Batts Blooming Blessings Farm

Batts Blooming Blessings Farm


Need soap. Let me know if you have any. Thanks
Hi, when is this Fall Festival?
Though to you! :)
When we think of summer in Patrick County, Virginia - there are a lot of things that come to mind: spending the day at Fairy Stone State Park swimming at the lake and hiking all the trails, riding the Blue Ridge Parkway and stopping at Poor Farmers Market for sandwiches and bottled cokes, playing in the creek at Dehart Park, visiting the Stuart Farmers Market for fresh produce, and picking sunflowers and hugging the animals at Batts Blooming Blessings Farm are among our favorites!

Summer is simply just an incredibly sweet season here! Perhaps the literal SWEETEST of memories takes place at Martin’s Blueberry Hill! One of our favorite back to school traditions is heading to Martin's to pick fresh blueberries for our back to school lunches as the sun sets behind the blueberry bushes and the mountains!

Established in 1984, this beautiful hillside farm allows visitors to come to gather blueberries for $6 a gallon! Located at 60 Blueberry Hills Lane in Patrick Springs- be sure to bring some bug spray, a bag to tote your goodies home in, and your berry best friends!

Experience the Simple Life...
Batts Blooming Blessings Farm in Critz, VA is officially kicking off their Pick-your-own Sunflower season TODAY!

Come meet Ella the long eared goat and her new baby, say hello to Bacon Grease the farm rooster, and admire all the beautiful barn quilts that nod to the Patrick County Barn Quilt Trail. Darby the Pig is a new addition who is ready to greet you and nibble on your toes! Have a picnic in the front yard, take selfies in the sunflower field, and enjoy all the beauty of this working farm! Build your own bouquet and take one to a friend, sunflowers are only $1 a stem.

They have two scheduled Open Farm Days!
Saturday, July 3rd from 9am to 1pm
Saturday, July 10th from 9am to 4pm

If you can't make it out for Open Farm Days, contact Miss Kathleen and schedule an appointment to visit!

Experience the Simple Life...
You're invited to a Family Movie Night with Goats at Batts Blooming Blessings Farm (3848 Vias Orchard Rd - Critz VA) on Saturday, May 1st! Doors open at 7:15 and the movie will begin at 8:30.

Start the month out with some fun and a unique experience! Grab your lawn chairs and bring your family out to watch the Disney Movie "Raya and the Last Dragon" in the goat pasture. Each $5 movie ticket includes a cup of goat food and plenty of goat shenanigans! Concessions will be available.

Come meet Ella the long eared goat and her new babies, say hello to "Bacon Grease" the farm rooster, and admire all the beautiful barn quilts that nod to the Patrick County Barn Quilt Trail. Kathleen will also have batches of her heavenly goat's milk soap available for purchase.

Experience the Simple Life...
Thank you Batts Blooming Blessings Farm and Kathleen Bratton-Batts for these amazing soaps. Do yourself a favor and order some.
Thanks for the memories!!
What a great day to visit the farm! The whole family loved visiting with all the animals and the homemade soap smells amazing! What a great place!
Just a picture I took while visiting your beautiful farm!! Y'all are such a blessing!!

A family working to build a Fresh cut Flower Farm where families can come and see the animals pick flowers and enjoy the beauty around them.

We are located in Critz, VA just off HWY 58 if you would like to visit please let us know. Visits By appointment Agritourism Farm

Operating as usual

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Come see me in front of TMobile/Green Leaf across from the food court. The Strawberries just pulled in!


The last kid at home graduates tonight and heads off to visit her school for a week on Monday. 😳 I remember when the smallest squeak out of a newborn would wake me, well tonight it’s my Peacock call from about 50 yards away wow how things have changed! He has me quickly googling and going on a 3:22 am hunt. I’m hoping my Peahen is safely sleeping and as annoyed as I am,he’s pacing on the barn! 🙄 so my day begins. Good morning all.


Fresh picked from the garden. 🍓


We have our first little chick

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Just a little Strawberry Festival Prep


There’s no charge to attend our open farm event. We will have our Goats Milk soaps and other items available for purchase but it’s not necessary. Please come and meet the animals and learn about some future events we have planned. Sunflowers and Zinnias will not be ready for you pick yet. Please help us get the word out by sharing this post. Thank you all and we can’t wait to see you!


