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Eggs for sale!!!!! Just dropped off a bunch of them at the Natural Health & Home. Address is: 526 Bailey Road, Crystal City, MO 63019. These are farm fresh! We do not cage our chickens. We let them out in the morning and encourage them in the coop at night to protect them from predators. The rest of the time, they love to wander and hunt.
Looking forward to seeing you today. I'll be at the store from 11:00-1:00!
Nan, do you have any wheatberries?
Do you carry h**p milk?

We are Jefferson County's local health resource. We have a wide variety of health food items, supplements and information. Also, come in and schedule a Nutritional Health Analysis!

We have local delivery!

Operating as usual 05/07/2020

Natural Health & Home

Arrived yesterday:
Manuka honey and echinacea throat lozenges. Very soothing during allergy season or any time you have a scratchy, tickly throat.

IODINE DROPS! It's been months since this has been available. It's finally IN STOCK! Iodine not only "feeds" the thyroid, but according to Dr. David Brownstein, it may help immunity, female organ health, and much more!

Honey Gardens ELDERBERRY SYRUP (with echinacea, apple cider vinegar, honey, and propolis)--a customer fav during flu and allergy season!

Betty Lou's cashew protein balls---Yummy! Individually wrapped for those on-the-go. Gyms are open now, so keep a stash of these for post-workout refreshment.

Electrolyte drink mixes--plain or fizzy by NOW Foods.

Many Dr. Christopher products are on sale 10% off regular price.

Natural Health and Home,
526 Bailey Rd., Crystal City, MO 63019
636 937 0526 05/06/2020

How to Read A Barcode to Tell If A Product Came From China, USA or Any Other Country The Universal Product Code, more commonly known as the UPC, is your best bet at getting products from the countries you want. Lately, China has been criticized for the safety of their products and with good reason. Knowing where many of these common products are coming from can help cut down on anxi...


Wellness Warriors! Just in--Bell Lifestyle Healthy Blood Pressure Support and Histamine Balance--all herbal blends to help us stay healthy.

My customers have benefited from Histamine Balance during allergy season.

The Blood Pressure Support product is a favorite year 'round!

Visit Natural Health and Home in Crystal City, MO


Harr Family Farms

Looking for fresh chicken, eggs, and butter? Go to Harr Family Farms at
They still have reasonably priced fresh CHICKEN, EGGS, BEEF, and BUTTER, among other items. You can shop on Saturdays at Soulard Farmers' Market in St. Louis, or arrange to go to their farm in Dupo, Illinois (phone to arrange a time to meet).
I phone in my orders early in the week to reserve my items.

Since 1925, our family has served the public with Fresh Quality Poultry, Smoked Meats, Country Eggs, Country Butter, and Pure Raw Honey at Soulard Market. 04/23/2020

Natural Health & Home

Supplies are IN! Zinc tablets, Algazim capsules, and FOOD, FOOD, FOOD! Zevia sodas, Paleo crackers, organic cranberry, cherry, and apple juices; frozen organic blueberries, Ezekial bread, organic turkey bacon, and MORE!
526 Bailey Rd., Crystal City, MO 63019
636 937 0526 04/22/2020

Natural Health & Home

Young Living's Thieves products are IN STOCK! toothpaste, mouthwash, hand soap, bar soap, household cleaning soap, lozenges, and essential oil blend!

Also, Purification blend, Exodux II (an alternative to Thieves), tea tree oil, Raven blend, lemon, and much more are IN STOCK NOW.
526 Bailey Rd., Crystal City, MO 63019
636 937 0526 04/22/2020

Natural Health & Home

YOUNG LIVING, FRONTIER, and PALKO ORDERS JUST ARRIVED at Natural Health and Home! More deliveries are scheduled to arrive Thursday and Friday this week.

Wake Up to Natural Health and A Better You!


Drink pure water to flush out toxins and hydrate your cells.
Breathe deeply. Microbes, viruses, etc cannot live in an oxygenated environment.
Avoid fake foods. Eat God food--if God made it, eat it. If man made it, avoid it.
Get appropriate exercise and rest.

Care for your personal temple and God will bless you!


