Keri Rickard - Becker School Board Candidate 2022 ISD 726

Keri Rickard - Becker School Board Candidate 2022 ISD 726

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More things like this! πŸ‘

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Our XC team is πŸ”₯

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Fun! 😁


As a Army Vet and the wife of an Army Vet I'm so thankful for how proud Minnesotans are of our military and love seeing how involved the MN National Guard is with things like this:

BHS Student Council is hoping to bring back Tailgating to the Homecoming tradition on Sept. 30 from 5-7 PM in the parking lot between the field house and Eppard Field. We have reached out to the National Guard who is graciously grilling food for attendees for FREE. Please complete this form indicating your interest so they can plan accordingly. Please note that this is a first come first get event.

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Here's to four of my 6 kids in four different schools!
Keira - Junior
Kaylyn - 8th Grade
James - 3rd Grade
Andrew - Preschool
And the twins are still at home πŸ₯°

About Dylan - Dylan's Hope Foundation 09/13/2022

At the school board meeting last night, one of the first items on the agenda was a presentation by a representative from Dylan's Hope. He shared some information about fundraisers they have done lately, including a golf tournament last month, and proudly presented a check to the board for $15,000 (!!!!) to go towards mental health / su***de awareness programs in Becker Schools.
The board chairman graciously accepted the gift and also explained that the board has annual goals for the Schools to continue to use funds like this for specific mental health goals and programs that are provided, as well as TWO Track & Field scholarships for Becker Seniors who are college bound.
More information on Dylan's hope can be found here:

About Dylan - Dylan's Hope Foundation Dylan was born Oct. 10, 1995 to Britt & Joyce Aaseby. He was a Junior at Becker High School and also worked for B&J Evergreen, Structural Landscaping, and Ultimate Construction. He was a great son, brother, uncle, nephew and friend. Dylan enjoyed drag racing and spending time with family and friends...


The first school board meeting since school started again was last night. Board members, and myself, were blown away with the student representative's "most comprehensive" student report ever given.
How did they get so much info from all the different sports and activities?
By communicating through Snapchat instead of email 🀣
We may not like it, but it works, and it was the board's recommendation that they continue to use what works until a better idea that has similar or better results can replace it.

Some student updates include:
-Beauty and the Beast is the musical this year
-Girls swimming beat Foley for the first time in over 20 years
-Homecoming is the week of Sept 26-30


I didn't get a chance to take a pic as I was driving today, but I wanted to give a shout out to the Truck Kids as I call them, who were proudly displaying all types of American and patriotic flags today in the parking lot at Becker High for Patriot Day. Carrying on a fun and proud tradition πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ! Keep up the great work, kids!


Did you know?
Because of Becker's rate of free/reduced price lunch qualifying students, our district is able to provide ALL students free breakfast every day this school year?
Also, if you check out lunch prices, you'll see that REDUCED price lunches are also FREE. If you don't think your family qualifies, you may be surprised. It doesn't hurt the district if you don't qualify-- but if you DO qualify, it helps you, it helps increase funding for our schools (funding per student is based on the free/reduced price lunch rate per district), and it gets Becker Schools THAT much closer to being able to provide FREE BREAKFAST AND LUNCHES to all students in the future!

If you didn't apply yet, you can AT ANY TIME here:


Becker Public Schools will be holding a Regular School Board Meeting on Monday, September 12 at 6:30 pm. The meeting will allow the public to join in-person or via Zoom webinar as attendees.
If any issues arise, we always post a recorded version of the board meeting within 24 hours on our website.
You are invited to a Zoom webinar.
Please click the link below to join the webinar:


Taking a little peek at the proposed activities handbook, excited to see my request to add GIRLS HOCKEY and (boys swimming/diving) to the list of sports offered at Becker.
Although through further investigation I found the lettering requirement had not been updated to include girls (it's the same as the boys. But the Princeton coach has the final say in who letters or doesn't), I'll take this as a win in my book! Small progress is still progress.
πŸ’ πŸ‘§


My little campaign manager


Anyone else look at their kid's MCA results?
Our district and our state have had steady declines in Math and Reading proficiency.
The problem existed before covid, but it was also exacerbated by it.
Our kids need HELP. Real actual help. You should be MAD. Mad that we have all these tax dollars going to education and we are not getting results.
Over 50% of our state does not meet or only partially meets grade level standards.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, reducing standards does nothing but reducing outcomes. Reducing standards is not the answer.
Summer school isn't the answer. It stretches far beyond what a few months can make up at this point. We need a true make up year for these kids. Not just Becker. Not just Minnesota. Everyone. Everywhere.

