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*Hello, Dear C Bar C Ranch, Family, Friends, & Associates,

Your place kind of reminds Me of the SayersBrook Bison Ranch in Potosi. Before I moved back to St. Louis in April of 2010, I lived at Valle Lake right near DeSoto for the past 37 years. Even though I'm originally from the Normandy area in St. Louis, after living for 4 years in the city, I can't wait to move back out in the country so I can breathe *fresh* air once again! lol I've been a Professionally Trained Artist and Sign Painter for over 50 years and a Lifetime Veteran's Supporter for 42 years. For further reference, please visit my Facebook Art Page: Skypainter Art and website: http://lkevinturner.com *P.S. Enclosed is a pic of one of my Genuine Handpainted Cow Skull Wall Hangings.
Just found your page. You have some very beautiful cattle! New like from Northeast Tn. :)
this is kinda strange seeing a page for c bar c ranch. my grandfathers ranch was c bar c as well as circle c bar down in a little town called liberal mo. and next month itll be 10 yes since his passing
Roho, taken 2-2-11
Taken December 24th, 2010

We at C Bar C Ranch strive to produce efficient cattle for the working cattlemen.

Mobile uploads 06/13/2022

We are getting ready to send a few to the processor. I do have a few 1/2s already spoken for, but if you are interested in a whole, 1/2, or even 1/4, please let me know. $2.25/lb live weight. They will weigh anywhere from 1000-1400lbs.

I got a beef with you all today. Not in the sense of frustration or anger but rather a literal beef to discuss. I get a lot of questions about buying beef, selling beef, why people should look at buying local and what’s different about local beef compared to supermarket beef. This post is going to be long but it will addresses most of what you folks need to know about beef.

The beef industry is majorly dominated by a few large producers. They dictate price and supply. This brings me to the first and most important point. If you establish a relationship with a local producer you cut out many middle men. Something that the majority do not realize is much of the USDA stamped beef in the supermarket is not actually a product of the USA but rather an animal that was raised and killed in South America. That animal that spent its entire life in another country, once broken into butcher cuts, magically turns into a product of the USA. Make sure and thank your politicians for this sneaky and confusing policy. My issue with this is, how much do we really know about the standards being kept in another country? Are the animals being given appropriate withdrawal times from wormers and antibiotics? What was the condition of the animal prior to slaughter? How was the meat handled after the animal was killed? These all are important questions, especially considering there is constantly a report circulating detailing some food borne illness like E. Coli or Salmonella.

I believe that keeping the beef market close to home eliminates or at least reduces many of these issues. Beef butchered by the individual rancher can be done so one of two ways. It can be done at a USDA inspected facility. If done so, the meat can be sold by the cut, by the rancher, to whomever they please. It may be taken to farmers markets, sold from the farm, or delivered to your doorstep. If the butchering process occurs in a non-USDA inspected facility, otherwise known as a custom processor, the animal cannot be sold by the cut to individual buyers. However there is a loophole. A rancher may sell the entire animal or a portion of the animal to multiple buyers. Those buyers may choose to have the animal butchered. So in this scenario, I could sell a quarter beef to 4 different families. I deliver the beef to the custom shop where it is processed and the buyers come to the custom shop to pick up their 1/4 beef.

Beef can be raised a variety of ways. The two most common are grass fed/grass finished and grass fed/grain finished. Cattle that are never exposed to grain have a healthier cholesterol content. The meat is richer with omega 3 fatty acids which are said to be heart healthy. It takes longer for the beef to get to butcher weight meaning the turn around time takes longer so therefore the meat is more expensive. It is still delicious despite the difference in marbling. Grain finished beef on the other hand is exposed to more carbohydrates near the end of its life and therefore has more fat marbling. Many people prefer the taste of the marbled beef over that of the leaner grass fed beef. It does have a higher percentage of omega 6 fatty acids which are considered less heart healthy however.