Be PROACTIVE about your health God's way! See Alma 46:40 "And there were some who died with fevers, which at some seasons of the year were very frequent in the land--but not so much so with fevers, because of the EXCELLENT QUALITIES OF THE MANY PLANTS AND ROOTS WHICH GOD HAD PREPARED TO REMOVE THE CAUSES OF DISEASES..." 04/16/2020

Natural Health & Home

Are those face masks a bit smelly after eating lunch (onion/garlic breath)? Spritz them with your favorite essential oil mixed with vodka (an emulsifier to blend the essential oil into the liquid, otherwise the oil will simply float on water). Two of my fav's are Young Living's Raven blend and my own blend of pine, lemon, and eucalyptus! Raven always seems to open my sinuses when I cut grass while wearing a bandana or mask to keep pollen and dust out of my nose.

I have a fresh supply of pine, lemon, and eucalyptus oils at Natural Health and Home! 04/10/2020

Top 44 Spices and herbs High in Zinc - Diet and Fitness Today

Top Twenty List - Highest zinc Content per 100g
Below is a basic list for zinc in spices and herbs for the top 20 spices and herbs. A more comprehensive list for the top items can be found at the bottom of the page along with different servings.

1. Spices, poppy seed 7.9mg (53%RDA)
2. Spices, cardamom 7.47mg (50%RDA)
3. Spices, celery seed 6.93mg (46%RDA)
4. Spices, mustard seed, ground 6.08mg (41%RDA)
5. Spices, caraway seed 5.5mg (37%RDA)
6. Spices, anise seed 5.3mg (35%RDA)
7. Spices, dill seed 5.2mg (35%RDA)
8. Spices, cumin seed 4.8mg (32%RDA)
9. Spices, coriander seed 4.7mg (31%RDA)
10. Spices, sage, ground 4.7mg (31%RDA)
11. Spices, turmeric, ground 4.35mg (29%RDA)
12. Spices, paprika 4.33mg (29%RDA)
13. Spices, savory, ground 4.3mg (29%RDA)
14. Spices, bay leaf 3.7mg (25%RDA)
15. Spices, fennel seed 3.7mg (25%RDA)
16. Spices, ginger, ground 3.64mg (24%RDA)
17. Spices, poultry seasoning 3.14mg (21%RDA)
18. Spices, fenugreek seed 2.5mg (17%RDA)
19. Spices, pepper, red or cayenne 2.48mg (17%RDA)
20. Spices, pumpkin pie spice 2.37mg (16%RDA) Zinc Rich spices and herbs - top 44 sources of Zinc in spices and herbs. The 44 spices and herbs range from 7.9mg to 0.01mg per 100g, for Zinc content. 04/08/2020

Can Breathing Like Wim Hof Make Us Superhuman?

Since covid-19 is a lung condition, deep breathing may be beneficial to both prevent and help heal. Dr. Christopher's posted these references for breathing exercises: Great info!

2. Ramacharaka, Yogi. The Science of Breath. Yogi Publication Society, 1904.
3. "Can Breathing Like Wim Hof Make Us Superhuman?". Discover Magazine, 2020,
4."Corona Survival Guide With Wim Hof & Russell Brand | Full Length Podcast". YouTube, 2020, ...


Easter is this weekend, a holiday which offers many sweet treats. I have some concerns that all those sweets will compromise immunity for many people and we'll see an uptick in infections and illness about a week after Easter.

To help your immunity stay stronger, AVOID consuming anything white: white rice, anything made with white flour, white potatoes, anything made with white/processed sugars, dairy products from cows (milk, cheese, etc), as well as pork and bottom feeding fish. These all contribute to MAKING MORE MUCOUS, which "germs" thrive on. Substitute all those chocolate eggs and bunnies for something healthier, like homemade blender "ice cream" made from frozen fruits and coconut milk or almond milk.

Instead of chocolate bunny candy, use fruit juice and beef gelatin powder to make homemade "jello". If you pour it into a cake pan and let it gel, you can use a bunny cookie cutter to make fruity "gummy bunnies." I'm sure you'll find lots of fun homemade healthy treats on Pinterest!

Prepare for a HEALTHY, HAPPY Easter! Post your creative ideas on facebook or other social media. 04/08/2020

Natural Health & Home

BACK IN STOCK! Three brands of Vit. C, elderberry juice and capsules (mixed with C and oregano), and much more!

