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Dani Koi Ink is a small art company run by Daniel "Dani Koi" Bryant, a local artist hailing from Nottoway Virginia. You think it, I ink it! With roots in tattoo design and small time customization projects, Dani Koi Ink now handles projects ranging from glass etching and console customization, to tattoo design and decorative artwork, along with interior design and custom murals.

[09/30/14]   With my latest post, our affiliated artist count up to 4! We have Brandon "Wolfy" Fowlkes, who specializes in anime style characters, Daniel "Dani Koi" Bryant, specializing in custom creations, Samantha "Firefly" Soulsby, photographer extraordinaire, and Eamon "The Goblin" Taggart, whose paper statuettes are without compare! I want to give a huge shout out to the entire Dani Koi Ink team, and you can see Dani Koi, Firefly, and The Goblin at the Richmond Comix Artists Expo and Grand Re-opening on October 11th! We all look forward to seeing you there!
-Dani Koi

[09/26/14]   Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, and of course all my faithful inklings, Dani Koi Ink is PROUD to announce, that as of this moment we are capable of taking both online payments AND credit/debit card payments! That means no more fumbling for cash, or pre-planning to hit an ATM on your way to your Dani Koi Ink premier events, instead just bring your wallet and that handy dandy piece of plastic, and you are all set! We even provide e-mail receipts along with your order, if you so desire. So, we look forward to seeing you at the next Dani Koi Ink attended event, which happens to be The Annual Richmond Comix Artist's Expo, happening on October 11th from 12 Noon to 6pm. Until then, everybody, take it easy and don't work too hard.
-Dani Koi

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Drinking Without Appetite

Oh look, I can't sleep. Oh hey, what..what is this? Could this be the book that a buddy of mine wrote that has...wha...what is that weird stuff on the cover...is that..it is! That is a Dani Koi Ink ORIGINAL cover art piece! Wowzers! And you can own your very own copy of this compelling novella, complete with my artwork, for only 13 dollars! So go PICK ONE UP IF YOU LOVE AMERICA http://www.amazon.com/Drinking-Without-Appetite-Stefan-J-D/dp/1500402249/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1405409738&sr=8-1&keywords=Drinking+without+appetite

amazon.com A story of rants. Alcohol is a true addiction that many share. This is an account from an alcoholic of all of it.

[07/03/14]   WE HIT 100 LIKES!!! That means, just like I promised, I will be hosting, from now until August 8th, a 20% off ANY purchase of Dani Koi Ink services! So come on in, lets make a deal, and let me get to work on making your imagination a reality.

((This offer cannot be combined with any other offers, and does not retroactively effect quotes given before the start date of the sale. If payment is not made on a quote provided during the sale, the discount becomes null.))



100 Likes! On this day in Art History, Dani Koi Ink reached 100 Likes on Facebook, and started a month long 20% off sale to celebrate!

[05/21/14]   LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, BOYS AND GIRLS, CHILDREN OF ALL AGES! Now that I have your attention, I want to thank everyone who has "liked" Dani Koi Ink on Facebook before now. However! This is a call to arms! To all my little Inklings out there (yes, that is what I call my fans) We only need 2 MORE LIKES until we hit the Dani Koi Ink 100 Like Giveaway! If you want to be entered in to earn something awesome from Dani Koi ink, simply ask some of your friends to like the page! Once we hit that magical 100 likes, I will start the giveaway!

[05/21/14]   So, it has been a long time. A lot of bad stuff has happened, but a lot of good too. Just letting you folks out there know, that we are still here. We will continue to do the things we have always done, only bigger, better, and with more people involved. Thanks to everyone who supports Dani Koi Ink and its artists.

[12/18/13]   Today, I am proud to say we are adding, tentatively, a new artist to the Dani Koi Ink team. Specializing in custom, made to order, paper figurines, many of which are beyond my comprehension or ability to create, Eamon Taggart has agreed to have his goods offered here at Dani Koi Ink. We had this conversation a LONG time ago, sitting in his bedroom as I looked at his homemade army of paper and glue in awe. As soon as this post goes out, I will be adding him to the page as a content creator, and hopefully he will be posting on here at his leisure whenever the mood fancies him, and possibly adding some photos too!

P.S. This dude makes paper chainmaille. Like, seriously. It's amazing.

[12/18/13]   Just slapped a new coat of paint, in the form of a new cover photo, new profile picture, and some new personal info, on the Dani Koi Ink page. Hopefully we can reach that illustrious 100 "Like" mark soon. We are only ten people away. Look forward to hearing from you all!

[10/30/13]   So night before last, I was introduced to the awesome of Bravest Warriors and even better, Catbug. The first three people to comment below this status with a Catbug quote will win a free art print of their choice, or a custom piece. Good luck.

[09/13/13]   OKay, so we LITERALLY just hit 70 likes. THAT IS SO AWESOME! THANK YOU! I will make you guys a deal. Share this page with your friends, your enemies, and everyone else. WHEN we get 100 likes, I will write EACH AND EVERY name on a piece of parchment, using a calligraphy pen, and have it framed and put it on my wall. You guys are what inspires me to keep doing what I am doing.