I believe buying locally has several distinct advantages. Number one, there are no disruptions in the supply chain and less fluctuation in price. If you establish a relationship with a seller and are a consistent buyer you are a valued customer. Consistency is valuable to me and I make a point to take care of my consistent customers. Second is you can have the beef raised to your specifications. If you want beef grain fed 30, 60, 90, or even 120 days, you can work out the exact details with your rancher. If you get to know your rancher, you’ll find out what is important to them. Are they liberal with antibiotics? Do they graze over pastures that have been sprayed with chemical? Are their cattle treated humanely? You can align with ranchers that share similar values.

Once you’ve decided to buy local and have established your relationship, the next thing to think about is what you are going to get once an animal is butchered. A 1000 lb live weight steer will weigh about 610 lbs on the rail. That means the hooves, head, and internals have been removed. Once on the rail, it is broken into butcher cuts. This is where you get your t-bones, ribeyes, sirloins, roasts, burger, etc. A buyer can expect around 430 lbs of meat from a 1000 lb live weight steer. One could expect somewhere between 90 and 120 lbs per quarter.

Of course freezer space is a concern for buying bulk beef. You need about 4 cubic feet per quarter. The best processors will vacuum seal cuts for prolonged freshness. I recommend buying enough beef to last no more than 1 year otherwise you may run into freezer burn issues. I recommend placing your freezer in a place where you will see it daily. There is nothing worse than having a breaker blow or power surge leading to the loss of freezer contents. I hope you find this information to be helpful and remember, “know your rancher, know your food.”

Photos from C Bar C Ranch's post 05/09/2022

A couple of morning pics taken this past week. Got them on grass finally, and about a month from turning bulls out.

Photos from C Bar C Ranch's post 12/25/2021

Merry Christmas from all of us, and may all of your Santa’s be Gertrudis.

Photos from C Bar C Ranch's post 12/19/2021

Photos from C Bar C Ranch's post

Photos from C Bar C Ranch's post 11/29/2021

2 of the yearling bulls this morning.


The bulls are enjoying their grass on this crisp fall morning.

Photos from C Bar C Ranch's post 07/23/2021

Pictures from earlier this summer. We’ve got a really good group of heifers this year.

Photos from C Bar C Ranch's post 04/11/2021

Calves are enjoying the spring weather. One of the last cows to calve this spring is getting close. We pulled fall calves off this morning, and she kept back and is starting the early signs that her calf will be here within a couple of days.


IVF Misconceptions with Dr. Schmidt & Dr. Bartlett

Photos from C Bar C Ranch's post 02/27/2021

Wanted to post something on these females. These are some of our best, and I have also put a couple of their calves in the pictures below as well. Let us know your thoughts. Makala has already been a successful donor for us, and the other 2 have earned the right to be there as well.

Photos from C Bar C Ranch's post 02/27/2021

Cattle are in and ready for the sale tomorrow.
Folks, these heifers are the right kind. Balanced EPDs themselves, and bred to a well balanced Old School son. If you have any questions, please contact myself, or any of the Savannah River Cattlemen Sale committee. Sale is at 11am Eastern tomorrow on www.dvauction.com

Photos from C Bar C Ranch's post 12/10/2020

Snagged a few pictures of our Fall 2019 bulls yesterday after putting liquid out for them.

Cattle | MIX 30 11/24/2020

Cattle | MIX 30

Cattle | MIX 30 Cattle Research shows that Mix 30 ingredients enhance reproductive performance and increase calf survivability. It is designed to help the animal utilize forages more efficiently, especially poor-quality forages. Feeding Mix 30 is convenient. It can be mixed in your grain ration or you can place an....

Photos from C Bar C Ranch's post 11/15/2020

Worked cows this morning and then took the kids around this afternoon.


This is one of the heifer calves that I’m really happy with. Can’t wait to get a halter on her and see what Sam can do with her.

Photos from C Bar C Ranch's post 11/01/2020

This bull has started to impress me. He’s a 75% Gert 25% Hereford, and no white on him.
Check out his sheath too! Getting ready to wean in the next couple of weeks.

Photos from C Bar C Ranch's post 11/01/2020

This bull calf has started to impress me a bit. He’s a 75% Gert, 25% Hereford. No white on him.
Check out that sheath!


Really like this young stud.


