Mr Eds Pool Service LLC

Mr Eds Pool Service LLC

Small family owned business that takes pride in our customer service as well as knowledge of swimmin Co owned by Pat Graham
Co owned by Rocky Graham

Operating as usual

[02/19/21]   We finally got ahold of the Post Office
They advised us that mail was not running do to the weather and they are finally getting mail trucks in and will be sorting. They said they are working hard to deliver local mail but be prepared it might be alot since they have not been able to do anything.

[02/19/21]   With the weather we have been having and temps on the rise now told we were under a hars winter freeze if your equipment was frozen we recommend please even if it thaws do NOT turn on your equipment. Please contact us or we recommend waiting until later on in the week.

[02/18/21]   We want to thank the front line workers, the lineman who are out working hard to restore power and the postal service!

If you are able to get your mail send some love to your postal service (we havent gotten mail and we wouldnt want him risking anything trying to get to us), if you see a front line worker or a lineman give em a wave, a smile, a thank you! You have no idea what a small kind word can do for them!

[02/17/21]   Whelp our office defintely has damage...wont know the extent until temps get above freezing 🥶🥶🥶🥶

[02/17/21]   Phones are still down. Not sure when they will be back up.

We are thinking of each and everyone of yall!
Stay safe and stay warm.

[02/16/21]   Our business phones are still eta on when they wikl be back up.

If your pools are running they should be fine.

If they stop running or equipment freeze pull plugs and shut the breaker. We can not guarantee this will save it but its the best shot ya got!

Stay safe friends and stay warm!
We love ya and are thinking about you all!!!

[02/16/21]   We still remain without power and our phone systems are also down.

We hope you are safe and staying warm!


Remember to make sure your freezeguard is working or your pool is running when it reaches freezing!
From our family to yours we adore each and everyone of yall and wish you a blessed Sunday!!!

Remember to make sure your freezeguard is working or your pool is running when it reaches freezing!
From our family to yours we adore each and everyone of yall and wish you a blessed Sunday!!!

[01/01/21]   Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
May 2021 be filled with love and prosperity for all

[11/26/20]   Happy Thanksgiving!!!
One thing we are thankful is our staff and our clients. Without yall we wouldnt be who we are!!!

[11/25/20]   Please note our office will be closed tomorrow 11/26 and 11/27
We will resume normal business hours Monday 11/30/2020

[11/19/20]   Anyone else say choice words to the wind when skimming your pool?


Ok just me then 😡😡😂😂🤣🤣

[10/29/20]   It has been brought to our attention that a phone number beginning with 682 is a number to reach us at. Please note that our office phone number is 817-297-1143

We are aware of this issue and will work on having the incorrect number removed or corrected.

Thank you.


City of Burleson, Texas Government

For the most up-to-date statistics on COVID-19 cases in Burleson, visit


Thank you to all who have served and are serving pur country!

Have a HAPPY 4th of July and remember to be safe!!!!

Our office will be closed today but we will be back open Monday!!!


Recent update

Gov. Abbott this afternoon issued an Executive Order requiring Texans to wear face coverings in public in any county with more than 20 positive COVID-19 cases. The Governor's orders supersede the City of Burleson’s recent mask regulations.

The order starts at 12:01 p.m. July 3 and applies to all commercial entities, buildings and spaces open to the public, including outdoors, wherever it is not feasible to maintain six feet of social distancing from those outside your household.

The exceptions to his order include:

- Children under 10 years old
- Anyone with a medical condition or disability that prevents wearing a face covering
- Eating or drinking, or seated in a restaurant to eat or drink
- Exercising or engaging in physical activity outdoors (as long as distance is maintained)
- Driving alone or with passengers from the same household
- Obtaining a service that requires temporary removal of the face covering for security surveillance, screening or a need for specific access to the face (i.e. visiting a bank or obtaining a personal care service involving the face), but only to the extent necessary for the temporary removal
- While in a swimming pool, lake or similar body of water
- Voting, assisting a voter, serving as a poll watcher or actively administering an election (though a face covering is strongly encouraged)
- Actively providing or obtaining access to religious worship (though a face covering is strongly encouraged)
- Giving a speech for a broadcast or to an audience

Not excepted from the requirement are those attending a protest or demonstration involving more than 10 people who are not practicing safe social distancing of six feet from people outside their household.

Following a verbal or written warning for a first-time violation, the order includes a fine of up to $250 for subsequent violations.

