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Advanced RadioRA3 Training 09/26/2022

Advanced RadioRA3 Training

Our company is proud to partner with Lutron Electronics for an advanced RadioRA 3 course in October. Space is limited, but we have a few tickets left, so register today!

This is the perfect opportunity for lighting designers and technicians to advance their knowledge and experience with Lutron lighting control through a hands-on training course.

Date: Thursday, October 6, 2022
Time: 9am - 4pm EDT
Location: Executive Conference & Training Center - Dulles
Price: $299 value, marked down to FREE with discount code LUTRONFALL22

Course Description: RadioRA 3 Level 4 (L4) Training is an instructor-led, one-day course that uses fully functional lab equipment to build a stronger foundation and understanding of the online RadioRA 3 training concepts and cover advanced concepts of the RadioRA 3 Designer software. Advanced concepts include a deeper dive into the Design and Programming tabs, hands on activation of both Clear Connect Type A and X devices, as well as a full explanation of the Reports and Tools options in order to better support the customer’s needs and expectations.

Advanced RadioRA3 Training At our 2022 Sterling Lighting Danville Summit, Lutron trainers presented on RadioRA 3 from our main stage and later hosted a roundtable discussion with attendees to dive deeper into lighting automation. Since our goal is to elevate the landscape lighting industry by providing top quality products an...

Photos from Sterling Lighting, LLC's post 08/03/2022

Photos from Sterling Lighting, LLC's post


Thank you Star News TV for sharing our Sterling Lighting Design Challenge Reveal Night! So impressed by the lighting artistry that happened in just two short nights, culminating in this incredible spectacle. Over 60 lighting designers from across North America transformed three distinct areas of Averett University, reenvisioning the nightscape on campus.


There are still a few spots left for the Danville Summit (July 19-22) and we are offering a Technician Ticket FLASH SALE!

Bring your technicians to the summit so more members of your team can benefit from this event.

Use discount code TECH22 to get $400 off tickets for your technicians. The discount code is only valid through Friday, June 17, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST. Click the link below for the discount code to automatically be applied to your cart during the final step of checkout. See you at the summit!

Timeline photos 06/08/2022

We recently announced our partnership with the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals to offer their CLVLT (Certified Low Voltage Lighting Technician) exam at our Danville Summit next month!

This is your last chance to take the test in 2022 & the 1st time that the exam will be offered on the East Coast in over two years.

Date: July 20-21, 2022
Location: Danville Summit taking place at Averett University in Danville, VA
Registration Link:

Once you sign up through AOLP, you’ll get access to study guide information and a digital overview directly from the AOLP to ensure you are prepared.

It’s the perfect opportunity for you and your technicians to take your experience to the next level through certification.
Register today, as space is limited.

Note, the price for the AOLP CLVLT exam will be paid directly to AOLP through their registration link. Separate registration for the entire Danville Summit can be purchased through our Sterling Lighting website.

Timeline photos 05/31/2022

Your time to secure discounted early bird pricing on tickets to the Danville Summit ends tonight at midnight, so grab your tickets today!

Remember to use the code EarlyBirdSL to receive $400 off per ticket.

Click the link below for the discount code to automatically be applied to your cart during the final step of checkout, on the payment page:

Danville Summit 2022 05/29/2022

Danville Summit 2022

Exciting News!
The Danville Summit 2022 (July 19-22) is now offering CLVLT (Certified Low Voltage Lighting Technician) certification! We have teamed up with AOLP and will be providing the training and exam on site for you and your technicians.

As AOLP states "Set yourself apart from the competition, gain respect, acquire knowledge and invest in your future."

The official certification sign up page will be available soon, cost for the CLVLT training and exam will be $450 per applicant. You will also need an active AOLP membership and a Sterling Lighting Danville Summit ticket to participate.

Early Bird Pricing for the Danville Summit ends soon so make sure you get your ticket today at

For more information comment below or contact us at [email protected] / 800-939-1849

Danville Summit 2022 Tickets for admission to the Danville Summit being held July 19-22, 2022 at Averett University. The All Access Pass is valid for admission to all seminars, workshops, and keynotes, plus participation in the design workshops and competition. Meals will also be included in your summit package, startin...


We're excited to share that Dr. Tim A. Gardner will be giving our closing keynote at the Danville Summit on July 22, 2022!

