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Crystal Lake Reiki offers acupuncture treatments, Reiki (sessions and classes) and Access Bars (sessions) in Crystal Lake, Illinois.


My zone of genius is DESCENSION back down into the body...chakras 3, 2 & 1 + massive heart opening in the 4th & 8th (high heart) specifically.

THIS is why most healers, lightworkers, channels, etc won't ever anchor their heaven on earth timeline in the 3D...they REFUSE to descend deeper into the body because they are TERRIFIED (unconsciously or consciously) of the UNPROCESSED PAIN locked in their cells.

If you've been stuck in your solar plexus, sacral/womb space or root ...or you've been struggling with fear/overwhelm/shock, anger/frustration, or worry/overthinking we need to talk.



There's a part of me, my inner child, who SCREAMS OUT,

"Love me, love me, LOVE ME"

to anyone who will listen.

Mostly to the people she respects, admires and depends on.

But what she's really looking for is for ME to love her.

She thinks she needs other people to like her.

To see her.

To praise her.

To approve of her.

To love and adore her.

But what she actually needs is for ME to turn my gaze inward, take her sweet face in my gentle hands and tell her, eyes locked, that I LOVE HER.









My love is absolute.

So she can


rest her weary head in my lap as I stroke her hair gently and sing to her

While she softly sobs

The pain leaving her body with each tear

And she finally feels safe




Approved of


I've had this conversation with her many times

And I'll continue to have it AS LONG AS IT F8CKING TAKES for every fiber of my being, every cell, to be bathed in so much unconditional love that all the old programs disintegrate and this sweet, kind hearted, beautiful baby girl feels safe enough to come home.

To melt back into my body

To fill the hole in my heart

To reintegrate so that we are ONE.

Fully embodied

As Mother AND child.

This is what I teach others to do.

Do you know how to have this conversation?

If you don't yet know, it's okay, you're not doing anything wrong

No one taught you how to CHOOSE love

But I will

I'll teach you everything I know

So you can choose love for you too

If you're ready

Are you ready?

Crystal Lake Reiki's *NorthStar* 05/01/2024

DRAGON ORACLE MYSTERY SCHOOL is for you IF you are walking the path of the Priestess becoming the Oracle...
💛 You have been downloading the Gold Codes for awhile now & its piercing guidance is to...
🐉 immerse yourself in your own frequency,
❤️‍🔥 remove all distortions from your channel (i.e. the main 14 channels/meridians in the human body),
💫 calibrate your other 8 extraordinary vessels (i.e. DNA) to the unique codes only meant for you as your DNA shifts from carbon to crystalline, that you can...
🌊 birth your masterpiece from the 5D/12D (whatever D lol) into the 3D
🌎 & your external world can FINALLY match the brilliance & magnificence you are meant to amplify, activate & radiate as a Leader on the Diamond Path. 💎
💚 This is all in service to YOUR heaven on earth timeline & the shifting of the planet, which are a perfect, synergistic match.
🫂 Mama Gaia wants EXACTLY what you want.
☠️ You are rejecting anything that does not vibrate at this frequency meant for you...certain foods, TV, people, places, etc...
💫 but you're also being drawn and magnetized simultaneously to people, places, foods, etc. that DO vibrate at this frequency.
🌿 THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE FOR SACRED SITES ALL OVER THE WORLD - many of us are being called to travel to specific places to do grid work (whether we know this is what we're doing not).
🌟 FOLLOW THE GUIDANCE you're receiving, it is totally divine!!!
🐉 & if you know it's time to get exquisite fkin' support, message me about DRAGON ORACLE... I have a high ticket 1:1 investment container (very limited spaces) & another lower/mid ticket group program so that EVERY Priestess becoming an Oracle can be ready for the next waves 🌊 of energy. Sliding scale for the group experience.

Link to sign up TODAY.

Crystal Lake Reiki's *NorthStar* 💛 You have been downloading the Gold Codes for awhile now & its piercing guidance is to...🐉 immerse yourself in your own frequency,❤️‍🔥 remove all distortions from your channel (i.e. the main 14 channels/meridians in the human body),💫 calibrate your other 8 extraordinary vessels (i...

