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Lost Hills Horsemanship

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Operating as usual


It’s ALL about timing & consistency !!

It’s ALL about timing & consistency !!


Downunder Horsemanship

In the partnership you have with your horse, you have certain responsibilities and your horse has certain responsibilities. Your responsibility is to be black and white—to make training easy for the horse to understand. Whenever you are a shade of gray when communicating with your horse, it makes you unclear or inconsistent, which is unfair to the horse and makes it hard for him to understand what you want him to do. Your horse’s responsibility is to respect you. He may not always do everything right, but he should always try to find the right answer. A disrespectful horse doesn’t try. He doesn’t care. He is only concerned about what he wants and what you can give him. Your job is to teach the horse to be respectful by moving his feet forwards, backwards, left and right and always rewarding the slightest try. You’ll always start gently and finish gently, but you’ll be willing to do what you have to do to get the job done. You’ll do it as easy as possible, but as firm as necessary. - Clinton #ApplyTheMethod


Season’s greetings, from my barn to yours 🎄🎁


‘Tis the season ☃️


Be your horses hero. Keep him safe and he will be receptive to new ideas 💛


Star Point Horsemanship

What a good little pony 🥰

A Unicorn stroll on this Halloween Day with my precious Brooklyn! 🦄


Lost Hills Horsemanship


Lost Hills Horsemanship


Here's to the ones with “That Horse”.

That Horse that taught you all you know about a subject you never thought you would have to learn.

That Horse who you thought you would fix and give them everything they needed to live happily ever after.

That Horse that showed you that sometimes, maybe you can't fix everything.

You're doing a good job. They know you care about them. And you don't have to justify your choices to anyone else.

Maybe you haven't fixed them. But look at how smart they have made you ....

heartofphoenix.org 05/13/2020

30 Days Does Not Make a Well Broke Horse, Folks (Neither will 90, if you were wondering): What Trainers and Horses Need YOU to KNow

This is a great read when you’ve got some time ...


heartofphoenix.org If we could only make this truth fully understood in the horse world, how much time and trouble would horses, buyers, owners and trainers save? Fewer horses would be mishandled, misunderstood and e…


For everyone stuck at home, how about a little ride down the beach in (not so sunny) CA 💙


Life consists of rare, isolated moments of the greatest significance, and of innumerably many intervals, during which at best the silhouettes of those moments hover about us ....


What will you get done with your horse today ?


It is only through shadows that one comes to know the light ...


A few weeks back I posted a video showing ground tying with Luke. I’ve been told it’s a waste of time to teach that when starting a young horse .... But it certainly comes in handy when your out on several hundred acres working on fence 👍🏼




To have a horse trust you more than his own instinct ... That’s what it all comes down to 🧡


#Luke 🧡


A little “social distancing” with Luke 😷🧡


"We don't expect the child to write his name the first day or two in school. As soon as he learns to sit down in class and listen to the teacher, he is not immediately expected to write his name.....but we expect immediate learning from a horse. We expect the horse to go from kindergarten to the eighth grade, to high school, to college without enough time, preparation, or consideration for his thoughts and feelings. We often don't even get him into a learning frame-of-mind before we begin to train him. We don't even have him relaxed and confident, where he can sit down in class and just listen. We skip all that preparation because we are so superior, or neglectful, or lazy. Because we haven't prepared ourselves to recognize the horse's feelings." - Ray Hunt


ScatterGun Day 1

ScatterGun Day 1

5 year old QH gelding, client owned. Intake 12/1/2019 03/01/2020

As a big stout gelding living in Colorado, it’s only a matter of time before someone wants to use you as a pack horse - Might as well throw that at you right now 🙂

Client owned Arab mare, 11 years old. 02/27/2020

Scattergun visited back in December for 30 days. The objective was to gain trust on the ground & work on manners.

Client owned 2008 APHA Stallion. 02/25/2020

Ernie was here awhile back for some work on his ground manners & a bit of conditioning.

[02/25/20]   I apologize in advance !! Over the next few days I will be trying to free up some storage space on my phone so I am finally getting around to creating the “new” training project albums on this page. Fair warning - you may be overwhelmed with the many random posts/updates. 😕



Great Sand Dunes National Park


Working on “steering” 🙂


First video from this perspective 💖

5 year old QH gelding, client owned. Intake 12/1/2019 02/25/2020

Photos from Lost Hills Horsemanship's post

5 year old QH gelding, client owned. Intake 12/1/2019 02/25/2020

Photos from Lost Hills Horsemanship's post


The herd was feeling slightly froggy this morning ....
What would you caption this ??


Let’s talk “ground tying” ... It certainly is not a priority or a “requirement” when starting a young horse but does it come in handy ? I’d like to think so 🙂

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ScatterGun Day 1


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