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Is anyone missing their baby? Super sweet guy!
Have you seen me? My name is Buddy and I've been missing for a year now and my mom is still desperately looking for me, but she could use some help. I was last seen 3-6-21 at my home on highway cc in DeSoto mo. I'm young and full of energy but very friendly and i love playing with the neighborhood kids. But I've never been away from my mom this long and I'm ready to go back home to her. So if you know me or even if you have seen me, will you please call my mom/Erin and tell her where I'm at. Her number is 636-399-2866. Thanks again for helping me get back to my family.
Our employees used their Casual Friday donations to purchase items for our local kennel. The City of De Soto Kennel finds lost animals and forever homes for unclaimed pets. We ❤️ supporting local businesses like them! #CasualForACause City of De Soto Kennel
It’s that time of year! 🐶🐱
We are thrilled to team up again with City of De Soto Kennel for a “Presents for Paws” Donation!

Help us create a cozy Christmas for the furry friends awaiting a forever home by:

1. Choosing a needed Item.
2. Buy that item.
3. Drop off those items at Lucy & Nell by Wednesday, December 22nd!

We will bring all items to the City of De Soto Kennel before Christmas!

We would love for every pet to find their forever home! For those unable to adopt, purchasing items on their wish list is a great way to make Christmas extra special! *Post including available furry friends up for adoption, coming soon!*
Please help us find Copper! He’s a 6 year old Black and Tan beagle/hound. He is friendly but shy! Missing since November 1st! If anyone has any information please Contact 314-540- 1223! Thank you! Reward if found! Please share.
Found in desoto looking for the owner! Please contact me.
Missing female cat in DeSoto off of Hillcrest and Future st. She got out Monday evening 8-30-21. Please call if you have seen her or know where she is 636-208-5157
This is King Kong. He's been missing since the beginning of May when I feel ill with covid. At the time he was at the end of being treated for ringworm and a double eye infection. When he came home with these ailments he stayed inside and asleep for about 5 days straight which was alarming but then started treatments and pretty much the second day I had covered was what I think the first day he felt better and was like "I'm going to go do some cat things while you sleep..." And at the end of covid for me after about 5 days that's when I realized he was gone. He still had about two doses left of his medicines so unfortunately I think it's very possible that the infections came back with a vengeance and he found himself in a fight with another cat that he couldn't win because he couldn't see. At the time he was the alpha male of our neighborhood and fighting was a normality in his life. Rarely very rarely did he ever find an animal he couldn't beat... including neighborhood dogs and even a coyote. He Is unaltered, but microchipped. Had he not gone missing he would have been up to date on his shots, but the date when they were due has came and gone, with no sign of him. 😭 He's a very large cat very much like a big Tom Cat and he's just all muscle. Pretty vocal and prefers kids over adults. As an adult tries to pet him the wrong way or pick him up when he doesn't want to be he'll scratch or attempt to. If a child does the same, he goes limp like a rag doll and doesn't seem to mind to be toted around by my 9 year old whom by the way was Inseparable from King kong. Especially during the pandemic they became very close friends. He is King Kong's human and King Kong bows to him as the leader of the pack. Like I said I'm very aware that King Kong has unfortunately most likely passed over that rainbow bridge I'm also aware that there are certain no-kill shelters that's if terminally ill animal happens to show up at their door they will put them down and since they're considered no kill they will not contact the owner even if they happen to find it through the microchip.
All of that being said if anyone knows where he's at or knows what happened please I beg of you to tell me and let me know. Every day I scan the same Facebook groups and the same Craigslist categories praying somebody has found him, but to know avail, which definitely takes a toll on your psyche...not to mention it's heartbreaking.
He's approximately 4 to 5 years old. Missing from Sunset Pointe MHP, by the Hematite Firehouse in Festus. Has not been home nor sited or even seen by any of my neighbors since the first week of May. 😭😭
Any information would be so appreciated. Ty?!!!!! you have no idea how much appreciate you!
Ty! Ty! Ty!
Lost Boyd and Thomas Street area Desoto. She was last seen on June 7th.
8-year-old inside cat, her name is Simba.
If seen please contact us. Our family would like to bring her home safely.

