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Thank you to Weichert, Realtors and Jean Marie Giegerich! Selling real estate in Paradise has been a dream come true!

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The #1 Reason to List Your House in the Winter

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The Island Moon Newspaper

Looks like a local favorite will be changing hands. Good luck to the previous owner who did a fantastic job of making it such a wonderful place to eat and share with newcomers. And good luck to the new owners. Based on your project next door, I expect you’ll do a great job!

Snoopy’s Sells!
Marker 37 owner buys Padre Island’s oldest and most iconic business

By Dale Rankin
Padre Island’s most iconic and longest running business is changing hands after forty years of operation.

Snoopy’s Pier owner and founder Ernie Buttler said this week he has signed an agreement to sell the venerable and successful business to Mitchell Kalogridis, owner of the adjacent Marker 37 Marina.

“I’ve been doing this since I was twenty-six,” Ernie said, “It’s time to hand it off to somebody else.

“We are taking over an island institution,” Kalogridis said. “It is working and we are not going to change a thing.”

He said the current staff will be kept in place once the final paperwork is done, which is expected within the next week.

The change of hands ends the forty-year run which began when Corliss and Ernie Buttler bought Snoopy’s Pier in 1979, opening its doors in 1980.

Ernie said the area under the John F. Kennedy Bridge was then a shantytown and the building that eventually became Snoopy’s Pier had been a bait stand and fishing pier since opening in 1959. The pier closed in 1972 and Westinghouse bought the building turning it into a clubhouse and sales office for perspective buyers of Island real estate. When Westinghouse sold its Island holdings the building sat vacant until the Buttlers bought it in 1979.

“We had to get help and clean out the shacks down there,” Ernie said this week. “The place was a knife and gun club.”

Prior to founding Snoopy’s Ernie was a commercial fisherman. He said the name that is now so synonymous with Padre Island came about by accident.

“When we took it over there was an old sign that was fifty-eight feet long with letters eight-feet high that said ‘Snoopy’s,’ and so we thought why build a new sign when we already had one,” Ernie said. “We just added Pier later on.”

Over the years Ernie added much more than “Pier” to the name. He also built the actual pier himself, and the building, and the parking lot, and the marina, and Marker 37, and the street leading to both.

“Everything that’s here I built myself,” Ernie said.

The Buttlers sold Marker 37 several years ago but kept adding on to Snoopy’s Pier even after severe damage by two hurricanes, adding Scoopy’s sandwich and ice cream shop eight years ago.

“I’m a low key guy,” Ernie said. “I don’t go around telling people who I am, but no matter what city I go to in Texas somebody comes up to me and tells me how much they like Snoopy’s. It seems like everyone knows about Snoopy’s.”

That includes a woman who has celebrated each of her 32 birthdays at Snoopy’s and families who make Snoopy’s a regular stop on their visits to Padre Island. Snoopy’s Pier is now one of only four Landmark Restaurants in the United States.

“We’ve been considering selling Snoopy’s for several years,” Ernie said this week. “We’ve got it back up to speed after Harvey with a great staff in place and we had our biggest day ever recently when Mitchell had a big concert at Marker 37 so it made perfect sense to hand it over to him.”

Kalogridis said he plans to add some decking and a walkway to connect Snoopy’s and Marker 37. The City of Corpus Christi is currently in the design phase for $1.5 million in bond money to upgrade the area near the bridge.

“In twenty years this area is going to be our version of Kemah,” Ernie said. “This is the front porch of Padre Island.”

It’s a porch that wouldn’t exist without the Buttlers and Snoopy’s Pier.

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What Should You Consider When Deciding Where You Should Retire?

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Moving Is the Worst, but These Tips Will Make It Way Less Stressful

realtor.com Relocating is a reality of life, and while these tips won't make moving a barrel of laughs, it will be far less of a traumatic experience.

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Best Corpus Christi Beaches to Visit

corpuschristitexas.info If you find yourself in Corpus Christi, Texas, you're bound to end up visiting one of the amazing beaches there, but why settle just for one?


The Island Moon Newspaper

Your Island in Action

Around the Island
By Dale Rankin

It’s been a big week here on our little sandbar and there’s a lot to cover.