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My Junior in HS helped drive the family all over Becker today!
First to the post office to mail out some orders from my business this weekend
Then to the American Legion to donate some clothes at the DAV bin.
Off to the middle school next for my 8th grader, where we met her teacher and dropped off a big ol bag full of pads and tampons to the school nurse.
Then we donated the same to the high school nurse, and she said "how did you know we needed this?!" And I said "everyone needs it" πŸ˜„ . If you want to be best friends w a nurse I highly suggest this as your "in".
Next we went to the intermediate school to meet my 3rd graders teacher and drop off glue sticks and Crayons to the office. Then we went next door to the primary School to deliver their Crayons, glue sticks, toilet paper rolls and folders.
And last we went to the food bank and dropped off a bunch of baby food that the twins never got around to eating....
All with 6 kids in tow πŸ₯°


If you have Legos you'd like to donate, PM me your address and I will be happy to pick them up this weekend and bring to assessment day on Tuesday!


Remember to submit an Application for Educational Benefits for the 2022-2023 school year. Applications can be completed online through your family's lunch account or a hard copy can be picked up and returned to any school office. Applications must be submitted yearly.


Meet our Director of Transportation, Tom Risley. Tom has been working in schools for 34 years, seven in Becker. He enjoys reading while sitting on the dock. In his spare time he likes snowmobiling, ice fishing, working on projects outside and playing basketball and soccer. Tom is committed to providing safe and efficient transportation for Becker students.


Becker Band teacher is looking for instruments, see below πŸ‘‡

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I was reading up on the Student Dress Code, as it is ultimately written by the school board, and can be further defined by each school/principal, and even teachers can enforce their own dress code for their class.
I've never been one to dress inappropriately for school *except that ONE time I was wearing a Halloween costume and a teacher saw my bra strap (the horror!), full story later in this post*. I have always thought that dress codes are usually ridiculous and, since they are ridiculous, are never enforced.
And guess what-- I sub in these schools--I have SEEN what some of these kids are wearing and I can't even believe it.

Here are some issues I have with current policies:
'Banning hats, caps, bandanas, and hoods (and masks).'
Ok I get the mask thing. I can even make an argument for hoods, you don't want students trying to sneak music or something, right? But my high school aged daughter doesn't want to wear a beanie outside to wait for the bus when it's -10 outside because it will mess up her hair and she can't wear it inside. My 3 & 8 year old sons loves to wear beanies in the winter and baseball style hats the rest of the time. But they can't wear them in school? Why? Because our grandmother's think it's rude to wear hats indoors? Cmon.
Furthermore, have you been in some of these classrooms in the winter? Some are nice and toasty, some are FREEZING. The high school student handbook also bans blankets in classrooms and hallways. So you can't put your hood on if you get chilly in class and you don't have a hat? Oh that's right, hats are banned too. When I worked for Dept of Revenue in Washington, the office was always freezing and several of us used blankets at our desks.
Actually the high school policy bans students from 'carrying' caps, hats, and hoods too... so no more hooded sweatshirts or jackets, kids! πŸ˜‚

'Shorts that reach mid thigh.'
Where on the planet do these exist? Because unless they are Bermuda shorts or shorts designed for boys or men, they are not in stores πŸ˜…. My oldest daughter used to get "dress coded" as she calls it, all the time when she was younger. She has the longest legs ever, but was so skinny she could fit in size 4T shorts when she was 9 years old. And I know that for a fact because we would catch her trying to wear her little sisters shorts all the time πŸ˜†. Shorts with 2 inch+ Inseams: yes. Mid-thigh: let's not be silly.

'"Skimpy" tank tops, as written by the school board, or "bare backs, tube tops, halter tops, low cut, midriff or strapless/off the shoulder tops" as written by the high school handbook.'
Have you been to Target lately? Good luck finding a girls shirt that reaches anywhere near her belly button. Are they out there, sure. It's just not the "style" right now. High waisted pants with crop tops are "in", and frankly I don't find them inappropriate.
I see news stories all the time (not in Becker) of girls who are "dress coded" for wearing the EXACT same top as their friend. Big Boobed girls get told their tops are too revealing, but the same exact top is allowed on her No-Boobed bestie... and as far as the crop top/high waisted look goes, how often do you see Skinny-Mini wearing it and it's super cute and everyone compliments her, but then a "bigger" girl wears it and everyone says it's inappropriate? That's not right, either.
Camis while wearing a bra (you'd see the straps) or tank tops with built in bras aren't inappropriate. Maybe so in December, but not in the warmer months.