Thank you.
Copied from FB post
Has anyone seen her name is kitty last seen on Clarke st

The City of De Soto wants to help find lost animals as well as adopting unclaimed pets. Kennel Fees:

Adoption $50.00 non refundable

Rabies shot is $20.00
Owner Claim fee: $10.00 a day
Surrender fee: $50.00

Operating as usual


Sound up. 🔉
Noelle, Chevy, Waylon and Jane all playing outside today. I’m pretty sure I was the only one to get soaked. 💦☀️😂


Mother and 6 kittens. Pregnant mom was found at Walmart. The kittens are now 3 weeks old.
The finder is keeping until a rescue can be found.


Available for ADOPTION or RESCUE
This is WAYLON. He’s been at the kennel since Jan 5, 2022. It’s his time to find someone….
He was adopted but had to come back because he is picky when it comes to men.
He had a bad experience early on in his life with a man being very mean to him.
He then went to live with a lady who took him and his fur friend W***y (so the man would not shoot them)…and her kids, but she worked long hours and didn’t have time for two dogs.
So he and his brother ended up at the kennel. (His brother got adopted)
When Waylon was adopted by the young couple he was doing fine except when the dad of their family came into the picture…. Waylon did not like him. I can only guess that he reminded Waylon of the mean man. (No fault by either of them)
However he did fine with the rest of the family and loved the neighbor dog too!
Waylon’s person/people are out’s just a matter of time.

He is approx 1.5-2 yrs old and
60 pounds.
Loves squeaky toys and all treats.
**********Please share!!!**********


RTO. 4/25/22

After 139 shares, reaching more than 3500 people…. Nothing?

*^DeSoto kennel is full. Again. **

Do you know me? Found at the junior high school. PLEASE SHARE!!!…he is very scared at the kennel.
I will be out of the office this morning and part of the afternoon- if this is your dog please contact dispatch 636-586-8891.
Thank you!


Do you know me? Found at the junior high school. PLEASE SHARE!!!…he is very scared at the kennel.
I will be out of the office this morning and part of the afternoon- if this is your dog please contact dispatch 636-586-8891.
Thank you!

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 04/14/2022

In honor of Fred’s 3rd birthday his mom donated more food, toys, blankets, and litter to the kennel!
Thank you Karen McCarty for the continued donations!!



Do you know me? Found running at large at Kingston & DeWitt.
Must show proof of ownership to claim. PLEASE SHARE

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 04/09/2022

Feel Good Friday post!!!
JOEY finally found his person. If that second picture doesn’t say it all… “new mom, am I finally home?”
🥺🥺🥺🥺 God love his heart.
He is so deserving of all the happy ahead of him.
Love you Joey and happy tails buddy!!
Thank you for adopting!
Ps. Joey is not very vocal. And when his new mom came today he stood up and made it known he was there … he knew. 🥰.

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 04/07/2022

Remember KYLEA -
My day was made today from a visit from this girl! KYLEA came by and brought the other kennel pups some Greenie treats!
I’ve wondered how she’d adjusted to her new home!…and wow, she is doing great!
He said “ she is my girl and goes everywhere with me”. 🥰 Some of her favorite places to go are hiking, Lowes, the butcher shop, ..literally everywhere. 😁 She has another fur baby best friend she gets to hang out with at get-togethers. And she loves kids!
So happy for her and to see her thriving - living her best life now.
(She looks a little nervous in the pic but trust me she was a very happy girl)

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 04/05/2022

Tanner James and Momma Kenzie went to two awesome rescues today.. thank you Shelter Connection of Jefferson County Abbey Candy for all of your help!!

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 04/05/2022

Do you know me? Found on Rock Rd. PLEASE SHARE.


Thank you so much Lynn and little Miss Maddie for visiting and bringing the dogs some toys on this rainy day!! … plus all the good food!
Your continued donations are very much appreciated. 🐾💓

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 04/04/2022

Archie is MINNESOTA bound with his new mommy!
Yep, turns out she is originally from the Festus area so we have many mutual Facebook friends and saw Archie’s post.
She drove down over the weekend and of course fell in love with him. He’s a pretty loveable puppers. 🤍many factors told us this was definitely an adoption that was meant to be.
Archie will be spoiled by his new family…Fenced in yard to run and play, pontoon boat rides, a swimming pool - then they have future plans of moving to a farm in Kansas!! … 🤍🐾
Enjoy your new life and all of your adventures Archie Boy!!
Thank you for adopting!!