Meet Erin Ryan - Reiki Master & TCM Practitioner 04/20/2024

Ohhhh, I love this interview I did for Half Stack Magazine!

Meet Erin Ryan - Reiki Master & TCM Practitioner Erin Ryan is a Reiki Master & TCM Practitioner with offices based in Barrington and Crystal Lak...


I get this question a lot....

"If I'm already a Reiki Master in another type of Reiki (not 5 Element Dragon Fire Reiki), do I have to start at Level 1?"

The answer is NO!

Since you're already a Reiki Master, you don't need to do Levels 1-3 (they are totally optional).

For anyone who is a Reiki Master already, Level 4: Fire Dragon is the next class and it's on June 10 & 17 from 9:30am to 12:30pm CDT.

If you know you're ready to get started, here is the link to just Level 4: Fire Dragon:

If you know you'd like to do all of the elemental classes (there are five total - Fire Dragon, Earth Dragon, Metal/Gold Dragon, Water Dragon and Wood/Air Dragon) here's the link to the 5 Elemental Dragon Bundle *Most Popular*:

Most people bundle the elemental classes together for the discount and also because 5 Element Dragon Fire Reiki is most effective when you've learned all the elemental meridians (FIRE - heart, pericardium, small intestine, san jiao, EARTH - spleen & stomach, METAL - lung and large intestine, WATER - kidney & urinary bladder and WOOD - liver and gallbladder) and gotten the installation of all the Dragon Technology (FIRE - Dragon Fire Breath for transmutation, EARTH - Dragon Tail for grounding and anchoring, METAL - Impenetrable Scales so unwanted energies slide right off, WATER - Ruby Red Dragon Heart to clear density out of the blood & cells & WOOD - Dragon Wings so you can soar to new heights with grace, power & agility). Taking all 5 elemental classes is also how you learn to clear all of the elemental emotional states (worry/overthinking, anger/resentment/frustration, fear/overwhelm, anxiety/defensiveness, and sorrow/sadness)!

For any Reiki Master that decides to sign up, I just need a picture of your Reiki Master certificate emailed to me ([email protected]) at some point before the class in June.

What other questions does anyone have?


Join Hayley Freija Wilson and me for DARK CODES, a 5-Day Mini-mind

GET THE VIP UPGRADE (2 weeks of Telegram support) as a gift if you sign up by 4/8!

DARK CODES will fully awaken the Dark Goddess within, allowing you to embrace love wholeheartedly and unlock your highest potential by delving deep into your dark nature.

We will help you to integrate your shadows (the repressed and rejected parts of yourself)...especially everywhere you're struggling to navigate them alone.

What you'll get:

Five (5) one hour LIVE calls on April 22nd to 26th at 12:30pm CDT

Day 1: Exploring the Dark Codes and the Diamond Path, Embracing Self-Compassion with the Dark Goddess and Black Void Dragons.

Day 2: Embracing the Power of Kali and the Love of Aphrodite in All Deities.

Day 3: Navigating Galactic Duality with Hayley Wilson.

Day 4: Manifesting Heaven on Earth with Erin Ryan.

Day 5: Embracing Dragons and Deities: Closing with Q&A Session.

Private Facebook Group

Replay of all 5 live calls will be in the private facebook group.

We begin April 22nd!



The only thing better than one 6-figure healer helping you grow your biz is TWO. 😘

On 4/4 at 12:30pm CDT 6-Figure Healer Hayley Freija Wilson and I are coming together for a one hour FREE Masterclass called "HEALING GRID: attract empowered clients with healing grids".

🔮💎 We'll be discussing the art of channeling, oracles, and the synergistic collaboration between two healers with unique perspectives to create immensely potent healing grids in your offers.

During this free one hour Masterclass you'll learn about...

🐉 The Art of Channeling
🔮 Becoming an Oracle
❤️‍🔥 Healing the Sisterhood Wound
💫 How to create Healing Grids for your offers

We're going to show you how to attract empowered clients who are HAPPY to pay you and shift FASTER & GREATER in your containers.

