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We are a hot air balloon ride operator and provider for the Western Indianapolis areas.


New schedule is posted for 2022!!!

Photos from Hoist the Colours Ballooning's post 11/08/2021

Looks like mother nature gave us one last week of beautiful weather to fly before the end of the season! I want to thank all those who crewed I made this year happen!! The schedule for next year will be updated in the coming months.



Hello all!! The weather is starting to warm and I know many of you are looking to get in the air! The 2021 schedule has been updated and is live at www.HTCBalloon.com

Hope all are well and healthy! Stay safe and see you in the air!!


Happy Montgolfier Day!! If you have flown with us, you have been told of that fateful 1st balloon flight all those years ago in 1783 with the duck, the rooster, and the mountain goat!
Our balloon season is at an end and will try to resume at the beginning of April 2021! Gift certificates are available for the holiday season, Valentine's day, and beyond. Calm winds and soft landings to all!

Photos from Hoist the Colours Ballooning's post 07/07/2020

It was hot and sticky, but we still had a fun flight this morning from Bargersville Fire Department. We landed in Franklin at the Legends golf course parking lot! I don't think I interrupted too many back swings, but we certainly got golfers attention 🥰

Photos from Hoist the Colours Ballooning's post 06/21/2020

Tonight's flight was brisk but a lot of fun! We launched from Ellis Park in Danville and landed somewhere north of i-74 West to brownsburg. Back in the deepwood but still nice cut grass and a long gravel road. We were packing up in the evening civil twilight today though.

Photos from Hoist the Colours Ballooning's post 06/18/2020

Today was a warm one but we still had an amazing slow flight over Eastern Danville. We took off out of Pecar park and landed at Gordon Graham Field. It was a beautiful day and we saw many people. I'm up hearing all the kids yell "LAND AT THE PARK" for 15 minutes while we flew over the subdivision. 😅😆


Good Morning! Today is a wonderful day to fly!! We will be launching from Picard park in Avon, off of 100N. Look to the skies after 7 pm!


Look for us in the sky is tonight after 7:00 p.m.! We will be launching from Washington township Park and headed west toward Danville

Photos from Hoist the Colours Ballooning's post 06/13/2020

Well what an absolutely fun flight tonight! First thank you so much Cory and Joe for coming out to crew! My passengers Joy, Paulina, and Noah thanks so much for your patience when we landed to take up 25+ Danville High School students celebrating a few of their classmates graduation party!!! Also to Seth for having another balloon in the air! Looking forward to getting in the air again soon!

Photos from Hoist the Colours Ballooning's post 05/13/2020

Had a wonderful flight tonight with passenger Teresa and Gabriel! Tri West to Brownsburg! Looks like the only flight for at least a week due to the weather! Thank you Phillip for coming out to crew!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Our 2020 schedule is now live! Check out availability at www.HTCBalloon.com

Photos from Hoist the Colours Ballooning's post 10/18/2019

I ha e been off Facebook for a few months, but we've had an amazing year of flying! Thank you for a wonderful 2019!! Looking forward to 2020!!

Photos from Hoist the Colours Ballooning's post 07/13/2019

If you saw us in Ellis Park tonight, we were doing a photo shoot for wedding invitations for this September. Thank you so much Heidi and Michael for taking pictures and crewing, congratulations Traci and Joel on your wedding in September!!

Photos from Hoist the Colours Ballooning's post 07/09/2019

Had a brisk flight tonight, we took off from Brownsburg and landed in Danville! Took off in 7 mph winds, averaged 12 mph, and landed with 4 mph on a gravel access road between bean fields! The land owner was a hoot and happy to see my pirate hat 😁 today's passengers were friends, one being an auction winner from last year's Republic Airlines Plane pull!! Such a beautiful day!!

Photos from Hoist the Colours Ballooning's post 07/06/2019

Had a beautiful hot sticky flight this morning with wonderful passengers! They are our neighbors just outside our neighborhood!

Photos from Hoist the Colours Ballooning's post 06/02/2019

We had a beautiful speedy flight this morning from North Salem to somewhere west of Danville. Heyden I believe! Thank you so much Phillip for coming out to crew!

Hoist The Colours Ballooning 03/20/2019

Hoist The Colours Ballooning

Good Morning everyone! The new website is live with a seem less booking procedure! Check it out, let me know what you think!


