The Waymaker Project c/o The Timothy Bradford House Foundation

The Waymaker Project c/o The Timothy Bradford House Foundation


Join us for a special life changing, life altering conference!
Where is this located?
Hi am from Gambia
I like your foundation can we have some for the poor and the needy in Gambia here
Thank you
Are you in need of ladies winter coats? I have a few.
Can you use men’s clothing sizes XL-2XL? I have a couple trash bags of some really nice men’s clothes that I am looking to donate.
You were recommended to me by a friend. I have several bags of gently used clothes - a bunch of different sizes for men, women and children. I know you lost everything from your store in a fire recently. Would these clothes (and some shoes) be something you could use? I can drop them off tomorrow.
I have some donations. When can I drop them off?
Is the store going to be open any time soon? If so, are you guys taking donations at this time?
When is the next time your open?
PLEASE HELP!!! God knows I'm not a selfish person at all but My good friends house burnt down the night before last them and their 3 yr old son made it out safe with the pets but everything they own is gone. If you have anything extra or you are getting rid of please think of them. Message me for sizes please and thank you
Where is the coat giveaway today

The Timothy Bradford House Foundation is a 501c3 organization that lives to serve; by taking in the orphan, clothing the poor, feeding the hungry, and caring for the widow.

We believe that every child deserves a home filled with laughter, love, and Jesus. ALL donations are tax deductible. Due to the tragic fire of the Free Store in December of 2020, we can not accept clothing donations at this time. All monetary donations are still welcome and will be used to purchase new facility.

Operating as usual


Just a reminder:

We are closed Friday for Memorial Day Weekend and Kindergarten Graduation.

I am taking a few days to love on my littles. I will not respond to any private messages through the weekend.

We will see you next Wednesday!!!

Stay safe and make wise choices!!

Jamie Drye-CEO


Just a reminder we are closed Friday for Kindergarten Graduation and Memorial Weekend.

Stay safe. Make wise choices!!!! We will see you next weekend.❤️

Jamie Drye


Just a quick reminder…

We will be open this week on Wednesday and Thursday ONLY!!!! Friday we will be closed for Kindergarten Graduation!!

We still have a few furniture pieces available, however, we will not hold items. We will not provide details on here regarding the furniture either. You MUST come in.

We are always in need of volunteers so if you would like to come help… we open at 10 and close abruptly at 3. I am in the busiest season of my life and I am required to complete 125 intern hours in 3 months time, which I start at 3… so everything MUST be checked out by 2:55❤️ we also ALWAYS need bags. We use grocery bags, 13 gallon, and 30 gallon… we will take whatever you wanna donate in bags.

We are not accepting donations at this time but give us 2 weeks and we should be good to go.

Thank you again for your continued support. We love you BIG!!!❤️❤️❤️

Have a safe Holiday this weekend!!!

Jamie Drye
CEO- The Timothy Bradford House


We need spring and summer clothes. Please please please DO NOT bring fall and winter, any stained clothes, no clothes with holes. If you will not wear the clothes because of stains and tears/holes then don’t bring them here! also needing NICE housewears, summer shoes, tennis shoes, swimming suits, etc. thank you!


First let me say THANK YOU for your continued support at the Free Store!!! The donations have been pouring in and we are doing our best to get out as much and as fast as we can. We are short handed on volunteers soooooo if you’re bored and wanna come help… PLEASE stop by any Wednesday through Friday from 10-3 and say, “I’m here to help!” I’ll gladly take you up on it!!!

Secondly, we would love to personally wish every mother a very special weekend… Happy Mothers Day to each of you.

Lastly, because of this weekend being Mothers Day weekend and it being our first one without our momma… we will be closed on Saturday. We are usually open the first Saturday of every month BUT we are getting away for the weekend and plan on spending some alone time reminiscing about how amazing our momma was and how much we miss her❤️❤️❤️ (there’s gonna be A LOT of tears and you don’t wanna see all that!lol) Thank you for understanding.

