American Dream Ice Cream

American Dream Ice Cream

Mobile Ice Cream Company Out of Dallas Ga. Started April of 2012. Operated by a U.S. Navy reservist and his Family!

Operating as usual

[03/03/13]   March the 3rd We just sold Rusty to a nice couple of folks from Douglasville so watch out for him in that neck of the woods. I depart for Afghanistan in 20 days so this will be my last posting. Have a great summer!

[12/26/12]   Happy Holidays everyone! It is funny how life changes the plans we have. We are putting the business on ebay and craigs list today. As most all of you know I am a reservest and very proud of it! The Navy has called me to serve our country and it will be over the summer season. I will miss seeing the friends we made this last year, I had fun this summer and wish all of you well. Interested parties contact us at 678-895-6529.
John J Price LS2/USN

[12/23/12]   Brrr its cold outside!!!! We hope you are having a great Holiday Season!
3 more months till March and a start to a new season of
Ice Cream....

[11/24/12]   Did you all have a great Thanksgiving? We sure did!!! Now it is off the Gym to burn off Pumpkin Pie I had for breakfast....... Well part of it at least :}

[11/21/12]   Happy Thanksgiving everyone, Hope it finds you healthy, happy, and safe!

[11/11/12]   Happy Veterans Day!!!!
We will be out in the Bent Water Development today! That is after I get our free Veterans lunch at the Oilve Garden! We sold out yesterday of the Jolly rancher Watermelon Cups, Cry Baby, Banna Fudge Bomb Pops, Chips Galore Cookie, Oreo Crunch bars, and Spong Bob Push Pops!

[10/31/12]   WOw it got cold! Hopefully it will warm up enough this weekend for us to get out. We will do a season close out sale so we can sell out our inventory and that way we can shut down the trucks freezer. If anyone want a particular flavor of Ice cream drop us a line.

[10/22/12]   We never made into Bentwater today, so I will shoot for Monday afternoon starting at 3:30. Look for us then.

[10/21/12]   Looks Like I will be out on Cedar Crest Today and Bentwater Area! Starting around 2 or so see ya there!


at Lost Mountain Academy

[10/20/12]   Hey Everyone,
We are at Lost Mountain Academy on Maclan road from 11 to 2 today come out see us!

[10/19/12]   Got an event at the Lost Mountain Acadmey from 11-2 Then we will go hit all of the local dallas area. Or wherever we end up. This is for Saturday the 20th.

[10/19/12]   Got an event at the Lost Mountain Acadmey from 11-2 Then we will go hit all of the local dallas area. Or wherever we end up.

[10/14/12]   Good day all in all, we will be on Cedarcrest and in Bentwater starting about 2 or 3 Bella will be with me.


New on the Truck! Sponge Bob Push Pop. Takes the place of the Whitle Pops $2.00 Try them out!

[10/13/12]   We had an unplanned down day yesterday to put a new Alternator in Rusty. Sorry if we missed you.

[10/13/12]   Gerrtings All,
Saturday we will be do the local run today, 12 Oaks, Powder Mill Down East Paulding Drive out 92 to Sumerfield area Hope to see you out there. We will start off the day in Downtown Dallas around 11:30 or 12:00.

[10/08/12]   Wow what a great sales day today was, thanks to all of you that I saw today and Saturday. How funny is it that we sold a truck load of ice cream today and now I am in front of the fireplace watching the race? Thanks again....

[09/19/12]   we're doing the local run today Powder Mill up East Paulding drive Twelve Oaks take that up the 92 and business six in the Dallas in and call it a day. I'll run Cedar Crest Friday

[09/17/12]   Bella and I did the Cedarcrest run Sunday, we had a good rum Bella loves to eat Firecracker Jr pops. We will do work on the truck today and get back out Tiesday.

[09/09/12]   Hey everyone I had a Reserve weekend this week end so I did not get out to see you . I will start out Monday Afternoon in Dallas and hit everything local and then Tuesday be out on Cedercrest run.

[09/05/12]   Looks like we are going to keep running a while
longer. So listen for the truck!

[09/01/12]   Last of the runs for the year! Selling out of everything, then gonna put Rusty out to pasture after the weekend!

[08/25/12]   Doing the Navy thing this weekend, so I wont be running the truck. See you all starting Monday...

[08/19/12]   Rough day today.. Freezer problem and rain kept us from running today....

[08/11/12]   We will now offer case lots delivered to your house on an as needed bases! Email us with what you want we will get you a quote on the price and then deliver it to you on our next run on your route. If you need it before the next scheduled run will be a delivery charge.

[08/11/12]   Here is our route schedule for the “fall”… Monday, Wednesday, Saturday will be our Powder Mill, Twelve Oaks and up 92 to the 4 corners of Dallas run. Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday will be our Cedar Crest run that includes Bentwater Friday is a free for all We start with merchants academy and I will hit a combination of Bentwater, powder Mill and Twelve Oaks!

[08/06/12]   Back Home Today! I will be heading out to Ivy Hall Day School in Kennesaw then I will hit PowderMill and 12 Oaks today.

[07/24/12]   Still in Hawaii working for the Navy. Looking to be back the 29th.

[07/13/12]   On our way to Atlanta to get more ice cream, out of the Bratz, Dora, Sponge Bob, Cry Baby, and more..... Day Care event today and we will run the 12 Oaks and Cedar Crest run again today. Maybe we wont get rained out again...:)

[07/11/12]   Got caught in the rain yesterday! The truck got hit by a limb while I was riding out the storm. Guess I should not park under a tree during a thunderstorm:) No Damage Poor Rusty has enough problems without getting hit by tree branches

[07/08/12]   Yikes Hot Day on Ceadercrest. Looks like a twelve oaks run tommorow after I go and get more ice cream. I will hit it after I hit the pools on ceader crest! Go Dale Jr.

[06/27/12]   Went back to Merchants Prep Acadmy Today. Boy was it HOT!!

[06/27/12]   Watch for our ad in the Dallas new era today!

[06/20/12]   WE are going to Visit Merchants Prep Academy today in Dallas Ga.




Dallas, GA

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