Drop an emoji for the link!

P.S. A replay will be available if you can't make it live 💋


I'm here for the channels becoming priestesses becoming Oracles.


I'm here for the Leaders that feel EVERYTHING.


I'm taking up axe throwing. That is all. 🪓 🪓

Crystal Lake Reiki's *NorthStar* 02/29/2024

I'm doing an ONLINE REIKI SHARE at 10:30am CST/4:30pm UTC today! It's $16 drop in, $11 if you sign up for the Reiki Share Monthly membership or FREE if you took 5EDFR live this month!



It lasts one hour.

-> First 10mins - people log onto the zoom room & make payment, if applicable. Explain how the breakout rooms work and how a Reiki Share session works.

-> 40mins of Shares in breakout rooms with up to 4

-> Last 10 mins at the end to share, ask questions, and talk about the next Reiki Share.

Link to sign up:

Message me directly for the zoom link.

Crystal Lake Reiki's *NorthStar*


Gahhhhh so many Certified 5 Element Dragon Fire Reiki practitioners are joining the PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP for 5EDFR! YESSSS!


DRAGON PRIESTESS is for the 6 & multi 6-figure earner who is ready for a 1:1 one yr certification program focused on your CHANNEL, so you can be, do & say EXACTLY what you came to planet earth to be, do & say. We remove distortions from your channel, open it up and refine the frequency until it's only you in your own head & body so you can follow your highest calling from your highest self.

We will be focusing on:
..clearing your CHANNEL (there are 20 channels in the body, each corresponding to a different element & emotional state)
..removing other frequencies/messages/programs/etc. that are NOT meant for you in your energy, mind & body.
..certifying you in all 9 levels of 5 Element Dragon Fire Reiki so you become a 5E DFR Master Teacher.

Multi 4-figure investment/mo. Message me to see if you're the right fit.


I'm doing something insane...

Get VIP PUSH, my 3mo Mastermind for Healers in Business, for a a price point I have NEVER offered before.

This is the ONLY way to go into PUSH right now...and it's at an INSANE PRICE.

DM me for more info. ;)


My heart is on fire this morning. I call it a VULNERABILITY HANGOVER.

Stages of a VH:

1) before being vulnerable...nervousness;
2) feeling in flow while being vulnerable ;
3) elation and a feeling of freedom immediately after being vulnerable (assuming you didn't receive negative feedback for being vulnerable);
4) around 12-24hrs after being vulnerable feeling exposed, doubting whether you should have been vulnerable in the first place;
5) moving through the doubt, reaffirming trust in self and taking up more space PERMANENTLY as a result.

I'm currently at #4. Lol 😆🤣


I love when I receive MYSTERY MONEY.




It never ceases to amaze me how I'll do an energy pull for money and talk sweet nothings into the ear of money and then🔥BAM🔥 (often times - enough to see a clear pattern) I receive money out of nowhere. I remember a time not long ago when it showed up as a refund on my credit card for $230. 

My credit card OWED ME money. Haha 😂 WHAT?!

Since I changed my relationship to money it drops in from ALL kinds of places, not just my business. But boy oh boy does it show up for me in my business too...I hit another 6-figure year in 2023 (third one in a row) even though I took TWO MONTHS OFF and created a human (she's almost 8 months old now!).

I'm the SOLE BREADWINNER of my family of 5 so I don't have time to do things that don't work!


I want to share this yumminess with money with you, so I'm doing a FREE 5-day group experience on Telegram.

In the FREE Telegram Mini-mind that starts TODAY I'm going to...

🐉 TEACH you how to do a money pull +

🌹 HAVE ME doing DAILY money pulls for the group +

🤑 Me dropping juicy channeled nuggets about HOW TO CREATE AND SUSTAIN a 6-figure business as a healer even when you're off doing things like going on vacation or GIVING BIRTH? 👣

DM me for the link to join the FREE Telegram group starting TODAY!