We look forward to seeing each of you tomorrow from 10-3;) and then again, next week starting on Wednesday.

Again, Happy Mothers Day to all you mommas…

Now, I wanna see pics of you and your mommas so post it under here in the messages so we can enjoy your family too❤️❤️❤️


We are open today and tomorrow this week, 10-3. We are closed for a personal day on Friday. Be blessed.


Sooo many prizes!!! Thousands of eggs!!! Family fun!!!!



April 16th from 12-2
Ages 0-12
Bounce Houses, hot dogs & chips, candy, and sodas… FREE TO THE COMMUNITY!!!!

12312 St Rt 21, DeSoto, Mo 63020

The Waymaker Project Free Store is open Wednesdays through Fridays 10-3. The first Saturday of every month from 10-12.

We are closed Friday, April 22nd.

Thank you and we can’t wait to celebrate Easter with you!!❤️❤️


Hey all!!!!

I hope you are having a fantastic week so far!!! I would LOVE to give a huge shout out today to the individuals who paid for a load of rock to be brought in so our gas guy wouldn’t have to sink in the ground while filling the tank ❤️ as well as to our dad who brought his machine up and spread it for us❤️ Also a huge shout out to the DeSoto Elks for a truck load of donations today!!! THANK YOU!!!

I want to apologize ahead of time for the smell of paint. We are still doing updates on the building in areas that needed a second coat or was never painted in the first place😂

When you walk in the Free Store you will notice some big changes. I want to first explain that the Veteran Memorial wall has been taken down to paint the wall. It WILL be put back up but in a different place… a better place!!! We believe in our men and women, past, present, and future… we will ALWAYS give honor where honor is due❤️💙

Also, IF you have a child in the foster care center we would like to invite you to bring your papers in so we can bless you with a pillow, sheet set, and towels that were bought to donate. There isn’t a lot so it will be first come first serve. The foster kiddo does NOT need to be in attendance. This is not for adopted or guardianship cases. This is for active foster cases in Jefferson County and only for the kiddo. Unfortunately we do not have enough for family members… but would like to help in a small way. Again, it will be first come first serve and I will NOT hold any back so please don’t ask.

We open the doors at 10am tomorrow morning and close promptly at 3pm. We can’t wait to see your faces…


Just a quick THANK YOU to DeSoto Elks Lodge for honoring the foundation with 2 checks last night at their awards ceremony. We appreciate it more than you know!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️


I’ve been asked several times this week for a number update… we are at the six month mark since reopening! (It does NOT feel that way!!!)

Had over a thousand items given away today alone….

We gave away in:

January 4,667
February 5,716
March at the half way mark… 7,993

Which means since opening September 22 we’ve blessed people with over 40,000 items… I’ve never done that in one year!!! And we are at only 6 months!!!!

Let me reiterate… I can not do this without you!! You’ve been so gracious in donating your used item. Many of you have been faithful in giving an hour or two or three of your time to volunteer. Sharon, Pam, and Michelle, Dave, as well as many others who come every day, almost every day, to a couple days a week to tirelessly help me… THANK YOU!! ❤️❤️❤️ To those few who put in a dollar or twenty to help feed my volunteers or purchase bags, toiletries, etc… THANK YOU!!!😘😘😘 Lastly… to Life Church North who allow us the opportunity to serve and donate items and volunteer on the first Saturdays… THANK YOU!!!

I’ll end with this… SATURDAY, APRIL 16th we are partnering with Life Church North to hold a community Easter Egg Hunt. We will be providing lunch for everyone (hotdogs, chips, and water). There will be bounce houses and big ticket prizes for the first place categories from ages 0-12. I would LOVE to see you on this day!! If rain… it’s ok, we will hold it in doors, we just won’t have the bounce houses🤷🏻‍♀️😂

I love you. I pray blessings on each of you daily. There is not one moment you do not cross my mind or my heart. Your life matters. Each of you… NEVER forget that!!!