Dr. Tim Gardner is passionate about helping people live their best lives in every area. Since the early 1980s, Tim has worked extensively as a leader and innovator in the fields of human relationships, organizational culture, and leadership development.

Tim brings his straight-talking, highly interactive and humor-laden style to create excitement and lasting change, blending the latest in scientific research with good old-fashioned story telling.

Over Tim’s years he has served as director of culture and leadership development for a national home services company as well as educator and executive coach for his own leadership development company.

Tim spent the first 20 years of his career on the clinical side of helping people, founding two professional counseling centers. With a bachelor’s from the University of Texas and a doctorate from Anderson University, Tim has published three books and dozens of magazine articles.

He was twice elected to his local school board, serving as board president three times. Tim plays racquetball, practices yoga, and holds a first-degree black belt in Taekwondo. He and his wife, Amy, are active in multiple causes related to mentoring disadvantaged children and serving those facing food insecurity. They have three grown children and make their home in central Indiana … when they’re not hanging out on a beach!


We have another Danville Summit Speaker Announcement! We're pleased to share that Cristian Shirilla, Marketing Manager at River Pools, will be speaking about video marketing at our Danville Summit on July 20!

During the past five years, Cristian has played a key role in leading River Pools to become the top video educational source answering all questions related to pools and pool installation. Since creating the company's YouTube channel in 2016, Cristian has produced and/or starred in over 200 videos, leading their channel to hit over 5 Million views.

The company has grown exponentially through their video and inbound marketing strategies and is now recognized as one of the top manufacturers and installers of high-end, fiberglass pools.

Cristian looks forward to speaking at our summit to share how you can harness the power of video to amplify your message and brand.


We have another Danville Summit speaker highlight to share: Gwen Mattes of HR Mpact!

We know owning a small business can have its challenges and that's why we're bringing in an expert to cover the “Top HR Challenges for Small Business Owners and How to Fix Them."

When it comes to growing your team and managing your personnel, it helps to have the insight from a seasoned human resources professional.

That leads us to introducing Gwen Mattes, SPHR, a Senior Consultant with HR Mpact, a human resource consulting company. Gwen has over two decades of human resources management experience in the service, technology, newspaper, retail, broadcast, and distribution sectors.

Prior to joining HR Mpact, Gwen was the Director of Human Resources for a small energy company in Richmond, VA. She has developed broad expertise in large, medium and small organizations. A hands-on HR professional, she excels at supporting her clients through needs assessments and developing training tools to meet those needs. She also has a proven track record in employee relations investigations, performance management training, and manager coaching.

Gwen is based in Richmond, VA and looks forward to sharing her knowledge and help answer any HR questions during the Danville Summit this July!

The Surprising Practicality of Dreaming | Dan Dan Ralphs | TEDxPSU 05/24/2022

The Surprising Practicality of Dreaming | Dan Dan Ralphs | TEDxPSU

Danville Summit Speaker Highlight:
Meet small business growth expert, Dan Ralphs, who will be helping us kick off the Danville Summit for our first full day of sessions!

Sterling Lighting co-founders Patrick Harders & Damien Sanchez first worked with Dan and his team about a decade ago, and his tools, framework, and coaching led to substantial growth in their individual businesses and their joint business.

Want to know a little more about Dan?

Dan is the CEO and Founder of Dream Leadership Consulting. For years, Dan has coached companies who are working to transition from 7-figures to 8-figures in their business. This is a particularly tricky transition for anyone because it is the moment when a leader moves from business owner to CEO. Dan and his team at Elite have worked with hundreds of business owners and help them to grow both in terms of bottom line revenue but also in the quality of their culture. Having helped lead a company that was both on the Inc 500 and on the Great Places to Work lists at the same time, Dan understands how to strike the balance for both stakeholders, and employees. Before founding Dream Leadership Consulting, Dan was the facilitator of the Dreaming Program at Infusionsoft (a small software company in Chandler, AZ), where he helped its employees to identify, articulate and accomplish their dreams. As a result of his work, he has developed an amazing ability to help people discover their own dreams and learn how to go after them. His realistic approach to dreaming recognizes that dreaming is not a ‘magic pill’ but rather a new way of thinking about our ability to create.

Also, check out his TEDx talk on the topic of dreaming big!

The Surprising Practicality of Dreaming | Dan Dan Ralphs | TEDxPSU Dream Manager, Dan Ralphs, clearly details the anatomy of a dream and how we can leverage dreaming to help ourselves and those we lead grow more creative, gr...

