Kingdom Ink, LLC.

Kingdom Ink, LLC.


I absolutely love your work! ❤️
Come join us in a few short weeks for a delicious breakfast and the grand opening of our new park and ride area!

Huge thank you to everyone that is supporting this event! The Genny, C Village Store, Creek Road Auto, MY Tools LLC, RhinoScaping, Kingdom Ink, LLC., Craftsbury Garage, Jones Family Farm, and our dedicated volunteers!
I have been trying to call for several days are they open for business does anyone know I have heard great things about kingdom ink llc and really want to make an apt I heard they are booking out a ways but in ok with that????
Any chance you’d have time for a little ear piece?
Are you guys taking any new bookings. Thanks!
Hey cori how do I get on your list? Know your busy. Love to have my dog on my arm. Take care. See your going through s**t. Hang in there
Hey I was wondering the best way to get ahold of you to schedule appointment??
Would love a notice when the books open again for the waiting list. Got a special piece in memory of my mother that would love you to design and do.
I've gotten so much great feedback from this product since I created it. ♥️ Customers (both of mine and of Kingdom Ink, LLC.) report easier healing tattoos with less pain and itching - which is so awesome!

Have you tried this product? What did you think?
Heather Macchi. Call Cori Jean Demeritt!!You will not be disappointed
How far are you booking out?
How far out are you booking? I'd love to talk about a small-ish tattoo.

Private Studio- Appointment only**
**Books are currently Closed until further notice*

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 10/22/2022

Beauttttyy bunch of Jasmine for this shoulder cap 🖤 Lots of future ideas to extend this tattoo for her! She hasn’t had a tattoo in over 20 years!!

Soooo grateful for my new clients in Jersey! (Don’t worry Vermont, I’m coming back!)

And so grateful for the opportunity and experience to come down to beautiful studio in Bloomingdale to tattoo you all!

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 10/22/2022

Thank you so much for snatching this design up while I’m down here and letting me tuck it into and enhance an older piece (which I will blend into the new stuff eventually …old tattoo NOT done by me )
is a custom piece I drew of a Sumac leaf, raspberries and a crescent moon. I drew these from inspiration from my own yard in Vermont. Love the detail in those leaves!! 🥰😍.

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 10/20/2022

So so soooo stoked to start this sleeve on my lady Kristy who has traveled to Vermont multiple times to get some lace work from me. She trusted me to create a tattoo for her including some flowers she had at her home growing up. Losing both her parents years ago, it’s a meaningful memory of home and family . .
8 hours of drilling for this beauty to pull together.

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 10/19/2022

First tattoo in Jersey at Monarch 46&2 in Bloomingdale.

Soooo so appreciative of this opportunity for my first guest spot. Huge thanks to my clients down here and for the invite to her studio. 🤘🤘🤘

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 10/16/2022

Tattoo pit stop in Connecticut to visit a dear friend of mine on the way to tattoo in Jersey.

Kimi Sekorski has been getting tattooed by me since I met her at Paul Smith’s College about 8 years ago.

She asked if I could ever come down to surprise her mom with a tattoo. Over the past couple years, her mom has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease, which hit hard, fast and aggressive.

Of COURSE I made it work out, it’s the least I could do. Her mom has been a fan of my work for a while now, and to bring the opportunity for her to get tattooed since she is not mobile, is beyond an honor. Although she couldn’t say it….I saw the happiness in her eyes.

Plus, Kimi got another session on her sleeve and we are ALMOST done!!! It’s amazing and so are you.

Thanks so much to you and your family for the hospitality.

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 10/14/2022

Created this stunning anatomical heart piece for my girl Brooke to represent her years studying and working in nursing.

Accented with Forget Me Nots for her Great Grandma, a symbol for “remembrance” to those suffering with dementia.

Hops for REALLY good beer of course, lavender, Dahlia and fern fillers. And a feather for the birds that cross her path when she needs it most.

Good luck girl with your nurse practitioner schooling!!!

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 10/12/2022

Today I got to create a FIRST tattoo for a good friend of mine. We based it from a picture he took from a beautiful scene in Jeffersonville, his hometown. We tucked in a few personal symbols for him, including 2 shooting stars, a sunrise and a hidden symbol for “I love you” in sign language, as both his parents are deaf. I’m stoked on all the detail in this maple leaf. Thanks a million .abare , too bad you didn’t squirm around like a b**ch so I could make fun of you 🤪😂😬😬

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 10/07/2022

Thank you sooooooo much for traveling from Michigan for a quick tattoo trip and to see your sister (another dear client of mine) for a day! How special?!!

And so is this tattoo. This custom design is focused around her mom, who recently passed from a battle with cancer.

