Valle Ambulance District

Valle Ambulance District


***FREE BBQ for First Responders***
The fine folks at Gerding Enterprises ( & Screaming Eagle Grill are at it again.
This Friday they're cooking up some delicious BBQ for first responders. Show up in uniform or with an ID if you're off-duty and you'll be treated to a fine lunch.
Please share and tag other first responder agencies we may have missed.
Thanks to everyone behind these events for the support!
Festus Police Department Arnold MO Police Department De Soto Missouri Police Department Herculaneum Police Department Pevely Police Department Byrnes Mill Police Department High Ridge Fire Protection District Jefferson County 9-1-1 Dispatch Official Rock Township Ambulance District Rock Community Fire Protection District Cedar Hill Fire Protection District DeSoto Rural Fire Protection District Valle Ambulance District Goldman Fire Protection District Hillsboro Fire Protection District Joachim Plattin Emergency Medical Service
Congratulations! Valle Ambulance District on your New Custom American Emergency Vehicles Ambulance!
We want to send a big THANK YOU to Joe for coming to our Girl Scout meeting today and teaching our silly girls some basic first aid. They learned a lot and their leaders even learned a few new tricks! The girls can’t WAIT to come take a tour. We appreciate it very much. Thanks from Brownie Troop #697. ❤️🚑
I just wanted to shout out a huge THANK YOU!
Thanks so much for saving my friends life this past week! Y’all are amazing to go on a call from a fb message from someone in Kentucky. If you hadn’t went he would not have made it. God Bless you all!❤️❤️❤️
Way to go Valle Ambulance for the awesome snowman!!!!
Do you have any update on the incident that happened around noon today (8-5-17) off of Highway 110 at an auto salvage location in De Soto? Last I heard Survival Flight was headed toward a landing zone. Thanks.
Was in a couple weeks ago and shared this flyer and just wanted to see if we could possibly share on your page. Hope to see you guys!!!

"We're Here For Life" We are one of five ambulance districts serving Jefferson County, Missouri with the largest coverage area of 233 square miles.

We are a third service paramedic agency that delivers critical public health and public safety service on the front lines of the community health system. Valle Ambulance District has proudly been serving the visitors, citizens and communities since 1977. Currently, Valle Ambulance District employs over 35 employees who all serve the communities of Desoto, Hillsboro, Victoria, Grandview, Hematite a

Operating as usual


Still need a couple people for this class. If you are interested shoot us a email ASAP.


We would like to say a BIG thank you, to the Hillsboro R- 3 Primary School for dropping off these awesome drawings and donuts this morning for National First Responder Day.

We would like to say a BIG thank you, to the Hillsboro R- 3 Primary School for dropping off these awesome drawings and donuts this morning for National First Responder Day.

09/27/2021 07/22/2020

2020 Fill the Boot

Due to the Covid pandemic the MDA has created a virtual collection website for the fill the boot campain. I'm supporting fire fighters and helping to Fill the Boot for Fill the Boot! You can be a hero too … donate to our digital Fill the Boot. #FilltheBoot #MDA #IAFF #BeAHero


Our thoughts and prayers are with the 2 paramedics and their families as well as the rest of the Joachim Plattin Ambulance District. They were seriously injured when their ambulance was involved in a roll over accident today.


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It is with great pride that the Valle Ambulance District announces the retirement of EMT Joe Williams after 42 years of service. Mr. Williams started his career as the districts first full-time employee in August 1977. The Board of Directors, Chiefs, and the entire team at Valle Ambulance would like to congratulate Joe on his retirement and extend our deepest gratitude for the dedicated service he has displayed throughout his career.


Jefferson County, Missouri

Please find following the language of the Executive Order, followed by some FAQ’s. Please read we may not be able to respond to every individual question or post timely.



WHEREAS, This Order shall become effective at 12:01 a.m. CDT on March 24, 2020 and will continue to be in effect until 11:59 p.m. CDT on April 23, 2020, or until it is extended, rescinded, superseded, or amended in writing by us, jointly.

WHEREAS, our intent is to ensure that the maximum number of people stay at home to slow the spread of COVID-19. All provisions of this Order shall be interpreted to effectuate this intent. This Order is meant for that purpose; for citizens to travel and conduct business only for the most essential items and reasons as set forth herein, but otherwise remain home.