This container is bespoke...what I mean by bespoke is I'll be responding to and reading the collective energy of the group REAL TIME. That means YOU help shape the container by being there. I have SO much knowledge I cannot possibly fit it all into a Mini-mind so I use my abilities as an energy worker to drop in CHANNELED TASTY GOLDEN GUIDANCE in response to the energy of the group as it comes.


From cult member to conscious creatrix.

This journey is a path of fire.

Alchemical fire.

It's why my clients find me. While most haven't been in an extremist cult like I have, they are still deeply healing from being mind f*cked for years by people they love. They need a safe way through the desert in their hearts and swamp in their minds... Someone to hold them and show them their way (a way unique to them).


Today during our "MEET YOUR DRAGON" experience in LEVEL 1 of 5E DFR (5 Element Dragon Fire Reiki) the ALPHA DRAGON dropped in for me.

He coiled around me and threaded gold energy INTO my spine, pelvis, sacral womb space, small intestine meridian (pulls turbidity out of the thoughts and mind) and my kidney meridian (moves fear out of the body and reinforces COURAGE).

I'm still buzzing.

If you know you're supposed to be in this class, DM me and let's talk. 👄


Who's coming to 5 Element Dragon Fire Reiki LEVEL 1 tomorrow?

You'll probably see this little peanut with me 🥜

DM me, it's not to late to join!


You've been ashamed of expressing your pain & hiding your vision for far too long.

It's time to be held in community, with your sisters.

🎃 🧹 On Halloween, Oct. 31st@10:30am CDT (1hr)...

we dissolve the SISTERHOOD & WITCH WOUND TOGETHER w/the full moon energy. Replay available.


Comment "FULL MOON" or your favorite emoji for the link to the free event on Halloween@10:30am CDT.

You can also DM me. 💋



What do DRAGONS + REIKI + MERIDIANS + EMOTIONS have in common?

5 Element Dragon Fire Reiki

Level 1 is being held live over zoom on Nov. 6 & 13 from 9am to Noon CDT.

Sign up for $555 a la carte or $333/class if you sign up for a bundle of at least three classes.

REACH OUT and ask me ALL the things if you're curious.


To change deep PATTERNS two things are required:

1) patience
2) persistence

Oftentimes instead people are:

1) impatient
2) inconsistent


You think you're slamming on the gas, but you're actually slamming on the brake.

It doesn't matter how hard you push once you're stopped, you're not going nowhere until you take your foot off the brake pedal and move it to the gas pedal.

You can spit, scream, cry, blame others, blame yourself, do affirmations, talk about it, write about it, instruct others on how to do it, but until you move your own foot, NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

It's time for a NEW way of moving through life that's also ANCIENT.

Mama Gaia asked Papa Spirit to hold her beer and now she's here.

She's been waiting for you to get off the insanity treadmill and get back into your essence and flow... Not alone, you've been alone for far too long, but in deep communion and community.

Communion with Mama Gaia. Communion with Papa Spirit. Communion with your Highest Self.

Community with the other human beings who are here to support you and be supported by you.

Today I launch the second round of REIMPRINT, my 21 day Telegram container working with Mama Gaia (& Papa Spirit), devoted to doing Gridwork with Mama Gaia and forming INTERDEPEDENT connections in every aspect of life.

During the next 21 days, I will connect all 20 of your meridian's (energy highway is) of your body with Mama Gaia.

It's time to be held. It's time to not only let go of the fractals of codependence that are still hanging out in your energy field, but to build a deeply connected way of life moving forward.


The investment is $333 if this is your first round in one of my 3wk telegram containers, $111 if you're in EMERGE, PUSH or the WOLF MOON GODDESS MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP. DM me for the link.


5 Element Dragon Fire Reiki Level 6 Metal/Gold Dragon on Oct. 16th & 23rd from 9am to Noon CDT over zoom.

In Level 6 you learn how to transmute the energy of SORROW & SADNESS by bringing in Reiki (divinely guided life force energy) and the frequency of Dragon Fire from the Gold Dragon. You will receive an installation attunement of your IMPENETRABLE DRAGON SCALES, which allows unwanted energies to roll off with greater ease.