-Dani Koi

[09/13/13]   Just got finished putting together a slideshow for display at the RCX Annual Artist's Expo! If you guys out there in INTERNETLAND have any cool pictures of Dani Koi Ink artwork that you would like included, let me know and I will do my best to include everything from my loyal customers!

[08/13/13]   Just ordered a whole new batch of BRAND NEW designed Dani Koi Ink business cards! Want some for your place of business? Simply let me know!

[04/15/13]   Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages I have an exciting announcement! Dani Koi and Wombat of Dani Koi Ink will be performing LIVE Space Art at Earth Day Farmville on April 20th from 9am until they kick us out! I expect to see lots of friends and family come on out and show their support for a great number of wonderful people and causes! Come on out on April 20th, from 9am until 12pm and share in knowledge, thanks, and free family fun!

[04/14/13]   Just secured Credit/Debit card abilities for Dani Koi Ink! You are no longer limited b y payment methods with us!

[04/03/13]   Dani Koi Ink is working on getting our official website set up, with places where you can contact us and make your orders. What would you guys like to see on the website?

[12/30/12]   Dani Koi Ink is currently searching for artists to join our team. We are looking for artists skilled in any medium to join the Dani Koi Ink studio and represent Dani Koi Ink at expos, cons, art shows, and events. Please comment below and have a portfolio of your work available if you are interested.

[11/23/12]   Happy Black Friday everyone! All of the major retailers are running HUGE sales today, and Dani Koi Ink will NOT be left behind! In celebration of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, place your order with Dani Koi Ink any time between 12:01 AM Friday, November 23rd and 12:01 AM Tuesday, November 27thand you will get an amazing deal! Black Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Cyber Monday are your chances to save 75% on any and all Dani Koi Ink products!


Dani Koi Ink

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, people of all ages this is Dani Koi Ink filling up your news feed once again! This time around I am here to tell you a bit of personal news. Next week, specifically Halloween, is my birthday! To celebrate this really amazing holiday as well as the date of my birth, I would like to give all of you a treat, no tricks involved! From now until November Tenth Dani Koi Ink will be running a storewide 25% off sale! Have you had your eye on a particular piece of artwork, but couldn’t afford it? Well now you can! Just getting started with your holiday wish lists and want to really impress your friends and family without breaking the bank? Well here is your chance! That means all of the services you love, custom sketches, custom glass etching, custom paint jobs for your consoles and computers, custom controller paint jobs and even controller cleaning is all 25% off, from now until November Tenth! I won’t be able to extend this offer any longer, so make sure to get over to the Dani Koi Ink page by clicking this link (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dani-Koi-Ink/262439407128807 ) and get your order in today to get some awesome savings!

Dani Koi Ink is a small art company run by Daniel "Dani Koi" Bryant, a local artist hailing from Nottoway Virginia. You think it, I ink it!

[10/09/12]   NEW SPECIAL FROM DANI KOI INK! Get your Xbox 360/PS3/Wii Custom Painted with the Monster Energy Drinks logo in any color for only sixty dollars! For a limited time! Monster Energy Controllers are now only twenty five dollars! Get your custom Console today!

[08/10/12]   Wow! It has been a LONG TIME since I posted! It's good to see all of you again, but back to my update. Dani Koi Ink will be participating in an Artists Expo at Richmond Comix on Saturday, September First from 12 Noon to 6 P.M. I will be showcasing my talents as well as my products and would LOVE to see all of you there. I can't wait to meet up with some local artists and see what good I can do in the community and meet some new faces.

[06/30/12]   Up here for the one and only 25th anniversary sale! Got boxes upon boxes of twenty five cent comics, and everything in the store except new releases are 25% off! Come on in and see some great artists doing sketches as well as all the game demos your heart desires! The place is jumpin so come get the pickin while the pickins good!

[06/29/12]   Lots of artwork inbound, accompanied by a new deal of the week from Dani Koi Ink! Stay tuned!

[05/22/12]   Fathers Day is coming up fast and nothing says I love you like a full custom gift from Dani Koi Ink. I can say from experience that fathers of all ages LOVE custom gifts. And with our current special you can save big on Dad's Day gifts too! So don't wait. Show your old man what you really think of him.

[05/19/12]   Dani Koi Ink in your News Feed once again! Just wanted to give a big shout out to all of the new followers of DKI and a big thank you to people who have been around a while! Love Yo Faces! In light of earning so many followers, I think its time for a new promotional special! Today I am announcing that until 6-19-2012 EVERYTHING from Dani Koi Ink is 15% off! If you book a project with us in that time frame, you will automagically receive a 15% reduction in price. So come on and lets get some projects going!

[03/26/12]   A friend of a friend just posted that "Art Life Is The Best Life". I have to agree and disagree. Running my own art business I have learned two main things.
1.) Waking up knowing what you currently do for a living is what you love is unlike any other feeling in the world, and it is the most gratifying thing ever.
2.) I have learned the difference between someone whose sole job is "artist" and a large pizza.