"No exposed undergarments"
When I got "called out" for my bra strap showing in high school... oh boy let me tell you this story... First of all, if you are around my age, you probably remember those bras we used to get that had a million different straps we could Mix and Match with... you were SUPPOSED to show off your bra straps. Match them with your shoes or whatever 🀣. Anyway. I was wearing a Halloween costume, a Navy Sailor as I had just joined the Army a few weeks before, funny, right? Well the top was a crop top, so I wore a white TSHIRT under it. Part of the costume had pulled the neckline of the tshirt far enough to expose a strap. A female teacher I had almost every year in high school went around telling EVERYONE, "can you believe what Keri is wearing? How inappropriate." ANOTHER teacher, a male, who was my neighbor and friend before he was my teacher, and who actually likes and follows this page (Hi, Freeman!) was the one that told me. πŸ˜’ And yeah, that stuck with me. Of all the actually inappropriate costumes I saw in school that year or in previous years, I was the talk of the teachers lounge.
Are we really going to send girls home from school if their bra strap is exposed, or if they lean too far forward in their seats and their underwear shows? Once again, c'mon.

"Pants must be worn on the waist".
Ok this is actually hilarious. I sell pageant dresses for a living. I educate people on how to take correct measurements for garments all the time. Your waist is actually about 2 inches ABOVE your belly button, depending on your height. Even most "high waisted" jeans go to about your belly button πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Again, let's be reasonable here. First, what is available in stores? Are we going to say one thing is appropriate for one girl but not for another? I see "big" people all the time that have trouble keeping their pants up. Are we going to 'dress code' them? Is this intended for boys? No saggy pants? Ok, maybe we need to re-word that to actually say what you mean... otherwise we are just once again having a policy that is impossible to enforce, so no one will enforce any other part, too.

"Backpacks are only allowed in classes with teacher permission."
Again, I understand the reasoning, we don't want weapons or drugs sneaking their way into classrooms, right? BUT the very biggest problem I see with this, and I've made the argument too when football stadiums or whatever have similar 'bag' policies, is what do you expect women and girls to do with pads and tampons?
Let's be real here. Our pockets are for show only, not for functionality.
If a girl is walking from one class to the next with her backpack and pops in the bathroom, no one thinks anything of it. But if backpacks are banned, she has to either traipse through the hall holding the pad/tampon for everyone to see, or sit and pray she doesn't leak all day. Should we be shaming girls for having periods? Of course not. But you also wouldn't want to go walking around with toilet paper either, right? Like, 'oh I gotta go to the bathroom, better get out my own toilet paper and walk the halls so everyone knows I need to p**p and I'm going to wipe my butt with this toilet paper I'm holding.' (I really hope people are still reading this because that is hilarious πŸ˜‚)

What is not in these dress codes? (This may be in the Activities handbook but if it is, its also not enforced)
Boys tops, or lack thereof.
Lets talk about sports practices... "Bro-tank" with the huge arm holes that go to nearly the hem of the shirt, and you can totally see EVERYTHING from the side. Or boys taking off their shirts completely. Totally fine right? But girls take off their shirt and wear a sports bra? Everyone loses their minds. If boys can show off their ni***es, girls should be allowed to show their belly buttons.

So, here's my thoughts. You may agree. You may disagree. I think boys and girls should be allowed backpacks and hats and clothing that reflects current "culture". I think that size shaming needs to stop (I don't know of that ever happening in Becker, but it has happened in other places). Students should be allowed to dress in a way that reflects themselves, but yes of course needs to still be appropriate, but we need to do a better job of defining what appropriate is while being reasonable.


If you keep track-- I'm interested in hearing how much you pay a year for supplies for your class.


Do I know of anyone who can coach 7/8 grade girls tennis for BIG LAKE? They are in 'desperate' need of a coach, if they don't get a coach they have to cancel the season.


