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Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 12/12/2022

I have two weird coworkers!!

In every other job I have ever had, “the weird coworker” has always been my title.

I’m glad I get to pass the torch to these weirdos! ♥️♥️🐶🐶


Made my second favorite ginger a little extra gingery today! ♥️ 🍁

Seriously, I just have the best clients.


After!!! A healthy cut and some fresh fall bangs!


My turn!!! My beautiful friend, client, and fellow stylist came over to give me a trim today!! ♥️♥️♥️


🍁🍂♥️I am loving all the warmth and fun colors my clients are asking for lately.

We all know I love blondes… but these warm, dark colors are getting me excited for the cooler weather on the way! 🍁🍂❤️


🍁 Fall is in the HAIR 🍁

Took this blonde girly to a deeper warmer bronde look for the fall.

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 08/10/2022

I have been so busy I keep forgetting to post before and after pics!! 😬😬

I love that I have clients that come to me every 6 months because their color lasts that long!!

Some times you can’t be low maintenance when it comes to color… (ya know those pesty gray hairs that just need to be covered?) but some of my lucky clients don’t have to deal with them yet, and I love a lived in blonde!

But when it’s time to refresh, the after is just so amazing and bright! ☀️

Awesome hair color should last! The integrity of your hair is always my number one priority, it’s my job to make sure your hair is always happy and healthy! ♥️

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 07/01/2022

The power 💪🏼 of extensions!!! 🥰

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 06/30/2022

Tried taking a picture of my Bloom Wildly shirt, and these monkeys 🙊 decided to jump in... ♥️♥️♥️


Oh, hi summer hair! 💕☀️💕☀️

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 06/16/2022

Baby lights on my baby sister!!!! ☀️🥰


I love the reviews I get on my Booksy page!!

It fills my heart when people are happy with the work that I do, and getting the opportunity reinforce confidence that should have been there from the start is truly wonderful. But the best part is getting to make all these new amazing connections with my amazing clients.

I don’t want you to only look good after your appointment with me, I want you to feel good too. I know I say it so many times, but I just love my job ♥️♥️

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 06/03/2022

BRIGHT, BRIGHT, BRIGHT as the SUN ☀️ before and after on my beautiful client.

I am so ready for this warm weather!


I just love my job 💕

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 05/13/2022

After hair appointment selfies are the best selfies….
(Especially when you have a ring light, and an extra beautiful client!) 💕💕💕

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 05/12/2022

Bright as the 🌞 highlights, and big cut on this gorgeous girl! 💇🏼‍♀️

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 04/26/2022


You girls make my job so easy!

Partial highlight with a root smudge on this beautiful lady today. ♥️


Bloom Wildly Salon got a mini upgrade!!!!! ♥️🌻🌻


Not all my clients are asking to be bright as the sun ☀️
I love this warm color on this beautiful Golden Goddess 🌻❤️

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 04/13/2022

Before and After☀️🌻💛


😂 One of the best parts of my job! ♥️♥️♥️

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 04/09/2022

Seriously! 😍

My clients are giving me the best before and after pictures this week! ❤️❤️

Everyone is ready to get rid of the dead weight from winter and are ready for a lighter brighter summer! (Even if it did just snow yesterday 😭 ❄️… we know brighter days are ahead!)

My girls are ready to bloom! ☀️🌻☀️🌻💛

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 04/08/2022

Who doesn’t love a drastic before and after??? (And a cute baby 🥰🥰)

☀️Lightened this beauty up!
💇🏼‍♀️ And gave her a huge chop!

Just in time for summer 😊☀️


Olaplex for the win…. Again.. and again… and again 💕💕💕💕💕💇🏼‍♀️💇🏼‍♀️💇🏼‍♀️

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 03/04/2022

I love hair, all parts of it, color, cutting, blow outs, making people feel beautiful in their own skin. Getting to connect with my clients and be part of their lives, I honestly feel so lucky I get to do what I do…. 💇🏼‍♀️♥️

Most people don’t know that in addition to all the amazing women’s hair I get to do I also have a large sensory clientele. My son James is a sensory kid and with lots and lots and LOTS of therapy James has grown leaps and bounds and his sensory issues are now very mild♥️. But when he was a little guy our lives were much different. I used to have to hold him down for haircuts while he screamed and got completely over whelmed, and I remember thinking how lucky I was to know how to cut hair because there was no way we could have gone into a salon. It was extremely emotional for both of us.

That is why I offer this specific service now, as a mom of a child who has sensory issues I know how hard a hair cut can be, and I am empathetic to the kids that struggle through something that is typically so easy for everyone else. In my home, in my salon, it is calm and happy and I want you to come just as you are. I want parents to not feel worried or anxious, and I want my clients who struggle with sensory to feel safe to be them selves.

As my clientele grows I have realized how important this part of my salon is, and I want to make sure people know this is an option for them. If you have a child who gets anxious about hair cuts, please reach out! I am so happy to help ♥️♥️

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 02/13/2022

Have you heard of Olaplex??

