Foxcroft Meadows Inc. Sod and Landscape Supply

Sod Supply Center in Crystal Lake, IL Sod Supply Center in Crystal Lake, IL

Foxcroft Meadows, Inc. is a landscape supply center in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

We have sold sod and landscaping supplies since 1960. We are growers of blended blue grass grown locally. We now sell sod by the square foot, and offer delivery of sod and seed including Kentucky Bluegrass. Any quantity is available for pickup or forklift delivery.


If a lawnmower advertises a blade-brake clutch, that is an option that allows you to temporarily stop cutting the grass while the engine continues to run. The clutch stops only the mower's blade until you are ready to continue and re-engage the clutch.


Light colored smoke coming from your lawn mower's engine is a sign of trouble. If this is happening to you while you are mowing, and it is coupled with a motor that stall or shuts off frequently, then it could be time to bring it in for repair.


What is mulch? If you have seen a lawn mower with mulching capability, that refers to the grass clippings leftover after your lawn is mowed that are so fine they do not accumulate on top of your lawn.


Make sure your side discharge shoot is clear if your lawn mower is suddenly smoking! A buildup of grass and w**d clippings may be the culprit. However, a dull, bent or loose blade can also be the cause. Having your blade sharpened or tightened professionally is your best bet in this instance.


If you are planning to use a bagger when you mow the lawn, then a rear exit for clippings is going to be your best bet. Otherwise, the side mount may get in the way of you maneuvering around obstacles such as trees, fences, and posts.


Unfortunately, chores seem to multiply faster than bunnies in many households. If getting around to fixing your broken lawn equipment keeps getting pushed farther down on your list, we’re happy to lend a hand.


Keep children and animals inside while you are mowing. Diverting your attention from the lawn could lead to a mishap such as mowing over a built-in sprinkler or some other object.


It’s important to remember that you don’t always have to service all the equipment for your lawn care business on your own. In most cases, outsourcing that to us can allow you to devote your time to income-generating activities.


Typical gas-powered mowers are still sometimes the best way to go despite emissions and noise. They are strong, powerful, and suitable for more lawns than some of the more environmentally friendly lawn mowers are.


Have you ever found yourself puzzled by the reason that a piece of lawn equipment won’t work? We’ve all been there. When you’re tired of trying to decipher the problem, we’re always here and ready to take over.


Before lawnmowers were invented in the 1800s, lawns were managed quite differently than they are today. The most popular lawn-maintenance methods were scything and shearing.


There are a lot of different maintenance issues you may experience with a push lawn mower that lawn equipment service companies can repair. Some of the most common fixes include: Tuning the engine; checking the battery and carburetor; replacing the air filter and spark plug; and changing the oil, plus many more.


Rotary mowers were not actually developed until lawnmower engines were small and powerful enough to operate the blades at a high speed.


When it comes to watering your lawn, the old saying rings true: quality is better than quantity. Frequent watering can lead to very unattractive thatch running throughout your lawn. It’s recommended that you water your lawn once a week, but make it a very heavy watering.


When deciding on what type of lawnmower is best, first take a tour of your lawn. Look at trees and other obstacles that might make maneuverability an important factor, as well as uphill areas, to determine what type of mower will make your job the easiest.


Whether you are a yard man or the owner of a full-fledged landscaping company, there are multiple types of machinery to help do a better job for your customers such as; Commercial mowers, chain saws, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, line trimmers, turf care equipment and more.


During autumn months, you should mow your lawn at a lower height than you do during other times of the year, and it is a good idea to remove thatch buildup that occurs in warm-season grasses.


The first compact power mower specifically designed for home use was developed by Toro and released in 1938. The first lightweight aluminum engine was developed by Briggs & Stratton in 1953, and within three years, it dominated the mower market.


Water and sun aren’t the only things a lawn needs in order to be full and lush. Lawn care experts recommend that you fertilize your lawn at the very least twice a year. If you go with the bare minimum, it’s best to do your feedings in the spring and in the fall.


