TLC Herb Garden

Welcome to TLC Herb Garden Shop, we have a great selection of locally grow herbs. Stop in our neighb 10/02/2015

The Kitchen Garden Goes High Tech

If you have always wanted to grow your own food but lack the expertise or outdoor space to do it, a high-tech indoor garden may be the answer. Smart new products offer ways to grow food indoors without without soil, or a green thumb. 10/01/2015

What do I do with green tomatoes?

To pick or not to pick? If your tomato plants are still covered in unripe fruit, how can they coaxed into reddening up, or should we admit defeat and enjoy them green? 09/30/2015

5 Plants That Help Keep Mosquitoes Away

I would use these plants over a ugly bug zapper any day. #5 is one of my favorites it never dies and I always use it. We'll take a lovely lavender bush over an ugly bug zapper any day. 09/29/2015

How She Cut Down to a 4 In a Month!

Using this secret weeks before her wedding day got her looking like a completely different person! Friends and family were... This new pro...(READ MORE) 09/29/2015

15 of the Craziest-Looking Flowers From Near and Far

I just love looking at all these crazy looking flowers #14 might be the strangest looking. Check them out! A few of these blooms belong in a vase, the rest seem to belong on Mars. 09/29/2015

Gardening in Space | JSTOR Daily

In a major milestone for space exploration, astronauts aboard the ISS enjoyed a bite of space-grown lettuce. See why growing plants on a space ship might be difficult. Zero-gravity gardening: why growing plants in space isn't the same as here on Earth. 09/28/2015

Poison Oak Removal: Learn How To Get Rid Of Poison Oak Plants

Key tips on how to identify and get rid of a Poison Oak problem in your garden. When you have poison oak growing near your house, your thoughts turn to poison oak removal. Unfortunately, getting rid of poison oak is not an easy matter. Complete eradication is impossible, but control options in this article should help. 09/25/2015

This Enormous Gourd Just Broke a Major Pumpkin Record

Now the biggest pumpkin on record in North America. It broke the previous record by more than 400 pounds! 09/24/2015

Types of Houseplants That Clean Indoor Air - Sustainable Baby Steps

A list of beneficial types of houseplants should get you started in finding the right plants for your home. My personal favorite is Aloe not only does it not require much care but is great for burns. Why invest in expensive electrical air purifiers when you could purchase a few types of houseplants to clean and filter your air naturally and inexpensively? 09/23/2015

10 Houseplants That Can Survive in Even the Darkest Corner

A easy way to liven up your home. #7 is one of my favorite because if you often forget to water your plants it still grows great. These low-light varieties won't want anything to do with your already crowded windowsill. 09/22/2015

Fall Soil Preparation

A little work now can make things a lot easier later. These tips may surprise you. Check them out to see for yourself. experts discuss how amending garden soil in the fall can make things a lot easier come spring. 09/21/2015

Preserve Your Fruits and Veggies So You Can Enjoy Them Even Longer

What to do with all your extra fruits and veggies? Check out these great ideas. How to preserve fruits and vegetables by drying, canning, pickling and making jams and jellies. There’s a method safe and easy enough for everyone, as well as tips for success and recipes. 09/17/2015

10 Ways to Make Gardening Easier

Great article on gardening. #7 surprised me.... Gardening easier means you can garden more. Use these smart gardening tips to make your gardening chores and maintenance less time and labor consuming and make your time in the garden more enjoyable.


Stop in and check to see how our garden in growing.


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