Innovative Projects and Development - IPAD

Innovative Projects and Development - IPAD

We offer an end-to-end client experien ce that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffi ng, on-site organization, and solid, quality handiwo rk every time.

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Picking the right wall art to highlig ht the area above the bed is so ea sy! Showing you tips and tricks so y ou can easily style your bedroom to beco me your oasis of dreams.

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Innovative Projects and Design provides DeSo to, TX with the best in n ew home builders and remodeling contractors. We a im to put our customers first providi ng excellence in quality and total custom er satisfaction.

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There are two types of peop le in this world: Those who lo ve carpets and those who despise it. 🤣
What team are you on? Team carpet or team wood? 👇

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Kitchen remodeling projects can be ve ry exciting and make a big stateme nt in your home. Our team of exper ts will help you design the ide al kitchen for your family, whether it 's a small space to fit a f ew pieces of counter space or an op en galley-style area to cook big mea ls. We design the perfect layout f or your needs and create a function al, stylish, and efficient kitchen. This is n ot just about the cabinets; our wo rk goes beyond what is on t he surface. From installing new faucets a nd lighting fixtures to building custom cabinet ry with drawers for an organization - we g et down to every detail so y ou can feel confident about moving forwa rd with your project.

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Timeline photos 07/29/2022

The kitchen is the heart of a ho me, so it stands to reason th at this is the room most peop le focus on. On the other ha nd, your bedroom is where you re st and recharge after a long, hect ic day, so there’s no reason w hy you wouldn’t want it to fe el like a retreat. With that sai d…. Would you rather have a spacio us kitchen or a bedroom with a vi ew?

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How do you make your bathro om the most comfortable, stylish, and beautif ul? Let us help. Our expert te am of craftsmen can transform the functi on and the decorative aspect of yo ur bath.

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Timeline photos 07/27/2022

Here's a tough one! Would y ou rather have a huge, walk-in clos et, or a huge yard?

Timeline photos 07/26/2022

Is it time to update yo ur kitchen? We can help. With o ur professional design services and installation optio ns, we can walk you through eve ry step of the process so th at you can start enjoying the n ew look of your kitchen right away.

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Quiz Time!

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A bathroom renovation can make a ll the difference in your home’s val ue. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to restori ng and surpassing your expectations with a superi or quality of work. We promise y ou: a pleasant experience, timely service, a nd beautiful results.

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Share your answer in the commen ts! 💙

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We offer a range of bathro om renovation services that are customized to t he needs of our customers. Our te am of professionals understands what it tak es to create a beautiful space, whi ch cannot be found in any oth er bathroom renovation company.

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Owning a house too big is li ke driving a diesel bus when there ’s only four of you – a b ig waste of money. You won’t fe el good about owning a non-ideal hou se size with a bad layout.

Timeline photos 07/17/2022

Kitchen remodeling is one of t he fastest-growing home improvement projects. With o ur experience and expertise, we can he lp you get your kitchen just right.

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What are you thinking of wh en you’re thinking of your next ho me?

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Have you found yourself dreaming of a perfe ct home? Want to transform your visi on into reality and create a pla ce that more than meets your nee ds? Give us a call today, we wou ld love to be part of helpi ng make all your dreams come true!

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If you're looking for a n ew deck, fence, or garden area, we c an help. We offer a variety of servic es that are sure to make yo ur outdoor space more attractive and comfortab le for you and your family.
We offer:

Fencing: We can install a varie ty of fencing options including chain li nk, vinyl, steel, and wood. Our fenc es are strong and durable so th ey can withstand the weather and wear-and-te ar that comes with outdoor use. We al so offer custom designs for any si ze property.

* Decks: We can install dec ks made out of composite materials su ch as cedar or pressure-treated wood to gi ve your home an updated look whi le also protecting it from the elements.

