Dallas Center Food Pantry

Dallas Center Food Pantry


Improving your community starts with responding to the #2020Census and a few minutes can #ShapeYourFuture. Your response will inform how billions of dollars in federal funding can aid in community services, Head Start, SNAP, CHIP, and programs that support minority businesses. Your personal information is kept confidential by law and data collected is solely used for statistical purposes, never shared with any other government agencies. Respond today at 2020census.gov. You can also respond by phone in various languages, as well as by mail. #3174Counts
Meet Phillip, Shaping the Future of Child Nutrition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hnsht9rA4k&list=PLewV-zKXDZkisX7RTrRvj3m4UIPnHTuCz&index=7
With the current state of affairs, I'd like to see if there are families out there in the DC area that have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and/or money is short right now, that would be interested in the family meal options for pick-up at The Handlebar

Hot at ready to take! Today is Mac N Cheese, Beef Stroganoff w/ Garlic Bread, Garden Salad, 24ct wings.

The first 4 to message me directly, let me know what you'd like from the family meals above, and I can call up to order / pay and you can pick it up this evening.

Example: Mac & cheese and wings, Stroganoff and salad, wings and salad, etc.

My family would love the chance to help yours! My only ask is people that don't need the help not take advantage of the offer.
Dallas Center food pantry could use the following items:
Fruit juice
Laundry detergent
Canned meat (no tuna please)
Bath wash
Thank you for your continued support.
This is a great community!!
Items that are low in our pantry:
Canned pineapple
Creamy peanut butter
Hamburger helper
Canned mixed fruit
Bath wash
Pasta sauce
Thank you for supporting the DC food pantry. Your donations may be left at the library.
Current needs at the Dallas Center Food Pantry:
Brownie mixes
Chili beans
Canned mixed vegetables
Hamburger Helper
Pasta - noodles and rigatoni
Creamy peanut butter

Donations may be left at the library or dropped off at the pantry during open hours (Tuesday 4-6pm)
We are located in the Methodist church
Thank you for your continued support.
Current needs at our pantry:
Fruit juice
Tomato juice
Laundry Detergent
Dish soap
Canned fruits
Snack items:
( ie cookies,chips,protein bars,pop corn )
Your donations can be dropped off at the library during open hours or at the pantry located in the Methodist church on Tuesdays 4-6pm
Thank you for your generous support!
If you have any gently used plastic shopping bags, please drop them by the pantry from 4-6 Tuesdays, or leave them in our donation barrel at the library.
We can always use personal hygiene products, boxed potatoes, canned fruits, "hamburger helper" type meals
Thanks for your support.
Appreciate the Church of the Brethren donation from their "pennies for the pantry" program.

The Food Panty provides non-perishable groceries and hygiene items (when available) to individuals and families in need. Dallas Center Food Pantry News –
The DC Food Pantry will be open every Tuesday 4-6pm (excluding holidays).

The Food Pantry provides non-perishable groceries and hygiene items (when available) to individuals and families in need. If you or someone you know is in need, please stop in. No appointment necessary. Located at the Dallas Center United Methodist Church, 1504 Walnut – enter the doors West of the main entrance. Upcoming Mobile Food Pantry dates at the Presbyterian Church, 4-5:30pm - May 4, and Ju

Operating as usual


Grab & Go meals offered June 4 - June 30.
10:30 AM - 1:00 PM Monday-Friday.
Dallas Center Elementary & South Prairie Elementary.

Grab & Go meals offered June 4 - June 30.
10:30 AM - 1:00 PM Monday-Friday.
Dallas Center Elementary & South Prairie Elementary.

Timeline Photos 05/04/2021

Timeline Photos

Farmer's markets will soon be open for business! If you are at least 60 years old and meet income guidelines, you could qualify for $30 to spend on local produce this summer. Call 515-993-3750 to register.

Donate Now | HFDC Campaign to Support the Dallas Center Food Pantry by The Food GRID 12/31/2020

Donate Now | HFDC Campaign to Support the Dallas Center Food Pantry by The Food GRID

Secure on-line giving is now available thanks to our partnership with Hunger Free Dallas County-The Food GRID. 100% goes to the Dallas Center Food Pantry.

Donate Now | HFDC Campaign to Support the Dallas Center Food Pantry by The Food GRID What is the Dallas Center Food Pantry?The Dallas Center Food Pantry provides non-perishable groceries and hygiene items (when available) to individuals and families in...


