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Looking forward to visiting SL tomorrow!
It was great meeting you this past week!

Sterling Lighting is a manufacturer of low voltage LED outdoor lighting products. We offer a custom

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Happy Manufacturing Day! This day seeks to celebrate the creativity and innovation among those creating products and unlocking new technologies.

We are proud to be a top manufacturer of landscape lighting products sold exclusively to trade professionals.

We are also thankful to be a part of a regional, thriving hub for advanced manufacturing here in Danville and Southside Virginia.

“Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It's coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly.”—James Dyson

Danville VA Office of Economic Development & Tourism


An under-utilized fixture in landscape lighting design these days is the well light.

Sterling Lighting Co-Owner, Patrick Harders, shares how the SL06 Well Light gives a better spread of light and how it can virtually disappear for in-ground installation with our grass guard.

The particular installation Patrick discusses included 4 well lights around a large Maple tree, illuminating different angles, casting light onto the trunk, and showcasing different segments of branches.

Designers design. Lights shine.


Need a mini flood light that will provide the perfect light and stay in line on your next landscape lighting project?

Sterling Lighting Co-Owner, Patrick Harders, shares how to install the SL04 Mini Flood Light with an Extension Stem and Eagle Claw.

Reliable, sturdy, and built to last!


Our smallest well light is the SL36 Mini Well Light.

Sterling Lighting Co-Owner, Patrick Harders, shares all of its features plus how to install in this video.

-Single source CREE LED for greater lux control ⁣
-Versatile and discrete fixture that blends into its environment⁣
-Small, compact design⁣
-Solid brass, durable construction⁣
-High color rendering index⁣
-Ideal for compact settings such as hardscapes, driveways, or patios ⁣
-Pre-construction installation with 1.25” sleeved PVC pipe

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Let it shine!

Our SL11 Archer Light (just one on the tree) at work.

Nighttime landscape transformations, begin with the right light. One luminaire goes a long way.


Sterling Lighting Co-Founder, Patrick Harders, shows how to install the SL11 Archer Light.

This small, sleek fixture is available in either high lumen or low lumen output.


Our Co-Owner, Patrick Harders's next big project (outside of landscape lighting) is restoring this...

Like quality, vintage products that were built to last, Sterling Lighting fixtures are crafted for performance and longevity. Our line is sold exclusively to landscape lighting professionals.

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Yesterday we celebrated our office September birthdays taking place this weekend.

🎉🎉 A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our team members, Tracy and Steve. 🎉🎉

Aren't the customized cupcake toppers Kayleigh made fantastic? 🧁⚡

When they're not working, Steve enjoys acting 🎭 with local theater group, Smokestack Theatre Company, and Tracy enjoys fishing 🎣.

Happy birthday from all of your co-workers at Sterling Lighting!


Patrick Harders shares best practices for installing our SL04 Mini Flood Light.

✓ Find the proper distance from the object you wish to illuminate. For small ornamental trees we recommend about 30 inches off.
✓ Use a digging bar (a 1-inch diameter steel bar) to dig your pilot hole.
✓ Determine the proper angle to position the fixture head.

A superb wash light for many outdoor lighting applications!


No gimmicks.
Just superb landscape lighting products designed for you.

We focus on light quality, consistency, and creating products for permanent installation.

Our products are built specifically for lighting designers.


Why should a landscape lighting designer use luminaires with single source LEDs?

Patrick Harders explains why.

(Hint: Better control and light output are two big reasons, but there are more!)


Today we are pleased to celebrate the work anniversary of several members of our customer care team! 🎉

We started off with a special breakfast and pictured here are Kayleigh and Logan with their certificates to commemorate this milestone.

We are so grateful for all the hard work our staff puts in each day and celebrate this special milestone!


Sterling Lighting Co-Owner, Patrick Harders, shares design tips for illuminating small, ornamental trees.

Use a combination of uplighting & downlighting.

Go soft with the light output.

Use the SL33 Mini Down Light for an incredible effect.


Need to elevate your fixtures?

Our extension stems are top quality! Easy to install, sturdy, and available in 0.75" and 1.5" diameter.


What makes your landscape lighting projects successful and remarkable?

Your designs + the Right Product

Reliable, high performance luminaires by Sterling Lighting, LLC will help set you apart.


One of our most popular fixtures, the SL01 Up Light, is a simple install out of the box. Sleek, versatile, compact, and built to last.