By mid-season your lawn mower has seen countless hours of use and is ready for a service visit. To keep it running smoothly, it’s smart to have the deck scraped, blade sharpened, air filter replaced and new plugs installed and gapped.


Who is Edwin Budding? He is the person who is credited with inventing the very first lawn mower in 1827. Edwin’s source of lawn mower inspiration was a machine at a textile factory that was used to trim thick pieces of cloth velvet.


Here is a simple protective tip. If you have an empty nursery pot lying around your garden shed, set it on a flat concrete block and fill it with sand. When you change the oil in your car, take some of it and mix it in the sand. When you are finished with your cutting tools, plunge them into the sand and store them there to keep the shiny and sharp.


When it comes to your lawnmower deck (the body of the mower that surrounds the blades), you have many different options. Steel is a common material and extremely strong and durable, but it is prone to rust and needs to be properly maintained.


Tapping the side of your lawn mower's carburetor is an old trick that can work when fuel is having a hard time reaching the engine. A finger flick or two should get the fuel flowing, but if it still will not start, then bring it in for a repair service.


For safety's sake, no matter which kind of mower you choose, you should always keep your lawn clear of sticks, stones, toys, and other objects. Any or all of these obstacles can either damage your mower or cause injury when picked up and thrown by the blades.


What is one of the fastest speeds ever recorded on a lawn mower? An astonishing 87.83 miles per hour. This record was set on May 23rd 2010 in the United Kingdom – but remember, this one was for the record books only; do not try at home.


Is a riding mower a good investment? That depends on the lawn and garden work you need done. If you have a large lawn, and perhaps other property that also must be maintained, a riding mower is designed for bigger jobs without getting you completely exhausted.


When you regularly maintain your lawn, the grass remains healthy and robust. That's important, because a healthy lawn is better able to resist periods of drought or battles with insects or disease.


Unused gas left in a mower over the winter can get stale, gumming up the carburetor and inviting rust. First, add fuel stabilizer to the tank, then run the mower to distribute it. Turn the mower off and allow the engine to cool, and then siphon the excess gas.


Cutting grass is one the three most important steps in maintaining your lawn. The others are feeding your lawn and watering your lawn. We can make sure you have the best tools for the job.


Winterizing all of your gas powered lawn equipment keeps them in top condition and makes it easier to get them started in the spring. Make sure the gas has been drained and follow the recommendations of the owner’s manual if the equipment has a separate oil tank.


When determining which type of lawnmower is best for your specific needs, it is a good idea to walk around your lawn and look for wet, shady spots, as well as obstacles on your lawn that could make mowing more difficult.


Just like humans, grass needs plenty of oxygen to live healthily. Unlike humans, grass needs a little help with air circulation. In order to better circulate the air for your lawn, it’s a good idea to poke holes in the soil.


According to Popular Mechanics, the ethanol that’s mixed into gasoline means small engines need to be serviced regularly. Ethanol can create carbon deposits in the engine, encourage rust, interfere with ignition, dissolve plastic parts and damage pistons.


In 1870, Elwood McGuire of Indiana used lighter materials to improve the first version of the push mower. The result was a mower that was much easier to use. Just 15 years later, the U.S. was building 50,000 lawnmowers a year.


Allow the engine of your lawnmower to idle down for twenty to thirty seconds to prevent it from after-firing. If the rpm is too high at shutdown, it can direct fuel through to the ignition.


Even though the first lawnmower received its British patent on August 31, 1830, it was not until ten years later that inventors created a machine that animals could pull.


It is never too early to get your dormant lawn equipment ready for the season. As the weather warms up, people begin moving around, and our business picks up. Bring yours in when you have nothing much going on, and beat the rush.


Though most riding lawn mowers are gasoline powered, some are electric. Electric riding lawn mowers have a rechargeable battery. However, electric riding mowers are less efficient and have a fairly short battery life, especially if the grass is wet.


