All-Star Barber Shop

All-Star Barber Shop


I pulled into your parking lot to make an appointment. I went to the door with the open sign but, was not. There was a person on the inside of your shop that looked at my face turned around and walked off and did not bother to even see what I wanted. I called your phone and it went to voicemail but your voicemail box is full. How do I go about making an appointment if you guys don't answer the phone or answer your door?
Just got home from getting a haircut and Odie, as usual, did an excellent job of cutting my hair. My wife is happy with the quality of the haircuts from All Stay Barber Shop. Needless to say, I'm happy, too! Heck, Happy Wife - Happy Life, right?
Thank You, Odie. As always, you did a great job! See you in about a month....
All-Star Barber Shop
Wall art LeBron James
By: Me 🔥🔥🔥

Beard Trim
Line Up
Located in Highway 90 DeFuniak Springs, FL. next to Pla


💈❌Today we’re open till 7:30❌
Swing by our shop and get fresh💇🏻‍♂️


💈Hey Guys Just letting ya’ll know. I’ll be out from Nov21-30


❌We don’t have room for appoinments❌


💈Unfortanetly we won’t make it to the shop today 😒💈
With that been sayd .. We will work thursday!




💈Folks ya’ll know me I DON’T tolerate No DISRESPECT💈
👋🏼Blessed day


Folks don’t let your guard down with this 👁‍🗨
Mother Nature is a Beautiful thing.. But it’s also dangerous! Prayers up!!!


💈We Are booking appoinments again.👋🏼


Tmrw Thursday we will close shop and also Sunday💈
Next Week our doors will Open Wed-Sun 10:30:7:30
Sunday till 3:00


Let’s go Buffalo!!!!


💈Sunday 10:30/3:00
Tuesday 12:00/6:00
Wednesday/Friday and Saturday
10:30/7:30 Monday and Thursday CLOSED💈

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❌New Chairs☑️
❌LED strip Lights☑️
❌New Air Hoses☑️
❌Lebron James looks better than ever ☑️☑️

Ladies n Gent’s



💈We Will reopen Thursday💈
I will start replying all msgs Tmrw! Thank You guys!! 🫡


Shop CLOSED tmrw Sunday for remodeling 🫡


❌⭕️ ⭕️❌
💈CUt: MiD Drop Fade 🔥🔥
💯 Natural 🥶


💈Blocked from posting but… Back at it! 💈
Today 9:30/3:00


Barbershop will be closed today 29th


💈We got a tattoo party going on today at the shop! Come and check it out💈


💈Shop will be closed today wednesday💈


Shop will remain closed today ‼️


Ladies n Gent’s Oscar’s time at shop has come to an end 😕. It’s crazy how 1yr flew by us that quick! All we can say is Thank You for your hard work and dedication ‼️ We will miss you for sure🥹. With all this been sayd we won’t be making appoinments for NOW! Due to being short handed, we will continue operating wt our normal business days and Reg. Business hrs. (Wed-Sun) 10:30-7:30. And for NOW we will ONly take Walk-Ins to keep the business going . Ya’ll have a blessed weekend ✌🏼

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🛑No Filter🛑
💈First Fade for little man💫


💈Good morning‼️This week our hours will be the same shop will open from Wed-Sat (Sunday CLOSED) -(This sunday only)
(OdY/Owner) I’ll be at the shop today and tommorow ONLY!
🛑No day/day appoinments, we take walk-ins.
If you go by our shop and our door sign says: Open but the door is locked 🤓
Is our LUNCH BREAK!!! 👌🏻

Thank you ‼️
See ya’ll 💪🏼


🛑💈We need to clarify a few things, first we DON’T do day/day appoinments; we take WALK-INS. If you Go BY the 💈 and our sign says: Open but door is locked we are on LUNCH BREAK. If you call the BUSINESS # and we Don’t answer inmediately it dosen’t mean that we DON’t want to talk/answer.
If our voicemail is full.(We have like a 3 min long voicemail recording in our BUSINESS # explaining where else YOU CAN CONTACT US trough) 🤓 LEAVE A MSG (let me clarify by saying text msg) on the BUSINESS # or Msg us through our Barber page (facebook) . There will be days when we’re able to SQUEEZE walk-ins on certain days and time BUT… Somedays we WON’t be able to.
To All OUR LOYAL Customers💇🏻‍♂️
We want to say Thanks for yall loyalty and Support‼️🛑


💈Good morning‼️
We will take walk-ins today! (Couple of appoinments) in our schedule But… able to take walk-ins💫


⭐️Ladies n Gents… ‘mr.’
Rico will NO longer work with us💫
I’ll make some adjustments to my schedule starting nxt week💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


💈Saturday 💇🏻‍♂️
(Odi) has full schedule💪🏼‼️
Both Oscar and Rico are taking WALK-INS💫💫


💈Hey Guys‼️
💫I’ll (OdY)be at shop around 11:45 Today
I’ll be able to take walk-ins till 2:00pm today💈⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


💈Walk-in💈Wednesday 💫


💈Spots for thursday Available before 3:00 pm 💫
Let me know guys‼️💪🏼💪🏼


My Bills making Great Mooooves 💫💫💫💫


Early release for Kids Today.. (OdY) I’ll be at shop right after ! Between 12:30-1:00


So I’ve decided to switch things up at the 💈
(With my schedule) (OdY). 📒Im going to start taking just (Walk-ins) on Wednesdays and Sundays and Book appoinments from Thursday-Saturday. With that been sayd… Yes if you’re a reg customer You can still Walk-in but… difference is if there’s people waiting at shop You also have to wait‼️
💫Our Business hrs are from: 10:30 till 7:30
And Sundays we close @3:00. We take LAST CUSTOMER 1 HR. Before CLOSING TIME‼️‼️
But: My hours (Me/Ody) will depend on how busy My schedule is.
(Except for Wednesdays and Sundays)

💫I think I covered everything💫
💈Hope to see ya’ll soon‼️💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


Cerrado mañana Feb 26


💈Low Fade 💈
💇🏻‍♂️ Shear work at Top


Congrats to The Bengals!! Great game!!!


Sunday 10:30 -3:00

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💈Organic High Fade 💈
💈Fade w freestyle design on my boy for Thanksgiving 💈
Cut By: OD




100 US Highway 90 E
Defuniak Springs, FL

Opening Hours

Wednesday 10:30am - 7:30pm
Thursday 10:30am - 7:30pm
Friday 10:30am - 7:30pm
Saturday 10am - 7:30pm
Sunday 10am - 3pm

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