Patrick Harders shares the features of this luminaire plus his own installation tips including using a poking stick or steel bar to create the pilot hole, determining the position and angle, how deep to bury the fixture, and how to make it shine.


Line up your down lights with a laser!

Josh Palmer, from Sterling Lighting, LLC & Enlightened Lighting, LLC, shares this great tip to position your down light properly the first time. Eliminate the need to climb back up each tree to reposition luminaires after installation.

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Happy National Truck Driver Appreciation Week to our amazing and hard-working FedEx driver, Devin!

We can't say enough great things about Devin. He takes great pride in his work, is personable and has an infectious smile. Our team member, LaShaun, happened to attend high school with Devin back in the day, and she said he has not changed a bit since school, even then he was always driving his friends around.

We all have really enjoyed getting to know Devin and learning that when he's not working, Devin is an avid fisher and loves Dodge diesel trucks. He has made several offers to our team member, Tracy, for her beloved Dodge Ram 2500 :).

Devin is meticulous with our orders and you can just tell that he loves working for FedEx! We are truly honored to be "one of his favorite stops."

Thank you, Devin!
National Truck Drivers Appreciation


Our hefty & premium SL21 Up Light has many benefits for lighting designers!

✓ Up to 1,000 lumen, adjustable output.
✓ Comes with hex lens that sits on top of the fixture; a great glare guard.
✓ Flat lens design reduces rainwater build up.
✓ Comes with solid brass stake.

Patrick Harders shares his SL21 Up Light installation tips:
✓ Set the desired lumen output inside the fixture before installation.
✓ Set the adjustable threaded base at the angle you desire.
✓ If application requires more light output and glare is not an issue, remove the hex lens to increase output.
✓ Use a metal post for easy installation at proper depth.
✓ Do final test with channel locks to tighten down.


Patrick Harders shares his tips on how to install our SL23 Down Light.

Some key features:
- 2-point locking mechanism,
- Hanger Bolt Driver Accessory for easy installation
- 50 foot wire lead,
- Adjustable, threaded base allowing easy pivot of fixture.

Bonus tips:
- Leave about 1-1.5" space for tree growth,
- Use the long wire lead to run down the back of the tree. A zip-tie anchoring system works well,
- Use a laser to insure proper positioning of light during daytime installation. Take a laser right at the center, focal point, and direct it right where the light should shine.
- Go soft with down lighting. You don't need it as bright as you may think, unless you are shining down on something like a blacktop surface which will absorb the light.


How do you set the lighting scenes in your projects?

Patrick Harders shares how he created the scene for this client's property to highlight beautiful tree specimens and bring out the full dimensions.

Cherry blossoms illuminate beautifully, particularly in the spring. 🌸💡

Creating the proper scene does not mean overpowering with one light, but rather, designing a lighting plan that softly illuminates and brings out different viewing angles.

LUC at the Sterling Summit 2023 09/11/2023

Thank you, Light Up Columbus, for sharing a video recap from our Danville Summit! Chris Apfelstadt & Frank Dudzik share their big takeaways from our 3rd annual event

LUC at the Sterling Summit 2023 The Light Up Columbus team had an incredible experience learning from our favorite manufacturer Sterling Lighting. Here is a video about their 2023 event and...

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A month and a half ago, lighting designers from across the globe gathered in Danville, VA for our 3rd annual Lighting Design Challenge. This took place during the two evenings of our Danville Summit.

Tasked with bringing their designs to completion in an accelerated timeframe with a limited number of lighting fixtures, designers were challenged to transform three key areas of Atkinson Farms.

We provided the products, they provided the talent!

Traveling from Arizona, USA and Athens, Greece, world renowned lighting design pioneers, Janet Lennox Moyer and Eleftheria Deko Lighting Design, served as judges.

The judges recognized the following:

Team One "Reception Barn Area" -- Best Feature Focus
Team Two "Lodge Area" -- Best Functional Lighting
Team Three "Agricultural Barn Area" -- Best Overall Scene, Best Natural Scene, and Best Structural Scene

👏👏👏 Fantastic work by all three teams!

Photo credit: Ian Leppke from NiteLiters Inc.


You asked.
We listened.

This glare guard accessory for our SL06 Well Light is a great option.

Our Co-Owner, Patrick Harders, shares how this high-demand accessory, SL06 Cup Top, can benefit your lighting designs.


Robust & heavy duty. Our SL07 Path Light is a solid choice for landscape lighting designers. Sterling Lighting Co-Founder, Patrick Harders, shares his tips for installing Sterling's signature path light


Good lighting designers try to eliminate light glare in their projects.