A flowering Christmas Cactus which has been propagated for generations off the same plant from their Grandma to their mother. Now her and her sister both have plants that started as clippings from the same 40+year old cactus.

A few little lavender sprigs and flax flowers as delicate fillers.

“Drive fast & take chances”
Advice written on a Jenga piece from her mom at her wedding. Adding this into the tattoo in her Mom’s actual handwriting adds a personal touch of her mom that she can carry with her as a constant reminder to keep living 🙏❤️❤️

Thank you so much for your trust on this!

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 10/04/2022

Finally got my hands back on this custom tattoo I did 5 years ago. I lovvveee sprucing up my older work with new tricks I’ve learned over the years.

I added in some partridge feathers, another trout lily, sweet clover, delicate ferns and maple leaves. All these elements represent her love and life of hunting and the outdoors with her family and children. Partridge happens to be the first game animal both her children have shot.
We didn’t get to add the flowers up top, but we will next round.

Thanks a million for taking the time to get this done after a full night shift job with the paving crew and THEN straight to work after this session. You’re a damn badass 💪🤘🤘🖤🍁

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 10/02/2022

‼️Attention NEW JERSEY‼️
Guest spot design alert!
Bloomingdale, NJ
Appointment availability:
October 18,19, and 21st.

These are designs I have specifically drawn up to showcase my lace and floral/ black and grey skills and would love to offer them during my guest spot.
I would like placement to be in the areas I have laid the design examples out in pictures.

These are just line drawings, there will be a whole bunch of shading in the actual tattoo!

My rate will be $200 an hour
Serious inquiries only!
Please email [email protected] with the design number in the subject line.
Thank you!

**Please do not steal or replicate my custom designs. Thank you 🙏 🙏**

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 10/02/2022

Well hello there Eden🍁🍁🍁 Thanks for the lovely view while I sketch my next tattoos 🧡💛❤️💙.

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 10/02/2022

Well hello there Eden🍁🍁🍁 Thanks for the lovely view while I sketch my next tattoos 🧡💛❤️💙.


Celebrating 7,000 followers as I come up on
7 years slingin’ ink in Craftsbury 🙏🙏✨✨

So extremely grateful for every single one of you that gets tattooed from me, is waiting on me to tattoo them and those that just love to admire the work.

So extremely appreciative 🙏✨❤️


Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 09/23/2022

Today was a killller session! I got to enhance an existing tattoo that she has (which was previously done great, not by me!) with some custom lace, mountains and trees to make this whole beginning of her sleeve flow seamlessly and look as if it was planned out this way.

This tattoo will begin to depict the strength and mountains she has climbed to overcome depression and to see the beauty that comes from the darkness
Beyond proud of this transition!!

Thanks a million for your patience and waiting damn near 3 years to get this from me 🙏🙏✨✨

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 09/20/2022

I don’t do small tattoos often, but sometimes they are some of the most meaningful. Today I tattooed Nana for the first time with her Granddaughter, who just turned 18. Their bond is like no other, I could sense the closeness and love the whole time.

“❤️to the moon and back🌙”

Another reason I love tattooing in lil ol’ Craftsbury, their family has been in this area for generations. Barb (Nana) was born in a little schoolhouse on the road I travel everyday. Her granddaughter was able to go back to class right up the road at Craftsbury’s little academy. My Grandfather played banjo at the same jam sessions Barb and her late father played at - and that’s how we met in the first place! 🪕🎸🎤
I have tattooed many folks from this family and many friends! I love and appreciate my people!
Hope to get more of my locals in the chair soon 🙏🙏❤️❤️✨✨.

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 09/20/2022

Excited that I get to tattoo entire families 😂😂😂😂. Today I tattooed a very loyal client and friend of mine’s Mother with super meaningful flowers and constellations representing her grandchildren. Gemini constellation , lavender and Begonia for the newborn twins and Aquarius constellation, verbena flowers and violets for their first granddaughter. The Lion represents herself as not only the bloodline of this family but because she is a Leo. The Blue line down the face represents the “Thin blue line“ supporting Police officers and their service as her husband had served for years as an officer and her also living the life as well. The pictures do NOT do this justice and the lighting today was awful with the rain and finishing late. Love love love this 7 hour outcome ❤️❤️❤️

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 09/18/2022

Some still shots of this final session on my girl .mar13 sleeve 🥰🥰 Added in some more barbed wire to her chest, covering up an unwanted scar in the process. Draped some Mountain Ash leaves over the top of her shoulder with blackberry flowers to really fill this piece out. So. Incredibly. Proud.

