everything fits. This is why many people will get a larger dumpster than they need, giving them plenty of space to fit everything in.




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