A large pizza can feed a family of 3.
Man, I need a nine to five job. Really REALLY R-E-A-L-L-Y hoping this position I have applied for comes through. Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported me and Dani Koi Ink from the beginning, thank you to all of the new faces who are supporting me now. Know that me getting a steady income will NOT hinder my artistic production, if anything it will make my projects bigger, better, and more amazing for all of you. I will be posting this on my personal page as well, so if it is in your feed twice, you are doubly loved.

[03/07/12]   The Mass Effect Midnight Launch Party was a HUGE success! Congratulations to David, who won the custom Nerf Blaster, and congratulations to the other gentleman, whose name eludes me, who won the free paint job! I hope that everyone who is interested in Dani Koi Ink gives me a call and uses up those sweet sweet discounts!

[03/04/12]   Everybody loves Mass Effect. Everybody loves free stuff. Everybody loves parties. So there is no reason for you not to join Dani Koi Ink at the Mass Effect 3 Midnight Release Party at the Farmville Virginia Gamestop. With your purchase of the game you are eligible to win either a Custom N7 Nerf Blaster or a Free Dani Koi Ink Paintjob of your choice. Dani Koi Ink will also be offering prizes to the people who place in the top three spot in the Street Fighter x Tekken tournament that same night! So come on by, pick up your copy of two of the most anticipated games of the year, Mass Effect 3 and Street Fighter x Tekken, and win some Dani Koi Ink swag! Monday, March 5th starting at 10pm, games will be released at 12:01am on Tuesday, March 6th. Can't wait to see you all there!

[03/04/12]   Whoever says Dani Koi Ink can't live up to its mantra of customizing ANYTHING should take a look at the custom shoes I just worked up for return client Matthew Wallace.

[02/08/12]   Just finished the Gamestop Mass Effect 3 N7 Nerf blaster! Visit the Farmville Gamestop starting soon to see it in person, and don't forget to go to the Mass Effect 3 Midnight Event to get your chance to take this gorgeous piece of artwork home!

[02/07/12]   This month Dani Koi Ink is celebrating February by bringing back Old School flair and offering 25% off all 8-Bit Artwork! Have a favorite game from back in the day? Want nostalgia at your fingertips? Contact Dani Koi ink for all your old school fantasies to come to life!

[01/25/12]   First coat on the Mass Effect N7 Nerf Blaster is a smokin' coat of Royal Red! Sorry to say, but if you want to see this monster you're going to have to visit the Farmville Gamestop, where, as soon as it's finished it will be on display!

[01/25/12]   So I just finished sanding the Custom Mass Effect N7 Nerf Blaster, and figured you all would like to know when and where you can get this custom painted piece of video game history! Come by and see Dani Koi Ink at the Farmville Gamestop on 3-6-2012 at midnight to purchase a chance to win this magnificent piece! If you love Mass Effect, this will be a must have custom. I hope to see you all out there!

[01/07/12]   Dani Koi Ink, back again, fillin' up your news feed! A couple of new things Dani Koi Ink will be implementing in 2012.

Number One: If you refer a customer, you get 25% off your next Dani Koi Ink Purchase!
Number Two: I will match any and all competitors prices for any service I offer.
Number Three: You are only allowed to win one Dani Koi Ink contest per month.
Number Four: Discounts can not be combined with any other offers. If you have a referral discount as well as a special offer discount, you may choose to use one or the other.

[01/07/12]   A compiled list of all the services Dani Koi Ink offers.
Note: Services may be changed, removed, or added by the owner with or without warning.
Gaming Services:
-Custom Xbox 360 Paint Jobs
-Custom Wii Paint Jobs
-Custom Playstation 3 Paint Jobs
-Custom Xbox 360 Controller Paint Jobs
-Custom Wii Remote and Nunchuk Paint Jobs
-Custom Wii Controller Paint Jobs
-Custom Playstation 3 Controller Paint Jobs

For Your Home Services:
-Custom Metal Plate Engraving
-Custom Glass Etching
-Custom Lamp Shade Painting

Fashion And Accessories Services:
-Custom Dog Tag Engraving

Artwork Serivces:
-Custom Tattoo Design
-Custom Artwork
-Custom Space Art

Miscellaneous Services:
-Custom Mask Painting
-Custom Sign Making
-Custom Cell Phone Paint Jobs

Want to hire me for a party or event? I do Space Art and Engraving Live!

[01/07/12]   Okay folks. First off I’d like to say a big Happy New Year to all of my loyal Dani Koi Ink Customers! Second of all, I’d like to clear up some confusion as to what it is I do here at Dani Koi Ink. A lot of people are mislead by the word “Ink” in the name into thinking that I am a licensed tattoo artist. I am not, nor do I claim to be. Dani Koi Ink is a full service art and customization business aimed at making great custom products and amazing pieces of artwork at a lower price than our competitors. We achieve this by providing a high quality of work without having a middleman or a major supplier that we are indebted to. We are completely independent of everyone else out there and are not affiliated with any brands or products we use. That being said, look out today for a full list of services and some sweet deals for the New Year! I would like to say a big thank you to each and every one of you who have supported me, and another extremely large thank you to people that purchased Dani Koi Ink Customs during 2011!



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