Hoist The Colours Ballooning Experience the thrill of a lifetime as we embark on an adventure flying over the towns, woods, and fields in and around Danville, Brownsburg, Plainfield, and Avon!


2 weeks until spring! Followed shortly by the start of the Ballooning season! Unfortunately it is also the wet season, but we'll do our best to start flying again! Look for an overhaul of our website in the coming weeks as well as an updated schedule.

Photos from Hoist the Colours Ballooning's post 01/21/2019

Last Wednesday we went to Maple Elementary School and talked to 6 grade levels from Pre-K - 4th grade. We talked about Hot Air Ballooning from beginning to modern and how balloons operate! The kids had a blast!!


Guys and Gals it's that time of year again!!! Give the gift of an experience this Valentine's Day! Purchase a gift certificate for a balloon ride! $200/person for single shared rides (Reg. $225/person) or $550/private ride for two! (Reg. $650/two). Check out our website www.HTCBalloon.com for ride specifications or call (317) 666-5627 for more info!


Looking forward to a wonderful 2019!!!


Moments made special in our balloon!

Photos from Hoist the Colours Ballooning's post 10/01/2018

Had a wonderful flight this morning, it was a special flight as the gentleman was proposing to his girlfriend. She said yes. We saw 80 degrees of steering, surface winds at 4-6 mph and peek winds at 1500-1800 ft at 30 mph. This was my longest flight in a while. We traveled 20 miles from Cascade High School to Pittsboro. The flight lasted about an hour 15.

Photos from Hoist the Colours Ballooning's post 09/18/2018

Had a wonderful flight with an old co-worker Tim and his wife Lisa! Took off from TriWest High School and landed in the waterway of a local farm bean field. After talking things over with the land owner, everything was fine and damage was not to the extent of what onlookers decided it was. Danville is such a pleasure to fly over and the people are the best!


Look for 2 balloons tonight launching from Danville around 6-630 pm tonight!

Photos from Hoist the Colours Ballooning's post 09/05/2018

Had a fantastic flight from the Gregg Township Fire Department in Monrovia, for the scouts! Flew about 8 miles Northwest and landed in a hay field with some lovely landowners! Great job Joe Burger on your first training flight!!


We wanted to do a splash-n-dash in these ponds, but 7 mph was a little fast, so we flew on to land

Photos from Hoist the Colours Ballooning's post 08/31/2018

Fun flight tonight. Launched from Tri-West high school and landed just north of SR 236. Had a blast with Co-worker Casey and his Mom Cheryl! Thank you so much for coming out to crew Joe and Zander!!

Photos from Hoist the Colours Ballooning's post 08/15/2018

Talk about a gorgeous day, not a lot of steering, but a very good direction. We launched from Danville Middle school and ended up just west of Green Street in Brownsburg. I had two wonder passengers, a speech therapist Jodi and her husband Kurt. They are friends with our good friend Jason, whom took his flight with us about a month ago. The rest of the week looks pretty glum for balloon flying. We'll be up again soon. Thanks so much Ted Gransbury and dog Rusty for coming out to crew!!!

Photos from Hoist the Colours Ballooning's post 08/12/2018

Had a beautiful flight this morning from Tri-West High School to Clear Creek subdivision in Danville! We even had our friends at FireFly Balloons flying with us! Thanks so much Teddy, Tiff, and Fro for coming along to crew!


Fog kept us grounded this morning. We are going to try to fly again tomorrow morning.

Hoist The Colours Ballooning 08/02/2018

Hoist The Colours Ballooning

We are in the heart of the Hot Air Balloon season now until early October! For details on booking a ride over Hendricks County, head on over to www.HTCBalloon.com or for a discount check out the https://danvilleparks.recdesk.com/Community/Program page. We have openings most Evenings Monday-Friday. So long as there is no threat of thunderstorms, rain, or high winds (greater than 6 mph).

Hoist The Colours Ballooning Hot air balloon sight seeing flights in Hendricks County Indiana


Come out to the Hendricks County 4-H fair Thursday and Friday evening. We are scheduled, weather depending, to do tethered hot air balloon rides. It's an opportunity to get the hot air balloon experience up to the tree tops for 3-5 minutes. Rides are $15/adult and $8/children under 13 years of age. We will either be behind the Grand Stands or in the back North West corner of the facility by parking. Space is limited and rides are not sold in advance. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!!

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