As a school board member, your #1 priority is supposed to be Student Success.
But that is actually my #2 priority.
My first priority is, and always will be, safety.
In fact, that is why I was offered a full time sub job that didn't even exist yet last year in Big Lake.
My very first day in the district, I was in a Kindergarten class. The last sub was from the high school and nearly left in tears before noon, so the principal kept checking on me often.
"No fires, no floods, and I still have the same number of kids that I started with-- we are good!"
After saying this to her a number of times, she called the district office and said, "We have a sub in the building today and I don't want to let her leave without a job offer-- she understands Early Education!"
You see, I knew the students would not be able to learn if they didn't feel safe or if they were actually in a dangerous situation. When there is a substitute, the teacher's expectations are always super low for what will actually happen that day.
As a substitute I spend the day making 20 new friends, reading stories, laughing, and playing games-- and sometimes I even teach a little bit too!
As a school board member, SAFETY will be my top priority, allowing student SUCCESS to follow.
I read every single comment and concern from students, staff, parents and community members that answered the surveys sent out by the Strategic Planning Committee. Even though 92% of internal stakeholders and 85% of external stakeholders answered that Becker Schools are safe (and well maintained), safety is a high concern for all of us. Inward swinging doors was a repeated concern from all stakeholders (even some students commented about them) and is part of the referendum passed last fall, as well as some other safety upgrades.
It is my goal to continue to increase safety and address concerns that come from anyone... we all have different perspectives on the schools, how they run and operate, and how they can be improved... Let's hear them!


If you have a high schooler you should be able to see their schedule now under "gradebook" in skyward.
Middle Schoolers, you can see their advisor only if you go to schedule a conference under "conferences". This is also how you can find out intermediate and primary teachers if you haven't already.


UPDATE: The Becker School Board has recinded it's communication plan. After a 30 minute executive session, the board voted unanimously to recind the policy at tonight's special school board meeting.


I believe my educational experience, as well as 8+ years in the military, 10+ years as a business owner, experience teaching and substitute teaching and youth sports coaching, and being a mom of six gives me a unique perspective of all things School Board.
I have a kid at EACH Becker School, an 11th grader, 8th grader, 3rd grader, preschooler, and 1 year old twins at home still. My family represents all Becker Schools and I'm fully invested in the future of our district!

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I've been pushing phonics-based teaching for 2 decades!
I even have to tell teachers during conferences that we do that at home, so sorry they are doing it "wrong" in class πŸ˜†


Talked to a fellow parent yesterday who is thinking about pulling one of his kids for homeschooling. Not all, just one. He says he feels like his kid should have been "held back" a long time ago but schools and teachers kept passing them because they are fun and friendly. Meaning, they like them, so they keep passing them.
At a parent teacher conference just days before covid shutdowns, he shared his concerns with the teacher, who said they agreed they would benefit from being held back a year, but the administration would never go for it, even if the parents are ok with it. Even if the teacher recommends it....Then distance learning and hybrid did no favors.

What are we doing to our kids? This isn't an isolated Becker thing. I knew kids in Washington years ago that were passed in early grades because "they would never pass anyway", and I knew a kid who had to repeat kindergarten because he was smart as can be, but barely had any self help skills. I knew a full grown adult who had been a college basketball player-- nicest guy you'd ever meet but dumber than a box of rocks. Literally. But everyone passed him because he was so nice and a great basketball player. Even through college. It's not a new problem. It's a very old problem.

Not all kids are college bound. We need to understand that. I think, especially in this post covid world we live in, we need to offer our kids a catch-up year. Not summer school. A whole year they can take to truly catch up. It could be optional, maybe some kids were more resilient than others and can forge on without changing their graduation year. Right now I feel like teachers are treating 8th graders like 6th graders because "thats where they are" due to covid. But when do we stop? Do we just keep doing that forever?
You know what happens when you reduce standards? Absolutely nothing-- except reducing output. But you also can't expect an 8th grader who is where a 6th grader should be to learn 8th grade content when they don't understand 6th or 7th grade content.

Again, not a problem unique to Becker.
So as parents, as teachers and administrators, as board members, we need to advocate for our kids at every level: local, state and national.
Becker Public Schools states their mission is "Preparing self-directed learners to thrive in a changing global community."
Don't let the 'change' be reducing standards instead of rising to the occasion and fixing a problem. 'Preparing self-directed learners' doesn't mean it's the student's problem and their responsibility to catch up on their own. We are supposed to help them. To prepare them for the real world. Not sit and watch them struggle.


Special meeting tomorrow!

Becker Public Schools will be holding a Special School Board Meeting on Tuesday, August 23 at 6:30 pm. The meeting will allow the public to join in-person or via Zoom webinar as attendees.
If any issues arise, we always post a recorded version of the board meeting within 24 hours on our website.
You are invited to a Zoom webinar.
Please click the link below to join the webinar:


I know many people like to jump to conclusions about anyone they meet, and I think it's incredibly true with me.
People think:
"Oh she has 6 kids so she must...."
"She was in the Army so she must..."
"She has a teaching degree so she must..."
Whatever it is. Grab that opinion and throw it directly in the trash 🀣
If you have a question or interest about my thoughts and feelings on a matter, you aren't going to find it searching through my Facebook feed (which I keep set to public as I have nothing to hide) and jumping to conclusions about things.