Not sure how to drain the gas or oil out of your lawnmower? Then bring it in to us. Not only will be perform this service, we will capture and safely dispose of these fluids as well.

Foxcroft Meadows Inc. Sod and Landscape Supply updated their business hours. 06/03/2022

Foxcroft Meadows Inc. Sod and Landscape Supply updated their business hours.

Foxcroft Meadows Inc. Sod and Landscape Supply updated their business hours.


One of the most important aspects of lawn maintenance is mowing regularly, since local homeowners’ associations often require you to keep your grass cut.


Did you know that, as a general rule, lawn mower spark plugs need to be replaced at least once every 200 hours of operation? This type of service is important, as dirty or worn out spark plugs can result in a lawn mower that either runs poorly or refuses to start.


Do you have a big front and back yard, or hilly areas that make pushing a lawn mower a difficult task? Pick a lawn mower to match your lawn by either choosing a riding mower for large or hilly lawns or self-propelled gasoline mowers.


Did you know that it's best to cut no more than one-third the height of the grass in any single mowing? By setting cutting heights correctly, you can greatly reduce w**d growth and mowing frequency.


While you may want to get out and mow as early as possible, it's a good idea to wait until any dew has dried. Lawn experts say that, when your lawn is wet, the clippings are more likely to form clumps or stick to the mower deck.


Paying attention to recommended maintenance schedules for your rotary tiller is particularly important. Because it works in dirt of all kinds, filters can become clogged more quickly and damage the engine. Not sure how to do it? We can help.


The precursor of today's lawnmowers was invented in 1919 by Col. Edwin George, who created a lawnmower that was powered by a gasoline engine. Interestingly, the new invention wasn't immediately successful because of economic conditions after War I.


In 1955, enterprising individuals realized they could dismantle backpack-style crop dusters and use the motors and blowers to create DIY leaf blowers. Recognizing the potential, manufacturers began developing dedicated leaf blowers in the late 1950s.


Don’t forget that an important part of owning a lawnmower is keeping it properly maintained, which includes cleaning the air filter, changing the oil, and checking spark plugs. A well-maintained mower will last for many years.

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5402 Edgewood Rd,
Crystal Lake, IL

General information

Foxcroft offers premium products including:

Blue Grass Sod
Salt Tolerant Sod
Shad Sod

Grass Accessories:
Grass Seed (Blue Mix, Red Mix, Yellow Mix, Green Mix, Low-Grow Fescue, Black Mix, 100% Perennial Rye Grass, 100% Annual Rye Grass)
Compost (Soil Amendment)
Prairie Wildlife Seed
Erosion Control Blankets (with Metal Staples, Wood Sod Stakes)
Bagged Growers mixed Paralite
Bagged Topsoil
Bagged Mushroom Compost
Canadian Smahagmum Peat (Soil Amendment)

Colored Mulch (Auburn, Red, Black)
Bulk Mulch (Auburn, Red, Black, Economy Blend, Arborist Chips),
Bark Mulch (Premium Hardwood Bark, Hardwood Bark Fines, 3/4" Pine Bark Mulch)
Mulch (Playground Cover - ASTM Standard Approved)
Bagged Mulch (Premuim Hardwood Bark, Hardwood Bark Fines, Cedar Barch Mulch)

Landscape Fabric


Brick Paving Stones (Pavelock, Unilock, Belguard)
Geogrid Soil Reinforcement (Mirafi Miragrid & Strata Grid)
Polymeric Sands (Alliance Supersand & Techniseal)
Sealers (Wetlook & Invisible)
Retaining Walls
Drain Tile
Brick Adhesives (Glues)
Silt Fence

Bails of Straw

Opening Hours

Monday 7am - 5pm
Tuesday 7am - 5pm
Wednesday 7am - 5pm
Thursday 7am - 5pm
Friday 7am - 5pm
Saturday 7am - 12am

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