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Franklin and Jefferson County LED Lighting LLC


Alright..alright...alright.’s that time!

It’s the annual Agape House Food Pantry Drive!

Wednesday 4-7 SAVE A LOT 👍

Bring 2 can goods, get $2 off a cheesesteak plus be entered into our grand prize drawing of gift certificates, etc.

For each 2 can goods beyond the first 2, you’ll get a additional ticket into the drawing!

Now bring something kids would like, not your grandma’s pinto beans from 1984.

Sweet and Simple Kettle Corn will be there!

We will also be doing fresh squeezed lemonade!! 🍋 🍋


And a special shout out to all of these fine folks for their donations for the grand prize!

Franklin and Jefferson County LED Lighting LLC
Allbright Painting
Sarah Summers - Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance
Barb Steimel Dougherty-Pampered Chef
Brandi Joslin Podner-Senegence make up.
Deb Jones-Color Street
CraftMasters LLC-2 Tumblers, T-shirt’s and hats.
Rock Solid Landscaping LLC gift certificate
TreeHouse Canopy $50 gift certificate
G’s Barbershop $15 gift certificate
Vero Fitness Pacific-Free one month membership
Ali, Vero Fitness Massage-30 minute massage.
Healthy Balance Chiropractic and Acupuncture-$50 gift certificate
Kick Print gift certificate to local restaurant
Guffey's Pizza 2 gift certificates
Beacon Car & Pet Wash 4 car wash tokens.
Daddy O’s Cheesesteaks-$20 gift card to B and H, $20 gift certificate to El Agave, Cheesesteak party at YOUR house for you and 20 friends. Must live within 40 miles of 63069.

These photos are from last year!

Tell a friend ⬇️ and Please spread the word! We’ll give someone a FREE cheesesteak for doing so👍

See you at the cart 👊

Thanks again for the great service. And good customer service i highly recommend to everyone.
Don’t mind the messy car but Got these bad boys about a month ago and finally got the time to hook them up. Very pleased!!
❄️⛄️Official 2019/2020 Hyperlocal Extreme Weather Winter Outlook☃️❄️
~St. Louis, Missouri~

*This post contains no material subject to copyright share misuse. All data and graphics illustrated have may be freely shared.*

Finally the day has come to release our favorite long range outlook of the year! The Official Winter Long Range Outlook for 2019-2020. Forecasting for the St. Louis Metropolitan Region and surrounding counties. Please feel free to like our page if you want continued winter and forecast updates!

Sponsored By: Franklin and Jefferson County LED Lighting LLC

A Quick History:
As many of you know this long range forecast has been produced for the past 8 years running and in that time science has greatly improved! In fact the last 3 years in a row the long range has held an accuracy overall of 93.7%! That is very impressive and goes to show technology is rapidly advancing making forecasts incredibly accurate and somewhat reliable in the short range by as much as 10 days out! That said let’s hope for another good outlook this year!

Let’s get to forecast and the main points that bring together the this years expectations. Let me be clear: I have seen a ton of winter outlooks calling for 24-36” of total snow. I do not see that happening however, as I say - may the best forecast win. Overall, this winter just looks average in my opinion but will produce at-least a couple good snowfalls. (Personally I would love this long range to be wrong because I love a ton of snow and all those big time snow maps floating around do look pretty!!)

Back Checking the Facts:
So let’s begin by a quick look back on this past spring/summer/fall long range ideas which is what ultimately builds this years Winter Outlook. Main points mentioned was this year would include:
- more severe storms than the past few years
-flooding a big concern
-a hot summer
-fewer than normal U.S. hurricanes and no major cat 4/5 landfalls
-a break in the flooding around August
-an active jet stream with repetitive storm systems
***Every single forecast prediction verified 100%!***

What that means is the analog years we modeled this season off of were the right picks including the cherry picked year of 1897 which was ironically the hottest September month on record until this year so that particular analog year was a perfect match and one to hold on to. That said - let’s keep these analog years as our guidance into winter 2019/20.