“Wearing a face covering in public is proven to be one of the most effective ways we have to slow the spread of COVID-19,” he said. “We have the ability to keep businesses open and move our economy forward so that Texans can continue to earn a paycheck, but it requires each of us to do our part to protect one another—and that means wearing a face covering in public spaces. Likewise, large gatherings are a clear contributor to the rise in COVID-19 cases. Restricting the size of groups gatherings will strengthen Texas’ ability to corral this virus and keep Texans safe. We all have a responsibility to slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep our communities safe. If Texans commit to wearing face coverings in public spaces and follow the best health and safety practices, we can both slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep Texas open for business. I urge all Texans to wear a face covering in public, not just for their own health, but for the health of their families, friends, and for all our fellow Texans.”

The governor also issued a proclamation giving mayors and county judges the ability to impose restrictions on outdoor gatherings larger than 10 people.


Please follow the new mandate from The City of Burleson
Please practice safe distancing

We love you all and hope everyone remains safe

On June 25, 2020 Mayor Ken Shetter enacted the City of Burleson Declaration of Local Disaster and Public Health Emergency (10th Declaration and Order) that states "all commercial entities in the City of Burleson providing goods or services directly to the public must develop and implement a health and safety policy. The policy goes into effect Saturday, June 27 at 12:01 a.m.

Below is a summary of the mask requirements in the City of Burleson:

FACE COVERING REQUIRED IN ORDER TO ENTER AND REMAIN ON PREMISES. All persons over the age of ten (10), including employees, customers, visitors, invitees and contractors ("Patrons"), who enter this business must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth, such as a homemade mask, scarf, bandana, or handkerchief.

*The requirement of a face covering does not apply if covering the nose and mouth poses a significant mental or physical health risk to the individual.

*The requirement of a face covering also does not apply when an individual is consuming a food or beverage or receiving a service where the wearing of a mask would impair the performance of the service.

SOCIAL DISTANCING PROTOCOLS. Even with the use of appropriate face coverings, individuals should maintain six feet of social distancing whenever possible.

*Employees should not work within six (6) feet of one another, except to the extent necessary to provide services.

*Patrons should maintain six (6) feet of separation from other individuals outside their household, to the extent feasible when inside the business premises.

*Patrons of the business queuing or waiting inside or on the premises of the business must maintain six (6) feet of separation from other individuals outside their household.

VIOLATIONS. Patrons who are not wearing a face covering will be asked to put one on. If the patron refuses, the business has the authority to call city enforcement officers who can issue a trespass citation, if necessary. #MaskMaskBaby


Remember Yall..... Trantella mating season is upon us!!!! Watch for these furry pets 

[05/24/20]   For all of our fantastic customers we just want to remind everyone that we will be closed Monday, May 25th for Memorial Day. We will re open Tuesday the 26th ( also Rocky’s birthday, say something if you see him)


City of Burleson, Texas Government

Update from the Mayor

Good evening Burleson. Mayor Shetter gives a brief overview of Governor Abbott's executive orders from April 17, 2020, and what that means for the community and businesses of Burleson. Remember, for information on important resources and the most up-to-date information about confirmed cases, go to


A Little Good Friday humor!!!

We love yall ALL
Please be safe


Sharing updates

We received additional updates last night regarding cases.

Total Positives To Date: 17

10 Burleson (2 locations have 2 positives in household)

1 Mansfield (listed as recovered)

2 Cleburne

4 Unincorporated JoCo (1 location has 2 positives)


Sharing from the City of Burleson

With today's announcement of more confirmed positive cases in Burleson, it is imperative that everyone practices social distancing and follows the CDC's guidelines on proper personal hygiene if heading out to the parks.
#BeSafeBurleson #FlattenTheCurve

Stay up to date, 03/30/2020

Coronavirus live updates: Trump extends social distancing guidelines to April 30 The U.S. now has over 135,000 cases and more than 2,000 deaths.


Essential businesses listed are attached

Swimming pools are essential to maintain due to improper water sanitation can cause molds/algae’s as well as E. Coli, among others.

Make sure your pool is maintaining proper water sanitation...WARM weather is here

On March 25, City of Burleson issued a Mandatory Stay-At-Home order. The order goes into effect at 11:59 p.m., March 25, 2020, and continues until April 13, 2020 unless extended by Burleson City Council. All Burleson residents are encouraged to stay home as much as possible, making only necessary trip as described in the order and shown in the graphic below. For more information:

[03/24/20]   I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU!!!