The big news is that after a journey that would have tried the patience of Job Islanders Lori and Moshin Rasheed with the help of a group of Islanders who went to City Hall to help have reached the point where they can build an Island grocery store. It’s been a long journey and things were hanging fire right up to the last minute on Tuesday when what is usually a routine second and final reading of city council approval raised some hackles. But in the end the city council for the second week gave their unanimous approval to the final hurdle and the Rasheeds are now awaiting the arrival of building material. A grocery store has been the Island’s White Whale for decades but through their perseverance the Rasheed’s have made it happen, we thank them and the city council.

Further developments…

During the discussion at City Hall on Tuesday about the oversized sewer line needed for the grocery store it was mentioned that discussions are underway with FEMA to develop the land in the Cape Summer area, which we colloquially refer to as the Ski Basin. As the Island fills up and vacant lots become scarcer developing the thirty-plus undeveloped fingertips at the end of Sea Pines makes more and more sense. Without elaboration there was also mention of a hotel. There is no infrastructure there so it won’t happen overnight, but when it does at least the sewer line will be ready…

UTV crackdown

It seems we have a new police officer on Padre Island who is fixated on handing out tickets for Utility Vehicles. In the many years since golf carts became legal on city streets many Islanders have bought UTVs because they are better in soft beach sand than golf carts and Island police have left them alone even though state law forbade them on city streets. Ironically, just as a new state law that takes effect September 1 allows the city to legalize them it looks like we have a crackdown. If the old political saw is true that the best way to get rid of a bad law is to make sure it is enforced then maybe the officer is just trying to help us make them legal…if that’s the case we thank him. As of September 1 all it takes is five votes on the city council to make them legal. In the meantime if you are driving one watch out or you may be the next victim of the crackdown.

Beach driving on the seawall

The temporary traffic barrier that has blocked traffic on the southernmost three-quarters of the beach along the Michael J. Ellis Seawall since June is now gone but will be replaced by permanent wooded bollards within the next few weeks according to city crews. Sand berms had been in place throughout the summer while permit requests with the Texas General Land Office were being sought by city staff. According to state rules traffic cannot remain on the beach once the width is less than 150 feet.

Park Road 22 Bridge bids delayed

For the second time the City of Corpus Christi this week announced the delay of bids for the proposed Park Road 22 Water Exchange Bridge on Padre Island. Bids on the estimated $12.5 million project were first scheduled to be opened on August 21, then it was announced that would be delayed one week until August 28, then on Tuesday another delay was announced until September 18. No reason for the delay was given.

Developmental Services

Less than three months in office as Corpus Christi City Manager Peter Zanoni made good on his promise to overhaul the Developmental Service Department this week when he announced the appointment of new managers. Al Raymond will take over as the Director of Development Services and Michael Dice will be Assistant Director. Both have decades of public and private experience and also come from San Antonio where they worked with Zanoni. Getting through the permitting process at City Hall has been a source of complaints since Mayor Henry Garrett was in office along about the time that Al Gore invented the internet. Zanoni has hit the ground running and we can only thank him for taking this on.

Packery shoaling

Shoaling sand in Packery Channel was a topic of discussion at the meeting of the Island Tax Increment Finance Zone board meeting at City Hall Tuesday. Reports are that there is shallow water near the boat ramps on Zahn Road and also around the mouth of the channel. A report is scheduled for the next meeting of the Island Strategic Action Committee in early September. City officials said Tuesday a request for a dredging permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is in the mill but the process is complicated by work to repair the revetments along the south side of the channel which were damaged by Hurricane Harvey. The question is whether the dredging must await completion of the repairs or can be done simultaneously. Dredging can only be done seasonally from Labor Day until spring of the following year due to environmental restrictions. We will have more on this story as it develops in the meantime keep an eye on your depth finder.

That’s all for now, we’ll see you at the next Music from the Moon Concert at Waves on Thursday, August 29th when the Michael O’Neal Blues Band will play the big stage. In the meantime say hello if you see us Around The Island.


