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Confused about choosing between a Desktop, laptop or tablet? Traditionally the rule is, the more portable, the less power. What is the intended use? Any plans for school work? Any large amount of typing?
On-screen keyboard has come a long way, but still takes a portion of your screen and isn't as fast as an add on keyboard. Sure a bluetooth add-on keyboard is ALMOST like a laptop but just doesn't have the power. Plus tablets have some office compatibility but still doesn't have the option of installing the programs like a laptop.
Laptops can work like a PC and the user can add an external drive for comparable storage and has great portability. The windows surface is one of the few tablet/laptops that bridge the gap between tablets and PCs and actually works like a laptop.
As a rule of thumb, tablets for browsing reading and watching videos.
PCs for large storage, gaming, video editing, home movies, video/music downloads.
Laptops can do all of the above, to a limited scale plus in-class notes and school work. With windows compatibility and sheer portability it is a great tool.
Just please remember, it isn't if you drop your laptop, it is WHEN. Be prepared and vigilant about backups.




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