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 09/14/2022

Intense and intentional with everything I do 😂🤘🙏✍️✍️✍️💜💜💜

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 09/13/2022

Added in more custom lace fillers, hand drew some more lavender sprigs and tucked a couple turkey tail feathers in between the pheasant feathers I did a couple years ago. So excited how this piece is coming along and can’t wait to continue!! Thanks so much for the trust and laughs my lady 💜💜🧡🧡.
I’m comin for that elbow next 🤘✨💪😂😂😂

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 09/12/2022

Finally got to add onto this piece I started for my client before COVID. Today I tucked in some Sunflowers, poppy and a gladiolus to represent her and her sons Leo and August birth flowers, along with the Roman numerals of her sons birthday. Lovvvveeee how this filled in her existing lupine Tattoo. I love hand drawing leaf fillers into gaps as well. So happy!!! 🙏❤️


Vermont 🙏🙏✨✨


📸: Your level of success, at anything, is determined by your perseverance and discipline.

Showing up, no matter your emotional state, and still getting s**t done….every damn day. 🤘

Don’t stop growing, learning, achieving …but most importantly, honor yourself and your values.
Surround yourself with those that have the same drive and level of self respect.

✨Stay humble and kind ….but don’t get walked all over . 👊🏻

Don’t forget to laugh, ALOTTTT 😂😂 sometimes uncontrollably 😂😂


Set the bar high….you’re worth it 🤘🤘💪💪

Invisible on Instagram: "Got an opportunity to do a photoshoot with @kingdom_ink_vermont and I must say the photos came out🔥! Figured we’d cool things off with a dip in the water!💧 Big Plans Ahead! Also photos to come shortly! Simply trying t 09/01/2022

Invisible on Instagram: "Got an opportunity to do a photoshoot with @kingdom_ink_vermont and I must say the photos came out🔥! Figured we’d cool things off with a dip in the water!💧 Big Plans Ahead! Also photos to come shortly! Simply trying t

Beyond beyond excited and grateful to begin this fall with the filming of a documentary about my story, tattooing in Rural Vermont, my clients and THEIR stories and being a badass woman entrepreneur inspired by other badass women. 🤘✨🙏💪

It’s wild how making crucial positive life changes for your soul and growth attracts positive opportunities that could have just passed me by in another mindset 🙏🙏🤘🤘✨✨.

Stay tuned ✨

Invisible on Instagram: "Got an opportunity to do a photoshoot with @kingdom_ink_vermont and I must say the photos came out🔥! Figured we’d cool things off with a dip in the water!💧 Big Plans Ahead! Also photos to come shortly! Simply trying t Invisible shared a post on Instagram: "Got an opportunity to do a photoshoot with and I must say the photos came out🔥! Figured we’d cool things off with a dip in the water!💧 Big Plans Ahead! Also photos to come shortly! Simply trying to be one of the best in the state…...

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 09/01/2022

This back piece started yeeeaaarsss ago with the dragon, there is a coverup in the head! Then over the years we added more elements in, with also more coverups.

Today finally started pulling them all together with a Japanese style background and some heavy shading. Psyched to turn this into a whole back shield! 🤘🤘

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 08/31/2022

Just another Overdose Awareness Day 💔❤️‍🩹

I used to be so soured and cold towards those using before and directly after my sisters death. For sure others have influenced her, pulling her into their misery. So much blame and anger.

Through tattooing and hearing peoples personal stories of struggle for hours and hours while working on them, I have really gained a soft spot and a deep understanding and sense of pride for those overcoming that addiction.

It’s not just “stopping drugs”. It’s life cycle changes, pattern changes, boundaries, discipline….it is HARD hard hard work. I know it all too well, we are not that different 🙏✨

So many folks I have met that are on the other side of addiction are working so so so damn hard every single day to never go back there again.

I see that grind and I know how hard it is to work at something every day - to prove your worth, not just to others - but to yourself.
It’s never ending and it takes Grit.

So those of you out there….I see you.
Keep going.
For yourself and for those who didn’t make it through.

This girl right here in these pictures - my sister,
Her daughter, my daughter……is a driving force for me.
What’s yours??

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 08/29/2022

Sooooooo proud of this custom blue heron piece! His second tattoo = a 5 hour rib piece 🤘

The detail in this was so so fun for me to do!

The blue heron has such strong symbolism, a sign of self-awareness and spiritual awakening.
It is said that guardian angels send the heron into our path to engage our spirit, and help push you forward on your journey and mental development. I recently have seen quite a few blue heron and hawks !! ✨✨✨💪

Thanks so much Farmer Nick for finally getting in the chair! I love having Craftsbury connections to Sterling College alum, even if I never graduated - our paths all brought us to this tiny gem of a town 🙏✨💪.

