Crushed Botanicals Apothecary

Crushed Botanicals Apothecary


I bought one of the Elberberry Syrups, a bag of the gummies and the Winter Tonic. At first I was a bit afraid of what the tonic would taste like but once I tried it, it doesn’t taste bad at all. The cinnamon comes through strong but it’s not overwhelming. The elderberry syrup is actually pretty darn tasty. The gummies are great too. My spouse was sick as a dog last week and I did catch a little from him. However, mine is much less severe than his was. Since I haven’t been taking this for more than a week and a 1/2, I think that is pretty impressive. I will be keeping the regiment up this flu season though because once I get more in, the more protected I will be. Thank you so much!!! It was also a pleasure to do business. The owner came and met me and it was extremely convenient!! You def have a long term customer in me and my family!!😁 everyone should try at least one of these items. I’m doing all of them bc I refuse to get the flu this year.
You have saved me again Crushed Botanicals.
Husband was sick for a week!!!
Thanks to your Elderberry Tonic I didn’t catch it!!
Maybe now the husband will start taking it!!!
Thank you so much for great products.

Natural skin products, craft herbal tea, holistic tinctures/extracts, handmade soap, + more.

Apothecary salves, oils, herbal remedies, and teas - muscle mender, bruise reducer, skin conditioner, fascia / cellulite / wrinkle reducer, anxiety solutions for dogs, and dog nose crusty no more


New in Store! Customer recommended this new Parasitic blend - bitter but works amazingly.

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Looking for a new tea blend for the end of summer/beginning of fall. Come see our vast selection at Elemental Rocks and Herbs in Dawsonville. ゚viral


We created a natural solution for babies struggling with bloating, hiccups, gas pains, colic, and tummy discomfort. If you are seeking relief for your infant now, may we suggest our Infant Tummy Relief Extract? This soothing herbal extract combines fennel, catnip, and ginger to not only support gut health but provide a calming effect to relieve the hiccups as well. This product is safe in small amounts for young babies but can also be used for adults to alleviate stomach ailments. Our extracts are free of Artificial colors and flavors, Allergens (soy, corn, dairy, tree nuts, gluten, peanuts, sesame, fish), Added sugars
Artificial sweeteners or Preservatives, Magnesium stearate, Fillers
or Binders, Natural flavors, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Xanthan gum, Folic acid, or Synthetic vitamins. Available in 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, and 16 oz bottles.


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🧼🛀are you tired of the same old boring shower routine? Spice things up with Crushed Botanicals Apothecary! Our homemade soaps are crafted with love and care, using only the finest ingredients. From lavender to lemongrass to bourbon, our scents will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Plus, our beautiful and unique soap bars make the perfect gift for any occasion.
So why are you settling for boring, when you can add some fun and excitement to your daily routine. Try our soaps, bath bombs, botanical and tallow sugar scrubs, facial cleansing oil, and bath salts today, and get ready to fall in love with your shower all over again.


Did you know in the spring that there are several edible flowers and plants in your yard? But if you have your lawn sprayed you are killing not only a beneficial food source for you but for insects and other animals.


Exfoliator and Moisturizer in one. Vanilla Buttercream Sugar Scrub for men and women. 2 oz and 8 oz jars


All Natural and Lickable Dog Paw, Nose, and Sore Balm 2 oz tin $18.99 made with 100% grass fed beef tallow and shea butter.


20% off everything in store today only - Elemental Rocks and Herbs.


Happy March Wildflowers! Spring is stirring, we’re leaning toward the light and the buds and blooms will be awakening soon. Let’s celebrate by drinking our flowers, shall we? Sip and remind yourself that you are nature too. 🌸🌼🌺 Come try our herbal tea blends - over 100 to choose from!