As a designer and manufacturer of premium-grade, low-voltage landscape lighting fixtures, we have designed accessories to help minimize harsh glare.

Our Sterling Lighting Co-Founder, Patrick Harders, shares our light glare solutions for our SL01 Up Light.


This is how lighting professionals install our SL06 Well Light. 💪 💡

Patrick Harders & Enlightened Lighting, LLC share step by step instructions for best results.

✓ Unscrew the top and set the brightness at the lumen setting you want between 0lm-1000lm.

✓ Counter-spin the top while disconnected (rotate counter clockwise to twist the wires before screwing on the top).

✓ Apply grease at the point of connection where the top will be screwed back on. Screw on the top (standard top or use accessories sold separately like our Grass Ring, Fl**ge Top, Grill Top, or Cup Top) turning clockwise (thus untwisting the wires). The grease at the connection will help protect against moisture pe*******on.

✓ Dig a hole about 1-1.5 feet deep and fill with gravel to allow better drainage.

✓ Install the SL06 Well Light in the ground.

✓ Pack in dirt around the SL06 Well Light and make sure it's level.

Question for other lighting installers: Any additional tips & tricks for how you install well lights?


Our Co-Owner, Patrick Harders, shares our new SL16 Well Light!

This mid-sized well light has adjustable lumen settings, a durable, frosted lens, and an internal hex lens, plus it fits in a 2-inch sleeved PVC pipe.

Great product design with landscape lighting designers & installers in mind.

Top quality, ease of installation and service, durable yet elegant... this light has it all.


Our Sterling Lighting, LLC SL07 Path Light is different than other path lights on the market. Designed to last and built to be reliable.

Our Co-Owner, Patrick Harders, shares some of the design advantages of our path light:

✅ Sturdy, threaded top to eliminate crooked tops,
❌ No bars holding up the top, creating unnecessary shadows/lines,
✅ Center of gravity in the middle of the fixture
❌ No heavy tops or thin stems,
✅ Everything threads together,
❌ No light glare, due to LED being tucked down in the fixture,
✅ Uses bounce technology to reflect light,
✅ Frosted lens to create soft light,
✅ Heftiness resulting from premium materials and components.


Here at Sterling Lighting we're focused on building products that stand the test of time.

What inspires us?
The old world quality; products that were built to last.

What else inspires us?
You, the lighting designers ,who are creating amazing designs for your clients. Our fixtures were created with you in mind.

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Meet our newest product:

The SL16 Well Light!

Well, it's nice to meet you.

This new product helps complete our great line of well lights. Smaller than our SL06 Well Light and larger than our SL36 Mini Well Light, this fixture is perfect for applications requiring a mid-sized well light. The body of the fixture measures 4.5" in length and the width is 1.875" diameter.

Fully adjustable from 100 lm - 400 lm output, available in Marine-Grade, Virgin Brass with an Antique Bronze finish and UV Coating.

The SL16 Well Light is in stock and ready to ship. Order now to add this to your lighting arsenal!

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Our Sterling Lighting team wants to thank our wonderful Danville Summit 2023 emcee, Sharon Delaney McCloud!

We are grateful to have had Sharon Delaney on TV welcome our attendees, lead our event on stage, introduce our speakers, make announcements, keep the event rolling, and so much more. She puts the "MC" in "McCloud" ;)

Sharon is no stranger to the lighting and technology industry. Besides speaking at our Sterling Lighting Danville Summit, she was a speaker at the 2018 American Lighting Association annual conference and has emceed the North Carolina Technology Association annual conference and NC Tech Awards for several years.

Thank you, Sharon, for being a part of our event!

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Jim "The Rookie" Morris's closing keynote was a grand slam! What a fantastic way to close out our Danville Summit 2023. ⚾️💥

Jim Morris's life has been so remarkable, that Disney made a movie about it. He is known as one of baseball's oldest rookies.

We were honored to have Jim close out our summit with his incredible keynote. His message was inspiring. Jim shared his story and discussed second chances, dreams you thought you'd never achieve, pouring into others, persevering, remembering who you are, and surrounding yourself with "dream-makers" to push you to be the best you can be.

Thank you, Jim, for sharing your story, spending time with us, and inspiring us all!

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JD Brooks & Graham McClain of Southern Lightscapes' presentation at the Danville Summit was a big hit!

