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C Village Store


On the way to C-Village Store, German Chocolate Cake. C Village Store
Those of us who live here know that Craftsbury General Store, C Village Store, Willey's Store Inc. and other Vermont stores are essential! Glad that others like The Christian Science Monitor are reconizing and sharing that as well! Check out the Genny name drop in the article: https://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Society/2020/0508/Milk-bread-and-comfort-Why-Vermont-s-country-stores-are-essential
We’ve got the Cabin Fever Challenge GOODS, with extra goods!! We got so psyched seeing so many people crush this week's workout that we decided to throw a few more local prizes into the mix.

We will select one WEEKLY winner to receive a creemee gift certificate to the C Village Store, because nothing incentivizes solo interval workouts like freebie creemees! At the end of the challenge, TWO lucky “Grand Prize” winners will receive one gift card to either the Craftsbury General Store or Blackbird Bistro. And there’s arguably nothing quite as grand as a creemee from C. Village, so really they’re all grand prizes!!

Two more days to tackle workout #1... Don’t forget to tag your workouts on Strava with and , and go after those bonus point options!
Last night Every Road Craftsbury participants gathered for a celebratory potluck to share stories, swap strategies, and recognize our 13 challenge finishers (kudos to Ethan Dreissigacker for creating these rad slate tile maps for the finishers)! Some participants were just getting in to running or back to running after time away from activity, and the challenge got them motivated and excited to run again. One participant happily shared how running her local roads led her to reconnect with neighbors and old friends she hadn’t seen in awhile. For many participants, the challenge showed them they can run more than they thought they could. Most all enjoyed post-run treats at our partnering local businesses - creemees at C Village Store, goodies at Craftsbury General Store, lunch fixings at Pete's Greens & Thompson’s Farm Stand, and lots of pounds of blueberries at Brown's Beautiful Blueberries! What a cool way to get us out the door and exploring the beauty of our own backyard!!

Thanks to Caitlin Patterson for the pictures and Emily Dreissigacker for the superb cake!
Congrats to the Gaudreau family and their sons on completing their Tour de Borderlands! They had a ton of fun riding the singletrack at Craftsbury Outdoor Center and fueling up on snacks at the C Village Store.

Be sure to join us in Craftsbury, VT on Sept. 8th for Stop #6 in this summer's Tour de Borderlands riding extravaganza. The riding will be old school! Register: http://bit.ly/Craftsbury_Tickets
Every Road Craftsbury starts tomorrow, August 1! Spend your August hitting the roads and local hot spots of Craftsbury. Bonus and raffle prizes include creemees from C Village Store, blueberries from Brown's Beautiful Blueberries, gift cards to Pete's Greens, Craftsbury General Store, and more! Don't forget to declare yourself an ERC participant by emailing [email protected]. Full details on our website here: https://www.craftsbury.com/ERC

We are a family run store in Craftsbury, Vermont that has all the essentials you may need including a full service deli, beer, soda, wine, grocery items, propane, ice cream, gas, and much more!


Doesn’t today’s lunch special look delicious?!

•Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe with fried onions & cheddar cheese!
•Meatlover Pizza Slices!
•Pepperoni Pizza Slices!

They’re ready now, come on in!



Call in your $10.00 Cheese or Pepperoni pizzzas!! 802-586-2554!



This weeks Friday Night Special!



Look who stopped by!!

Yup. It’s Girl Scout Cookie time!! 😁

They’ll be here until 11:30!



Tonight’s Special!

•Mac ‘N’ Cheese with Ham
•Apple Sauce
•Snickerdoodle Cookies

Give us a call to reserve yours! 802-586-2554❄️

Photos from C Village Store's post 02/25/2022

A month of smiles!😁🍕

Thank you to everyone that participated in our February Throwback Thursday Pizza Day Contests!!

The contests may have come to an end tonight, but Throwback Thursday Pizza Day will live on! See you next Thursday for your $10.00 16” cheese or pepperoni pizzas!🍕


Our LAST drawings for our Throwback Thursday Pizza Day Contest!!

Our first drawing tonight is for this weeks $5.00 Throwback Thursday Pizza! 🍕

Our second drawing we will place ALL of our entries from this months drawing and pick one FREE Throwback Thursday Pizza OR the winner can choose either a T-Shirt or winter hat as their prize!


