Gifted n Lifted With CrazyJ

Gifted n Lifted With CrazyJ


She thinks she's so funny, but it is pretty hilarious.. Check it out if ya need a good laugh or giggle... I appreciate all of you.. Stay gifted n lifted.. #CrazyJ 😁🙌👏👏👍💪💯
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Gifted n lifted with crazy j hope you don't mind that I shared some of your meme's you have a lot of good, ones
Success is all I got inside of me, failure I don't even see that s**t, focus on yourself f**k everyone else, remain positive f**k the hate, this world is full of negative flaws, its your job to remain above it all, f**k all bu****it laws and bad calls, like tf is up with the world today, so what if a brother or sisters gay,

love is in all different categories, life is too short to always have hate, make new life stories, remain positive and always look straight, stay in your own lane tf out of mine, quit always searching for happiness instead enjoy your time, lifes not a game so quit playing, we were born to be real not fake, so quit puttin on a daily front to cover up what yo ass is really saying, f**k fake ppl sit back and watch karma clean off yo plate.. Stay gifted n lifted.. #CrazyJ #RealTalk #PositiveVibes 🙌💯😁👀☀🔥

Totaled my car Sunday night 10/13 on my way home from work. In desperate need of assistance to come up with $500-$1000 to put down to get another car and help life go back to normal as a single father.

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I just want to lift ppl up when there feeling down, make them smile uncontrollably, show every1 that we all serve a purpose and spread positive vibes for life... I love you all.. Stay gifted n lifted 4 life... #CrazyJ #AlwaysSmile #StayReal #RealTalk #LiftednGiftedWithCrazyJ #PositiveVibes 🙌😁😁💥💯
I appreciate all of you... I have my flaws believe that.. I keep a lot of insecurities held back, I carry a lot of weight on my shoulders, but I always remain positive with smile, cuz without a smile you in denial.. I spread as much positive vibes n smiles that I can, because when I'm gone I wanna know my soul will forever live on and that I lived for a real reason, all I want in this world of hate is more happiness, we got too much negativity.. I'm gone continue spreading all the vibes I can to see better energy.. Stay gifed n lifted.. Love you all.. #CrazyJ 💥💯🧠👏✊👀☀️😁🔥

Spreading Smiles, and Positivity... Keeping As Many People Lifted As Possible, Life's Too Negative and Dark, So Come Here and Get Some Light..

Spreading Smiles, and Positivity... Keeping As Many People Lifted As Possible, Life's Too Negative and Dark, So Come Here and Get Some Light. Lifting others up with a smile, giving positive vibes of energy till I die. I am the light when others cant find it, I'm the ladder of lifes darkness when your feeling down and out. I will never let you give up or quit.

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Fail To Prepare,

Prepare To Fail....

Gifted n Lifted With CrazyJ updated their website address. 02/12/2022

Gifted n Lifted With CrazyJ updated their website address.

Gifted n Lifted With CrazyJ updated their website address.

Sarah on TikTok 10/10/2021

Sarah on TikTok

Sarah on TikTok


The biggest battle in yo life is between the new you,

an the old you...

Gotta Make It 07/09/2021

Gotta Make It

New music alert 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Gotta Make It Listen to Gotta Make It by Cliche

ScRAP - La La La (Freestyle) Prod. by Ryini Beats 02/26/2021

ScRAP - La La La (Freestyle) Prod. by Ryini Beats

ScRAP - La La La (Freestyle) Prod. by Ryini Beats ScRAP - La La La (Freestyle) Prod. by Ryini Beats. I just said sumthings i know many of us are fealing. This is a ONE TAKE FREESTYLE. completly off the dome ...


Never cheat if u r not happy simply jus leave.... Facts never play with a heart n some1 else's feelings...

Sendn positive vibes n smiles to all I appreciate u... 🙌👊🙏😁


Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t and believe that everything happens for a reason...

If you're alive n breathing, life's already a true gift and absolutely amazing... I hope every1 reaches true success and complete happiness..

You're all f**kn awesome and beautiful humans... You are enough and serve a purpose... Don't allow any1 tell you otherwise... 😁🙏🙌☀👀💯


Quit sayin ur better than err1 else,

ur still below urself be the sunlight rise n shine. 🤔☀️🙌💯🧠


If you're seeing this message, your gifted with more time... So get up n focus on been better than before, stay in your own lane.. Great day err1...

