General Meat And Groceries

General Meat And Groceries


What are the sales for this week? Love this store.
What’s the price on your whole ribeyes now?
What is the price on brisket this week?
Do you carry pork in large quantities? I’m interested in possibly buying a quarter of a whole hog. Or, do you carry fresh sausage?
Stopped by today to pick up a couple of things since they had been out of them last week. It was nice to see everything fully restocked! What was even better to see was their prices are still exactly the same as they have been. No price gouging and no pandemic panic mark ups! Just really good people!
What are your current deals?
what is on sale this week please
Any specials
What are your specials for July 4 week
We love the chicken patties; hamburger meat; cheese sicks and veggies oh I forgot the chicken wings

General Meat and Groceries specializes in offering meat and groceries in bulk to the public at prices affordable for you and your family.(Se habla espanol)

Operating as usual


I haven’t been the best with up dates but here’s a crazy sale we have right now WHILE SUPPLIES LAST ONLY

RIBEYES - $5.99 a pound
New York Strips - $4.99 a pound
Ground beef fresh 10 pounds -$34.99
Frozen ground beef ten pounds - $28
Briskets - $4.99 a pound !


Never Forget 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Never Forget 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

[09/03/21]   NEW YORK STIP SALE !!!

4.99 a pound !!!!!

These are whole and you do have to cut into steaks yourself.

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Am I the only one sittin' here
Still holdin' on, holdin' back my tears
For the ones who paid with the lives they gave
God bless the U.S.A -Aaron Lewis-

May God comfort the families of these young men and women in the upcoming weeks.

May we pray for the men and women in service that have been directly affected by this war. May they all find peace and comfort in their days ahead.

Thank you all for your bravery and selflessness.

[08/23/21]   WEEKLY SPECIALS!!!!

5lb bones less breast IQF frozen pieces- $7.99 !

Whole boneless New York strips - $5.99 a pound !

Whole boneless Ribeyes - $6.99 a pound

Boneless beef brisket - $4.99 a pound !

10lb whiting filets -$19.90 !

5lbs end cut pork chops -$12 !

[08/10/21]   Ribeyes - 6.99 a pound

New York strips - 5.99 a pound

Get em while they last !!!

Photos from General Meat And Groceries's post 08/09/2021

Photos from General Meat And Groceries's post

[07/14/21]   *CLOSED THURSDAY*
Due to several rain delays we will be closed on Thursday 7/15/21 to finish the parking lot repairs.

[07/12/21]   *CLOSED WEDNESDAY*
We will be closed on 7/14/21 for parking lot reconstruction. We will reopen Thursday 7/15/21 for normal business hours.

[07/07/21]   NEW YORK STIRPS- $6.99 a pound

BONELESS PORK LION - 1.99 a pound

[06/30/21]   NEW YORK STRIPS ARE BACK !!!
6.99 A POUND

Not sure how long they’ll last I have a few waiting on them !

[06/28/21]   SALE ***

MEDIUM SPARE RIBS - $2.99 a pound !!!

[06/09/21]   We are looking for a cleaning service to clean General Meat & Groceries. Must be licensed and bonded. Message me if interested.

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Today we are grateful for the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice!
Proud American everyday 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Happy Memorial Day 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

[05/27/21]   We will be closed for Memorial Day and will open back up Tuesday !

[05/18/21]   WHILE SUPPLIES LAST :

New York strip is at $4.99 a pound !!


WHOLE BNLS NEW YORK STRIPS - $4.49 a pound !!


RIBEYES ARE $5.99 a pound !!!

[03/26/21]   Attention customers :

I’m so sorry for the inconvenience but our EBT / Foodstamp machine is done for today. Thank you for understanding


NEW YORK STRIP - $4.99 a pound
RIBEYE - $6.99 a pound

These are whole boneless pieces & I am not licensed to cut or separate them !

& we are out of 40 pounds split breast until tomorrow !

[02/12/21]   Ribeyes are back to $7.99 a pound !

[02/10/21]   WHOLE RIBEYES - $5.99

[01/15/21]   Sorry to inform you guys but my pork chops have not yet made it in. We couldn’t get them yesterday.

[12/29/20]   HOURS FOR NEW YEARS :
I’ll be open until 4pm on Thursday & will be closed Friday ! See y’all next year ! 😇


Jesus is the reason for the season!

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.

[12/18/20]   SALE ITEMS :
Whole boneless Ribeyes -$6.99 a pound
Whole boneless New York strips- $4.99 a pound
Bone in Boston butts - $.99 a pound
Boneless thighs #40 -$49.00
Spiral hams - $.99 a pound

* sale is as long as supplies last !

[12/14/20]   Holiday hours:
The 24th: 9-2pm
Happy holidays everyone !!

[12/14/20]   This weeks specials :
Whole boneless ribeye - $6.99 a pound
Fresh Boston butt - $.99 a pound
Spiral hams - $.99 a pound
Whole turkeys - $.99 a pound
40# drumsticks- $24
40# thighs - $24

[11/23/20]   I have your thanksgiving hams and turkeys guys !!!! Y’all come see me ! My turkeys are frozen so they’ll need time to thaw !

11-23 9am-4pm
11-24 9am-4pm
11-25 9am-5pm
11-26 & 11-27 we will be closed !

[11/20/20]   Attention customers today we are going to close the store at 4:30 due to a doctors appointment & we will be under staffed thank you all so much for understanding and we will see you Monday !!!


Whole boneless ribeye- $7.99 per pound
Whole boneless New York Strips- $6.99 per pound
Pork spare ribs- $1.79 per pound
#40 leg quarters - $15.00
#40 split breast -$28.00
#40 drumsticks- $25.00

[10/30/20]   We will be open from 12-5.

*Power update*
As of right not we plan to open from 12-5.
We are restocking the coolers and freezers. We are hopeful the WiFi will be up and working by then. If not, we will update the post and let everyone know.

[10/29/20]   We’re sorry to inform everyone that due to a power outage we will be closed for today. Thank you all for understanding and have a blessed day !


As you all probably know by now today is Ms. Edith’s last day at General Meat & Groceries. She was one of our very first employees almost 7 years ago. To say we are sad to lose her is an understatement. She has been more than a very dependable & trustworthy employee, she has become a friend, she plays Mama to us all-always there when someone doesn’t feel well or someone gets a boo-boo to nurse and love us back to health, bringing that good home cooking to us, praying for us and so much more. We will miss you more than you know. Happy retirement Edith Smith we love you so much.

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for something special we are putting together for her.



3659 Atlanta Hwy
Dallas, GA

Opening Hours

Monday 9:30am - 4pm
Tuesday 9am - 4pm
Wednesday 9am - 4pm
Thursday 9am - 4pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
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