Vallorani Estates & Cigars

Vallorani Estates & Cigars

Vallorani Estates is the over-arching brand that operates THRASHER COFFEE and VALLORANI CI**RS. Long ago, it was written that God caused the grass to grow for the livestock, plants for man to cultivate, and wine to gladden his heart.

Homer said no poem was ever written by a drinker of water, and wine fills the heart with courage said Plato. Our company motto is a quote from Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius: When you arise in the morning, think what a precious privilege it is to be alive -- to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. To this end, generations of Valloranis have smiled over sipped wine made from the grapes of their h

Operating as usual


And yes to that!

TGIF Everyone!

Photos from The Palm Event's post 08/06/2021

We love being a part of this beautiful event for a great cause!!


Lighting up a @safaricigar, one of our sister brands, as we approach my Axis buck, just moments after my shot. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush and endorphins that follow an epic hunt like this. Brandon Vallorani

Lighting up a @safaricigar, one of our sister brands, as we approach my Axis buck, just moments after my shot. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush and endorphins that follow an epic hunt like this. Brandon Vallorani





Enjoying Vallorani Cigars on a beautiful Georgia evening.

Enjoying Vallorani Cigars on a beautiful Georgia evening.

E159: Cigars & Sermons - Under The Influence 05/04/2021

E159: Cigars & Sermons - Under The Influence

Under the influence... with our bro Doug Giles

E159: Cigars & Sermons - Under The Influence The company you keep influences your thinking, your thinking influences your actions, your actions influence your character, and your character determines your destiny.

Timeline Photos 05/03/2021

Timeline Photos

Photos from Vallorani Estates & Cigars's post 03/21/2021

The President graced The Palm Event with his presence today! After all, we were at his house! We were too busy representing Vallorani Cigars at our display to meet him personally, but oh so close. We did have the privilege of meeting the Italian Consul General to the US. He’s now the Italian Ambassador to Nicaragua. The meeting was fortuitous as we are an American company with an Italian heritage selling Nicaraguan cigars!


What a panorama! Enjoying our second presentation of Vallorani Cigars at The Palm Event 2021!

What a panorama! Enjoying our second presentation of Vallorani Cigars at The Palm Event 2021!

The Palm Event 03/13/2021

The Palm Event

We are honored to accept a second invitation to Mar-A-Lago to be a sponsor for the annual Palm Event next weekend!

The Palm Event The Palm Event, Celebrating Motorsports. A gathering of eclectic car enthusiasts and world-class sporting cars from the 1920's to the 1970's.


And I caught myself on too many smoke breaks! 😂

Uh oh! TY Alicia McKenzie Slade


There’s nothing like a Vallorani cigar on a chilly January day. What are you waiting for?

There’s nothing like a Vallorani cigar on a chilly January day. What are you waiting for?


Patsy's Italian Restaurant

It's Wine Wednesday! Yes I do agree with this :) 12/17/2020

Boston Herald

CBMJs Vallorani Cigars a Hit During the Palm Event Held at Mar-a-Lago Club With Trump 2020 Limited Edition... Boston news, sports, politics, opinion, entertainment, weather and obituaries


Today found Vallorani Cigars mobile lounge on the lawn of the epic Mar-a-Lago estate for The Palm Event’s Historic Display... 🇺🇸


Our first event is at the Sailfish Club on Palm Beach Island, for VIPs only. Tomorrow we will feature our cigar lounge at Mar-a-Lago.


On behalf of Vallorani Cigars, we are honored to accept an invitation to exhibit at the Mar-a-Lago Club this weekend for The Palm Event!





Brandon Vallorani

Arnold on cigars. Priceless. 09/23/2020

Inside the underground club blending faith and cigars and spreading beyond Colorado Cigars are temporary, but it doesn’t seem so here. These smokers handle their sticks more like treasured heirlooms. They collect them in cases covered in stickers and trade notes about







It’s home when you add the bar cart towel!


Cigar & Spirits Magazine

Karl Malone is developing quite the resume in new arenas as well, namely, in the cigar and spirits world. He’s the sole United States importer and brand ambassador for the E. León Jimenes 110 Anniversario super-premium rum. It’s a limited production spirit by La Aurora, S.A., and is produced by the iconic Ron Barceló brand.⁣

Karl is a long-time cigar enthusiast. Spend five minutes with him and you’ll see his passion is on par with many cigar industry leaders. Karl has developed a lasting bond with the president of La Aurora Cigars, Guillermo León Herbert. Their connection is real. La Aurora is the oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic, with a rich family tradition like the Malones’. Karl has become a kindred spirit with the company and the country, and their cigar collaboration has produced the Barrel Aged by Karl Malone. The Malone-customized cigar uses tobacco aged in rum barrels, and has been recognized for its craftsmanship and complexity.⁣

Read the full article in our digital issue of Cigar & Spirits: 07/19/2020

BLM Protest Leader Who Called for Defunding Police Faces Child Pornography Charges

DeVries admitted to viewing and sharing child pornography. What scum! No wonder he wanted the police defunded! When emotions run high, people get distracted allowing those who would not ordinarily be listened to, to slither their way into leadership positions. My wife and I have had several conversations about the explicit sex education curriculum being taught to our children in public schools. The informati...






Magickal Island Witch 06/05/2020

Smoking And Drinking Like Churchill Winston Churchill had a legendary love of cigars and drinks. We asked two experts to examine his taste for the good life, and separate fact from fiction.


Craig X Cecilio

How do you lead through the COVID-19 Pandemic crisis? Watch my friend, Craig X. Cecilio, give his advice!

Craig X. Cecilio, CEO and cofounder of DiversyFund, shares his philosophy on how to be relentless and lead your business through this crisis!


Thank God for Trump cigars at!

Always there in a time of need!🤣

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We have plenty to help you enjoy waiting out any quarantines!

Friday = Cigar

#cigarlife #botl #cigars #tapthatash #sotl #cigaroftheday #cigar 03/10/2020

Italy, With Aging Population, Has World’s Highest Daily Deaths From Virus

Our hearts are with our Italian friends and family. :( Coronavirus has killed 5% of known cases, even higher in the worst-affected region, versus a global average of 3.5%, as doctors warn that a shortage of beds risks exacerbating the situation.


Visit for all your enjoyment needs!!

Happy National Cigar Day! ⁣

As a gentle reminder: these wonderful products should be celebrated everyday!⁣

Why you ask? Well, this is one of the most accessible pieces of craftsmanship one can enjoy. Before your wonderful cigar enters your humidor approximately 200 hands contributed to the production for your cigar. ⁣

The level of care that goes into cultivation, fermentation, rolling, and quality control is truly admirable. ⁣

Make sure to honor the day by smoking some of your finest cigars today!⁣
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Yesterday our grand opening and Italian Heritage Festival was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came out to celebra...



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