Lastly, I was questioned the other day on why I would choose to “do this with my life?” My answer… because of you!! I love you. You need a blessing in your life and it’s a blessing to watch your faces, cry tears of joy with you, and it’s humbling to hear your stories of needs being met.

Thank you Jesus for this life!❤️

Jamie Drye-CEO


We are now ONLY accepting Spring and Summer clothing… we are still accepting home goods and toiletries.

Wednesday through Friday 10-3.

Thank you for your continued support!!!


The Free Store and Center is closed today.

Be safe. Stay warm. Laugh a lot!


It’s the first Saturday of the month… we are open today from 10-12 only!!


Due to the current weather…. The fact that I could ice skate on the parking lot😏 (don’t think I won’t try😂): and knowing we will be getting more precip the next few hours, the free store will be closed tomorrow. We will see you next week on our regularly scheduled days. Wednesday through Friday, 10-3. PLEASE stay safe, warm, and enjoy this time of being shut in with your loved ones.

If you live next door to an elderly, sick, or single mother of kids… check on them.😉 that mother of 4 special needs whos homeschooling may need a coke!😂😂😂😂😂

Praying for all of you!!!❤️


What an amazing day at the Free Store. Lots of new faces today. Sweet smiles and many thanks. Over 1,700 items given away today. We give God all glory!

Due to impending weather tomorrow and the amount of ice on the parking lot, we will be closed for tomorrow, Thursday, February 24th. If DeSoto school district is closed on Friday, we will be closed then as well. I will make sure to let you know tomorrow evening.

PLEASE be safe, stay warm, and remember to pray for our military, medical, police, fire, first responders, and road crews who are out in this!!


Due to icy road conditions and the DeSoto School District doing AMI tomorrow…. (Which means I’m teaching 4 kids😳😬😆) we will be CLOSED!!! We will reopen next Wednesday at our normal time.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. I do appreciate your prayers while I switch roles from CEO and motherhood to instructor with 4 school age (2 special needs and 2 temperamental precious little humans🤪) because we no longer allow our children the “days of old” to enjoy a fun snow day!!! (Do you sense a wee bit of sarcasm😉)

Lastly, let me just say that I love my children and our school district so IF you actually believe I was being disrespectful or calling anyone out… it was in fact a joke. Not in the prayer part though… cause I’m REALLY gonna need it, along with coffee, mascara, and Jesus.

Stay warm folks… and smile… Jesus loves you and so do I ❤️❤️❤️


Due to early release of schools with upcoming inclement weather, we will close at 12 today. Should the sleet start before then, we will close immediately for the safety of my volunteers.

Photos from The Waymaker Project c/o The Timothy Bradford House Foundation's post 02/16/2022

You do NOT want to miss coming in today!!!! Lots of NEW stuff!! 10-3!!! 12312 St Rt 21, DeSoto


Just a reminder…. Due to ice on the parking lot still, we will be closed today!!!


Due to AMI days just announced for the DeSoto School district, as well as the upcoming weather coming in, The Waymaker Project Free Store will be closed this week.

I can not teach my kids plus run a Free Store effectively!!! I will however, make sure that we are stocked and ready to open next week for our normal scheduled opened hours of Wednesday through Friday 10-3.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Stay safe. Stay warm.

Jamie Drye
CEO-The Timothy Bradford House Foundation


Tomorrow morning my little princess warrior will be undergoing a very extensive surgery. She will have spine (rod lengthening and tightening) and leg/ankle fusion surgeries. This is a very tedious surgery but is necessary to continue on with her care. Because of this surgery and the recovery she will have, The Waymaker Project Free Store will not reopen until Wednesday, January 12th. I know many of you have called, messaged, or just shown expecting us to be open this week. Many have seemed upset that I am not opening until the 12th… however, I would like to reiterate one very important thing. My children will ALWAYS come first. Their care is my #1 priority. I will never apologize for this. Keeva is not my only child. I have 7. 4 of those are special needs adopted children. I am grateful for the honor of being their momma and I will do whatever is necessary to make sure they have the best life possible.

