Exquisite Engraving's

Exquisite Engraving's


I love my new tumbler! Thank you!!
I’d like something like this on my stainless steel thermos/tumbler. Can you do this?
Brandi Primm-Folsom, she can make you what you need ☺️
Here is her page.
Hi! I had so much fun working across from you this weekend and I love my tumblers! See you in Topeka!
Finally had the time to look over your work, beautiful! Glad I was able to say hello, let's stay in touch at least on FB.
Any other planned events in Topeka coming up?
Thank you for my custom tumbler! You guys do great work and I'll definitely spread the word.

Engraving objects with a laser, such as Glass, Wood, Cork, Copper, Acrylic, Aluminum, Corian, Avonite, Delrin Steals, Plastics, Leather, Marble, Mat board.

We make custom products for business and homes. We can personalize just about anything. Engraving is our business.

Operating as usual


Some tumblers are in the BC store. Get them quick.

Some tumblers are in the BC store. Get them quick.


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Award from BC.

Award from BC.


A fishing trophy for a spring catfish Tournament for some veterans!!

A fishing trophy for a spring catfish Tournament for some veterans!!

Photos from Exquisite Engraving's post 01/18/2021

Clips for mask. $1.00 each.


It’s Christmas time.


Engraved on pencils for a puzzle for my grandmas birthday.


A bottle of Jack I engraved for my uncles birthday. Make a good present a great keepsake.


These were brought to me to engrave.


Something I’ve been wanting to make for a while.




We engraved this for a budding young jeweler!

This is a necklace my youngest daughter made. She had a patriotic eagle lasered on it with “God and Guns” in the lower banner. She started making and selling jewelry out of my handle scraps about a year ago. Check out her page at @g_babys_jewelry #jewelry #jewelrymaking #madeinkansas


Father’s Day gift $28.00 30oz tumbler.


A new cup. 30oz $28.00.


Bring me a wine bottle and I can engrave it for your college graduate. $20-$30.


Kimmi's Cutlery

Just got back from getting my maker’s mark lasered onto the 2nd donation knife.


Mother’s Day puzzle $15.00.


30oz cups $28.00. Custom orders made for Mother’s Day.


A 64 piece puzzle I made for my Grandmother today. Price depends on the amount of pieces and the engraving you want on it. This would make a great Mother’s Day gift. This one would cost $30.00.


Engraved another family heirloom recipe onto a cutting board for Christmas gifts for a customer. So precious.


A special ornament I made for a friend as a gift.


Order yours today for Christmas. $10.00 each.


Atchison County Fair


I have ice cream cups. Can customize for you. Cup and engraving $20.00


Attention 4H members limited quantities “Turn it or burn it” meat turners the short one is $10.00 the long one is $12.00. The cutting boards are $10.00 each. Please order early so I will have them ready at the fair.


Shelby County Cattlemen


Can customize for you with names, his & hers, medical information, friends, or anything else you can come up with. $20.00 each.


More earrings I made today. I can use any logo you have permission to use. $10.00 each.


Can customize for you. We can even put your brand on them. $10.00 per pair.


A gun stock we just finished up.


Jason Sumpter brought this wooden shell to be engraved. He made the shell himself. If you are interested in a blank shell please contact him.


Do you need a $25.00 valentine gift? I can customize for you. Must pickup at my shop just outside Atchison.


This is a sunshade for a scope.

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Father’s Day gift $28.00 30oz tumbler.
30oz cups $28.00. Custom orders made for Mother’s Day.
I have ice cream cups. Can customize for you. Cup and engraving $20.00




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