Landscaping: We will transform any pie ce of land into something beautiful wi th landscaping that's both functional and pleasi ng to the eye. Whether it's ju st an empty lot or a fu ll acreage, we will work with y ou to create the perfect space f or you!

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Our client's testimonials speak for themselv es and are the reason why we proud ly put our name behind every sing le treatment we provide. And we wi ll continue to do so for yea rs to come!

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We are here to help y ou remodel your home, redecorate your spa ce, or renovate your kitchen. We wi ll work with you to make su re that you get the perfect lo ok for your house.

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The best rooms have a sto ry to tell. They’re the ones th at feel like home and reflect yo ur personality. That’s why we only bui ld spaces that suit the people w ho will use them: where you c an relax and enjoy yourself in priva cy. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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Are you looking to spruce up yo ur outdoor space?
We can help with th at! We offer a wide range of servic es designed to make your outdoor spa ce look its best. Whether you wa nt more privacy or want to a dd some drama to your yard, we' ve got you covered.
We have all t he skills and knowledge necessary to he lp you achieve the kind of resul ts you're looking for.

So, if you're rea dy to take your outdoor space fr om drab to fab, contact us today!

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We love our clients’ testimonials. The se are the result of hard wo rk and perseverance on our part. Th ey are proof that we care abo ut not just the quality of o ur work, but also the satisfaction of tho se who needed us most.

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For your new home, we off er a variety of services and produc ts. Whether you choose to build cust om or with one of our flo or plans, we will make sure th at the process goes smoothly from sta rt to finish. We are committed to providi ng you with exceptional customer service befo re and long after your home is complete.

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Let us be your partner f or success. We'll make certain your proje ct is done right, on time, a nd within budget. Our careful planning a nd management will help you meet deadlin es and reach goals, without sacrificing quali ty for value.

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Get all your new home buildi ng and remodeling services from a sing le source! At IPAD, we guarantee you' ll love our services and enjoy o ur quality workmanship.

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IPAD enjoys helping people to comple te home renovations and construction jobs. O ur extensive experience in the building indust ry will ensure that your project is complet ed on time and on budget

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Ensuring your project stays on ti me, within budget, and meets the highe st standards of craftsmanship is our numb er one goal. We will perform a thorou gh pre-construction meeting with you to ensu re you get exactly what you wa nt. Our team of professionals has combin ed construction experience, so trust us to gui de this process from planning through completion.

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We will step in and he lp you finish your project on ti me, on budget, and of the highe st quality possible. Our careful planning, manageme nt, and project execution will ensure th at your project gets done right. We wo rk hard to exceed your expectations.

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With our new construction services, we' ll help you build the home of yo ur dreams that's personalized for your uniq ue tastes. We get multiple bids, coordina te material deliveries, and provide quality oversig ht during every phase of the proce ss — things that most general contracto rs just don't have time to do!

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At some point, something needs to g et done, and we are here to he lp. Whether it is a small ho me project or a large construction j ob, you can count on us to g et the job done. Our extensive constructi on experience will ensure that your proje ct is completed on time and on budg et.

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Have your home painted with a fre sh new coat of paint. Our exteri or painting service will cover both t he inside and outside of your ho me. We specialize in small and lar ge residential customers.

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Air Purifying House Plants 🌿

Timeline photos 06/09/2022

If it is time to upgra de your kitchen cabinets or countertops, we a re here to help you do ju st that. Whether it’s a remodel or n ew construction we can assist in maki ng it happen.

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A house is just a hou se. What makes it a home is lo ve. ❤️

Timeline photos 06/07/2022

Every home has room for improveme nt. From new flooring and doors to exteri or landscaping, we make your home shine.

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Timeline photos 06/06/2022

Which of these ideas would y ou like to implement into your sma ll kitchen design? Let us know in t he comments. 😃

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We believe in the power of transformi ng your home into a place whe re you feel safe, calm, and hap py. Here at IPAD, we are committ ed to helping you do just that.

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