Raccoon Valley Bank

What a great feeling to help out our communities! We are pleased to donate $2,500 each to the Perry, Adel, Dallas Center and Grimes food pantries - a total $10,000 donation 💚


Thank you Raccoon Valley Bank.

iowahealthieststate.com 11/18/2020

Redeem Your Double Up Food Bucks Now!

iowahealthieststate.com Use your SNAP EBT or P-EBT card to double your purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers markets and grocery stores.

signupgenius.com 11/01/2020

November SHOPPING Appointments

signupgenius.com * ONE appointment per family every 90 days. Please DO NOT sign up unless your eligible to shop in November. * ONE family member may shop at a time. *If you are unable to keep your appointment please cancel or conact us. Failure to cancel 3 times will put you on a waiting list. * Masks are required.....


Dallas County News

Thank you Bock Family Foundation.

The Bock Family Foundation, Inc. is making donations totaling $20,000 to several local area food pantries and child care centers, including the Good Samaritan Food Pantry in Adel, Dallas Center Food Pantry, Granger Food Pantry, Perry Area Food Pantry, Waukee Area Food Pantry and more.

[03/26/20]   Just a reminder that the Dallas Center Food Pantry is still open
On Tuesday’s from 4:00-6:00
For the safety of all we are observing new procedures. Only one person at a time is allowed in the building. No children please
Call 515-478-6744 if you have any questions.
Financial donations can be mailed to 707 Circle Dr Dallas Center
Please Take Care.


Hunger Free Dallas County

Happy New Year!
Start your year off right by visiting one of our Pop Up Produce stands! Redfield - note the new time in your town!!!


Pop Up Produce at the library Wednesday 4-6pm.

Who's ready for some fresh fruits and vegetables after a long weekend of eating??
Pop-Up Produce is this Wednesday at the library! 4-6pm


Got library fines? Drop off a non-perishable food donation to the library THIS WEEK and help wipe out those fines.

Settle your library debt and benefit the Dallas Center Food Pantry!


Roy R. Estle Memorial Library


Coming to Dallas Center Nov 6!

Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie are all Thanksgiving staples, but remember to keep produce a staple of your day-to-day diet!


Here's when and where we'll be this month, so come on out for fresh and affordable produce!

[10/29/19]   A shout out to our amazing volunteers serving today - Wayne, Cindy & Dan! You are AWESOME!!


These two cowgirls are ready to wrastle up some fun! Stop by and see them uptown during the Halloween Hayday until 5:30pm.


Current needs: 🍽
•Chili beans
•Brownie mix
•Creamy peanut butter
•Canned meals - like spaghettiOs
•Hamburger Helper
•canned mixed veg

Donations can be left at the library or brought to the pantry during open hours(Tues 4-6pm) located at the Methodist church.

Thank you for your continued support!


DC Celebrations, Dallas Center, Iowa parade here we come! #dcffest19


The Food Pantry is open today and every Tuesday 4-6 PM.

Serving Dallas County residents. No income restrictions.

[05/28/19]   Dallas Center Food Pantry is
4-6 PM.


Dallas Center Food Pantry's cover photo

[05/21/19]   Food Pantry Most Wanted:
• Peas (can or frozen)
• Applesauce in a jar
• Strawberry Jelly
• Body wash

[05/05/19]   Food Pantry is open every Tuesday 4-6 PM at the Dallas Center United Methodist Church (1504 Walnut).

Open to all Dallas County residents in need. New visitors, please bring identification for each member of the household and proof of address.


Did you know the food pantry has “anytime food”. Meaning anytime the pantry is open the items on these shelves are available in the hall.
No appointment. No questions. No checking in. Simply help yourself if you need it.


Dallas Center you are awesome! The photos say it all.

Pantry shelves will be filled and all who come will be filled as well. Blessed with food and kindness.

Thank you Pack 116 for making it is easy for folks to donate! If they missed you, you can drop off donations at the library - collection bin just inside the entry.


It’s Scouting for Food day!! The Dallas Center Scouts will be out collecting donations for the DC food pantry. Leave your sack of donations out at your door by 9 AM and they will pick them up.

THANK YOU Scouts!! And THANK YOU Dallas Center residents for supporting your local food pantry!

[04/02/19]   Food Pantry Most Wanted:
• Pancake mix
• 100% juice
• Laundry soap

[03/06/19]   Food pantry’s most wanted: laundry soap, syrup, and canned chili beans.


