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Top To Bottom Exterior Cleaning updated their address.

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Top To Bottom Exterior Cleaning updated their business hours.

Top To Bottom Exterior Cleaning updated their business hours.


Top to Bottom Exterior Cleaning has been SOLD!!!


As you may have noticed, everyday there are more and more 'Roof Cleaners' out there. The cost to have your roof cleaned varies widely from company to company, just keep this in mind, if you are getting bids over $600 to do your house (I don't care what size it is) you need to get other bids. I've been sticker shocked by what some of our customers have told us after accepting our bid other roof cleaners have bid. You Do NOT Always Get What You Paid For. Roof Cleaning is a very quick and easy process and should be an affordable option for everyone. It's Your Money.. Stay Smart!


"Gods most precious work of art is the warmth and love of a Mothers heart."

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's who selflessly teach, nourish, comfort, encourage and love their children in only a way a Mother can!
Enjoy your day!


Time to get your homes exterior ready for SUMMER!

* 20 Windows Cleaned inside and out for ONLY $159. Storm windows not included, standard 2 pane windows.

* Exterior House Wash ONLY $199. Up to 2000 sq ft. Add $20 for 2 stories or a walkout basement.

* Wood Deck Cleaning & Staining $50 OFF

* Gutter & Downspout Cleaning (debris removal). $15 OFF

* Roof Cleaning $75 OFF

* Driveway Power Washing, Only $125 for standard 2 car driveway

* 5% off if you choose 2 services / 10% off if you choose 3 or more services

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Two more customers that are THRILLED with the outcome of our services! And our prices!

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Call Us - Free Estimates - Very Affordable!

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Brick, Stone, Concrete, Wood, Aluminum, Steel, Plastic, Rock, etc. We can clean it!


15% off of all jobs for the rest of April!!
Remember, we don't just remove MOLD and ALGAE we KILL IT!


We are booming, two more jobs put on calendar for next week!
If the exterior of your house is do for a cleaning to be ready for the summer months ahead please call 636.633.2154 ASAP! Let us increase your curb appeal in less than one day!


We will get rid of that mold on your siding our skilled professionals know the right combination of water pressure and chemicals to improve your home’s exterior without harming it in the process. Our pressure washing technicians are thoroughly trained on all of our special equipment to make sure that they take off what needs to be removed, not the paint, siding, spackle, vinyl or finish. Our employees take the time to check the surfaces carefully before starting pressure-washing services.

Our pressure washing systems wash away any sign of dirt, mildew, mold or algae that has accumulated on your home. We use the preferred low pressure soft-washing method coupled with environmentally safe chemicals to kill all of the algae, mold and mildew present on your homes exterior. This soft-washing vs. power washing method get’s your home cleaner and is much safer than using high pressure. Also, Low pressure soft-washing with chemical keeps your house cleaner for 3 times longer than using high pressure. We usually can give you an estimate right over the phone. You will be amazed at how your home will look after a good house wash by Top to Bottom Exterior Cleaning!

How many times have you looked up at your gutter and fascia and wished those ugly black streaks would disappear? Now there is a way. Look no further. Top to Bottom Exterior Cleaning can provide the elbow grease to make those ugly stains completely disappear.

FREE ESTIMATES CALL 636.633.2154 or email [email protected]


3 Reasons to get your ROOF CLEANED


1) Those black streaks on your roof are a form of Algae called (Gloeocapsa Magma). This algae is feeding on the limestone filler in your shingles. If you don’t take care of the problem, the algae will continue to spread and will slowly eat away at your roof causing premature deterioration.


2) Dirty roofs look horrible? Those ugly roof stains will bring down the curb appeal of your home quickly. Revitalize your home’s roof by letting Roof Revitalizers restore it to like new. Bring back that clean look to the exterior of your home.


4) DO NOT use a pressure washer to clean a roof. It will damage the roof shingles. We use the preferred soft wash method which let’s the chemical do the work. This method actually kills the algae vs. just spraying off the top layer preventing it from coming back faster. It’s also the recommended method of cleaning roofs by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association)


We can clean mold, algae and dirt off of ANYTHING on the exterior of your house or in your yard.


Top 10 Reasons To Have Your Roof Cleaned
1. Improve your curb appeal!
2. Decrease Utility costs!
3. Maximize the longevity of your roof!
4. Prevent insect infestations!
5. Health benefits!
6. Insurance companies are canceling policies due to mold and algae growth on roofs!
7. Maintain the value of your home or business!
8. Clean it, Don't replace it!
9. Our team only uses ARMA approved products.
10 Our team is Softwash certified!

Could a dirty roof tarnish your home insurance? 04/16/2014

Could a dirty roof tarnish your home insurance?

More and more insurance companies are canceling policies due to mold and algae growth on the roofs of their policy holders - Please read the attached article for more information!!

Could a dirty roof tarnish your home insurance? A dirty roof can lead to your insurer inspecting your house - or worse


Top to Bottom Exterior Cleaning is a forerunner in the growing problem of Algae and Mold removal in the Midwest. We use only Eco-Friendly solutions coupled with the soft wash system that is recommended and approved by the shingle manufactures of North America.

Our process is state-of-the-art, guaranteeing the highest standards in the quality of our work performance. Our techs and managers will support you and your project from the initial consultation through to the completion with on time, professional, cost effective service.
Call 636.633.2154


Home Owners - call us for a free estimate to get your house ready for the Spring & Summer weather!