As you all know, the long range here at HLEW is heavily weighted on: Climatology / Historical Similar Analog Years and Long-Range Model guidance. ***This year is going to be a very tough challenge because we are missing two major players.***

The Complicated Issues:
The biggest challenge largely has to do with the absence of a El Niño or La Niña weather pattern (*as pictured below) that is almost always present due to somewhat neutral equatorial sea surface temperature anomalies (*as pictured below) which predicts respectively a southern jet stream in control of most precipitation or a northern jet stream harboring the most precipitation. What this means is we will have equal chances of both players this year. There are weak signs that a weak La Niña could develop but it will likely not be a big player do to the non extreme below average equatorial temps.

The second complication to the winter pattern setting up is that the Euro (usually my main long range guidance) has underperformed in the extended long range in regards to monthly forecast temperatures. As of current: it is predicting a blow torch winter with temperatures a good 2-4 degrees above normal for every winter month including the spring month of March. That would not get those extreme snow totals floating around as much of the precipitation would fall as rain. Since this differs with the current setup we have and given the analog years have been incredibly on point this year, I have to discount its temps as a reliable long range tool beyond 12 days and therefore it’s only half as useful this year only for precipitation guidance.

The Good Stuff:
So what we do have are 5 good analog years (*as pictured below). The big players this year are: 1897/98, 1911/12, 1938/39, 1956/57, 1982/83 and the following year after each of these winters given the spring/summer/fall patterns are what leads into the expectations into the next winter. As the winter plays out I will be sure to note when these patterns sync up if to a specific year mirrors this year to show support that analog years are in fact a blessing to have as a good forecast tool since many of you on here like to learn.

Winter Expectations:
So after putting all the science together, you can see from the analog data I have organized for you all below highlighted in yellow that my overall expectations this winter irregardless of the multiple ways/possibilities I have calculated snow totals, the outcome doesn’t really change much and only puts us near to slightly above average for total snow through March. The average total snow each year is 17.3”. My total forecast season snowfall this year I am expecting is 16-22” which - as you can see is right near average or just slightly above with basically only one or two storm systems making the difference.

Ironically, I expect the seasonal total precipitation to actually be near or below normal for all months except March therefore increasing the odds for more snow type systems because of expected temps during a average or below average precipitation winter season.

So to map out a roadmap of what can be expected for each month. **I want to caution you all not to get too wrapped up in the snowfall totals for each month! I’m mainly putting them on there for your guidance as a typical winter usually has one well below average snow month but is often made up with an above average snow month.** Not to mention not all parts of the region will get the same amount of snow north to south with every system. So at the end of the season this forecast will be graded on total snow of 16-22” rather than what was predicted monthly. However - monthly temperatures will be graded by each month. I do not forecast expected rainfall - it is only shown below to get and idea on total precipitation so that I can correlate that with above/below average temperatures to calculate expected snow totals relative to the temp.
Also of note - I am the only page that forecasts the month of March in my winter outlook As it is technically considered a spring month. Verbatim - I’m leaving that month open for change if need be because it holds the greatest bust potential more so than any other month. I’m cautious with that month because if the analog years continue, we could be looking at a snowy and cold first half but often times a new set of analog years begins to replace the pattern which often fades towards mid February.

Please keep in mind snowfall ranges are widely spread for each month due to the fact that I forecast an area of 17,600 square miles. Not every snow storm will hit the entire region and typically the south sees some beginning and end months with little to no snowfall due to a higher average temperature and therefore less snowfall. When the the snow storms occur - I will be sure to detail those locations for you all as I always do.

*My forecast will be strictly graded using the official temperature and snowfall totals recorded from Lambert International Airport.*

White Xmas?
🎄This year I am giving a much higher than normal chance of a White Christmas due to expected precipitation and average to below average temperatures. I believe we have atleast an 80% chance of a White Christmas >=1” this year!! (This is always a fun challenge but a tough one to win! As less than 1 in 4 Xmas years are white.)

Ice Storm Risk:
🌬🌨With the average and colder than normal temperatures this year and a southern jet remaining active for powerful low pressure systems to develop... along with a climatologically long overdue ice storm... (many have not had a moderate/major ice storm since 2006) unfortunately I do feel like we will have at-least 1 or 2 overrunning systems aloft and one could be rather moderate or major bringing .25” of ice or more to part of the viewing region.

Monthly Expectations:
Average Monthly Temp: 35°F
Expected: Near to Slightly Below average. The mean monthly temps should average out between 33-36°F
Average Monthly Snowfall: 4.4”
Expected Snowfall: 2-5”
(Not everyone in the forecast region especially to the south may get these totals due to temps too warm still for that time of the year/region.)

