Revel Prop Dads Volunteers

Revel Prop Dads Volunteers

Revel Prop Dads is an organization of parent volunteers committed to the support of the Award-Winning REVELution Competition Team. This page is intended as a means of communicating important information regarding all things Competition Team support.

Prop Dads are ambassadors of the studio and must promote the values of encouragement, support, and sportsmanship while maintaining professionalism. We are responsible for, but not limited to, constructing, loading, unloading, and transportation of props, and placement on stage during performances. We make ourselves available to the directors, dancers, and moms so that they may all focus on the dan

Operating as usual

Photos from Revel Prop Dads Volunteers's post 06/20/2021

Happy Father’s Day to the best Dads ever!!!!

[02/26/20]   Attention all of you wonderful Dads... we are loading props @6:30 tomorrow

[02/19/20]   Attention please... announcement from Jim Crenshaw~
We need Dad volunteers to help with prop loading planning this Thursday 6:30pm @studio. Thanks💜

[05/01/19]   ‎Dawn Crenshaw‎~ to Revel Prop Dads Volunteers

We will be at the studio to pack up the trailer on Thursday at 6pm. If you're available to help.

[02/16/19]   If you're available to help- let us know!! We need some more help today!

[01/13/19]   Any of you with sanders- we need to sand and remove glitter and embellishments form the 4 panels- then put a coat of primer paint before the artwork begins- we will start this week on Tuesday at the studio. Anyone there can move panels out to back patio to sand and prep. The electric sanders help so much saving on the heavy labor of the hand scrapers - Thank you all so much!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜

[01/04/19]   The time is almost here. First competition is just a little over 1 month away. Please be on the look out in the next few weeks, for information on a prop dad meeting/ prep event.

Please share with any new members to the Competition Team. Cannot wait to see our kids in action.

[06/09/18]   Thank you Dads, Grand-Dads, brothers.....because of you we were able to have the TOP Scoring Production (in elite category) at EVERY COMPETITION this year!!!! Because of you driving, loading, unloading, touching up paint, and then doing it all over again-our dancers were able to have magnificent props to help showcase their talents and hard work!!!! We appreciate you all so much xoxoxoxo

[06/01/18]   Prop dads will be meeting at the studio on Saturday at 8:30am. We will load the trailers and head to the school.

[05/21/18]   Thank you to all the parents who helped this weekend. We couldn’t have done it without y’all.
Be on the lookout for information on props for recital.

[05/20/18]   💜💜💜Important announcement- John Aysien will be at studio tonight by about 8:45 to unload props-PLEASE help us spread the word for help- we are still at Competition- so any Dads, Moms, siblings, grandparents etc-We need your help!!!!! Thank you so much💜💜💜

[05/19/18]   IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT from Chris Moody ~
*For Any prop parents who are not going to be in Katy tomorrow. We will be loading the truck at 5pm behind the main studio. Please help us spread the word-we sure could use any and all help:)
*We will also be meeting on Sunday at the school whenever the arrival time is for the production dance.

[03/25/18]   Thanks so much for all of your help- from Aaron Pena picking up the truck to all of you coming to load, then unload, set up on stage, load back to truck and trailer, unload at studio, and John Aysien taking the rent truck back. We are so proud to be a part of such an amazing dance family! Our kids work so hard- and your support means the world! They are sure bringing it on stage- so proud of them 💜💜💜💜#teamrevels

[03/24/18]   💜Please try to meet at the studio at 2:30 to help unload truck💜 Thank you all so much!!!!!! So proud of our kids!!!

[03/24/18]   We are backstage needing help unloading the truck- please come back stage if you are at competition 😊😊😊😊😊

[03/22/18]   We need volunteers to load truck Friday night. Aaron Pena must miss us because he volunteered to pick up the uhaul in LaPorte around 4pm on Friday. He will bring it to the studio to load props, then he can drive to Lee College at 7pm. We need as many as possible to meet at studio to load props. It can be as early as 5 and as late as 6:30. Would like to get a head count so we can plan exact loading time. We will leave truck at Lee College overnight and then will need help unloading on Saturday before production and then loading back on truck after performance. We will keep you posted- we then will need someone to drive it back to studio, help to unload and then we arrange for it to be taken back to LaPorte- details to come. It is a 26ft truck. Please post below about Friday loading at studio....... thank you xo

[02/25/18]   Jim is on way with trailer, John is leaving w Uhaul truck. Please meet at RPAC to help unload - Chris is coming later with flatbed. Thanks everyone for your help today 💜

[02/25/18]   Becky will be here with uhaul at 10:45 ish- please all Dads be there to unload production props and load back after dance- thanks and help us spread the word💜

[02/23/18]   Any prop parents who are not going to be in Katy tomorrow. We will be loading the truck at 5pm behind the main studio.

We will also be meeting on Sunday morning at school whenever the arrival time is for the production dance. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

[02/11/18]   Hi everyone-thanks for helping us load and secure props last night, unload our 1st big load at 11:30 today and we are asking for those of you at Atascosita HS tomorrow (Sunday) to meet backstage to unload the rest of the props at 11:00. Our kids have really made us proud~ we are so anxious to see Production tomorrow!!!!!!! Remember Sunday @ 11am backstage :)

[06/18/17]   Happy Fathers Day to the best dads ever!!! How blessed are our kids to have such great dads!!! Some of our kids may not have their dad in their lives for different reasons- but they ALWAYS have a dad backstage because of you!!! Thank you for being there with hugs and showing your love and pride in every child... you are simply the best!!!!!💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜




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