IT’S PIZZA DAY! Smile for the camera!📸😁

Want a chance at a $5.00 Throwback Thursday Pizza? Snap a picture of you with your Throwback Thursday Pizza & tag us using the hashtag ! (Make sure your settings are set to public!) Earn an extra entry by wearing your C Village merch in your photo!

**Remember** Tonight is our FINAL contest night! We will have our first drawing for today’s $5.00 Throwback Thursday Pizza Day winner and then we will follow up with a drawing complied of EVERYONE who entered the contests each week! The final drawing winner will receive a choice of either a free Throwback Thursday pizza or T-Shirt!

Have fun with it! It’s THAT easy!

Call in your $10.00 16” pepperoni or cheese Throwback Thursday pizza! 802-586-2554


Tomorrow marks our fourth and FINAL Throwback Thursday Pizza Day Contest!

Snap a picture of you with your $10.00 16” cheese or pepperoni pizza & tag us with the hashtag to enter! (Make sure your settings are set to public) Wear your C Village merch for an extra entry!

Tomorrow night we will draw not just once, but TWICE! That’s right, we will draw first for tomorrow nights $5.00 Throwback Thursday Pizza Day pizza and then we will combine all of the entires collected from the last three Thursday’s into a final drawing for a FREE Throwback Thursday Pizza Day pizza or T-Shirt! (winners choice!)

Don’t miss out on the fun, remember to call in your Throwback Thursday Pizzas tomorrow! 802-586-2554


This weeks Friday Night Special!

Walk-ins are welcome but to ensure your meal/s we recommend calling ahead to reserve! You can call us anytime 7am-7pm @802-586-2554!



...Pure energy seltzer? ....Is that even a thing?!

We are now carrying four flavors of True North Pure Energy Seltzer!
•Grapefruit Lemonade
•Black Cherry
•Cucomber Lime
•Watermelon Mist

Give them a try and let us know which one is your favorite!!


Maple Sugar on ice cream
Maple Sugar on cereal
Maple Sugar on apple slices
Maple Sugar for flavoring meat
There’s so much you can do with it! What do you use maple sugar for?

We have added to our Masse maple Syrup collection to now include Masse Maple Sugar! 🍁


Happening Now! 😁❄️


Tonight’s Special! 🤩

Give us a call to reserve yours! 802-586-2554

Meals are ready to go by 5pm!


Drum Roll Please 🥁 🥁 🥁

Instroducing STRUDELS! You’ll see these on rotation with our every day freshly baked breakfast items!

This morning we have Raspberry Strudels for you!! 😍

Photos from C Village Store's post 02/18/2022

Look at all of those smiling faces! 😁

Thank you to everyone who participated in this weeks Throwback Thursday Pizza Day contest! We have one week left, so mark your calendars for next Thursday- don’t forget!😁🍕

Our winner this week is Raven Draper! Raven, you won a $5.00 throwback thursday pizza!!

If you didn’t win this week- don’t worry! Your name will be put in another drawing at the end of the month for a free pizza or Cvillage Tshirt!!

Can’t wait to see you all next Thursday!🍕


Throwback Thursday Pizza Day Winner!🍕🍕


Don’t forget to send your throwback thursday pizza day pictures in by tagging us and using the hashtag !

We will draw the winner of this weeks $5.00 throwback Thursday pizza at 7pm tonight! 🎉🍕



Don’t forget to call in your $10.00 16” pepperoni or cheese pizza today! 802-586-2554

Want a chance at a $5.00 throwback thursday pizza? Snap a picture of you with your throwback Thursday pizza & tag us using the hashtag ! Have fun with it! It’s THAT easy!

(earn an extra entry by wearing your Cvillage merch in your photo!!)


This weeks Friday Night Special!

Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations are encouraged to ensure you get your meal/s!
Ready for pickup , give us a call! 802-586-2554

•Spaghetti and Meatballs
•Garlic Bread
•Slice of Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting


The grand opening of Craftsbury’s new park ‘n’ ride is this Saturday! Celebrate with us with a delicious pancake breakfast! 🥞❄️

Come join us in a few short weeks for a delicious breakfast and the grand opening of our new park and ride area!

Huge thank you to everyone that is supporting this event! The Genny, C Village Store, Creek Road Auto, MY Tools LLC, RhinoScaping, Kingdom Ink, LLC., Craftsbury Garage, Jones Family Farm, and our dedicated volunteers!

Photos from C Village Store's post 02/14/2022

Happy Valentine’s Day!💘 We have lots of valentine options available!