Need to apply for Food Stamps? A Food Assistance Outreach worker will be available on Tuesday, January 29 from 4 pm to 6 pm at the Dallas Center Food Pantry (located at the United Methodist Church, 1504 Walnut, Dallas Center). If you are not able to visit at that time, call the Food Assistance Hotline at 1-855-944-3663 and apply over the phone. Thank you to the Food Bank of Iowa for providing this resource.

[01/22/19]   Due to the inclement weather Food Pantry will be CLOSED today.


Huge THANK YOU to the students and teachers at Dallas Center Elementary for giving over 1200 items to the DC Food Pantry! Awesome job DC-G!!!


Thank you Nancy and Karen for dropping off donations from the Dallas Center Church of the Bretheran.


A great post from Who's Your Iowa Farmer? So thankful for the work they do support their Iowa communities.

Nominate a local organization by midnight December 5th to help them win a case of eggs.

A true blessing!” That is how Melissa Stimple, coordinator of the Dallas Center Food Pantry, described winning the first case of eggs in last week's giveaway. Susan Collins, who submitted the winning entry, responded, “Oh my gosh. Thank you so much.”

Southwest Iowa Egg (SWIE) will be giving away three more cases of eggs during December. Enter your favorite food pantry, food shelf, homeless shelter, or other non-profit within the state of Iowa that is fighting hunger for this week’s giveaway. All you have to do to enter an organization for 30 dozen free eggs is like this post, then put the name and location of the group you would like to receive the eggs in the comment section. Remember, they do not have to take delivery of the entire case at once. Installments can be arranged. A winner will be randomly selected from all those nominated by midnight on Wednesday. Share the post, but remind your friends they need to go to the original post on the Who’s Your Iowa Farmer? page to win. If your group is not selected this week, be sure to check back for posts on December 11 & 18.

SWIE arranged for the Dallas Center Food Pantry to pick up their 30 dozen eggs at Baker’s Pantry in Dallas Center. Stimple says the fresh eggs will be a special delight for those they serve. “Eggs are such a great food option because of their versatility. They are a great way to start the day with breakfast or can work as the main entrée for any meal. Eggs also provide people with the chance to do some Christmas baking.”

Besides offering countless simple preparation options, eggs are packed with nutrients. Eggs are rich in protein as well as vitamins and minerals. Even with all those nutrients available inside a single shell, one egg contains only 75 calories.

The Dallas Center Food Pantry's goal is to make food more accessible for all residents of Dallas County. The pantry, located in the United Methodist Church, is open every Tuesday from 4:00-6:00 P.M. Like most Iowa food pantries, the group relies on what Stimple describes as “an amazing group of volunteers.” They help collect and sort donations, stock the shelves, and even assist shoppers in carrying the food out. “Our volunteers love our community and the people in it.”

Make sure to enter our egg give-away, but also consider arranging a gift of eggs, milk, or meat to a group fighting hunger this holiday season. Just make sure to check with them in advance. Ask which foods they need the most, their capacity for storage, and any food safety requirements.

Help us fight hunger this holiday season!


The Dallas Center Pantry was recently blessed to receive 30 doz eggs. The group Who's Your Iowa Farmer? conducted a contest and the DC Pantry came out the winner !!! Thank you to Susan Collins, it was her nomination that was selected and to the many others that nominated us too.

The eggs were provided by the Southwest Iowa Egg Coop and they worked with The Baker's Pantry owners John and Alyssa Kaufmann to arrange to supply the eggs.

The photo shows Pantry volunteers, Melissa Stimple, Marge and Russ Lowe and Wayne Haines receiving the first delivery, with the help of Baker's Pantry employees, Rachel, Mandy and Vivian.

THANK YOU to all these great local organizations!


Thank you DC-G!!

Thank you to all who donated to our Food Drive. We raised over $1,300 in cash and 1,500 pounds of food for our local Dallas Center and Grimes Food Pantries!

Congratulations to Mrs. Every's advisory for bringing in the most items for the food pantry and winning the Turkey Dodgeball Tournament!

Our Story

Dallas Center Food Pantry News –
The DC Food Pantry will be open every Tuesday 4-6pm (excluding holidays). The Food Pantry provides non-perishable groceries and hygiene items (when available) to individuals and families in need. If you or someone you know is in need, please stop in. No appointment necessary. Located at the Dallas Center United Methodist Church, 1504 Walnut – enter the doors West of the main entrance. Free groceries for anyone in need.

If you need help outside these hours, please don’t hesitate to call us to make other arrangements.

Are you interested in learning more how you can get involved or volunteer?
Contact us at [email protected] or call 515-478-6744




1504 Walnut
Dallas Center, IA

Opening Hours

4pm - 6pm
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