Duke volunteering to help 🤣

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2 Walnut/Cherry cutting/charcuterie boards that will be for sale at this Saturday’s Strawberry Festival in Uptown Stuart along with our Goats Milk Soaps and other handmade items.


We visited Montgomery’s greenhouse and Halls today ❤️ Mom and I were excited to find these Money trees at Montgomery Greenhouse. My Nana use to dry them and use them in arrangements.

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Todays visitor

Photos from Batts Blooming Blessings Farm's post 05/16/2022

I’m working on the She Shed garden today!

Photos from Batts Blooming Blessings Farm's post 05/16/2022

I thought I would share a few more pictures from my Oklahoma visit. Lots happened while I was there. Allison graduated, I spent Mothers Day weekend getting to see 5 of our 6 girls, my sister got engaged I met my besties brand new grandson, spent time with my aunts and worked cattle with my Daddy and Uncles and got to have my youngest granddaughter and oldest granddaughter overnight ❤️ It was bittersweet. It’s always hard leaving I miss them already!


Darby does not like being put up with the goats, wonder why 🙄 she does have her own barn but chooses this one!


Went out to check on my broody silkies and this one was just about Buried they aren’t leaving their eggs for anything. Video posted below of me trying to clean her off 🤣 she has a barnyard mix of eggs under her. Silkies do not fly they lay on the ground.


Mean Mother hen 🤣

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The She Shed Shop Woodland Garden project has officially begun and I’m overwhelmed, where do I begin 🤪 Kyles clearing small trees and I’m just staring at rocks 🤣


Kyles working on some Walnut/Cherry Charcuterie/Cuttingboards for the Strawberry Festival Saturday ❤️


In search of square bails (can pick up) or a round bail that can be delivered to the farm.


Need suggestions, please share Favorite restaurants and Antique stores in Roanoke, Of course we will visit Black Dog Salvage.

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My little fancy chicks just get cuter by the day!

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Found another Darby pumpkin this one is amongst the Dahlias 🤣 I got everything weeded just before the rain.


Good Morning from Vinnie and the crew!


She couldn’t stay mad forever!! Darby has been giving me the cold shoulder since I got home, this is the first time she’s came to me for love she really has a diva personality she’s been ignoring me completely and would turn when I tried to talk to her. Glad that’s over!

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Happy to be home. Darbys mad at me 🙄 she’s such a diva!

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My Mothers Day gift from Kyle ❤️ I was surprised to come home to this last night. The sunflower mailbox cover was a gift from our realtor when we moved here, I’m excited to finally have a mailbox I can use it on.

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So the exciting news!! We will be moving along with the She Shed shop we are just awaiting word from the contractor on when he can start. I would love for it to be ready by the July 11th open farm but we shall see. Also Mother and I hauled a load back from Oklahoma! I will begin a Woodland Garden by the she shed and continue to work on my You pick garden. All this “junk” to some 🤣 is for that purpose. Lots of new plants and other fun items. Moms decided she’s cutting back on flower beds so I reaped the benefits. Lots of work ahead! The sunflowers and zinnias are doing great and growing as they should be along with my Dahlias. I’m glad to be home and look forward to seeing everyone at the Strawberry festival! I am looking for strong teens to work about 2 hours Wednesday evening and unload my rock from the Uhaul. I will pay $50 cash to each. It probably won’t take 2 hours but just Incase. Starting at 4:30 Dad and I loaded it ourselves but unloading will be harder for me.


Middle of the night Armadillo shenanigans, I thought one of my parents had fallen so I got up and found this guy. Glad everyone was worried about me and my screaming! Those suckers can run pretty fast it knocked just about every plant stand and pot mom had on the porch over running from the dogs 😡 i was sound asleep and thought I was a goner. Mom and Dad slept through the whole fiasco!! I could be laid out in the yard for all they know 🙄 and no it’s not coming back!!


Happy Mother’s Day!!


My daughter Kaitlan with Crocheted Kindness By Kaitlan made me this beautiful phone case for my Birthday. It’s absolutely perfect! Thank you sis!! I’m hoping we will have some of these in the Farm store.


Apparently he thought he should be invited in for lunch 🤣

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Goats Milk Soap, Wool Dryer Balls and other items



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