Maybe you need a mini pie for your sweetie pie?

Or your favorite pizza in the shape of a heart?

Chocolate covered strawberries?

A beautiful bouquet of flowers?

Stop in to check out what we have to offer! We revamped our wine selection last month too, you might just find your new favorite!🍷


Everyone watching the football game today needs a delicious mess of gooy mozzarella sticks & buffalo chicken wings or tenders on their plate!

Maybe a BBQ chicken heart shaped pizza?

Chocolate covered strawberries?

Or how about a Steak ‘n’ Cheese with all the fixings?

🏈You can’t watch the game hungry & you know our menu, give us a call! 802-586-2554


Heart shaped pizza? Yes please!🍕♥️

When you call in your order just ask for your pizza to be in the shape of a heart! Who doesn’t want to watch the Super Bowl eating heart shaped pizzas?! Today & tomorrow only! (Sunday 2/13 & Monday 2/14)



Chocolate Covered Strawberries for breakfast? We don’t blame you🍓🍫


Hockey, Football & Valentine’s Day... it’s a lot for one weekend!

We have appetizers, main meals & desserts at the ready! BBQ chicken wings, tenders, fries, mozzarella sticks, pizzas(did someone say HEART shaped pizzas?)... so many options!

*Pro Tip* buy your valentine a bouquet of flowers or chocolate covered strawberries while your here picking up your food orders for the big game!😉💘

Give us a call! 802-586-2554


Hope to see you tomorrow during the 36th annual poker ride! ❄️❄️


Here is tonight’s special!

Walk ins are welcome but to guarantee your dinner we encourage you to call and reserve it! Meals are ready by 5pm!



Oh my... chocolate covered strawberries are in the works 😍🍓🍫

Photos from C Village Store's post 02/11/2022

Look at all of those smiling faces! 😁

Thank you to everyone who participated in this weeks Throwback Thursday Pizza Day contest!!🍕

Our winner this week is John Hodgdon! John, you won a $5.00 throwback thursday pizza!!

If you didn’t win this week- don’t worry! Your name will be put in another drawing at the end of the month!

Can’t wait to see you all next Thursday!🍕

Photos from C Village Store's post 02/10/2022

We’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day & can’t wait to show you everything we’ve been working on!💘

Chocolate covered strawberries, flower bouquets, cupcakes, pies, chocolates and more! (don’t forget the wine- we have that too!🍷)



Don’t forget to order your $10.00 Cheese or Pepperoni pizza tonight!! 802-586-2554

Want a chance at a $5.00 Throwback Thursday Pizza?? Snap a picture and send it to us (please be sure to TAG us!) and use our hashtag (It’s THAT easy!)

We will do the drawing at 7pm tonight and one lucky winner will get a $5.00 Throwback Thursday Pizza!! WOOO! 🍕


Celebrate National Pizza Day with us a day late on Throwback Thursday Pizza Day!! 16” cheese or pepperoni pizzas are only $10.00!
Plus, we’re hosting a pizza contest every Thursday for the month of February- check out how to enter below!🍕👇🏻

How do I enter?
Earn 1 entry into the contest by submitting a picture of you with your C Village Throwback Thursday Pizza to our social media! TAG US on either Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag for your entry to count!
Earn 1 extra entry by wearing your C Village merch in your photo!

But WHAT do I win?!
Post your photo to Facebook or Instagram before 7pm each Thursday Night to be eligible for that nights drawing (did we mention we're doing this EVERY THURSDAY in February?) If your name is picked you will win a $5.00 Throwback Thursday Pizza!

But wait, there's MORE!

At the end of the month we will host a final drawing with each weeks entries for a FREE Throwback Thursday Pizza or FREE C Village T-Shirt!



Lunch Specials Wednesday 2/9!

• Steak ‘N’ Cheese Quesadillas w/ peppers & onions with a side of salsa & sour cream
• Beef Stew by the bowl
• Pepperoni Pizza Slices
• Bacon & Sausage Pizza Slices

Videos (show all)

Beef Stew
Potato & Bacon Corn Chowder
Pumpkin Cream Pie!
October 13th Lunch Specials!



25A S Craftsbury Rd
Craftsbury, VT

Opening Hours

Monday 7am - 7pm
Tuesday 7am - 7pm
Wednesday 7am - 7pm
Thursday 7am - 7pm
Friday 7am - 7pm
Saturday 7am - 7pm
Sunday 7am - 7pm

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