• Coltsfoot •
Beautiful coltsfoot flowers in bud and bloom by the river where the otters play.
It’s always a joy to see this lovely flowering first plant - usually by watery hangouts - creeks, streams, or rivers.
When there was coltsfoot abundance we used to make coltsfoot flower syrup but these days I don’t see enough of the little wonder to make anything.
The leaves are still commonly used for coughs and colds as an expectorating herb - bringing up the mucus - in other countries but this has reduced a lot since talk of the pyrrolizidine alkaloids present in coltsfoot.
When I sit with coltsfoot I get a feeling of edges that I’m both familiar with and that makes me feel unsettled - pushing lightly into the unknown, flower before leaf - illuminating the path. This humble little kin is a trailblazer used in our THC detox tea and elixirs, Granny's Krud Kutter, and other delicious expectorant tea blends. Come pick up a bottle of our THC detox at our store, Elemental Rocks and Herbs in Dawsonville, Georgia or online


We have loose leaf tea blends and tea infusers.


Come see us at the Spring Market at NoFo


Share with friends and family. This is going to be so fun - free gifts, a relaxing atmosphere, and delicious tea blends.


Do you have dogs? Have you noticed that their paws or ears smell like Fritos or Doritos? If so, message me or come see me at my store, Elemental Rocks and Herbs.


Are you on a high protein diet? Have you been diagnosed with Hoshimoto's, gallbladder stones, or edema? Come see me, we can help detox your liver and lymphatic system.


You've asked, we listened. Herbal Hair Growth Serum back in stock - vegan hair care, paraben free - organic herbs, thicker and fuller hair, strengthens hair, frizz reducer, great for all hair types, and won't clog pores. Pain Oil and more tallow balms. Thank you for supporting my mom-owned business. Available at Elemental Rocks and Herbs.


Are you looking for delicious teas but are tired of the options at the big box stores? Come see our vast selection or let our herbalist make you a special blend. Open Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm. 16 Bernard Long Street Suite 100 Dawsonville next to the Circle K gas station - look for the teal door.


It is cold and flu season. Do you have elderberry syrup or a syrup that will cut through the congestion, mucus, bronchitis, or possibly pneumonia? We do come see us at Elemental Rocks and Herbs in Dawsonville available in 4 oz, 8 oz and 16 oz jars.

Let Food Be Your Medicine 02/07/2022

Did you wake up with a scratchy throat or no voice? We have several syrups, extracts, and tea that may soothe your throat and lungs.

Let Food Be Your Medicine Visit us to supply your healthy life!


Have you checked out our website? Great information on our teas, tinctures, extracts, herbal remedies, and holistic syrup.

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We have some amazing products in store. sugar , Paw and Nose , lip , Goat's lotion and scrubs, Salt and Sugar scrubs, and more. Soon to be online and at our store, Elemental Rocks and Herbs.

Photos from Crushed Botanicals Apothecary's post 07/18/2021

Do you need an immune boost? We have an amazing syrup, Respiratory Rescue - contains Osha Root, Elecampane, Plantain, and more. 8 oz bottles $28 & 16 oz bottles $48. Knocks out strep and coughs. We also have Organic Elderberry Syrup with 9 herbs in 16 oz amber bottles for $25.


Give us a review and receive 10% off your next purchase of your order over $50 at our store, Elemental Rocks and Herbs.


Do want more than our traditional Elderberry Syrup? Check out Nutrient-Boost Lung Support with Osha Root and Elderberry.

This syrup combines potent herbs for the immune system with the tasty added benefits of elderberry for a syrup with a sweet, berry-like flavor. Use this syrup for immune support in times of need.
The blend of Echinaceas works synergistically to support immunity with phenolic compounds.
Osha Root*, historically used by Native Americans, supports respiratory health and helps alleviate symptoms such as a cough.
Yerba Mansa Root supports healthy mucous membranes and soothes swollen glands.
St. Johns wort helps support bacterial balance and soothe discomfort.
Usnea Lichen, a type of lichen that grows on trees, supports bacterial and microbial balance and eases and loosens phlegm.
Licorice Root flavors, sweetens, and serves as a demulcent to sooth irritated tissue.
Elderberry provides vitamin C, antioxidants, and other nutrients.
A dash of Cardamom rounds out this flavorful syrup!