I have a kid at every single school building. We frequent Becker stores/restaurants, post office, etc, daily. I'm almost always at a hockey Rink in the afternoons with one of my hockey players. If you see me-- ASK ME.

I won't give you a "politically polite" answer. I'll give you a real answer. We might have a whole conversation. I'll listen to your thoughts and feelings too. Because who people see you as, and who you actually are might be different, too!


Official candidate list for School Board.
There are 3 4-year seats, and 2 2-year seats.

The ballot will have the 4 year seats, with "choose up to 3" and the list of 4 yr candidates, then "choose up to 2" and the list of 2 yr candidates.

Just because you support one of us doesn't mean you can't support another ;)
I have met a solid handful of these people and I know the decision this fall will be tough!


One of my best friends has wildly different political views than me. What do we talk about most? Politics, of course.
My point is: I LISTEN. If you are respectful, I will be, too.
We may not walk away in agreement, but you will know that you've been heard.


We are huge fans in this house!
Becker residents qualify through United Way in St Cloud. Here is the link to register by mail today!

If you know someone with children under five years of age, SHARE this post with them! πŸ¦‹ Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a book gifting program that mails free, age-appropriate books to children from birth to age five in participating communities across 5 countries. Check availability in your area and register your child for this incredible free program today!


Did you know?
Becker schools currently have no set "cap" for student to teacher ratios, including Kindergarten. Current numbers have Kindergarten classes at about 21 students each, which means when all is said and done it will be more like 23-24 ea. And right now 5th grade is about 23 students each. We have 9 K teachers, and one says we do currently have available/empty classes if we were to add another K class before this school year.
But state law says that revenue MUST be used to reduce classes to 1:17 for K-3. The law does not include other adults in the ratio, it speaks only of teacher to student ratio.
So why don't we have a policy? And why are we starting so much higher than the state standard? Even adding 1 teacher would only drop the ratio to 1:18.9, 2 new teachers would make it 1:17.
I can tell you in Big Lake, when I was a long term substitute teacher last year, I was never in a class with more than 17 students at the Primary school.
New construction was just approved in Becker to the tune of 22 homes and 2 apartment buildings. Where will those children fit in?
The Kindergarten experience sets the tone for students and their families for the rest of their school "career". It is absolutely vital that ALL our students get the time, energy and attention they deserve. Especially our smallest ones.


My 2nd oldest daughter, Kaylyn, was on her cross country team last year. πŸ₯°
Turns out Kaylyn (who we call "Monkey" more often than not) is more of a sprinter, and she even beat an almost 40 yr standing school record for 7th grade girls in the 400m dash last spring!

Trish Reimer Kealy was awarded State Coach of the Year for girls class 5AA at the Cross Country Coaches clinic held Monday. Very humbled and honored to be voted this award by fellow coaches. This is all due to the fantastic girls on our team!❀️


You may remember during the Strategic Planning Committee Meetings I posted about a goal of "ALL students being Kindergarten ready", and all the reasons why I thought that was a ridiculous goal.
-The children are 5 year olds.
-Kindergarten isn't actually mandated.
-Preschool also isn't mandated.
-Kindergarten is where students go to learn. Teachers should be starting at absolute 0.
-It isn't attainable. Who in the district is responsible for a less than 100% readiness rate? Who in the district is responsible for making sure these kids are Kindergarten ready?
-The "law" actually has the goal of all students being "school" ready, and one way to gauge success is Kindergarten entrance exams.
-The current Kindergarten entrance exams recognized by Minnesota self-describe as not being Kindergarten readiness assessments.
-Other schools state their current rates of "Kindergarten readiness" and then their goal is slightly higher, but never 100%.
-Several of these goals (including all students reading at grade level by grade 3) leave no room for children with disabilities and/or English Language Learners. Also, they don't allow for exclusion of students who are new to the district or, in the Kindergarten readiness case, didn't attend the school districts Preschool/School Readiness Program. There are a plethora of reasons why a student might not be at grade level that are outside our district and our staff's reach.

When the late draft was posted during our last meeting, I still couldn't let it go. So I emailed our Superintendent stating that I still had problems with the goal and laid out all the presented reasons. I got a response back that was basically "too bad so sad". So I also emailed one school board member who I felt shared my concerns regarding goals that aren't attainable. I don't know what happened between that email and the Final draft being posted (I use the term "Final" loosely, as it is a working document), and it has been changed to "school ready".

Small Victory, but I'll take it. πŸ₯°

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