Don't let any1 bring you down, instead jus make some1 smile not frown.. You're all awesome and beautiful humans.. 😁🙌🙏👀🔥


Excellent positive morning world.... Live everyday as if your not going to wake tomorrow, for tomorrow is never a promise, live each day as if its ur last,

then thank God above if you get to wake the next, keep your mind in the future and forget the past, that's why none of that bs is there it was never meant to last! 😀🙏🙌💯


No matter what you will fail, you may lose but always succeed.. You have to lose to win, you have to fail in order to prevail,

always stay positive n you'll get through each step with ease, I'm allergic to bu****it n negativity every time I'm near it I just sneeze, s**t disappears like a breeze... 😁🙌🙏🔥👀👊💯


Happy Thanksgiving gifted and lifted people! Hope everyone is having an amazing day with family! If you are not remember that you are loved and it wont always be this way! Be kind to each other and stay gifted and lifted!


Happiness is my disease and there is no cure nor do i want 1.. Here is my reasoning on why I am the way I am in life and why I talk to women more than men...

I get with a girl a lot and when I do they say that it don't bother them the way I talk to all women by calling them Queens cuz regardless its not ever gone change, but it does because ppl lie thats life... I always tell any1 before I give em a chance I will not change like me or leave me, I will continue talkin to women the same way they are all Queens some r brighter then others jus like stars in the sky... I don't call them MY Queen lol...

I see life in ways ppl dont, ya see I am real and I do what I feel not what I am told I don't care what's said if I'm not seeing it or feeln it I am not believing it because seeing is believing, jus as believing is seeing.. I am a very very very rare breed, I barely have ppl that stay talkn to me because the truth HURTS and until others can own up to their own mistakes I got no time for fakes...

Ya see life is all about how u and u r alone lifes not about how the world sees it, because the world isn't living ur life u r always remember that... The struggles n mistakes truly do manifest lifes true greatness... Ppl who say I try not to make mistakes I will immediately say ok LATER no time for that cuz they're fake...

Life is all about mistakes n struggles... If u never struggled ur fake, I don't try to do anything other than be me and keep it 100 for life... Jus like some think I am gay or something cuz 90% of my list is women and I always am talkn to them I said yeah I am happy heck yeah I am but str8 as an arrow...

I hate dudes for the most part I got a few but a lot of dudes treat women like a slave, trash or talk down to them and I am not sayin there isn't women out there that r the same way, but men r more obligated to do it and I am tired of hearing or seeing it... I always have to be living what some other man did and I always get taken advantage of becuz I treat them to good....

Well ok didnt know that was wrong! I don't get why women allow it, like it truly pi**es me off u should never allow urself to be a doormat stand firm and take charge or call me and I got u... That's why I started doing what I do because this world is dark asf and full of sshhii I love the time of life I am gifted with I continue to strive and focus on changing this world but I am only me and hopefully jus 1 day I get seen for the good in me....

I truly appreciate any1 who appreciates me in return.. Never stoop to another lames level jus to try to make it, cuz the fact is u dont have to fake it to make it... Also who u r when no 1 is looking that is the true u, so instead of faking be u always there should be no reason u have to be some1 else just to fit in... I was made to stand out and I will always do that never will I fit in..

The reason I mainly talk to women is because I wont hit them and they dont talk to me like dudes do.. Plus I will beat the face of some dude in for just been a do**he now he's bloody jus like one, there I cleaned that p***y up the way it should be... 🤷‍♂️😂🤣

You're all awesome and more than enough FACTS, always be you and no 1 else there will be hard times and struggles plus don't be afraid to make mistakes..

That's the beauty of life seriously life won't be perfect but it is worth the ride, of course there will be ups followed by downs every ride does also remember its u who creates the life u want never waste any time gifted to u & always be blessed with happiness every opportunity ur still alive... 👀🙌👊😁🧠🙏💯


Your mind feeds off ur thoughts, quit thinkin negative, be positive.. U are what u choose,

pick the right choices n throw away yesterdays news... Always be blessed, never stay stressed.. 😁👀✊🙌💯


Great day err1..

People hide in a disguise,

u gotta learn to read through there bu****it & lies... 😁🙌✊👊👀💯


Phenomenally excellent afternoon, all you gifted n lifted awesome n amazing humans... We are here for another day, get up lets live the right way.. Life gets tough but never give up just lift your head and hold it high it's ok to cry! No matter how much life gets to you make sure to always keep pushing through. Trust me I've been in the same position and just wanting to give up but letting the world win and just giving in is not the solution better yet raise your chin and stand tall that's the best answer to it all... Stand strong hold your ground fear nothing, never give up and one day you will wake up with everything, you ever wanted and needed but if you give up the fight you'll wake up lonely with nothing..