🌬Average Monthly Temp: 31.3°F
Expected: Average to below average. Temps should average between 29-32°F
Average Monthly Snowfall: 5.6”
Expected Snowfall: 3-7”

☃️Average Monthly Temp: 34.9°F
Expected: Below Average.
Temps should average 31-34°F
Average Monthly Snowfall: 4.3”
Expected Snowfall: 3-7”

🌨Average Monthly Temp: 44.7°F
Expected: Below Average: 41-44°F
Average Monthly Snowfall: 3.3”
Expected Snowfall: 4-8”
(Due to going into a spring pattern some southern counties may get no snowfall for March.)

The END:
This concludes this years Winter Outlook. Thank you all for your continued support throughout the years. As always... Enjoy the weather no matter what the weather!
-Hyperlocal Extreme Weather-

We sell many led manufacturers products along with phazzer and gun Hollisters and many more products


Due to circumstances out of our control, we have had to all but abandon this page. Our currently active page is Franklin & Jefferson county led lighting llc. We still offer our services of upfitting, LED conversions and lighting upgrades.


Happy Easter

Photos from Franklin and Jefferson County LED Lighting LLC's post 03/23/2021

Major upgrades done today put led modules in the sign and we even buffed the sign to make it look better thanks for the business and great lunch

Photos from Franklin and Jefferson County LED Lighting LLC's post 03/22/2021

Big upgrades coming soon


Looking for a part-time employee must be 18 years of age messages or call us for details


Spring will be here pretty soon now is a great time to start thinking about your landscape lighting project we can help design your project need give us a call today at 636-744-5208


Thanks jason murdock for your repeat business

Photos from Franklin and Jefferson County LED Lighting LLC's post 01/29/2021

Did u know we can restore your headlight lenses give us a call 6367445208

Photos from Franklin and Jefferson County LED Lighting LLC's post 01/18/2021

Today we finish the fleet for mapaville Fire Protection District all their trucks upgraded to LED headlights thanks for your business


a lot of new changes coming this year stay tuned

Photos from Franklin and Jefferson County LED Lighting LLC's post 01/11/2021

New open sign on a remote switch

Photos from Franklin and Jefferson County LED Lighting LLC's post 01/04/2021

Thanks to our great customers at mapaville fire

Photos from Franklin and Jefferson County LED Lighting LLC's post 12/21/2020

When a customer asked us if we can do something else besides LED lighting yeah we do not turn down any work we also do power washing


New tecniq k30 grill lights available in 3led 6 lef 12 lef


Thank you goldmen fire district for your business once again


So we had a challenging job to do we had a customer that was trying to install a radio and a friend of his cut the factory plug off so it made it a really a challenge so we finally got the radio installed and the body of the customer when you cut the factory plug off customer did not have any – lights so we had to find a point where we can hook up the dash lights and we also added a LED strip inside of the dash cluster so it make it more brighter for the customer to see


Sponsoring sparks motors for the de soto Christmas parade tonight at 6pm


Thanks again Larry for having us install your wife's surprise led 3rd break light in spare tire


We currently have openings for Christmas lights. Dont want to get on a ladder just give us a call we will hang them. 6367445208


When your third brake light fails and brakes and you must have prior to your safety inspection to get your vehicle legal we have a solution they keep you on the road and to be seen


Happy Halloween be safe tonight and keep an eye out for kids


Thanks to all my loyal customers for allowing us to expand we couldn't do it without u guys thanks for making my dream come true


Changed about 50 t8 tubes to led put 3 new led fixtures up then pics of sign we put led modules in


When our customers asked if we can do a certain job we will reply yes we don't turn any work down. so today job is we painted safety yellow on the curb to keep people from falling and knowing that it's a curb. we also extended the flagpole and put a new flag on for the customer. thanks again for your business we really appreciate it


Throwback job Bonneville we miss ya lol


Another throwback thanks to the great guys in cooper county


One of my most memorable job this job was the last job i spent with a good friend. kenneth reed


Throwback job


Another throwback job


Throwback previous job


Throwback previous job


Throwback previous job


Who would like to win a free vinyl decal of there choice like share and comment


Contact us right away to design your holiday light displays leave the dangers of hanging lights on the roof to the pros like us 6367445208

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