WHEREAS, COVID-19 is considered an infectious disease, contagious, communicable and dangerous for purposes of Sections 192.020-1; 192.139; and 192.300 RSMo (2019).

WHEREAS, in all cases, including the exceptions described herein, individuals must adhere to social distancing recommendations, that include maintaining at least six-feet social distancing from other individuals and no more than ten (10) individuals are to assemble at the same time in one location.

WHEREAS, in all cases, individuals should adhere to preventive recommendations that include washing hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds as frequently as possible or using hand sanitizer, covering coughs or sneezes (into the sleeve or elbow, not hands), regularly cleaning high-touch surfaces, not shaking hands, and by all means staying home if you feel ill.

WHEREAS, By the authority vested in us by and through Constitution of the State of Missouri, Sections 44.080 and 192.300 RSMo (2019); 19 CSR 20-20.020; 19 20-20.050(1) pursuant to 19 CSR 20-20.010(24); the Charter of Jefferson County, Missouri, and with the Jefferson County Health Center, upon consultation with the Director of Emergency Management, The Director of the Jefferson County Health Department, regional health officials and other regional leaders, we hereby enter this Joint Order.

NOW THEREFORE, the following shall be the Joint Order of the County Executive and the Director of the Jefferson County Health Director,

I. Individuals
All individuals living within Jefferson County, Missouri, are ordered to remain at home and limit all unnecessary travel except as needed for the following activities:
(a) To perform tasks essential to the health and safety of individuals, their family, household members and pets, such as obtaining medical supplies or medication, visiting a health care professional, or obtaining supplies necessary to work from home.
(b) To obtain or deliver necessary services or supplies for themselves, household members or others necessary to maintain safety and sanitation.
(c) Outdoor walking or exercise provided they maintain social distancing of at least six feet from any other person.
(d) Going to work wherein allowed.

II. Businesses and Governmental Operations
All businesses are allowed to maintain the value of inventory and infrastructure, provide security, process payroll or employee benefits, or facilitate employees working remotely, but are required to CEASE all other activities.

This Order DOES NOT APPLY to any business deemed essential and as defined by the Department of Homeland Security and the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency.

FURTHERMORE, the following businesses are EXEMPT from the above requirements:
(a) Healthcare facilities and businesses that produce or provide medical care, supplies or
Medicine, blood banks and the ongoing construction projects of any healthcare facility, healthcare or supply business and/or medical facility in response to this emergency. This provision does not include fitness centers or gyms, massage parlors, salons, barbershops, nail salons or similar establishments;
(b) Grocery stores, convenience stores, or other establishments engaged in the retail sale of any food item or other household consumer products and food production;
(c) Restaurants and bars, but only for pickup/curbside/carry-out/take-out/delivery as set forth in Executive Order 20-030.2, and Jefferson County Health Department Ordinance 20-03-18-01 both of which remains in full force and effect;
(d) Businesses that ship or deliver groceries, food, or goods;
(e) Businesses that provide food, shelter, utilities, social services, fi****ms dealers or retailers, or other necessities;
(f) Food cultivation, including farming, livestock, and fishing;
(g) Food and beverage wholesaling, storage, warehousing, and distribution businesses;
(h) Newspapers, television, radio and other media;
(i) Gas stations, vehicle-supply, vehicle-repair, and related facilities;
(j) Banks and financial institutions;
(k) Hardware stores and building trade supply stores;
(l) Businesses providing mailing and shipping services, including post office boxes;
(m) Laundromats, laundry service providers, cleaning and janitorial services;
(n)Transportation and motorized equipment and vehicles services including manufacturing, sales, repair, rental, taxis and rideshares;
(o) Home-based care for seniors, adults, or children;
(p) Facilities and shelters for adults and children;
(q) Long-term care facilities, including hospice;
(r) Hotels and other commercial lodging;
(s) Professional services (e.g. accountants, lawyers, engineers);
(t) Construction, Trade and Infrastructure (e.g. building, building management and maintenance, plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems, waste/wastewater treatment plants and power generation, Information Technology, and any equipment manufacturer, sales and/ or service provider associated for the maintenance of those businesses or industrial equipment, etc.). This includes construction required in response to this public health emergency, hospital construction, construction of long-term care facilities, public works construction, and housing construction;
(u) Childcare facilities
(v) Manufacture, distribution, and supply chain for exempt businesses;
(w) Federal, state, and local government;
(x) Other small or solo business with 10 or less total employees including management and owner(s). To clarify, this provision does not include fitness centers or gyms, massage parlors, salons, barbershops, nail salons or similar establishments;
(y)Funeral Homes, Crematoriums, and other Memorial and after-life service providers; and,
(z) Such other exceptions as I and/or the Director of Health may specifically designate by further Order or Ordinance.