They first spoke at our inaugural summit in 2021 and they returned to the stage to speak at our 2023 Danville Summit, providing an update on what has happened in their business.

Southern Lightscapes is a great example of explosive growth and managing multiple locations. In the past two years they have grown from one location to four locations across three states.

During JD's presentation, he shared their keys to growth, fine-tuned systems, and marketing efforts that have helped them achieve success.

Our Sterling Lighting team wants to thank JD & Graham for pulling back the curtain and sharing such valuable insights with our attendees!

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Kudos to Corey Halstead of Halstead Media Group for speaking at our Danville Summit 2023! His marketing session "Breaking Through the Barriers: Unlocking Stability & Growth in Your Landscape Lighting Business" was extremely informative and a big hit with our attendees as well as his round table discussion!

A few of our attendees shared:

"Corey Halstead’s marketing session was my favorite. It’s my company's weakest link"

"The Marketing/Advertising by Corey Halstead was incredible. Excited to learn & apply to our businesses"

"The marketing talk was in my top 3 favorite sessions."

Thank you, Corey, for being a part of our event and sharing your passion and knowledge!

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Dan Ralphs from Dream Leadership has been a favorite repeat speaker at our Danville Summit.

This year Dan spoke on:

▪️How to think like a CEO: The Six Foundational Steps to Build a Scalable Business

▪️People Are WOW: The Secret Sauce to Being the Inspirational Leader of Humans

Some of the feedback we received from this year's summit attendees:

"Dan Ralphs was the best speaker."

"Dan Ralphs - I always like hearing ways to better grow the business and things to be thinking about."

"Really appreciated Dan Ralphs' sessions because I was looking for that type of help going into the summit."

"Dan Ralphs was excellent. Dealt with real life business events to learn & apply to our businesses & designs"

Dan is not just a great speaker, he knows business, and he is passionate about helping small business owners get their lives back from their business.

We're thankful to partner with Dan!

Sterling Lighting's 2023 Danville Summit Shines a Spotlight on Global Lighting Design and Business Development - EdisonReport 08/15/2023

Thank you, Randy Reid, for highlighting our Danville Summit for lighting design and business development in EdisonReport!
It was an honor to have you interview two lighting icons at our event.

Sterling Lighting's 2023 Danville Summit Shines a Spotlight on Global Lighting Design and Business Development - EdisonReport Danville, VA – Sterling Lighting’s renowned annual summit has once again positioned itself as the go-to event for landscape and architectural lighting designers. With a lineup of influential speakers, including pioneers in lighting design and industry trailblazers, this event is a significant hi...

Photos from Sterling Lighting, LLC's post 08/14/2023

Our Sterling Lighting team wants to give a huge thanks to the incredibly talented landscape lighting designers who presented on our "Project Walk Through" Panel during the Danville Summit 2023.

Chris Apfelstadt of Light Up Columbus,
Kevin Bolt Fontaine of BOLT Outdoor Lighting Pros,
Anthony Bogdanovich of California Outdoor Lighting,
& Chris Mitchell of NiteLiters Inc.


Showcasing projects from across the country, from coast to coast, your projects inspired our attendees, both novice and advanced designers alike.

Attendees told us:
"The designer project walk-throughs was one of my favorite sessions."
"I loved getting to know other designers and learn their styles & techniques."

Thank you Chris, Kevin, Anthony, and Chris for sharing your talents and expertise with the lighting community. We greatly appreciate your help in making the summit such a fantastic event!

Photos from Sterling Lighting, LLC's post 08/13/2023

It was an honor to have the "goddess of light" and a pioneer in landscape lighting, Janet Lennox Moyer, speak at our Danville Summit 2023!

Thank you, Janet, for sharing your design techniques and insight, and playing such a vital role in our event: presenting on "Using Light as Art in the Landscape," holding a book signing, sitting on a panel, leading a round table discussion, and judging our Design Challenge. Our Sterling Lighting team and attendees are so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you!

Photos from Sterling Lighting, LLC's post 08/12/2023

ευχαριστώ (Thank you) to legendary Eleftheria Deko of Eleftheria Deko Lighting Design for being a part of our Danville Summit 2023!
Eleftheria presented her keynote, participated in a panel and round table discussion, plus served as a judge during our Design Challenge.

Eleftheria shared "It was an amazing experience for me to be part of the landscape lighting designers’ “family” … to be able to share my passion and my philosophy on lighting , also to inspire and get inspired!"

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