221/9 Sells in the Pitchford Opportunity Knocks Sale on October 20-21 @ www.cattleinmotion.com

221 is a February 2019 son of our donor and former show cow C-C Little Girl 252. He led the Tinney Gain Test that concluded this spring in ADG with 5.04.


C Bar C Miss Anne. Just now in her prime, and boy does she look good. Her bull at side isn’t too shabby at a week old either.

Photos from C Bar C Ranch's post 08/23/2020

Sometimes, you just have one of “those days”. We moved cows yesterday. Had a 7 year old that was close to calving showed signs of springing, but didn’t see a calf. Drove the field that they were in, and didn’t notice a calf.
Fast forward to today. Started clipping pasture they had been in, about 3/4 around my first time, and something pops up right before the batwing. Dang calf! Ran through fence (the opposite way the cows were). Had dad bring the gator, loaded him up and took him to mama.


We have 1 1/4 beef that will be going to the butcher the end of September. Please let me know if you are interested.
We also are considering selling ground beef. PM me for details on that.


A 7/8 Gert x 1/8 Jersey bull. Will be headed to the freezer late September. If anyone is interested in 1/2 or whole beef, let us know. We have had some buyers back out.


The boys love watching them almost as much as I do. Watching America’s FIRST breed of cattle on Independence Day.


Well, we miss not being at Nationals this year, but am so excited that an Old School daughter was 7th out of 40 head, and an Old School granddaughter was 10th in her class. Congrats to Dylan Leddy and Reese Vonderau!


Don Dan sired this one. She sells open. Deep red color and great genetics running through this female. Contact me for details. (956)206-1244


One of our Star 5 females. This is a 4 year old Gert x Jersey cow.


Beautiful sunrise on the ranch this morning.


Laura Kate Zibilski came up to choose her donated heifer today. She picked a heifer from one of our Tinney cows and our Roberto son. Laura sure picked a good one!


C Bar C Fiddler 318/8. Sired by Lux and out of Mis Grandview 764. A growth index of $31.99, he is top 1% in WW, YW, HCW, and REA. https://www.livestockgenetics.net/sgbipub/output/asearch_view.php?editid1=20181786


C Bar C Triple H 116/7. This 2 year old is sired by Lux, and out of Makala, a Tinney bred female. He has already been put to work, and we are excited to see what the calves will be like in the spring. Kelly showed him as a calf at OEF and the MO State Fair. If you are looking for a bull to add some growth, here he is. Top 1% in WW and YW, and top 2% in HCW and REA. https://www.livestockgenetics.net/sgbipub/output/asearch_view.php?editid1=20170248


Have you ever considered a Star 5 bull to breed up your purebred Gert cows? Have you wanted to increase marbling, while keeping the natural thickness of the calves? This 75% bull has all of that. Breed him to Gert cows to get your 7/8, fully registered calves, or use him in a commercial setting. You will also get added milk production from his daughters because the other 25% of his pedigree is Jersey.


This is Sam's bull, C Bar C Ferdinand 915/18. Sired by Lux, and out of Bama Baby, who goes back to Tara's Top Drive and Old Joe. https://www.livestockgenetics.net/sgbipub/output/asearch_view.php?editid1=20186709


This is Will's bull, C Bar C Flipper 825/8. He is sired by Lux, and out of his first cow, Velvet. https://www.livestockgenetics.net/sgbipub/output/asearch_view.php?editid1=20186708


C Bar C Fumage 415/8. Sired by 912C4, and out of SF 412/10, which goes back to ROHO and Geronimo. Top 1% Marbling. https://www.livestockgenetics.net/sgbipub/output/asearch_view.php?editid1=20181787


C Bar C Frankie 49/8

C Bar C Frankie 49/8. Sired by our Roberto son, 912C4, and out of PC TX Angel 54-0, which has produced show heifers for us, and a donated heifer for Cade Burks. This has been one of our most productive cow families here at the ranch. He ranks in the top 10% for 5 categories of EPDs, WW, YW, Milk, HCW, AND Marbling! He ranks in the top 15% in 2 more categories: Backfat and REA. https://www.livestockgenetics.net/sgbipub/output/asearch_view.php?editid1=20182526

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C Bar C Frankie 49/8




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