If any part of this Order or its application to any person or circumstance is held to be invalid, then the remainder of the Order including the application of such part or provision to other persons or circumstances shall not be affect and shall continue in full force and effect and to this end the provisions of this Order are severable.


Date: 3/23/20
Dennis J. Gannon, County Executive
Jefferson County, Missouri

Kelley Vollmar
Jefferson County Health Department Director




1 What is open? What can I do?
Those questions are answered below.
2 How long will it last?
Until April 23, 2020
3 How will it be enforced?
Jefferson County Health Department and Jefferson County, Missouri and by Court Order, if necessary
4 Who is in charge?
County Executive Dennis Gannon/Health Director Kelly Vollmar


5 Can I still report the news?
Yes, see Section II(h).


6 Can residential and commercial construction projects continue?
Yes, see Section II(t).
7 Can lawn cutting and landscaping services continue?
Yes, will be considered providing necessities under Section II(e).
8 What type of appliance and home repair businesses can continue? (plumbers, electricians, painters, etc.)?
All, see Section II(t).
9 Can housecleaning and maid services continue?
Yes, see Section II(m).
10 Can I operate my dry-cleaning, laundry or laundromat service?
Yes, see Section II(m).
11 Can car dealerships stay open?
Yes, see Section II(n).
12 Are ride-share businesses (Uber, Lyft) considered able to operate?
Yes, see Section II(n).
13 Can I keep my barber shop/beauty salon open?
No, see Sections II and II(a).
14 Can outdoor recreational businesses remain open? (dog parks, golf courses, gun ranges, etc.)?
Yes, but participants must maintain a distance of six feet from each other, see Section I(c).
15 I am lawyer, accountant, engineer or other professional can I still meet with my clients?
Yes, see Section II(s).

Essential Business Employees

16 Will I be able to get to my job?
Yes, see Section I(d).
17 I am an employee of an Exempt Business. Do I need a special card, badge or ID to be able to travel to work?
18 Will public transit be available to get me to work?
Yes, see Section II(n).
19 Can I drive across jurisdictions to get to work (for instance, I live in Jefferson County but work in St. Louis County)?
Yes. See Section I(d).
20 Can I take an Uber or Lyft to get to work?
Yes, see Section II(n).


21 Can lawn cutting and landscaping services continue?
Yes, will be considered as providing necessities under Section II(e).
22 Will USPS, UPS, FedEx, Amazon and other services still deliver mail and packages?
Yes, see Section II(d).
23 Can we go to the grocery store?
Yes, see Section II(b).
24 Can we go to the doctor’s office?
Yes, see Section II(a).
25 Can we go to the pharmacy?
Yes, see Section II(a).
26 Can I go to my psychologist/counselor/therapist?
Yes, see Section II(a).
27 Can we go to the drycleaners or laundromat?
Yes, see Section II(m).
28 What type of appliance and home repair businesses can continue? (plumbers, electricians, painters, etc.)
All, see Section II(t).
29 Can housecleaning and maid services continue?
Yes, see Section II(m).
30 Will malls and strip centers close?
Businesses that are exempt, see Sections II(a) through II (z), can remain open.
31 I live in an apartment building or condo. Can I use courtyards, gyms and other common areas within my building?
No. See Sections II and II(a).
32 Can I go to a commercial gym or fitness center?
No. See Sections II and II(a).
33 Will restaurants and bars still be able to provide take-out or delivery service?
Yes, see Section II(c).
34 Can my babysitter still come?
Yes, see Section II(o).
35 Is my daycare still open?
Yes, this was modified from the Original Order.
36 Can I care for an ailing relative?
Yes, see Section II(o).
37 Can I walk around my neighborhood?
Yes, see Section I(c).
38 Can I take my dog for a walk?
Yes, see Section I(c).
39 A family member has a health condition that requires a personal health aide. Can the aide still come to their home to take care of them?
Yes, see Section II(o).
40 Can I still purchase fi****ms and ammunition?
Yes, see Section II(e).
41 Can I go to my barbershop or salon?
No, see Section II(a).
42 Can I get a massage?
No, see Section II(a).
43 Will I be able to have a funeral for my deceased loved-one?
Yes, so long as the service complies with the 10-person limit. See section II(w).
44 Will I be able to go to the bank?
Yes, see Section II(j).

