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Steve's LEDs, LLC


Hi, we received our biocube led upgrade kit but there are no instructions included and the online installation guide website is broken. Not sure what to do and having a difficult time reaching anyone at your company.

I received and mounted my led diodes last night but realized this morning that the leds don't have the "Luxeon ES" logo anywhere on them, they just have a print of StevesLeds

Did I receive actual Luxeon ES Rebels or are these the bargain brand ?

I'm about to solder them together but want to make sure I was sent genuine Luxeon ES diodes.

How can i tell these are actual Luxeon's?

attached pic

We offer the highest quality LED light systems made in the USA. Specializing in custom order and large scale solutions for horticulture and aquariums.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 06/20/2018

Have you checked our website recently? TONS of products are on SALE now!

Timeline photos 04/23/2018

New Booster Bars! Now in the shop an on sale now! They are the perfect solution to making your aquarium look better than the local fish stores best show tank!

Timeline photos 04/06/2018

Growing plants with is easy these days. Just use Luxeon 3,500K white for all growth cycles!


Have you used our in a cool way? Maybe you grew some plants or lit up a room? Post a photo and tag us to share your great ideas!

Full Spectrum Array (FSA) 80-up LED 200W 03/31/2018

Full Spectrum Array (FSA) 80-up LED 200W

What's that? A new product? On SALE?! And just in time for the spring growing season? No way! 🌷🌼🌹

Full Spectrum Array (FSA) 80-up LED 200W Full Spectrum Array (FSA) 80-up LED 200W-Brand New Release! Pre-sale exclusive pricing, VERY limited time offer - only 125pcs of the 3,500K is available at this price! Full Spectrum Array (FSA) boards! These boards use full spectrum LEDs, designed to

Hyper Violet V4.0 03/13/2018

Hyper Violet V4.0

Introducing the new Hyper Violet Version 4.0! Click the link to be taken to the site now!

Hyper Violet V4.0 This is not a UV LED, thus does not emit any damaging UV rays - which is known to cause cellular and DNA level damage in almost every known living organism on the planet, including corals, anemones, and clams.


Happy New Year everyone! What are you most looking forward to in 2018?

Timeline photos 12/14/2017

Timeline photos


Coral spawning in the National Sea Simulator - Bioquest Studios

Check this out!! Awesome use of

SemiLEDs 3 Watt LEDs 11/28/2017

SemiLEDs 3 Watt LEDs

We have our SemiLEDs brand 3W High Power LEDs (colors Deep Red, Royal Blue, Green, and Neutral White) on sale for $0.99/ea this week!

SemiLEDs 3 Watt LEDs SemiLEDs 3 Watt LEDs


Happy Thanksgiving from our families to yours. Please enjoy this Black Friday Promo code for 15% off your entire order! BF2017


Professional Services

Steve's LEDs has been offering professional manufacturing services for 5 years now. Check out the details on what we offer on our newest webpage.

Professional Services

Large Scale Horticultural LED Lighting 03/20/2017

Large Scale Horticultural LED Lighting

Steve's LEDs just released the most affordable large scale horticultural LED light component fixtures available. This was specifically designed for indoor growing such as hydroponics, aquaponics and greenhouses. No additional lighting supplementation is required, and you can get better growth and biomass production that under natural sunlight!
This is fully dimmable and controllable, easy for automation using an inexpensive controller - such as our HurricaneX. No bulb changes - EVER! This uses about 4X less energy than fluorescent lights.

Large Scale Horticultural LED Lighting

HD Heatsink 12/05/2016

HD Heatsink

We just launched our brand new HD Heat Sink! This new High Density heat sink allows you to pack as many LEDs as you can fit on it, and it will run relatively cool without a fan! This can be easily sealed to be water resistant. It's a great looking professional fixture to be used for grow lights, aquariums, and all other purposes. Several easy mounting options are available. Sizes from 1" to 48", and infinitely expandable. This is scaleable for entire facilities.

HD Heatsink

PARmax2 Extreme 14-up LED Array - Solderless 10/11/2016

PARmax2 Extreme 14-up LED Array - Solderless

Now offering no-solder LED arrays. Fully customized color combinations and patterns. Reduces the time to install 14 LEDs from hours into just 2 minutes. Your wire just plugs right into the onboard terminals. It also has two channels of control per board, allowing for perfect color blending. Several sizes available, all at ultra low pricing. Makes any LED fixture look professional.

PARmax2 Extreme 14-up LED Array - Solderless PARmax2 Extreme 14-up LED Array - Solderless

The BOOSTER Series Grow Lights 10/05/2016

The BOOSTER Series Grow Lights

We just launched a new series of LED grow fixtures, called the Booster Series, (Made in USA)! These are used to boost the growth of plants, or to get plants to grow however you want them to. This includes triggering blooming on command! They are ultra-affordable and easy to use.

For example, the Blooming Booster can trick the plant into thinking it is Spring and time to bloom - any time of the year! Just point this fixture over your flower bed and trigger flowering! Common plants that this works with are chrysanthemums, foxglove, petunia, sedum, hibiscus and more!

Booster Series LED Light Fixtures -

The BOOSTER Series Grow Lights The BOOSTER Series Grow Lights -The Booster Series of led lights are designed to be used in conjunction with your existing full spectrum led, HPS or Metal Halide lighting system as they are designed to boost specific spectrums and are not designed to


2016 Spring Sale time! Most LED systems are on sale, and all Luxeon ES and Luxeon M LEDs are on sale at the lowest prices in history! We sell our Luxeon ES LEDs for less than it costs other resellers to purchase them! Buy manufacturer direct and cut out the middle-man.

Red Sea Max 250 LED upgrade 07/30/2015

Red Sea Max 250 LED upgrade


The new Red Sea Max 250 drop in LED Upgrade has been released yesterday, with an entire video showing just how easy it really is to install the new fixture!

There is nothing like this currently on the market!
1) Quick and simple to install - just drop it in!
2) Brighter than any other lighting upgrade on the market
3) Grows corals faster than the natural ocean
4) 100% compatible with all versions of the 250, including 250D and C-250.

So come check it out at:

Red Sea Max 250 LED upgrade Red Sea Max 250 LED upgrade


Hey! We are now back on Facebook! We'll be posting regular updates and new product releases, as well as monthly promotions!


Spring Sale 2012 is here! Discounts more than 50%. New Luxeon ES LEDs on clearance for $3.19/ea


All of the retrofit kits are currently on sale through the end of October!


We now carry the new Philips Luxeon ES 3 Watt LEDs, these are even better than the latest Crees...and they are on Clearance!


The interface for aquarium controllers to connect to our drivers has been released!


We are currently planning the release of our new Aquarium Controller Interface for our digital LED drivers!




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