At the end of class you'll receive a certificate for 5 Element Dragon Fire Reiki Level 6: Metal/Gold Dragon.

Included in the class:

🐉 LEARN how to bring Reiki & the frequency of Dragon Fire into the metal meridians - LUNG & LARGE INTESTINE MERIDIANS (energy highways) of the body

🐲 LEARN how to locate and trace the metal meridians of the body, LUNG & LARGE INTESTINE MERIDIANS, to clear SORROW & SADNESS and facilitate LETTING GO

🐉 ATTUNEMENT INSTALLATION attuning you to Reiki & Dragon Fire from the Gold Dragon (divine masculine & leadership energy)

🐲 IMPENETRABLE SCALES installation of dragon technology so unwanted energies roll off of you with greater ease and grace

🐉 STEP BY STEP GUIDE on how to perform a Level 6 Reiki session

🐲 CERTIFICATE for 5 Element Dragon Fire Reiki Level 6: Metal/Gold Dragon

Pre-requisite: Reiki Level 3 of ANY TYPE of Reiki (you do NOT need to do Levels 4 & 5 first)

It's $555 or if you bundle at least three classes, you get each class for $333 each.

DM me or comment below for links or to chat if this is the right fit for you.


If you're a Healer, you know that the traditional business model doesn't work for you. You can't just go out and hustle 24/7 and expect to be successful. You need to find a way to run your business that aligns with your soul's purpose and energy.

I understand what it takes to create and run a sustainable, soul-aligned business from the ground up. I understand how to be healed by your business and get paid for it. Let me say that again...I GET PAID TO HEAL MYSELF.

This is how it is supposed to be for we heal, others others heal, we heal. They walk away more whole and so do we. NOBODY IS SACRIFICING ANYTHING.

Healers just can't do business the same way. We require something completely different...

If you're ready to step into your power and create a business that feels good and makes money, I can help you.

Do you want to birth and rebirth yourself and your business?

PUSH is my 3mo Mastermind for Healers ready to birth and rebirth themselves and their SUCCESSFUL business.
you don't have to do it alone ever again.

3 months, 12 live 75-minute calls over zoom, lifetime access to the replays, private Facebook group $3,333 PIF or $1,333 x 3 months. Extended payment plans are also available

VIP Upgrade is $5,555 and includes bi-weekly 30-minute 1:1 calls with me PLUS voxer support between calls!

DM me to see if PUSH is a good fit.

Free Masterclass: The 5 Elements of an Aligned Offer 09/22/2023

Free Masterclass: The 5 Elements of an Aligned Offer Join the upcoming Masterclass on 9/26/23 @ 10:30 am CDT led by Erin Ryan on The Energetics of 5 Elements Masterclass & How It Can Support the Evolution of Your Business!



Everyday I slow down to the heartbeat of Gaia I heal.

My business heals.

My relationships heal.

My bank account heals.

My nervous system heals.

My heart heals.

When you slow down to the heartbeat of Gaia FIRST thing in the morning then you drop into clear connection with your TRUE SELF INTUITION instead of your TRAUMA INTUITION.

On Sept. 4th I'm doing a 3 week Telegram group called REIMPRINT devoted to learning how to REIMPRINT ONTO Mama Gaia to heal codependent attachments in your business and personal life.

The truth is our human mothers were NEVER meant to carry the load they've been carrying.

We were never meant to carry the load we've been carrying.

From birth we were meant to be taught we have two mothers (and fathers) to connect to and lean on...our human mother and father PLUS our divine mother and father...Mama Gaia and Father Sky/Spirit.

We were meant to be deeply connected to them.

Would you like a real life example of the power of working with Gaia?

Ex 1: when I was on maternity leave I asked Gaia for business to make my first $20k cash month even though I was on leave. She told me...and I hit a $20k was in sales ($14k cash), but I was ON MATERNITY LEAVE...I'll take $20k/$14k cash. Lol 😆

Ex 2: I have CPTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder) and often wake up with anxiety...slowing down to Gaia's heartbeat ALWAYS calms me and my nervous system to a point where I can feel my body again and connect to my intuition.