Non-Resident Visitors

45 Can I still leave Jefferson County to travel home?
46 Is there a deadline by which I need to leave?
47 Will there be open travel on roads/highways?
48 Will Festus airport be allowed to remain open?
Yes, see Section II(n).

Hotel Operators

49 Must all hotels close? For how long?
Hotels may remain open. See Section II(r). But they cannot hold gatherings of any kind of more than 10 individuals.
50 What should we do about guests currently staying in our hotel?
Restaurant rules under Section II(c) apply.
51 Can I volunteer my hotel to house emergency workers or others who need to quarantine?
Yes. Contact the County or Heath Department.
52 Can my hotel bar/restaurant continue to provide take-away or delivery service?


53 Will local parks remain open for outdoor walking or exercise?
54 Can I drive to a park not near my home to walk or exercise?
55 Can I drive out of the County to go to a park?


Photos from Valle Ambulance District's post


Jefferson County, Missouri: Office of Emergency Management

We've been working very closely with the Jefferson County Health Department to monitor the development of COVID-19. There are currently no cases in Jefferson County.

The Health Department does not, at this time, recommend limitations on mass gatherings or school closures due to the lack of community spread of COVID-19 within the region. This is a fluid situation and circumstances may change quickly.

We will continue to monitor the local situation throughout the weekend and beyond, and will make appropriate recommendations based on the most current information available.


Crew is down at the Desoto train days festival on Main Street today. If you are not doing come down and say hi! We will be here till 9pm.


Grandview R-II Elementary School

Please help me in sending a huge THANK YOU to the Valle Ambulance employees association for donating backpacks full of school supplies to our school.

Students and families in need of supplies may contact our elementary counselor, Mrs. Villmer for more information!


Please stay off the roads this morning. All roadways are ice covered. Multiple accidents and most roads are impassable. Please be safe.


Valle Ambulance Employee Community Outreach

FREE pictures with Santa!! Also free milk & doughnuts, and goodie bags for the kids. Please share!


Ok folks the Red Cross is hosting a Battle of the Badges blood drive July 11th at the Desoto VFW Post 1831. Come on out and donate some blood and see some of your Paramedics and EMTs. Make sure if you donate you let them know you are here for Valle!!


Jefferson County 9-1-1 Dispatch Official

Hillsboro Fire Protection District and Valle Ambulance District recognized Jefferson County Dispatchers for their prompt dispatching and CPR instructions that helped save a life on April 8, 2018.
Pictured from left: Valle Ambulance District Assistant Chief Drew Voss, Assistant Crew Leader Bailey Robinson, Dispatcher Brittany Richey, Assistant Crew Leader Christopher Hermann, Hillsboro Fire Protection District Assistant Chief Brian Gaudet, and Jefferson County 9-1-1 Dispatch Assistant Chief David Bieser.


We were honored to be invited to Hunter’s 5th birthday party on Saturday! Thank you Hunter for letting us celebrate your day with you! We had a great time! Happy Birthday!


De Soto Senior High School

Mock accident in preparation for prom and student safety. Thank you to the first responders for doing this for our students.


What are your plans for the Eclipse?

Valle Ambulance Paramedics and EMT's will be working extra shifts and they are ready to protect you during your darkest day.

Valle Ambulance has been working for months planning for the Eclipse and the expected influx of visitors to our area. The District has been coordinating with local law enforcement, fire departments, emergency management, hospitals, and 911. Emergency Operations plans have been developed and will be implemented if needed.