Real Estate Agents - call us for FREE estimates to help improve the curb appeal of your clients homes and sell them FASTER!

Smail investment HUGE results! 636.633.2154


Busy Busy day today cleaning a beautiful house in Raintree development in Hillsboro. House looks great, will post pics tomorrow!

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3 Days after we cleaned the roof of this house, it SOLD! After being on the market since November! It's all about CURB APPEAL!
Call us 855-411-9274 or 636-633-2154 NOW for a FREE ESTIMATE!


News video about insurance companies canceling policies due to 'dirty' roofs..!

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Curb Appeal -

Agents! Help your clients sell their homes faster!

Home Owners! You deserve to have your house look its very BEST!

Call for your FREE estimate!

Another Happy Customer


Want to sell your house FAST! Or just want your house to look its VERY BEST? Improve these 3 things!!


Call 636.633.2154 ASAP and we make the exterior of your house look its VERY BEST! ***FREE ESTIMATES***

We can help make your home look new again, regardless of what it’s made out of. We use a variety of cleaning techniques to drastically improve the exterior of your home. By using the highest quality cleaning solutions, we can transform dirty, dingy, and drab exteriors so that your home has more curb appeal.
We have a variety of techniques in our arsenal that we can utilize on your home to make it the cleanest it’s ever been. These techniques also give us a lot of flexibility to customize our approach to your home’s specific needs. Whether it’s antique or brand new; made out of brick, vinyl, stucco, wood, or any other material; or has vegetation growing on it,
Call us today about your home. We’ll get it back to pristine condition, leaving your home looking beautiful. We’re happy to offer a free estimate, give you more information, or to schedule a complimentary demonstration.

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As you go about your daily routine have you noticed the rooftops that are being invaded by ugly black streak? Most folks living in this area think those streaks and stains are a sign that it’s time to replace the shingles.
This is a myth! The truth is that air born algae (mold) lands on the roof and feeds on the material in the asphalt shingles. The technical name for this algae is Gloeocapsa Magma. It grows mostly on the north and west facing roofs which receives the prevailing moisture and shade. The Gloeocapsa Magma is a microscopic organism which is not visible with the naked eye. This hungry organism feeds off the limestone material found in asphalt shingles and multiplies on all sides of the roof. However since the north sides make the most ideal breeding ground for the algae, it multiplies and spreads most rapidly across the roof’s north surface. The dense areas of the algae communities are evident by the black streaks and ugly stains which are a protective sheathing that the algae excrete.

This air born algae is more prevalent as you travel south in warmer and more humid climates. Over the years the algae has been spreading across the states. That is why it seems to be more and more noticeable here in the mid-west region. The effects of the algae are not only unsightly but very costly if not treated. If your roof is infected by algae or other organisms such as moss or lichen have a certified roof cleaner (Roof Renewal Systems) inspect it as soon as possible.
Roof Cleaner uses the latest state-of-art SoftWash systems to safely and quickly clean your roof. The employees of Roof Cleaner undergo continuous training so that you are assured that only the latest technology will be used in the removal of the black streaks, moss, mold, mildew and lichen from your roof. Roof Cleaner does not use pressure washers as they can and will cause damage to the shingles on your home.
When you want your roof cleaned the correct way, and by the company that is the 1st choice in Eastern MO you only need one number – 855-411-WASH - 855-411-9274
Roof Renewal Systems LLC



What is that black stuff on my roof?
Is this a question you commonly ask yourself?
Whether your roof is new or old, when you see black stuff on it, chances are you are looking at Gloeocapsa Magma, algae that feeds on the crushed limestone used in the asphalt shingles of your roof. Gloeocapsa Magma is carried onto your roof by the wind where it then starts to grow and take hold. Rain spreads the algae down the roof causing the all too familiar black streaks. Like any plant, the rainwater aids in the algae’s growth.The algae grow on the North side of the roof that gets the least amount of sun and stays damp the longest. The algae keeps feeding, growing and darkening until removed. Airborne algae spores are blown from roof to roof and can infest a whole neighborhood if not treated.Aside from the obvious effects, black streaking can have on curb appeal and beauty of your home, algae can prevent your roof from performing one of its most important jobs? Reflecting! Tile and shingles, reflect the radiant heat from the sun off the roof. When the roof is covered by algae, the heat is not reflected from the roof and it is trapped into the attic. Given the heat of Missouri summers, this can have a huge effect on cooling costs.
If handled early on, professional roof cleaning can be the solution to the black stuff on your roof. However, if left too long, algae will cause your roof to rapidly deteriorate and fail long before it should.

Do I need a new roof because of the algae?
Usually, "No." The algae is causing the shingles to fail faster than they should, but if the granular loss is not severe then a cleaning is the least expensive way to go. If the roof is past 20 years old and there is algae staining, we can replace your old shingles with a new roof - including new valleys that are not all rusted! Do not allow a contractor to "nail-over" an algae stained roof as that will only hide the problem and the algae will grow unchecked under this new roof. The algae needs to be killed or the old shingles removed. Would you paint over mildew covered drywall without killing the spores?

How long does the cleaning results last?

Most generally the results last anywhere from 4 - 6 years. However, results vary depending upon landscaping and surrounding trees.

How long before I see the results from the cleaning?

Immediately! When our crews leave, your roof will look like new again! Depending on the color of your shingles you may notice a slight "soap like" film from our detergents. The film will rinse away with the first rain.

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