Essential oils in abundance to diffuse or make disinfectant products.

Citra-Solv cleaner--fresh orange natural scent--terrific de-greaser and sanitizer.

Bronner's Tea Tree Soap--bars and liquid.

Come to Natural Health and Home, or I can do curbside or ship product.
636 937 0526 (please don't text or email, as the shop has been quite busy. Phoning is best during this busy time.)


Natural Health and Home is OPEN!
I have IN STOCK:
Supplements, ELDERBERRY
essential oils, diffusers
Homeopathic and herbal products for ALLERGIES and MORE! Place your order by phone for shipping or pickup. Pay by credit card for shipping. 03/31/2020

Natural Health & Home

More supplies arrived at Natural Health and Home today:

hand sanitizer
nano silver
vitamin D 5000units
echinacea tea
CBD by Plus CBD and North American Herb and Spice
Dr. Christopher's Sinus Plus capsules
raspberry leaf tea
Gypsy Cold Care tea
Kyolic cholesterol formula capsules
olive leaf capsules
526 Bailey Rd., Crystal City, MO 63019
636 937 0526


Wellness Warriors! River Hills Harvest is BACK IN STOCK! A shipment just arrived this morning.

Also in stock: Honey Gardens elderberry syrup.

Natural Health and Home
526 Bailey Rd., Crystal City, MO 63019

I ship!


Dearest Customers: My River Hills Harvest elderberry order of last week was delayed. I received an email that elderberry is now really on its way and should be here either Tuesday or Wednesday this week, if all goes right. I'll phone those who special ordered as soon as product arrives. 03/22/2020

Coronavirus … Panic or Pandemic?

Read the statistics below on the INCREASED risk of contracting viruses AFTER VACCINATION! Does anyone remember the words of FDR: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”? I wonder what he’d say today in light of the current state of PANIC over the coronavirus… The coronavirus has absolutely dominated the news for the past couple of weeks. Travel has come to a standstill, s...


There are natural ways to fight off viral infections and keep your immune system healthy, one of which is vitamin C, which is currently being used in China against COVID-19 coronavirus and has been officially recommended by the Shanghai government.

The coronavirus can be dramatically slowed, or stopped, with the immediate widespread use of high doses of vitamin C. Physicians have demonstrated the powerful antiviral action of vitamin C for decades. There has been a lack of media coverage of this effective and successful approach against viruses in general, and coronavirus in particular.

Is vitamin C a “cure” for coronavirus? The reality is that there is no “cure” for coronavirus (or any virus for that matter). We are exposed to literally thousands of ‘harmful’ viruses each and every day, but with a functioning immune system and intake of natural antivirals, we shouldn’t have to worry about any of the viruses … including coronavirus! from TTAV


According to Dr. David Brownstein:

Iodine is essential to not only fighting off an infection it is necessary for proper immune system functioning. There is no bacteria, virus, parasite or fungus that is known to be resistant to iodine.” 03/20/2020

Natural Health & Home

Wellness Warriors--I have several immune boosting herbs available at Natural Health and Home! The store is OPEN!

Astragalus, olive leaf, oregano, Dr. Christopher's Immune formula, Moducare, Oregaresp, and more!
526 Bailey Rd., Crystal City, MO 63019


All Credit and Debit Card Transactions at Natural Health and Home Now Include a 3.99% Fee which is Automatically Added to Your Purchase.

Credit Card/Debit Processing Fees Have Gone Up Again, So Processing Companies Are Now Adding the Fee to Cover Costs.

When You Pay Cash, You Avoid the 3.99% Fee! 02/11/2020

CBD & Cannabis Library - Educating humanity on CBD and Cannabis; the facts, the protocols, the dangers

Are you searching for the most current valid information about CBD products? Check out this website.

Invest in excellent quality CBD products (liquid, capsules, topicals) at Natural Health and Home, 526 Bailey Rd., Crystal City, MO 63019. Cannabis & CBD Combat the Loss of Appetite in Cancer PatientsTODAY'S VIDEO Stimulate the Appetite with the Help of CBD and Cannabis Are you struggling with...