Our main concern is traffic. Response times may increase. Especially on Monday during the eclipse and just after.

Starting at 8:00 am tomorrow the District will staff two additional ambulances. On Monday, every ambulance will be staffed. Paramedics will staff duty vehicles (Quick Response Vehicles) so we can get help to you quicker and UTV's will be staffed to transport patients out of congested areas.

Additional resources from other parts of the state are ready to assist if needed.

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.

If you have any questions feel free to message us on facebook or email me at [email protected].

Jesse Barton
Valle Ambulance

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12363 State Route 21
DeSoto, MO

General information

Valle Ambulance District prides itself on being a clinically sophisticated and progressive paramedic service. The implementation of numerous clinical initiatives, including pre-hospital 12-lead ECG interpretation, drug facilitated intubations, and delivery of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatments have resulted in tangible improvements to the care we deliver to our community. In today’s age of overwhelmed hospital emergency departments, we also play a critical role in activating special resources before the patient arrives at the receiving hospital. We specialize in operating and delivering services at the critical juncture of public health and public safety. The compassion and dedication of our Paramedics exemplifies our motto of “Your Life is Our Mission" 24 hours at a time. Our mission has extended beyond emergency medical response. Valle Ambulance District has been actively involved in FEMA Deployments to help out our neighbors locally and nationally wherever help is needed. We also provide public information, injury prevention and education opportunities to keep our community safe. Valle Ambulance District attends community events to deliver programs such as the Docu Drama for high school prom night, “Vial of Life program for seniors and those with special needs. Our CPR/AED, First Aid training program, Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support is accredited as a Community Training Site by the American Heart Association through St. Francis Medical Center out of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Valle Ambulance District also provides medical support and coordination during major sports or special events throughout the year. Our agency has coordinated the medical coverage of the Jefferson County Fair as well as several other regional events that take place at the Jefferson County Civic Center. Valle Ambulance District participates in standbys for high school events, and dignitary protection details for several local, state and federal law enforcement agencies
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Gifted n Lifted With CrazyJ Gifted n Lifted With CrazyJ
1523 Veterans Drive
DeSoto, 63020

Spreading Smiles, and Positivity... Keeping As Many People Lifted As Possible, Life's Too Negative and Dark, So Come Here and Get Some Light..

City of De Soto Kennel City of De Soto Kennel
1310 Public Works Drive
DeSoto, 63020

The City of De Soto wants to help find lost animals as well as adopting unclaimed pets.

De Soto Public Library De Soto Public Library
712 S Main St
DeSoto, 63020

We are much more than a house for books. DSPL empowers individuals with free access to information and the universe of ideas with electronic resources, local history, comics, telescopes, periodicals, eBooks, free WiFi, and programming for ages 0-150.

DeSoto Food Pantry, Contact DeSoto Food Pantry, Contact
705 East Stone St. At Flucom Road
DeSoto, 63020

Providing food for Desoto, MO families, shut-ins and individuals who are struggling with daily grocery needs. Monthly distribution is on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

Sunrise Distance Learning Sunrise Distance Learning
4485 Sunrise School Rd
DeSoto, 63020

Director of Virtual Learning

De Soto Bands De Soto Bands
815 Amvets Drive
DeSoto, 63020

Information related to the De Soto, Missouri Band Program.

Boy Scout Troop 897 Boy Scout Troop 897
DeSoto, 63020

Chartered by Amvets Post 48

Mrs. Hoisington's First Grade Class Mrs. Hoisington's First Grade Class
650 Vineland School Rd
DeSoto, 63020

Check this page for updates and pictures from Mrs. Hoisington's first grade class.

DeSoto Rural Fire Protection District DeSoto Rural Fire Protection District
201 E Miller St
DeSoto, 63020

The District covers 174 square miles of rural south and southwestern Jefferson County and is the largest coverage area in the County. We respond to over 1,200 alarms each year.

Washington State Park Washington State Park
13041 State Hwy. 104
DeSoto, 63020

The OFFICIAL page for Washington State Park, located in DeSoto, MO.

DeSoto  MO Soccer DeSoto MO Soccer
116 N Main St
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Preschool through 8th grade recreation soccer league