Thank you to our owner who is working hard to keep our techs employed
Thank you to our techs who go out everyday to keep our clients pools maintained
Thank you to our clients who support our family business which not only is keeping their pool under the CDC requirements but keeps our techs able to earn pay and keeps this small family business open during this pandemic

Our prayers, thoughts, support and appreciation goes to those in the frontline of this pandemic! We thank our police officers, grocery store workers, nurses, Doctors as well as fast food workers for your continued efforts during these times!!!!


I dont know about yall but with the “stay home” in affect and parents homeschooling starting tomorrow I could definitely use some SUN SHINE!!!! In the 80’s

Swim season is UPON US folks!!!


This is why we are still out here risking it for you guys. Keep that in mind please. Go to the link at the bottom of the photo for updates. Stay safe y’all.


The amended Declaration is now online from Burleson

Following both the Federal Government, State of Texas and Tarrant County direction, Mayor Shetter has issued amendments to the state of disaster declaration for the City of Burleson that was originally enacted on March 14, 2020. The amendments will take effect at 12:01 a.m., March 19.

Amendments include:

• Limiting the size of gatherings to no more than 50 people and mandating the cancellation of all such gatherings of more than 50 people until further notice. Does not include gatherings of people in multiple, separate enclosed spaces (including separate cubicles) in a single building such as different floors of a multi-level office, residential building, or hotel, so long as 50 people are not present in any single space at the same time. Also, does not prohibit the use of enclosed spaces where more than people may be present at different times during the day, so long as more than 50 people are not present in the space at the same time.
• Restaurants with or without drive-in or drive-through services; drive-in restaurant; drive-through restaurant; or microbrewery, micro-distillery, or winery may only provide take out, delivery, or drive-in or drive-through services as allowed by law.
• Closure of a bars, lounges, or taverns; commercial amusement; theaters; gyms; and private clubs.
• Limiting the occupancy of the following locations to 50% occupancy as set forth on the business’ certificate(s) of occupancy or 125 individuals, whichever is less:
a. Event Centers;
b. Hotel Meeting Spaces, and Ballrooms;
c. Retail Stores;
d. Convenience Stores;
e. Plazas;
f. Places of Worship; and
g. Malls (the occupancy of a mall is limited as follows: (i) common areas in a mall to 50% occupancy as set forth in the business’s certificate(s) of occupancy or 125 individuals, whichever is less, and (ii) individual Retail Stores within a mall to 50% occupancy as set forth in the business’s certificate(s) of occupancy or 125, whichever is less).

This 50% occupancy limit does not apply to areas not listed above, including office buildings, government buildings, critical infrastructure such as airport and transit facilities, residential buildings, grocery stores, manufacturing locations, non-profit
service providers, airports, homeless and emergency shelters, day cares, and medical facilities.

The City of Burleson strongly recommends the following:

• Cancel all nonessential gatherings and meetings of less than 50 people.
• Create smaller groups for essential meetings, and consider holding video/audio meetings instead.
• For individuals at increased risk of severe illness, cancel gatherings of more than 10 people, and limit nonessential outings. “Individuals at increased risk of severe illness” includes but is not limited to individuals 60 years and older; with compromised immune systems; with medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or disorders, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or other lung conditions.
• For operators of public spaces, provide ways for patrons to maintain safe social distancing, for example, maintaining six feet of separation between individuals; have hand washing capabilities, hand sanitizers and tissues available; and frequently cleaning high touch surface areas like counter tops, hand rails, and door k***s.
• For workplaces, promote telecommuting; ensure employees do not work while sick; do not require a doctor’s note for employees who are sick; maximize flexibility in sick leave benefits; and minimize the number of employees working within arm’s length of one another.
• For grocery stores and pharmacies, increase the use and capability of drive-thru, curbside, or delivery services; limit or restrict the number of customers permitted in a store at one time; minimize the number of employees working within arm’s length of one another; provide handwashing capabilities, hand sanitizers, and tissues; and frequently clean high-touch surface areas like countertops, doork***s, and handrails.
• Determine ways to consider providing support services, including meals, to individuals at increased risk of severe illness while limiting group settings and exposures.
• Minimize all nonessential travel.

City of Burleson facility closures and adjustments

• Burleson Senior Activity: CLOSED until Monday, April 6. City staff is working with area volunteers to meet the needs of seniors who rely on the center for meals.

• Burleson Recreation Center (BRiCK): CLOSED until at least March 31. Please check Burleson Recreation Center’s Facebook, for more information.