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 04/01/2022

UPDATE. We are still looking for this cats owner… he did not belong to the guy we thought he did.
Please continue to share.

Do you know me? Found on Rock Rd. Please share.


Volume up 🔉 Noelle, Waylon, Archie, Chevy, and Joey playing inside with some new squeaky toys on this rainy day! Gotta make the best of a rainy day. - thank you for those that continue to drop off and send them new toys! 🐾❤️🧸
*tiktok edits clips and cut Waylon off, his video is in comments.

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 03/26/2022

UPDATE: picked up by Goode Life Rescue.

Looking for a rescue to take 3 kittens that were just brought in - found by the dumpster at Desoto Christian Church. Age unknown. Putting pics up against Sgt. Helms hand for size comparison.
They are drinking water and eating soft food.



🚨Do you know me? Found running at large near train tracks and firehouse. 🚨PLEASE SHARE.
DeSoto Kennel is FULL- over capacity.🚨🚨🚨


Thank you to the person that dropped off all of the dog toys and beds!! They love them and it’s very much appreciated!!💓
Also thank you to everyone that continues to drop off and donate blankets and food!

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 03/24/2022


🚨🚨Do you know us?? 🚨🚨Found at Arch Johnston in Desoto. Finder is holding them for a couple of hours BECAUSE 🚨🚨🚨DESOTO KENNEL IS FULL.🚨🚨🚨. Please share!!!

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 03/21/2022

Available for adoption or RESCUE!!
DeSoto Kennel is FULL!…. It seems we stay this way now. More and more dogs are being dumped in Desoto and I only have 6 kennels with outside runs. And 3 for emergency overflow.
I am currently having to keep dogs in overflow.
We are a no kill kennel and in order to stay that way we have to adopt out and move dogs…..And keep up with more and more dogs being dumped!!!
Some of these dogs pictured have been here since August 2021.

Please share this post to help.

Also if you are looking to adopt please consider setting up an appt to meet one of these babies.
There is a short bio under each pic. You can send me a dm to ask additional questions or set up a meet and greet.

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 03/21/2022


Do you know us? Found running down Main St near Perry St.
the kennel is FULL with dogs in overflow.


we found out Mr. Chase is heart worm positive. 😞
he’s had two treatments this week .. he took them like a champ but did have a pretty rough day yesterday. I’m hoping he has the worst part behind him.
I’ve decided to foster him during his recovery due to needing to be in a more calm environment than the kennel and his daily meds - (4different meds) it’s crucial to his recovery that he gets them each day and on time.
He will be available for adoption after his next test - as long as he comes back negative.
In the meantime he’ll be getting more one on one training at my house which should help him in being adopted.
Side note: He rides in the Jeep going back and forth with me so good!! It’s really cute. I’ll post a video soon!!

If interested in adopting- the right person could foster to adopt but the conditions would have to be perfect.

**Please put your pets on heart-worm prevention. The process to get rid of them is painful for your pet and expensive for you.**

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 03/16/2022


ARCHIE , the big white dog. 🤍
If you’re looking for a really big puppy then Archie is your boy!
Approx a year old..and acts like a big puppy. Approx 70#.
Loves his toys and playing in the yard.
Are you a water person??…Because he also loves playing in the hose!! 🤣💦
Good with all people, kids, and the other dogs at the kennel.
He also sits for his food and his treats.

***If interested please read the adoption process pinned as the first post on the kennel page.***
then DM me to make an appt. for a meet & greet


WAYLON is on his way to his furever home! He found his humans and will be forever spoiled 🧡 He looked so happy today!
Thank you for adopting!!