If all else fails, just remain positive and it too shall pass.... Always believe in yourself no matter what... If you want something bad enough, you'll get it... Never give up on your dream, everything takes time, and time is just matter, so start focusing on things that matter... Always find the positive light in everyday... Remember there will always be some1 better than you in some way shape or form, but guess what there not you, always smile never be in denial...

Quit focusing on the past, learn from it is all you need, throw it in the trash, watch your life succeed... Only person you should ever focus on been better than is yourself, quit trying to be better than everyone else... Only person you should be better than is the person you were yesterday, just continue radiating positive energy... I hope every1 hearing and seeing this has a amazingly awesome day just like all of you... 😁👀🙌💯


Excellent day, all you beautiful gifted n lifted awesome n amazing humans... So you say you wanna throw the towel in "on life"? Yep throw the towel away, let go of what happened yesterday, n focus on livn for the time of each givn day, get a new towel and wake tomorrow okay? Remember it's the struggles, that make the greatness.... The ones who fall always get back up again, unlike the ones who never fell.. If ya cant find the light, be the light....

Never let life hold u down, use your mind n take it on a merry go round... You are the creator of your own story, so make sure you create it wisely... Given up is easy, try harder radiate positive energy, givn up should never be the decision, stay focused on livn, push all negative energy off da highest balcony or ledge make ya mind be out dis world astronomically, stay above all drama n negativity, never let life take yo victory...

Appreciate life as it is now, tomorrow isn't a guarantee. Appreciate what you have now, cuz it could just become what you had then. Appreciate what is, there will be a time it will become what was! Basically all I'm saying is life is too short to be sittin around unhappy, focus on you n be glad, quit worryin bout what ya had, worry bout what ya got, life might be one great big ball of s**t, focus on you n never quit!

Dream like nothings impossible, breathe like you want to succeed, last but not least achieve nothin less than success.. Process positive thoughts daily and life will the best..

If some1 can't accept you at your worst, do not let them have you when you're at your best... Always know your worth and never settle for less, create your life take charge you're the boss... ✊😁👀🧠🙌


A Motivational Poem - Mistakes are real, are you?

A Motivational Poem is this evening and nights positive vibe of energy. I can't type it all out, right now maybe later on. But I'm sure you can download or have subtitles for it. I appreciate all of you.. For every1 who 👀 this just know you are good enough, if they can't accept u when your at your worst, well can let you keep walkn through, while you're at your best. 🙌😁💯


When life throws u a curve ball hit that m**o deep, put all yo haters to sleep...

Trust me, I'm here till its my time, livn life positive f*** all the hatred n racism my lyrics r color blind.. 🙏💪✊🙌😁👀💯


I'm the kinda crazy that will go any distance,

there tryna find the right word that fits me proper only problem there's no word in existence.. 🤷‍♂️🙌😁🙏💪👊🤦‍♂️🤣😂💯


Some say a smile will take u mile for mile, they can shove that in a dog shhii pile, cuz that's bs ugh I just threw up bile, now tell em to add that to the file! I'm not negative, I'm very positive, & work my ass off to stay supportive, regardless whaa happens I always stay very motive, while also tryin to motivate others wit passion F*** hate..

Some how tho I always migrate, into another level of BS fake love truly jus more fate, until a cpl months ago I finally got my TRUE Queen n soulmate my feelns jus continue to ELEVATE.. Always smokn that good green, no s**tty ass in between, no stems or seeds, if ya know what I mean, jus picked it off the tree all rolled n fired up now I'm weightless like gravity lifted finally back to life's best SCENE..

Remember always stay active, it makes u more attractive, jus be careful who u choose to rock for be selective, never settle know ur worth while focusn on the present never waste time its our biggest value now thats a FACTIVE..

Life's truly wha u make it out to be, believe these words I'm telln u, you'll begin to feel amazingly different make sure to wear ur awesome smile while aiming for success always radiate positive energy while keepn ur focus on wha u see in ur view, never allow anything or any1 ruin ur vibe especially if its something you'll never get actually again see, always use mind over matter time should be ur main focus its the only thing you'll never get to REDO... 👊👀🙌😁👏✊💪🧠💯


If u need a penny I'll give u a dime,

but if its a woman u need don't f*** wit MINE.. 😁🙌💪👊🙃👀💯


Free urself from negative energy, focus on those who strengthens,

n encourages u wit happiness. 😁🧠🙌


Times jus matter, quit focusn on a clock,

start doin exactly as it does n keep pushn forward.. 😁🙌💯


Positive amazn morning world, quit wishin and start doin... Sittn around isn't gonna make a change...