Danville Summit 05/24/2022

Danville Summit

A word from Patrick Harders:

I apologize for the length in advance.
In 2011 I realized in order for my business to change, I needed to first challenge my thinking and start coming up with a plan to grow. I was thirteen years into running my lighting business, with myself, two loyal people helping me on installs and someone answering the phones. My business had simply stalled and to add to the challenge we had started a manufacturing company that was pulling me out of the installation field. Ultimately, I was the bottleneck on my company’s growth.
One of the first steps was hearing Dan Ralph’s discussion on understanding the stages of a business and how to overcome each one. (That is why he is kicking off our Danville Summit.)
I came back to my team in fall of 2013 and told them that we have a new goal to grow our business from $600k to 6M. It was a goal that was almost embarrassing to vocalize and I am not sure anyone else believed me. We are approaching 2/3rds of our goal and we should hit our full goal by 2024. We also set out to build a 10m organization between companies, which we did in 8 years. It was an amazing ride that started with an investment in growing myself, my people, and my business.
I believe this next decade is going to be the most transformational one in landscape lighting. I believe we are going to see designs reaching levels we have not even conceived. It will be like looking back at our projects we did 20 years ago and wondering, “What was I thinking?” I believe we will see lighting businesses that grow to the 10m mark as fairly commonplace. We have set goals for both the design/ install and the manufacturing that are embarrassing to vocalize again. Hitting our goals can only be accomplished through better products, better designs, amazing opportunities for our people, and an amazing customer experience.
I want to personally invite everyone to our event in Danville, Virginia. We are going to go through how to truly scale your business. We are bringing together the absolute best lighting designers to lead design training. We are going to have new opportunities to add true complimentary services that will grow your business. We are going to cover proven strategies to impact your business. We are bringing in a number of speakers that will address many strategies that will help you from day to day to long term growth.
Finally, due to over 20 lighting technicians already signed up for the event, we are going to have technician training breakouts to make certain your technicians leave excited and have new skills that elevate their skill set as well. This will include field/ outdoor training run by many of the top installers in our industry.
Our goal in 2014 was to elevate and change the lighting industry. I believe this next decade is going to be an amazing one and cannot wait to watch some of you grow your business and this industry to levels we never thought possible.
If you are interested, I will see you in Danville, VA in July.

For more information about our Danville, VA Summit click here:

Danville Summit Sterling Lighting


Newest piece of equipment we are adding to our Danville Warehouse & Headquarters.... our own Integrating Sphere! 🌑

We'll be using this equipment in the future for light measurements to help determine each fixture's total lumen output, efficacy, CRI, TM-30 Rf, TM-30 Rg, etc. Our in-house testing capabilities are growing!

Timeline photos 05/20/2022

Massive! This arrived at our Danville, VA warehouse last month.
Anyone want to guess what it is?


2 months countdown until our summit!

That's right, in just 2 months we’ll be kicking off our Danville Summit (July 19-22, 2022) at Averett University!

This is a conference we have been planning for months, and our entire Sterling Lighting, LLC team couldn’t be more excited to see you there.

The conference tickets are selling quickly and our Early Bird discount of 50% off All Access Passes ends soon, May 31 (Use code EarlyBirdSL at checkout). You do not want to miss out on the top landscape lighting event of the year!

What makes this event a must-attend event for landscape lighting designers?

1. TOP SPEAKERS: A stellar line-up of speakers sharing their expertise and strategies to take your business and designs to the next level. Conference sessions will cover everything from scaling your business, leading your team, handling HR problems, creating marketing videos, and more.

2. MEET A LANDSCAPE LIGHTING LEGEND: The chance to meet legendary, landscape lighting designer and author, Janet Lennox Moyer, and attend a special book signing for her newly published book, The Art of Landscape Lighting Design.

3. NETWORK: The opportunity to network with landscape lighting designers from across the country.

4. DESIGN CHALLENGE: Averett University’s beautiful, historic campus will serve as the setting for our nighttime lighting design challenge competition! Teams will be assigned an area of campus to create a lighting schema and temporarily install fixtures for the special Reveal Night.

5. TECHNOLOGY: Expert seminars on advances in landscape lighting technology; get the latest updates from our product development team, plus attend our Lutron RadioRA 3 with final completion of the certificate online.

Grab your tickets now!

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Danville, Virginia Summit - 2021



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