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 08/29/2022

✨✨✨New Jersey!!!!!✨✨✨
I’m so honored to have been offered a guest spot from the super talented at her studio in Bloomingdale October 18-22!!!

➡️Bonus!! ✨✨✨There will possibly be a small film crew following me around for a documentary being made about me, my studio and badass females in the tattoo industry!! 😉

✨Keep your eyes peeled NJ folks by next week for some drawings I have been dying to tattoo and would love to offer them to be worn in my hometown!!!

So extremely honored and excited!!!

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 08/27/2022

Extremely extremely proud of this custom tattoo design for his FIRST TATTOO. Go big or go home! Almost 7 hours to complete this badass piece that represents so much for him. Living in Montgomery with his wife for years, of course a view of Jay Peak makes sense as a backdrop. He has a passion for and finds peace while beekeeping and his daughter has always been drawn to the Peony flower - so a couple honey bees and honeycomb were a must. A stream to represent his wife, and the time spent near them while living in Vermont.

I couldn’t be more proud of pulling this all together while blending my tattoo styles.

Thank you Erik Remmers!! 🤘🐝🏔

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 08/26/2022

Sooooooo proud of this beauty Phoenix tattoo, with 4 zodiac constellations tucked in to represent her nieces and nephew.
This whole tattoo was done in a powder style shading, with one tiny sized needle grouping, no hard lines - just constant little pixelated dots. I’m so so soooo incredibly happy with the turnout. My client wears this beautifully! Excited for her to show it off in Jamaica when it heals! 🌴🌊☀️🏖 Thanks for making the trip from White River Junction 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Permanent Body Art at Kingdom Ink 08/10/2022

Permanent Body Art at Kingdom Ink

Full article can be found in Today’s Newport Daily Express 🙏✨❤️❤️❤️ I’m also located in Craftsbury, not Coventry - description whoops 🤷🏼‍♀️

Permanent Body Art at Kingdom Ink Cori Jean Demeritt has been an owner and tattoo artist at Kingdom Ink in Craftsbury, VT for seven years and counting. Her studio is private, creating custom and unique designs

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 08/07/2022

✨Progress pics on Tattooed Brows✨

This is healing day #5 on my client after getting her brows tattooed. I’m beyond stoked.
They look beautiful with no irritation whatsoever. My client has followed strict aftercare - here she is rocking a hat to keep the damaging sun rays off those beauts.

Also - ➡️Ink Balm!!
This aftercare product was hand made with healing intentions using natural herbs, oils and beeswax by my good friend (and client) Braelyn Gillespie right here in Craftsbury.

Years ago, after a few trials, she blended the final product of Ink Balm with the PERFECT smooth consistency to heal tattoos coming out of my studio.

I care about the aftercare as much as my tattoos!

I can say Ink Balm is healing these brows just as expected and can’t wait to offer it to all brow clients as well! ❤️❤️✨✨

Looking 🔥🔥🔥 Brenda!!!

Photos from Kingdom Ink, LLC.'s post 08/07/2022

Today I got to tattoo a long awaited client who has been a fan of my work for YEARS!
Brian Morrill
Today he got a portrait of his dog, Rugar.

I’ve known Brian since way before I opened my studio, at the first Sugarhouse I had ever been too. I thought throwing in some Maple leaves as a border would be fitting. 🍁🍁

He wanted his dog on him to show his love and appreciation, as Rugar saved his life when he took a hard spill over the winter. Being knocked unconscious for well over an hour - he was awakened by his dogs’ constant barking at him, covered in 3 inches of snow in the driveway.

Dogs truly can be angels sent to us, I believe that wholeheartedly. Although he expected a much smaller tattoo (😜), his son and son’s girlfriend got him this session for Father’s Day and I couldn’t jip out on the details!!

**I threw some white in there but his skin was angry at me, so the redness is from that. We will probably add a bit more white in the future. 🤍

Thanks Brian! And congrats on your first REAL tattoo shop session 😂✨❤️

Kingdom Ink 2020

My books are closed until further notice. I have been privately reaching out to clients that have been waiting for their turn in her chair. My style is very detail oriented, with hours of design time put into each piece, on top of hours of actual tattoo application. Not only am I the only artist, but I am a one-woman-show with her entire business (and a new mom!) so please continue to be patient with message responses at this time and continue to follow my shop page for future Booking announcements.

If you have an appointment with me, please be patient with communication. I don’t like to overwhelm myself with too many projects in my mind at once, so to keep things organized I tackle my schedule weekly. I will be in touch around the week of your appointment to nail down design and placement. I appreciate this way of handling my schedule so I can put my all into each one of your custom pieces.

I look forward to future projects that are geared towards my style to help me grow as an artist and to help my clients grow with each piece they receive.

Much thanks to all of you.

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