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 03/10/2022

A big THANK YOU to Ava Green, the Green family, for another awesome donation..AND homemade peanut butter banana treats!! They loooved them!! 🐾

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 03/10/2022

Miss Chloe (used to be Heidi) came for a visit!! She is doing so good! And doesn’t she look pretty in pink!? 💕🎀
Also thank you for the donation and for giving this girl her best life. 💓


A super big THANK YOU to Andy White and The Desoto Elks Lodge No. 689 for the very generous $500 donation to the kennel!
Your support is very much appreciated! 🐾🐶🐱🐈🐕


Noelle is having a happy 2sday! 2-22-22. We hope you are too!


Do you know me? Found running at large at 416 E. Stone. PLEASE SHARE.
Will be available 2/28/22 if unclaimed.
Must provide proof of ownership.
*** Desoto Kennel is full. ***

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 02/17/2022

Heidi (now Chloe) wanted to let everyone know she loves her new home! She made a haul of all kinds of new toys and treats and turns out that she likes to watch tv!
HaPpY TaiLs !!


Pretty girl Heidi found her forever family!! She’s on her way home to be spoiled by her new mom and dad. 🤍 A big yard and lots of attention in her future! ❤️
Thank you for adopting!!

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 02/14/2022

Thank you Lynn Reimler-Keenan for the “homemade -made with love” blankets during our last snow storm! They helped keep everyone extra warm ♥️ - and for the food too!

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 02/14/2022

𝕓𝕠𝕨 𝕥𝕚𝕖𝕤 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕥𝕦𝕥𝕦𝕤 💌 - we took our 𝒱𝒶𝓁𝑒𝓃𝓉𝒾𝓃𝑒𝓈 pics last week ♥️ don’t they all L😍😍K so cute!?
They’re looking for their forever Valentine family …..
💜💕❤️ 🤍
I’m posting 3 pics of each dog with a brief bio.
***If you’re interested in meeting one please read the adoption process pinned as the first post on the kennel page****
I’ll be setting up appts this week. Please DM the kennel page if you’re interested.

1. UPDATE: HEIDI WAS ADOPTED. HEIDI- Australian shepherd mix. Female, approx 40# and 1yr. Friendly with all people. Dog friendly. Cats unknown. Favorite - doing zoomies!!
2. JOEY - Pit bull mix. Male, approx 50# and 5+yr. Friendly with all people. Dog friendly. Cats unknown. Favorite- his super chewer ball
3. CHASE - Heeler mix. Male, approx 45# and 1-2yr. Friendly with all people. Dog friendly. Cats unknown. Favorite- hiding his bones under his blankets.
4. WAYLON - Male, approx 50# and 1yr. Dog friendly. Cats unknown. Favorite - being my shadow, loves all the attention
5. NOELLE - Female, approx 50# and 2-3 yr. Must be the only pet in the house. People picky. Favorite- tennis balls.
6. CHEVY - Male, approx 50# and 1 1/2 yr. Dog friendly. Cats unknown. Favorite- chest rubs and smiling.

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 02/04/2022

I loved seeing everyone’s pups enjoying their snow day/s on Facebook! I made sure my kennel babies didn’t miss out. Everyone got to enjoy a little time out to play, bury their whole face in the snow, catch snowflakes with their tongue, and of course run snow zoomies!! , except Noelle (last pic) she was not too interested….It’s the warm blankets for her. 🤍😁 she did run for a bit.. but not long. Haha.
Happy Snow Day! 🐾❄️🤍

There’s a short bio under each pic. Or you can scroll down and find more info on each dog.
Also please read the adoption process that is the first post pinned to the kennel page if you are interested in meeting one of the pups.
Please share - Thank you! 🐾❄️

Photos from City of De Soto Kennel's post 02/01/2022

I took the dogs for a walk around the complex yesterday… we’re going to enjoy these warmer temps of yesterday and today before the bitter cold and snow move in!
This is CHEVY and he did PAW-SOME walking on a leash.
•He is approx 1 1/2 years old
•approx 55#
•dog friendly but would require a meet and greet
•cats unknown
•good with kids but could knock little ones over, he loves to play.
•he loves chest and belly rubs…they are literally his favorite and gets the biggest smile on his face. He just loves attention. 🥰
Please share.
***the adoption process is the first post on the kennel page. please read if you’re considering meeting or adopting a pet.****

Videos (show all)

Heres a video of them...easier than still shots right now.  Lol


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