My number one goal as your stylist is to make sure your hair is healthy in addition to it being beautiful 🌸 and Olaplex is an amazing way to achieve both of those things! There are 4 main types of damage that can happen to your hair:

Olaplex helps repair each of these types of damage, by repairing the millions of disulfide bonds with in our hair from the inside out. When the bonds are intact we are left with strong, healthy, shiny, beautiful hair. If you are looking for an amazing treatment to help your hair heal, make sure we are using Olaplex at your next chemical service!🌻 💇🏼‍♀️💆🏼‍♀️🌻


Just another day doing what I love ❤️ Happy Birthday to this beautiful girl!!! 🥰

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 01/05/2022

The past year I have noticed a lot of my clients have been experiencing excessive hair shedding and their hair not feeling as thick as it normally does. 💇🏼‍♀️

Excess shedding is also known as TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM, your hair has a growing phase (anagen phase) and a resting phase (telogen phase) when you have telogen effluvium your hair enters the resting phase early which will result in extra shedding and your hair not growing back as quickly after it sheds.

There are a couple reasons why this can happen, and a few things we can do to help stimulate the hair back to the growing phase!

✨ Child birth. 👶🏼
✨ Illness (especially if you had a high fever) . 🤒
✨Diet. 🍅
✨Stopping use of birth control pill.

How to stimulate growth!:
🌻Collagen (I honestly can’t say enough about the benefits of collagen for hair, skin and nails!) ☕️ I drink mine with my coffee every morning.
🌻Keep your scalp clean, and give your self a scalp massage. I am guilty of using way too much dry shampoo on a daily basis, it can clog your scalp and make it hard for those baby hairs to grow back. Massage can stimulate the hair follicle and promote new growth. 💆🏼‍♀️
🌻Essential oils!! Especially lavender, rosemary, peppermint, clary sage, and chamomile. 🌿
🌻De-stress!! I know that is so much easier said than done, especially the world we are living in now. But it is so important for all areas of your life (and hair) to take it easy on your self. It’s important more now than ever to take care of your self. 💕

The good thing is it is not permanent, and we can get you back on the thick healthy hair train!! If you have any questions feel free to reach out! We all deserve to have beautiful hair💕💕


Bloom Wildly Salon now has GIFT CARDS!! 🌻🌻🌻♥️♥️


I am now booking all my appointments through Booksy! Feel free to download the app to book all your hair appointments with me! 🥰💇‍♀️🌻


The Revlon blow dry brush is on sale at Costco!!!

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 11/23/2021

☀️Baby lights and a root smudge☀️ subtle changes make the biggest difference!

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 10/09/2021

Ohhhhh 😌💕 the difference a baby light, haircut, blow out and a little love can make! 💕

Loved this before and after today!! 🌻💛

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 10/08/2021

What my typical Thursday night looks like 😂….
Washed 🧖🏼‍♀️, dried, flat ironed and retapped extensions for tomorrow morning! 💇🏼‍♀️

Tape in extensions are my favorite type of extensions for many reasons!

🌻 You can reuse the hair for 9-12 months.
🌻They do not damage your natural hair.
🌻They lay completely flat on your head.
🌻Tape ins look natural and seamless.
🌻They are easy to take care of.
🌻Less expensive than most types of hair extensions.

💛They are the easiest way to add length, or just add some more volume! If you have any questions about extensions let me know!! They are so fun to do!! And truly can change your whole look!! 💛

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 09/20/2021

🌻It’s crazy the difference a healthy cut and some highlights can make!🌻

Photos from Bloom Wildly Salon's post 09/18/2021

✨The MAGIC is in the details ✨

Making sure to pay extra close attention and detail to the perimeter of the hair line makes such a difference with highlighting. 💛🌻

I wanted to make sure I blended this beautiful clients hair line because she wears her hair up more times than not while she kicks b***y on the lacrosse team💪🏼!

We wanted a seamless blonde when her hair was up or down. ☀️


💛The naughty Bloom Wildly Salon mascot! 💛

🌻He will bark at you.
🌻Go in your purse.
🌻Steal your food.
🌻Pee out of his diaper.
🌻Be the cutest pup ever!!!

Even with his naughty behavior, we can’t help but love him so very much!


❤️The ultimate compliment is when your client drives over an hour to come see you consistently for the past 9 years ❤️

👉🏼 Cut and color: 30 volume , blunt lob with volumizing layers.

👉🏼 Styled with nano titanium flat iron, Hair Beach Club Texture Spray (the BEST texture spray out there!) Brookly Bombshell Blowout Spray and of course (this is my ultimate favorite product, the only one I have used consistently for the past 10 years)

👉🏼For Caitlin, I did a full foil of baby lights mixed with heavy slicing and paid extra attention to the perimeter of her hair line to make sure her highlights were seamless and completely natural when her hair is pulled up.


It’s the time of year when my super bright ☀️blondes are ready to add some depth back into their hair! 🍁

I took my beautiful client from a bleach blonde to a rooty baylage, a super low maintenance color with tons of depth…. Summer I’m sad to see you go 😭, but pumped to change up our color palate (and to pull out all my fall boots!)! 🍁♥️☕️ ❤️ 🎃


It’s been a minute!!! I promise to start post more again!!!….

In the mean time, can we talk again about how much I love doing blondes!!! 😍💛 so much detail and my own personal touch goes into a full foil. I love how this client’s hair turned out today, a full foil, with a poppy money piece and a soft root smudge!

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Bloom Wildly Salon got a mini upgrade!!!!! ♥️🌻🌻
The Revlon blow dry brush is on sale at Costco!!!


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