Henry and Sons Guns and Ammo

Henry and Sons Guns and Ammo


Since I’ve been vax injured, I don’t get out and explore as much because unable to drive. My son who is 15 has really been wanting to practice driving. So this allows me to get out and explore more around Jefferson County. This was a recent drive down to DeSoto. Most photos were captured from the car, but did walk along Main Street some! I have another collection I posted a couple years ago, I will eventually merge those into this folder. I hope everyone enjoys This is DeSoto!

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Henry and Sons Guns and Ammo

For all of your hunting and personal protection needs

Operating as usual


In today2 Beagera micro 22 mags and one 17hmr one Mossbèrg 950 Jm pro...Hornad y 3006 180 gst only 10 boxes


In today...2 R***r 5.7 x 28 pistols.... A few boxes of FN 5.7x28 ammo.


In today...2 Henry 22mags...2 Henry pump 22...1 Smith and wesson mod 29 44 mag...1 Dan Wesson pistol pack , complete set.

Henry and Sons Guns and Ammo updated their business hours. 06/29/2022

Henry and Sons Guns and Ammo updated their business hours.

Henry and Sons Guns and Ammo updated their business hours.

Henry and Sons Guns and Ammo updated their website address. 06/29/2022

Henry and Sons Guns and Ammo updated their website address.

Henry and Sons Guns and Ammo updated their website address.


In today 5 357 steel frame Henrys with walnut wood....federal 270 150 gr....30-30 150gr Reminton


In today ...30-30 Henry x models ...and steel frame 45 lc


In today...5 Henry 45-70 x models...44mag ammo and 30-30


I want to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers for use as we put Dad to rest. Thank you!


Due to my father's death. The shop will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, and reopen on Friday and Saturday thank you


45-70 goldenboys ...357 goldenboys....357 x models ....22 classics in stock and more models coming.


In today.... 8 Henry goldenboy 22....2 Goldenboy 22 mags.... 6 357 mag goldenboys....and many more


In today 2 radical arms 762 x39 ars...one Anderson 5.56....3 century aks


Stop by and see the new 410 golden boys that are side gates. 2 came in today. Also 4 of the new long Ranger lam. Stock in 223 or 556.


Wagner #9 50 cases coming in the next 2 days. Also confirmed order has been shipped 6-Henry 45-70 sidegate goldenboys...2 of the NEW 410 goldenboys...4-30-30 goldenboy sidegates...10 Classic 22s....6- octagon 22s....4- 22 mag octagon....8- goldenboy 22s... 2- goldenboy 22 mags....6-goldenboy 357 mags...10 steel frame 357 mags...5- x model 45/70s...10 X model 357mags....4 Tac Rangers in 223-556 NEW for this year....6- steel frame 45/70s....5- X Model 30-30s...2- NEW for this year 410 axe golden frame....3 Axe X models.


In today.... 2 Henry frontier 22 mags.


In today. Kel-Tec PMR 30s 6 Ta**us g2cs + 2 Ta**us g3c


I have a little 243 and 3006 and 270


We have just received a very large shipment of 9 mm Blazer brass by the case or by the Box.


In yesterday...2 357mag henry case colored


We will be closed this Saturday Sunday Monday and Tuesday have a good Labor Day weekend be safe


After talking to several of my distributors the last few days, and a email from Vista one of the leading ammo manf. They say hunting ammo is going to be few to none till sometime in 2022. If you need it and you find it you better pick it up.


And today shotgun shells number 7 and 1/2 eight sixes and fours 12 gauge limited quantities


In today... Henry 22 mags...2 IWI jericho...1 IWI trevor in 12 ga...


In today...270 150gr win. ....30-30 150gr win. ...Henry axe 410s...Henry Mares leg 44 mag...Henry side gate goldenboys in 35 rem. ...Henry all weather 45-70s....9mm target rounds...5.56 ammo


In yesterday...7.62x54r fmj and soft point...Ta**us G3 with night sights ...Ta**us 66 in 357...


We will be open today till 130


In today...R***r LCP2 ....R***r EC9s...R***r 10-22 stainless...R***r Wrangler in black...Some 380 and 9mm...a little 45 acp and 45 LC


In today ...8 Henry axes 410...1 Ta**us G3 ....1 Ta**us 6 in 627 tracker ....


In today 6 Henry X models in 357 Magnum


In today 6 Springfield Saint Victor's


In today...270 win 130gr...9mm hp...38 spl hp..223 jacketed hollow point..wasr 10 only 1


In today...22-250 ammo 40 rd boxes...6 Henry X models in 44 mag.. 30-30 golden boy , a little 44 spl. ammo


In today...6 Springfield 1911 mil specs... 4 Springfield Hellcats .. 5 Springfield saints...18 Henry 22 rifles


1 mares leg goldenboy 357


In today 15 Henry 22 standards h001 tw0 Golden Boys 4570 and 303 2 Frontiers 24 inch barrel threaded octagon


As a Henry top 100 dealer, Henry has given me the privilege to order 110 Henry rifles . The first ones coming in are 6 X model 45-70s and 2 Steel frame 45-70s. Many more models and cal. to come within the next 6 weeks. Call us and get on the list for your favorite cal. and model. 6365866365


In today...R***r precision rifle in 6.5 PRC...2 g***k 26s...2 R***r PC9 carbines... 1 R***r SR1911 45 ACP...


We have 80 boxes of 410 2.5in buckshot coming in tommrow..


Stop by and see a few of the newest line of Henry side gates. We got 10 in on Saturday.


Zanders Sporting Goods Dealer Group
22h ·
Received an email from Gun Broker yesterday stating as of 01/01/2021 they are going to collect sales tax on all transactions and submit those collections to the appropriate state revenue departments. They will deduct from the buyers the appropriate amount of sales tax from the buyers Gun Broker account monthly. Buyers can submit a current state sales tax certificate for resale purposes and state all purchases are tax exempt. I figured this was coming. It may drive those Gun Broker buyers towards our businesses.


In today 5 Springfield saints .... 2 R***r 5.56...5 Hellcats


We are closed until Monday 11/23 trying to restock on certain things. Sorry for the inconvenience.


In today...2 G***k 43s..3 G***k 43x...3 G***k 19s Gen5...2 Ta**us G3 one in tan...2 R***r 5.7...2 M&P Shields...2 M&P shield EZ one 380 one 9mm... Springfield Hellcats


We have gotten in several Pachmayr grips for a lot of older handguns will be selling very reasonable . All new old stock in the box.


We have several tact. shotguns in stock along with 3- 5.7x28 R***rs. Come down and take a look. And expecting more today.


We have 2 American security mod. DV652 gun safes . Ebay has them for about 450.00 . We are selling 37 tickets at 20 a pc. First and second.


At this time we have a fair supply of g***ks 43x ..17.. 45.. 26..20


Today we got in 3 g***k 45s...3 g***k 17


So here we go with the virus going around the world and imports slowing everything down we ,now have a lead shortage that is affecting ammo production and we are experiencing a shortage . First it was shotgun shells, now we cant get 9mm. loading up on as much as possible at the shop.




610 S Main St
DeSoto, MO

Opening Hours

Wednesday 10am - 7pm
Thursday 10am - 7pm
Friday 10am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
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