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We handle everything in pest control from fleas, ticks, ants and cockroaches to all species of vertebrae animals - bats, raccoons, snakes, coyotes, etc.

HERE WE GROW AGAIN!! Most of you that know us, know us from ROARK'S PLUMBING which is hands down the best plumbing company in Nottoway and the surrounding counties. Some of you know us through our other company ROARK'S PROPERTY MAINTENANCE. Now we still have both of those companies running and going strong as well thanks to the continued support of all of our great customers and for that we are VE

Operating as usual

Photos from Critter Gitter's post 10/11/2019

Lately we have been doing several fumigations due to extreme infestations. Here we are preparing to enter a house in Blackstone yesterday. If you get bugs, call us before it gets this serious.

Virginia Tech researcher finds cellular cause of Lyme arthritis, could lead to treatment 06/25/2019

Virginia Tech researcher finds cellular cause of Lyme arthritis, could lead to treatment

Way to go VT!!!!

Virginia Tech researcher finds cellular cause of Lyme arthritis, could lead to treatment A Virginia Tech biochemist’s discovery of a cellular cause for Lyme disease aches and pains is opening a window that could lead to prevention.



It's just nature.....


Caught on camera: Man bitten by snake

‘It’s important to do tick checks’: Lone star tick bite causes allergy to red meat 05/05/2019

‘It’s important to do tick checks’: Lone star tick bite causes allergy to red meat

We can help treat your yards

‘It’s important to do tick checks’: Lone star tick bite causes allergy to red meat A Goochland woman is making changes to her diet after a tick bite. Weeks after being bitten by a lone star tick, she developed an allergy to red meat.

Snakes in Virginia: Meet 6 you’ll mostly likely see this season 05/04/2019

Snakes in Virginia: Meet 6 you’ll mostly likely see this season

Good reading here.

Snakes in Virginia: Meet 6 you’ll mostly likely see this season Of the 32 native snakes you'll find in Virginia, just three are venomous.

Virginia Experiencing Worst Snake Season of All Time 05/03/2019

Virginia Experiencing Worst Snake Season of All Time

Call us to get your property protected!

Virginia Experiencing Worst Snake Season of All Time Snake numbers are extremely high in the Old Dominion this year.


Look what we found in a house today!!

Morgan Freeman praised for turning his 124-acre ranch into bee sanctuary 03/28/2019

Morgan Freeman praised for turning his 124-acre ranch into bee sanctuary

This man is on point!!!!

Morgan Freeman praised for turning his 124-acre ranch into bee sanctuary Morgan Freeman is being lauded on social media for his decision to convert his 124-acre ranch in Mississippi into a sanctuary for bees, Forbes reported.


Wow! Check this out!

As many of you have probably heard, we did in fact find a two-headed copperhead in northern Virginia! The story has wowed people all over the world! We've had requests from Ireland, the UK and more! Thank you to everyone for your interest and support!

The snake is currently being cared for by a private reptile keeper with lots of experience in breeding and caring for venomous snakes. Although it did successfully feed over the weekend, it still has a long way to go before we are confident of its survival. If successful, we hope to eventually place it with a zoological facility within the state.

We will keep you updated on this exciting find- cross your fingers for a safe and healthy recovery!

Photos courtesy of J.D. Kleopfer, State Herpetologist

Wildlife Center of Virginia USA TODAY Mashable CNN New York Post Washington Post Teen Vogue Garden & Gun Magazine 05/01/2018

Tick and Mosquito Infections Spreading Rapidly, C.D.C. Finds

Get protected now!! Rates of Lyme, Zika and exotic new diseases are soaring. Federal officials blame hotter weather, jet travel, forested suburbs and slow vaccine development.


Critter Gitter has joined the search for Willow. Please call us with any information. 8047042711


Look what we caught today!!!!


Happy New year to all and we would like to thank you for your business!


Muskrats! Two nights, 6 traps and five captured! For a small fee we can rid your pond of these rodents that can cause thousands of dollars of damage to it. These things have been know to cause a ponds dam to fail.


Sportsman's Corner


Farm Ponds: Bass seem to be holding in the deep ends. Try medium sized minnows in these areas and along the dams and creek channels. Artificial lures like spinner baits white and chartreuse in color slow rolled are producing good fish as well as jig 'n pigs in crayfish color. Find one bass and surely they will be with others.
Crappie fishing can be explosive now if you're using small minnows in the deep areas of ponds. Small jigs and spoons worked appropriately will produce as well.
Bream action seems to be slow until the sun warms the water up around mid day then you can find them moving into shallow water looking to feed. Use small jigs or small minnows and of course worms.
Channel catfish are feeding well on chicken livers, small chunks of cut bait and homemade baits blended with garlic.

Fort Pickett: As with most times of the year, these ponds can be very frustrating to fish. Patience is a must. Look for deep areas first whether it be creek channels or around the dams. If the sun is shining, the fish may very well move into some shallower areas but the key is bait fish. If they aren't there, then don't expect the bigger fish too be there either. Bass will feed on medium sized minnows and jig 'n pigs. Don't be afraid to switch up to a drop shot rig and play with colors. These fish see a lot and some subtle changes in presentation can make all the difference. Panfish in Pickett can be caught using small sized minnows and small slow fished jigs 1/16 ounce and find the colors they want. Jigging spoons can be effective as well. During the year, within the ponds that are always open, the bigger bream have consistently come out of Dearing pond. The shell crackers are massive. The biggest group of crappie came out of Lewis pond. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself.
Catfish are nibbling on live worms and chicken livers.