• Burleson Public Library: INDOORS CLOSED until at least March 31; limited services available. Limited material pick-up services will remain available at the Library. Please check Burleson Public Library’s Facebook, for information about curbside pickup

• Russell Farm Art Center: all events, classes, and programs will be postponed or canceled until Monday, April 6. Please check Russell Farm Art Center’s Facebook, for information about particular classes or programs. If you have a reservation at the facility, please contact the facility to inquire about your reservation.

• Burleson Municipal Court: all March court dockets will be moved to no earlier than April 7. The municipal court will still remain open to take payments during regular business hours.

• Community Room at PD: CLOSED. All community meetings in the police department’s community room will be canceled until at least April 5.

• Burleson City Hall: OPEN. Where feasible, we encourage members of the public to conduct business with city staff through phone calls and emails rather than in person. As a reminder, utility bill payments may be made by bank draft or credit card through an online portal. There is also a payment drop-box available in the parking lot on the east side of the building. Please call, 817-426-9600, if you have any questions.

• City Parks and Trails: OPEN. Restrooms will be cleaned regularly. Participants are encouraged to wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds after using park equipment. We have dozens of trails that are available and encourage residents to get out and use them.

• City Meetings: Meetings of the Burleson City Council will continue, but public hearings will be limited or canceled for the upcoming council meetings. City boards and commissions will be discontinued until further notice. Meetings can be watched live online at

City events that will be canceled or postponed include:
Please check back at at a later date to see if the event will be rescheduled.

The goal of our actions is to mitigate the spread of the disease as much as possible. The city is aware that this situation is very fluid and could change at any given time. We will continue to monitor and evaluate if additional changes are needed. You can stay up-to-date with information at

What is the city doing to assist small businesses?
In the midst of a global pandemic, our community is in uncharted territory, gauging the full societal and economic impacts of COVID-19. The City of Burleson is committed to work with all of our community partners and local businesses to help provide as much assistance as possible in this trying time. Elected officials have formed a “Local Business Coalition” to spearhead some grassroots efforts to help support these businesses quickly. In addition to Mayor Ken Shetter’s request to the State in relaxing the restrictions on local use of Sales Tax expenditures in order to use those funds directly toward job retention, this group is finalizing a platform to allow consumers to purchase gift cards from local businesses. This website will roll out to the public as early as March 19. The website will be a central point and will transfer gift cards purchased directly to the merchant without any fees. The City will continue to broaden these initiatives and develop more avenues as more needs arise.

The city has also compiled resources for small businesses in regards to funding and loans, which can be accessed through a link at

Gift Cards for Local Businesses
Our community is in uncharted territory when trying to gauge the full economic impacts of the coronavirus. The City of Burleson is committed to work with all of our community partners and local businesses to help provide as much assistance as possible in this trying time.

The public can help support local businesses by purchasing electronic gift certificates from these businesses at

The public’s generosity and support of our local businesses will not only directly help the employees at these locations, but also indirectly help our local economy continue until this event has passed.

Consider the amount that you and your family spend at local businesses and the drastic reduction in those numbers with the recommendations of social distancing and mandated closures. Without financial support now, some businesses will not be able to reopen when this threat subsides.

Whether you choose to use the gift cards now for to-go/curbside, after the threat has passed, as a gift in the future, or choose to not to use at all as a donation, our local businesses need our community’s support now more than ever.

Retail and Food spending make up 60% percent of the City’s entire spending, the ripple effect of this financial impact will be unprecedented. By purchasing gift cards now, we can help lessen this impact.

More than 3,500 employees work in the food service industry alone in the City Limits.

What is the city doing to assist individuals in need?
The city has compiled a list of resources for our residents that range from food needs to child support issues to companies that are hiring. The information is provided through a link at

What is the city doing to assist COVID-19 questions or concerns?
The city has a hotline set up to answer questions related to COVID-19. The hotline will be operational as of noon today, Thursday, March 19. You can call 682-312-2780 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. This hotline will only be able to answer questions in regards to the City of Burleson’s response, we will not be able to inform you on other cities, states, counties, ISD’s, private businesses, utility, cable, phone companies are doing for their response to COVID-19. We will also not be able to give you medical advice.

COVID-19 medical concerns information:
Texas Health Resources Coronavirus Hotline allows you to speak to a nurse 24/7 and is available at 682-236-7601.

If you do not have a doctor, call 877-THR-WELL (877-847-9355)

You can also get more information from the COVID-19 Health Related Questions/Concerns link at

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