Gotta get up an make a change... Quit wishin for a change n start puttn in effort, success doesn't come to those who wait, but rather the ones who make it happen...

Because nothn is impossible, unless you let it... Appreciate err1... 😁👀🙌🧠💯


Haters gone hate, don't trip or let em speculate,

jus spectate, use em to motivate.. 😁🧠👀💯


If u can dream it, u can be it. Nothns impossible, put a space between the m and the p u got I'm Possible...

Never sleep on ur time given or waste any while alive, jus keep risin wit each new gift of life.. 😁🧠🙌👀💯


Phenomenonally excellent n amazn morning all of u beautiful gifted n lifted amazingly awesome positive humans. Life is all about happiness, love, and laughter basically we all jus want to live like a story that starts with once upon a time and ends with happy ever after..

Let's spread positive vibes n motivation all over, it's your choice to spread your own voice and attempt a do-over, life's too short to live wit negativity don't be a hater, wake and be the creator, its your story start writin.. Deflate all negativity in the air, show life that a true character does care, about life n ask urself u got any f**ks to spare, me nope never life's to unfair, jus keep climbing over, never carry life's weight on your shoulder, its not worth it believe me, stay motivated life will follow the positive energy..

Real is a very rare product to find, fake is the new real its a sad deal, but totally real.. Don't let haters kill yo vibe, stay positive for life, the hell with any1 that can't understand pleasin yoself is ur number 1, matter of fact jus be thankful u found out sooner than later, now life will be much brighter.. ☀️😁🙌🧠 🔥💥😁✊💯


Never change yourself, to make it work wit some1 else... You should never have to change, jus to please another lame...

If they can't take u for u, then let em accept there footsteps in the other direction cuz they r not for u and that's TRUUUUE...

Appreciate u all... Sendn great vibes wit strong energy, filled wit bright smiles and happiness for an amazn VIBE... You're all awesome and enough... 👀🧠✊😁💯


Absolutely amazn evening all you beautiful gifted n lifted humans... You are all totally awesome an amazing.... Life is like 1 big wave, we just gotta find the 1 we can stay afloat and ride while we're alive.. Keep your eyes open cause most are out to see us sink... Every time life throws you hate, move around it re-navigate, to a positive state and everything will be great..

Put all yours fears aside & hold on cause I promise life's worth the ride.. If you see another 24, just stay focused on been better than before... While also been thankful your still breathing and alive, make sure to stay pushn forward in overdrive, you'll eventually find the 1 to stay fit by your side...

Always stay alert and focused if they cant take you at your worst, then tell em to keep walkn pass, when your at your best... If there stupid enough to walk away, be smart enough to let em go... 😁🙏👀💪✊🙌💯


Time is nothn but matter, gots to focus on what matters, n quit wasting the time ya get, cuz 1 thing ya cant get back in this life is time, that's why ya need to always be pushn forward like a clock but dont stare at it, cuz none of us kno the actual time its all a guess...

Any time gifted u need to focus on what matters let all else jus shatter.. Stay focused on radiating positive energy n keep climbn cuz the best is yet to come.. 🙌😁✊💪👏👊👀🧠

Stay Gifted n Lifted.... Love you all.... I appreciate you all..

You are all awesome.... I wish everyone seeing this success, smiles n happiness filled with nothing but the best, not a drop less... Stay Gifted n Lifted.... Love you all... #CrazyJ

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GiftednLifted song written n performed by my bro Shawn King aka Duh-Gifted...
A motivational positive message from #CrazyJ and Chozen 1 Rappin Larry.. Stay gifted n lifted..
More motivation from me to create smiles and lift others up.. Stay gifted n lifted.. #CrazyJ
Motivation Positive Message with a video I put together... Stay gifted n lifted.. #CrazyJ
Great morning motivation for all you beautiful awesome humans.. Enjoy.
Morning Motivation For All of You Beautiful, Awesome, and Amazin Humans.. I appreciate all of you..
A Motivational Poem - Mistakes are real, are you?
Nightly motivation
Great morning beautiful lifted n gifted awesome blessed humans..


Lifting others up with a smile, giving positive vibes of energy till I die. I am the light when others cant find it, I'm the ladder of lifes darkness when your feeling down and out. I will never let you give up or quit... #StayGiftednLifted #CrazyJ #AlwaysSmile



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