Available for pickup in Cu***ng or Dawsonville plus shipping.


Have you purchased our wonderful products? Give us a review on FB for 10% off in store at Elemental Rocks and Herbs. Send us a screenshot for your coupon code.

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elemental rocks and herbs - Google Search 06/11/2021

Have you purchased from us before? Elderberry syrup, hand cream or salve, or an herbal tea. We will give you 10% off your order from Crushed Botanicals or Elemental Rocks and Herbs for a Google review. Please search Elemental Rocks and Herbs our retail store located in Dawsonville, Georgia. Send us a screenshot of your review and we will give you a special coupon code. Thank you for your business and we look forward to helping you more.

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What are you drinking today? I am drinking my respiratory tea with elderberry to boost my immune system. If you want something with more of a kick try our organic elderberry syrup with local honey $25 for a 16 oz bottle. The respiratory tea is available in 2 oz bags, 4 oz tins, and 6 oz bags


Now available Organic Herbal Cough Syrup for instant relief of sore throats, strep, sinusitis, or coughs. 8 oz bottles $20 contains wild cherry bark, mullein, marshmallow root, osha root, ginger, coltsfoot, elderberry, clove, and cardamon. Pickup in Cu***ng, Dawsonville, or can be shipped.


" I want to see people transforming their lives with the use of plants for medicine. The healing that comes from an herbal tea, tincture, bath salt, or salve can be so profound, many are shocked their body could accomplish something so large with something seemingly so small. The reconnection to the tradition of herbal medicine often gives purpose and meaning, helping people understand the world around them more intimately. The practice of herbal medicine is everyone's ancestral tradition, and you deserve to find yours. The Earth has a voice, and it is speaking through the plants". Let me show you how to listen to what the plants are trying to tell you, what you need to heal you from within. We have everything from cleansing products, loose herbs, loose leaf herbal teas (customized), balms and salves, tinctures, facial serums, skin conditioners, toners, and essential oils.


We are a group of herbalists that believe the world is a better place with more access to , herbalists, health products, goods, and community support.
We are connected to the Earth, we are connected to each other. Would you like to connect with us as well? Please like our page.


Crushed Botanicals Breathe EZ Syrup with and contains 11 herbs and natural ingredients - dilates the tract making the affected breathe easier, clears phlegm out of the lungs, potentially resists against recurrent respiratory , and improves respiratory strength and rejuvenates . Great for asthma sufferers, sinusitis, sneezing, running nose, congestion, bronchitis, and more.
Available in 16 oz $27 and 32 oz amber bottles $53


Common questions.

Do I scent my Salves!?

No I don't. I don't want to scent a Medicinal that you could be putting on to broken skin that could irritate what you're trying to heal.

What scent is my deodorant bar?

Unscented! Why!? See reasons above!

But I do have scented lip balms, soap, and magnesium oils.


Are you overwhelmed? Trouble sleeping or not resting? Crushed Botanicals makes custom blended herbal teas for holistic healing.


Are you struggling to meet your weight loss goals? I have changed a few things and have lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks and you could too. Ask me how

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Our Story

Crushed Botanicals is a purveyor of handcrafted organic skin care products and herb-infused salves and balms – perfect for your medicine chest. All of our original recipes are handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality and freshness, and we are dedicated to using sustainable organic ingredients.

With our ample selection of enticing flavors and scents you’re sure to find several products to suit your every desire. Please contact us if you have any questions about our products or ingredients. Thank you for shopping!

Apothecary balms, oils, herbal remedies, tinctures, tonics, and teas - Winter tonic, Magic muscle mender/bruise reducer, beard balms, healing balms, dry skin balms, migraine tinctures, diaper rash creams, anxiety solutions for dogs and humans, and dog nose crusty no more.

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16 Bernard Long Street, Suite 100
Dawsonville, GA

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