Our unconscious codependent attachments can show up as:

-> closed off MONEY FLOWS
-> doubt and hesitation with FOLLOWING YOUR HIGHEST CALLING
-> holding back your FULLY EXPRESSED SELF

What's included:

💚 3 weeks of support

🌈 Week 1
Reimprint on Gaia - what is codependency & I'll walk you through the process

🌹Week 2
Heal attachments in business - money, clients, creations

🐉 Week 3
Heal attachments in personal life - parents, partner, kids, friends

We launch September 4th 🐉💚🤑

We'll be working with GAIA (i.e. Mother Earth), and the EMERALD & WHITE DIAMOND DRAGONS.

$333 presale/$555
VIP Upgrade +$555
DM me for the link


ATTENTION HEALERS who do deep work with their clients:

It's VITAL that you know how to take your clients safely THROUGH what's called the STRESS CYCLE so they're no longer stuck IN it.

Do you know what the STRESS CYCLE is and why it's important?

Do you know how to SAFELY walk your clients through it or are you just hoping for the best?

In my 3-call minimind (self paced and pre-recorded) called TRIGGER I show you exactly that AND MORE. (Value $333)

🌜LEARN HOW to walk yourself and your clients safely through the stress cycle.

🌛 LEARN HOW TO DEFINE A TRIGGER - what it is, what it isn't, & common mistakes even the well intentioned are making.

🌜LEARN HOW TO HOLD YOURSELF THROUGH A TRIGGER - step by step process and somatic exercise. Come prepared to work through a specific issue you're experiencing or have experienced.

🌛 LEARN HOW TO HOLD YOUR CLIENT (OR ANYONE ELSE) THROUGH A TRIGGER - how to effectively and safely communicate with your clients about what it means to be triggered, how they can safely tell you when they're triggered and how to walk them through (even if you're also triggered at the same time).

*BONUS 1* Masterclass SAFE: Redefining Safety so You can Finally Heal (value $111)

*BONUS 2* Masterclass CONSENT (value $111)

(Value $555) You get it with the coupon code link below for $97 (discount already applied)

DM me for the direct link for $97.


One of my clients hit $6k cash in a WEEK for the first time ever and another just hit $5k cash in a month.

These are SWEET times in PUSH, my 3mo mastermind for healers. ❤️🌹

Crystal Lake Reiki's *NorthStar* 06/03/2023

Crystal Lake Reiki's *NorthStar* Please read these Terms of Use carefully before purchasing, accessing or using any of our Programs, Products and Services.

Crystal Lake Reiki's *NorthStar* 05/30/2023

On July 13th & 20th from 9am to Noon CDT over zoom I'll be teaching Level 4 of Five Element Dragon Fire Reiki. Pre-requisite is level 3 of ANY type of Reiki.

In DFR Level 4 you learn the 4 fire meridians (heart, small intestine, pericardium and San Jiao) in order to clear anxiety, mania and defensiveness. You'll get an installation attunement directly from the Fire Dragon of the Fire Breath to help bring the frequency of Dragon Fire into the meridian system to dredge the Fire meridians and then deeply nourish them (heart, small intestine, pericardium and San Jiao meridians).

MOVE OUT THE ENERGY OF ANXIETY, MANIA & DEFENSIVENESS into calm with a soft and open heart.

There is no other type of Reiki in the world that combines the frequency of Dragon Fire + Reiki + Meridians from Chinese Medicine + Dragon Technology.

I combine my Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine with 14 years of Reiki experience and my work with Dragons to bring this modality through. Dragon Fire Reiki goes deeper into the body's energetic system and clears more quickly with greater efficacy while also nourishing the spirit.

To work with dragons is to be in the presence of both power and compassion. To be seen for who and what you are truly are.

One level is $555 or if you purchase a bundle of at least 3 levels it's $333/level (DM me to sign up for a bundle).

Crystal Lake Reiki's *NorthStar* Please read these Terms of Use carefully before purchasing, accessing or using any of our Programs, Products and Services.

Want your business to be the top-listed Health & Beauty Business in Crystal Lake?
Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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