Our Island Moon

This week's online version of the Island Moon Newspaper is now available at www.islandmoon.com. Just click on the image of our front page to download and read the entire issue!


The Island Moon Newspaper

Around The Island

Around the Island
By Dale Rankin

It’s been a mostly calm week Around The Island. The best news from Port A to PINS is that our friends in the tourism industry report that the numbers are back to pre-Harvey levels and in some cases even better. That is particularly notable because we still don’t have our hotels and high-rise condominiums back up and running. On the Port Aransas end retails operators say the visitors are staying in the individually owned Vrbo condos which were the first to come back online after the storm. On the Padre end the high-rise buildings south of the Corpus Christi City Limits, six of them plus the Holiday Inn, that provide the bulk of the overnight stay spots are still down. So far this year we have seen more daytrippers on Padre and they have been here in numbers. When we get to the end of the 100-day tourist season which is now only a month away we will collect the Sales Tax numbers and see how we compare with pre-Harvey years.

Thank you Judge!

We owe a big Island Thank You to Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales this week for coming up with a solution to the problem that for several years has threatened to close Mikel May’s Beach Bar & Grill at Bob Hall Pier over a SNAFU in the federal grant used to build it. See the story in this issue. County officials have struggled to find a solution to this problem which they inherited and Canales and Precinct 4 County Commissioner Brent Chesney came up with a plan that is a win-win for everyone. The plan brings a much needed addition to Horace Caldwell Pier in Port Aransas and keeps Mikel May’s right where it belongs. Thank you to the judge, commissioner, and three other commissioners who voted unanimously this week to approve the plan. We’ll see you at Mikel May’s for brunch!

A modest proposal…

Here’s a way to have a little fun and make a point at the same time, an idea we’ve been kicking around for years. We are entering the season when various taxing entities are launching their budget cycle which is followed all too soon by the Season When We Write the Check. Why don’t we Islanders all mail our tax checks the same day? Then we can file a Freedom of Information request for property tax receipts at the county and find out how much money flows from Island taxpayers. That would be interesting.

Del Castillo at Waves

On Thursday, August 1, the Del Castillo band from Austin rolls onto the big stage at Waves Resort. Those who know of them will be there, those who don’t will hear about them afterwards. They are a touring outfit that has also done a number of movie soundtracks. Don’t miss it if you can.

Four year terms

The Corpus Christi City Council on Tuesday seated a nine-member Charter Review Committee to study increased pay for City Council members and lengthening council terms from the current two years to four years. Only one member of the committee is from the Island, former Austin City Manager, Toby Hammett Futrell who was appointed by Mayor Joe McComb and will presumably be the Chairperson. But several of the members appointed, including the one from our own District 4, have stated their approval for the longer terms. This is not good for The Island. We are an organized voting bloc through the Island United Political Action Committee, and our activism is best put to use as often as possible. If the committee returns a recommendation for longer terms to the council the issue will likely appear on the November, 2020 ballot. There is currently discussion on The Island to raise a minimum of $50,000 each city election cycle to donate to IUPAC candidates, it may be needed. Make sure you are registered.

That’s all for now. It’s going to be a busy weekend and say hello if you see us Around The Island.


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Mikel May's

Bob Hall Pier and Mikel Mays Beachside Bar and Grill. Our wonderful island will keep this fabulous, fun place to visit and enjoy.

What a day we had today!!!! I’m so excited that Commissioner’s Court was a huge win and success for Nueces County, Horace Caldwell Pier & Mikel May’s. With the incredible Leadership of our amazing County Judge Barbara Canales, Tyner Little & Scott Cross. An amazing new Observation Deck in Port A on Horace Caldwell Pier will come to fruition. We knew it would be tough to get approval from all of the County. Commissioners for this expense. But after much back and forth intense deliberation we got all 5 votes in favor of the new location! Mikel McGrath and I thank all of you who spent almost 4 hours this morning to speak on our behalf (Jim Needham, Troy Adler, Meagan Thomas Furey, Carla Bavido Finkhaus, James Perez, Steven Lester Jr., Chris Steiger, Alice & Al Decker, Dale Rankin, Hunter Behnke, Paulette Guajardo, Douglas Allison, Todd Hunter and everyone I missed that help fill the seats in the Courtroom for support. Commissioner Brent Chesney, Commissioner John Marez, Commissioner Carolyn Vaugh and Commissioner Joe A Gonzalez, thank you for your vote and believing in Judge Canales’ guidance and determination to see this to the end. We are beyond thankful and grateful to keep Mikel May’s Beachside Bar & Grill!

