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Aside from building repairing electrical, yard work, painting and all of the other fun things we do, stepping stones are another of our hobby interests. We pour these stones ourselves, and paint them as well. Many different to choose from and we can make all you want. We also have molds to fashion walk paths. Honey comb, square with cross, not like a religious one, and random stone.

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We did an under deck roof for water deversion it turned out quite nicely. The water was eroding the ground from around the house.

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This may not look like a lot to do but understand we completely gutted this portion of the basement. It had mold we didnt take care of the but another company did, glad for those folks lol.
We tore out and replaced the electricals, tore out the walls rebuilt everything from scratch to the clients desires for air b and b
Drywall trim doors, painting, flooring, wired everything myself! Same deal 2 man crew we kill it everyday!

Photos from Helping Hands's post 06/30/2021

Heres a few pics of a deck and wall renew weve been on. Tore off the old put on a second story covered porch.
Tore off dormer, tore up old decking. Wrapped the roof with bitchituane screwed down spacers for joists, wrapped thise with bitchithane put on new decking, rails, roof extension, rebuilt wall for the sliding door, slides like butter baby, installed big windows 36x 60, all new siding, and trimmed it out. Looking pretty slick, especially with the positive we had to work with. 2 man crew! But of course this is just outside we got a lot inside for another post

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Things coming together. Gonna be pretty slick


Heres a deck weve been working on not finished obviously. Itll have a roof ill the way down to that dormer I guessed id call it, to block the water for pouring through to lower area and provide some lovly shade. Going to look awesome

Photos from Helping Hands's post 03/13/2021

So we took off the 4 foot wide deck and look at the lovely rot! I pulled hadfull of it out lol. We took out all the bad sistered to all the joists to ensure a proper grip on new outer band sealed it back up. And got most of the new skeleton on. Well replace the soding once we get decking on make it easier also have to replace and repair soffits all around. Big plans for this place alot of work to dothis os all just the back side


We did sa lot of jack hammering and digging to add two bathrooms in the basement. Thanks to my buddy Kelly and helper chris. We also worked on the deck and repairs outside this week post seperately

Photos from Helping Hands's post 03/13/2021

Lol. So thats electrical conduit that was used to plumb a hose bib outside. And theres about 6 different leads coming from the breaker panel going into a double gang box. It vot so hot when i plugged in my saw it sizzled and melted the wire nuts haha good thing I can run electricity. Tore it all out and replaced brand new without the junction

Photos from Helping Hands's post 03/13/2021

Got a bedroom bathroom and living area framed up. And ran all new electrical. Took out all the old wire lights and rewired to the box ran chases on the living g area to hold a receptical switch and sconces later. Thought it looked a lot better than running comduit down the walls.

Photos from Helping Hands's post 03/13/2021

Heres a place were working on currently. It has a long way to go but were making progress. Ill post some pics on a differnt post to seperate the provress so far.

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Sad to post this now. We just built this deck last week for a client and friend. Unfortunately he passed yesterday and was in ohio for the last month. He never even got to see it. Its weighting hevily on my heart that i didnt get to see his face when he got to see it in person. He was so excited about the pictures and was sending me a lot of love for doing such a good job for him. Its hard to lose someone as kind as him and hell always be remembered.

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Just about done just waoting for plumbing and electricals to be done. Wish i could do the electrical stuff but have to hire them because of inspections. Pretty happy with the out come of this place.


Finally got a good helper and we been kicking butt this week. Got the entire inside of addition primed painted two coats, got all of the window trim put on painted two coats and got the floor done and covered with ram board to protect it. Came a long way really fast this week.


Drywall standing whoppi! That sander is a beast to run but man what a job it does. Biggest plus is no dust! Well at least untill the head only touches a small portion on wall then you get a nice face full lol.


Havent posted in a while. Honestly ive been tired. Cant get steady help so ive been working 95% of the time alone. Did the siding painted exterior. More of a slate color than camera would show for some reason my phone likes it better light blue lol. It is a blue but not that blue. Got most of the ceiling inside done by myself not an easy feat by yourself ya gotta be resourceful to make it happen.
Place is looking sweet starting drywall tomorrow. Cant wait to paint and get it wrapped up.


Did a quick tile job. I built the box below to cover the one thats there.


Got a little further all the time. Been alone all week but got a lot of siding and put in some extra windows. If youve never worked with hardy board siding its very difficult to do alone. Very thin made of cemented board breaks easily. Improvised with a block of wood nailed to another block of wood lol. Soffit and top of windows next week. Hopefully the inspectors will get electrics finished so I can work inside a bit lol.


Place is starting to shape up. Been tons of fun. Hard to tell it used to be just a camper and porch. Should look pretty awesome next week


So here we are a month later. Going really well. The roof has been a lot of work as we can't have any weight on the camper. Lots of hours mostly two people working only sometimes an extra. It'll be a nice place when done.


Pics of our on going job


It's been a while since our last post to say the least it's been very busy. I believe I haven't had an actual day off for three months save a couple.
At any rate we've been working in highlands on two condos that are side by side, in both we did a complete demo installed a new ceiling and repaired major damage in the existing.
Both are different in respect to their different owners but are coming along very nicely, easily our best work ever! I'm excited to share some of the finished pics so I'll post the finished one with this and the following post will have the one we are closing in on.
Alot of other projects have occured but these are the Biggie's.


We've had an exciting two weeks. We are currently remodeling an old camper to better standards. There is alot that's taken place so please take a sec to look at begining pics to current.


Rags to riches baby! New deck, siding, paint, roof, lots of land cleared new screens, a lot of hard work next we move to interior


Did a quick over Hall on this efficiency this week, fixed some of the walls all new electricals installed, had some plumbing done by McLeod plumbing, painted, installed flooring, base, looks pretty sweet now, we're doing the bigger one next week so stay tuned fans!


Finally getting painting I love spraying it's so efficient, my gun broke halfway through so had to get a new one was a pain for a bit but it's coming together quickly probably get the trim done screens on and trimmed out tomorrow should look great when it's done. I think we're doing the new windows next chore


Back in Murphy getting things did, got it all ready to paint should look pretty sweet here when the rain quits.


Putting some final touches on the addition in highlands privacy for hot tub and re did the siding on that side so it all matches all we have left is roof metal and some bracing.


Did a quick but thorough floor repair o. The lake house we remodeled last year. This was in the den, the floor wasn't built properly way back when, the original gerder stopped short so we took up the flooring cut a hole and I stalled a gerder on footers to level and support the floor proper, also put in new piping for air duct, got everything put back looks like new now. Yaay us!


We've been some busy beavers this last 2 weeks got all the decks rails and stairs painted, did a ton of flowers and things built a stone stair to assist entry for my customer, did the pine straw, all kinds of things, here's some pics for your enjoyment


Rain or shine we work built in three days!


Getting some finishing touches inside and just about to get one of the porches done. Hot tub coming this week as well. Looking forward to finishing this one. I'll post pics of the inside tomorrow all ram board is up and everything is clean just need to mop one more time.


Photos from Helping Hands's post


Got the flooring done throughout the entire house vinyl plank, much better than what was there for sure


Got the addition, existing bedroom and kitchen painted, tile in shower, electricals working last week, been awful busy so haven't had the time to post tired when i get home lol. More to follow promptly

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