Did you know that according to a 2004 report authored by multiple medical doctors (entitled “Death by Medicine”), the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is an astounding 783,936 per year?

In other words, more people in the USA die EACH YEAR from “iatrogenic” (i.e. doctor induced) causes than died the ENTIRE Civil War!

Even the mainstream media outlets are reporting that “medical mistakes” are one of the top 3 causes of death in the USA.


Natural Health and Home will be CLOSED today, Jan. 17, due to icy weather and road conditions. If the road conditions clear by Saturday, I will be in the shop around 9am (depending on road conditions where Iive). 01/13/2020

Natural Health & Home

According to
How Hawthorn Reduces Cholesterol
Research shows that hawthorn lowers LDL, or bad cholesterol, and triglycerides in the blood. It also breaks down serum fats, producing more HDL, or good cholesterol, and decreases the important ratio of LDL cholesterol to HDL cholesterol. By reducing this ratio, it may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Hawthorn berries also increase the production and excretion of bile, which works to reduce the production of cholesterol and helping the body eliminate LDL cholesterol. The berries are high in nutrition and contain a wide range of flavonoids and antioxidants that reduce free radicals in the body.

Hawthorn can be used with conventional drugs, if you prefer. Please discuss it with your doctor or health care professional before use, especially if you are taking prescription drugs of any kind.

You may invest in hawthorn by Dr. Christopher at Natural Health and Home. 01/13/2020

This is a MUST SEE expert talk (it's free!) from The CBD Health Revolution

Your opioid receptors are being stimulated by sugar, wheat/gluten, and dairy products! Learn more in Dr. Tom O'Brian's presentation TODAY, or go online to see his books and lectures. This expert talk is part of a health series going on this week. If you like it, be sure to check out the others — free this week! 01/10/2020

Natural Health & Home

Live your life CONSCIOUSLY to improve health and well being! 01/10/2020

Natural Health & Home

A new year is here, and you're WAKING UP TO NATURAL HEALTH and a BETTER YOU! Join our COMMUNITY of natural health enthusiasts at Natural Health and Home.
Visit for the friendship and information you seek for better health for you in 2020 and beyond!
Limbic Stress Assessments and nutritional coaching available by appointment.


2020 is here, and I have THE BEST customers ever! You share with me your successes as well as your concerns; your joys and your sorrows.
Thank you for trusting me with your personal stories! You are each a blessing to me as I learn with you how to live a better life--a healthier life--pets included!

As we start this new year and new decade, remember to Wake Up to Natural Health and A Better You this year! One of my goals is to make 2020 the BEST BUSINESS YEAR EVER! I'm in my 14th year of business (never expected THAT!). I know that with your help, we'll all make 2020 the best!

Blessing to you all!


Here’s some sound advice for moving into the New Year from our beloved Dr. Christopher.

"You possess a degree of health right now. Thank God for that, then go forward to build even better health. Train yourself to live with an 'attitude of gratitude,' live positively and generously, and be sure to nurture your spirituality, including prayer and meditation."


Wellness is a PROCESS of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence. Live your life consciously to improve health and well being.


Winston Churchill put it well when he said, “Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”


Toxic Beauty (2019) | Official Trailer HD

This movie will be shown at the Weirenburg Theater in West County next week. You must get tickets by this weekend.

AVAILABLE ON DIGITAL ON JANUARY 28TH Each morning we spritz and slather ourselves in over 100 different chemicals – yet the cosmetics and personal care indus...

Creating Better Health Naturally

Before opening her own health food and vitamin center in Hillsboro in 2006, Nan served customers at several of the oldest and most successful health food stores in the St. Louis and Warrensburg communities. She also completed classes in nutrition, herbal studies, and naturopathy, as well as her clinical internship, in the 1970s.

Nan is now a nutritional herbalist and nutritional consultant. She has completed a class in Gua Sha, traditional Chinese medicine. Nan also completed a workshop in using essential oils to help release emotions.

After a thirty year teaching career and being actively involved in community services and at her local church, Nan enjoys working close to her rural Hillsboro home -- her own personal wildlife preserve -- where she lives with a menagerie of wild critters.



Daily, NOW, Nordic Naturals, Dr. Christopher's, Young Living, and several others.



526 Bailey Rd
Crystal City, MO

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