kristv.com 07/25/2019

Historic fountain repairs latest example of Downtown Corpus Christi revitalization

kristv.com Repair work to the 101-year-old Queen of the Sea fountain, the oldest piece of public art in Corpus Christi, is the latest example of downtown revitalization

kiiitv.com 07/25/2019

Island Report: Update on Island grocery store

kiiitv.com An Island couple set out to build one, but years after they began they are still trying to get the permits to build it.


Corpus Christi Caller-Times

Pet friendly places

#ICYMI: Your dog can tag along for the fun at these restaurants and bars.


The Island Moon Newspaper

So much to do!

Did Ya’ Hear?
By Mary Craft
Business Briefs

The IGA Grocery received the necessary permits and work will begin on the underground utilities on June 1st. That’s right – it’s actually happening. Maybe we should bring champagne to toast the event.

Palmilla Beach Golf Course in Port A is now open. You can play 9 holes once or twice for 18 holes and an example of the cost is on Sundays 9 holes are $40 and 18 are $60. They also offer a 12 hole option where you can add their short 3 hole course to your 9 holes. Call 749-4653 to reserve tee time or it can be done online.

The first Island Moon concert at Marker 37will feature the Reggae band Chanklas on Friday, May 10th 6 – 8 pm. These free concerts will be held at Marker 37 every Friday and next Friday a Blues band will entertain. Beverages will be available at the Fishtales Bar.

Texas Mesquite BBQ will be moving into the old Cancun building soon. They will be opening a wings eatery in their current location next to WB Liquors.

The 4th Annual Dine Island is restaurant week Island style with 21 eating establishments participating. Just ask for the Dine Island menu and you will get at most places a three course meal at a value price. This event runs through May 22nd. The menus can be viewed on the Dine Island page. This event was started here by Islander Debbie Noble.

The 35th Annual Songwriters Showcase will be at the Tarpon Inn courtyard in Port A on Monday, May 13th 6 – 10 pm. If it rains it will be held at the Community Center.

The Gaff will host the belt sander races on Saturday, May 11th at 4 pm. There will be live music before and after the races. There will be drink specials with some beers starting at $1.50.

Eats Epicurea at the Waves Resort will have a Mother’s Day Brunch featuring jazz music by the Alley Catz. There will be a prime rib carving station, oysters, crab claws and shrimp bar, made-to-order pasta, omelettes and smoothies, classic breakfast items, a gourmet dessert table and Bloody Mary bar. Reservations are required – call 589-4230. The restaurant will be serving all you can eat crawfish boil with corn, sausage and potatoes for $35 every Monday in May.

Scuttlebutt’s on Mother’s Day is serving Beef Wellington with roasted scallions, cream cheese whipped potatoes and prosciutto wrapped asparagus. Momtinis will be $4 and mimosas $2.

Doc’s Seafood & Steaks has brunch every Sunday 10 am – 2 pm with live music by Stevie Start.

The “Island Blast” 4th of July Fireworks display cost is $16,500. Currently $11,284 has been collected. To contribute to this great Island event write a check to “Island Blast” and send to 14493 SPID Suite A PMB303, Corpus Christi 78418.

New Advertisers

C.C. Battery Company has 6V golf cart batteries for $89.95. Besides a wide selection of all types of batteries, they have starters, alternators and rebuilt gas cart generators starting at $145. It is an Islander owned business that started in 1923. Call 882-5561 or visit them at 3513 Agnes.

Island Splash Shave Ice is available for private parties starting at $60 for 12 persons. Call George Gibson at 500-2343 for details.

The Padre Island Yacht Club has boat slips available. Club applicants can now lease a slip at the marina prior to membership. Check their web site for contact information.


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