Please be patient with me as I care for her, as well as run the Crisis Center. There are many aspects to The Life Crisis Center besides the free store. We are excited about the new year and all we will be hopefully doing to make our community a stronger and more united city in helping hurting people. I am thankful for your love, devotion, and commitment… and I look forward to seeing you on the 12th.

Please be in prayer for my sweet girl tomorrow and the days to come for recovery. We love you all and pray the greatest New Year with health, wealth, and peace that can only come from Jesus 😉😘❤️

Jamie Drye - CEO The Timothy Bradford House


On September 21st, 2021… we opened at the newest location of 12312 St Rt 21 (inside of Life Church North)!

I had no expectations other than helping as many people as God would bring me. It takes a village of people to work this ministry and I’m grateful for every single one of you.

As 2021 vastly comes to a close… I am, yet again reminded of the goodness of God and how His promises are yes and amen.

The numbers are almost unbelievable, except that I believe it because I’ve been here, I’ve seen you, I’ve prayed with some of you, laughed with many of you, and even held you in my arms when you cried.

From September 21 to the closing of our year today, December 17th, we have dispersed 21,492 items from the Free Store! Let me say that again…. In only 40 days that the store has been open we have donated TWENTY ONE THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED NINETY TWO THOUSAND items.

We have also fed over 300 meals, snacks, and supplied the Caring Cabinet with goods for individuals needing food.

THIS is even beyond my ideas of my dreams.. but I’ve got more to do and more to give. Please pray with me about what that entails for the upcoming 2022 year. We will reopen the second week in January. Till then…. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲

The Life Crisis Center will be open for Christmas Dinner from 12-2. Sign up is required. Text 3144091066 or 6367256145!

Be blessed. I am!

Jamie Drye- CEO
The Timothy Bradford House Foundation


We are now accepting donations… all sizes. Winter please❤️

NO TOYS OR STUFFED ANIMALS. Please and thank you.

In need of coats, lawn size trash bags, and cases of water.


I don’t even know where to begin…

It’s been a month and a half since we opened. I knew that we would do a good work here… I didn’t realize to the degree of how much we would. It goes to show that the need is great. And it really gets to my feels knowing that lives are being tremendously impacted for the good. To God be ALL glory… I couldn’t do this without Him. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t do it without Him. I’m exhausted. A 9-5 job making good money sounds amazing BUT I know that I would never have experienced or walked through what I have here if I was somewhere else. Soooooooooooo you ready for some numbers?!?! Here they are…..

We started the middle of September and finished the month of October…. And we have given away OVER….

Wait for it….

Still here waiting?😉

Ok, fine….


It was actually 9,738 to be exact. Yeah, you read that right. NINE THOUSAND. SEVEN HUNDRED. THIRTY EIGHT items donated to families in need.

We also donated clothes to the Pay it Forward Baby Ministry, over 40 hoodies to Fredricktown, as well as clothes to a new free store in Potosi held in the basement of the 1st Baptist Church.

So now what??? We keep doing this!!!! What can you do?

Volunteer 😉 im looking for anyone ages 55+ who live on a fixed income of either SS or disability. No pension. And would like to make over $10 an hour but must volunteer 20 hours a week, Tuesday through Friday. It’s a government grant program. If you’re interested or have questions… just message me. We also do court ordered community service hours. Again, just message me😉

Lastly, The Life Crisis Center is starting FREE grief counseling sessions THIS Monday night from 7-8pm. If you’re interested… just message me and we will get you to the right people.

We will accept a few bags or boxes of donations at a time now but NO van, truck, or trailer loads.

Hours of operation: Wednesday through Friday 10-3. 1st Saturday of every month we are open from 10-12… so come see us next Saturday!❤️

Stay safe this weekend… we will see you again on Wednesday!

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Free clothes, shoes, house wares, personal items, books, small furniture, and electronics for all ages.



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