Briery Creek: Reports are showing chain pickerel are hitting just about anything thrown in the water. Bass action has slowed down with a few being caught on crank baits and spinner baits slow rolled and it doesn't hurt to have some medium-sized minnows when you go. Crappie action is fair to good depending on time of day with early morning being best and small sized minnows is your best bait.
Sandy river bass fishing is slow and can be a long day of switching baits with poor results. Bluegill and crappie are doing well on small minnows and catfishing is doing well on chicken livers and the pike fishing is excellent.

Lee Lake: Crappie fishing on small minnows is picking up. Bass action is slow with a few being caught on jig n' pig and medium-sized minnows.

Lake Chesdin: Bass fishing is hit and miss with best baits being minnows, jig n ' pig and crank baits. Crappie fishing has been fair on small minnows and reports of multiple stripers over 10 pounds are being caught. Catfishing can be good at times on chicken livers.

James river: Bass fishing is slow but use medium-sized minnows, crank baits and slow rolled spinner baits. Small mouth bass above the city is good to excellent. Use minnows and jig n' pig. Find the brush piles or blow downs and use small minnows and the crappie action is excellent. Blue catfish over 30 pounds are being caught regularly on cut bait and shad.

Kerr lake: Bass fishing has been really good in the creeks using minnows, crankbaits and soft plastics. Stripers are being caught trolling redfins and of course bucktail around Clarksville area. Several reports of stripers over 15 pounds this week. Plenty of crappie caught on minnows and small jigs fished over brush piles. Catfish action is fairly good on cutbait.

Lake Gaston: Bass fishing is good on crankbaits slow rolled and jig n' pig. Should also mention that several striper fishermen have caught plenty of largemouth this week while using shad trolling for stripers. Stripers are being caught around the dam area using live shad and bucktails. Crappie fishing is doing well over brush piles using jigs and minnows.


Yellow Jackets!!!!


ABC 8News - WRIC

This is why you should call Critter Gitter. ...........

A Georgia man's attempt to rid his home of bees backfired when he accidentally burned the house down.


Another snake removal and release from last week.....


Video from last week...


Fox removal- 5 down - 3 to go


Fox removal.....


How about waking up to this!


Ok folks I need your help.
I normally do 4-5 charitable jobs for local families with bad infestations of roaches or mice, etc. I'm mentioning this because this year I will be doing charitable bedbug treatments and I want you all to help reach out to those families in need so we can help them. The only stipulation is we want to give the treatment to families with children. I believe this will also be beneficial to the towns ongoing bedbug issues. Please have them personal message us or call or have the family's permission for you to contact us for them.


We want to send prayers out to Phillip Vannoorbeeck and his family while he is hospitalized for an illness.


People now is your chance to step up and end the ongoing animal cruelty in Nottoway. Please show up at the meeting this Thursday night and ask your county representative to move on an investigation immediately into Ronnie Roark's deadly lack of care for your animal shelter. Demand that they make public all warnings and infractions written by VDACS over the past several years. Please be respectful and give them a chance to do their job. I'm asking every animal lover to show up! Get off of your computers, tablets and phones and be there this Thursday night. Please, if you love animals show up. Share this and ask your friends to share this.


Ok folks here's the follow up on the puppies:
First of all, Blackstone police stepped up Friday and done the county's job AGAIN and began the investigation. The puppies were taken to the animal shelter on Friday and unfortunately 2 of them died. Amelia Animal Control stepped up this morning, Monday, and took the living puppy to the vet. The puppies all had multiple types of worms and a respiratory infection. Now who is responsible for the other puppies that died while in care of Nottoway animal shelter, Ronnie Roark. Animals have died to often under Ronnie Roarks supervision and it's time to tell the board of supervisors to terminate him. If the county is gonna charge one man for crimes against animals they should charge him as well. Ronnie Roark does not allow animal control to take animals to the vet without his permission. He knew those puppies were there in the shelter Friday and never told anyone to get them medical attention and the result is 2 more dead puppies. This county should suspend him pending a full investigation. Again I know where the bodies are and he does to because I told him. Now this is all public and everyone should demand public transparency and let's see if the news papers break the story. I fully expect to become the countys whipping boy and become a target because this is against the law and I'm stepping up for those who don't have a voice. Demand your newspapers to investigate. Call state agencies and demand the Commonwealth attorney to investigate. The evidence is there all they have to do is look. I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT THE COUNTY WAS JUST WRITTEN UP FOR MULTIPLE INFRACTIONS AGAIN LAST WEEK ABOUT THE SHELTER. The county is hiding that and the warnings from years past. I nor my business should not have to suffer for bringing this forward but I fully expect Nottoway to come after me for this. Ronnie Roark needs to be held accountable. Please help with this and forward to everyone. NBC 12 has been notified.


Rabid Skunk

I was asked about video of the rabid skunk that attacked a dog on Cottage rd last week so here it is. Most animals are much more violent depending on how far along in the disease they are. Skunks are slow by nature so it's not so violent plus I had been wrestling him for a while prior to filming it.


The skunk that attacked the dog on cottage rd tuesday night has tested positive for rabies. This is the second positive in less than a month only approximately 4-5 from each other


Call me a whistle blower but if a case of animal cruelty locally here Is not handled I will publicly blasts all involved and those who swept it under the rug. To show I'm serious here's the proof.
I know where the other bodies are!


Here we are, Wednesday morning, preparing the skunk that attacked a dog for rabies testing.


At approximately 8 pm tonight, 3-7-217, a homeowner on cottage rd in Blackstone contacted us about a skunk at her residence that was showing no fear. We responded to find that the skunk had attacked her beloved 16 year old dog and came into contact with several of her cats. When the animal was approached it charged with no hesitation and would continuously bite the catch pole. The animal was captured and will be sent for testing with results coming during the day on Friday. The skunk exhibited all signs of rabies however that can only be confirmed with proper testing.



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