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Operating as usual 10/30/2020

4 Most Bookkeeping Common Mistakes I've Seen Veterinarians Make - YouTube

These are the most common bookkeeping mistakes I’ve seen veterinarians make in the four years I’ve been working with them. Each one has an easy fix and makes a huge difference in the accuracy of your books!
Reach out if you have any questions at [email protected] or check out more helpful videos at A short, helpful video going through the four most common bookkeeping mistakes I've seen veterinarians make during the four years I've been working with them, a...


Create Money Making Reports with 2 Easy Steps

Are your bookkeeping reports making you money? They should be! Watch my short video to see 2 easy steps to take to create money-making reports for your practice!

Bookkeeping should be more than just another task on your never-ending to-do list. Done correctly, your practice’s bookkeeping can be one of the your greates...


A Veterinarian Bookkeeper's Secret Weapon....shhhh!

Veterinarians Favorite Bookkeeping Tool - Transaction Pro for QuickBooks will amaze you! Prepare to shave hours off your bookkeeping time. 04/12/2017

10 Ways to Make Your Vet Practice's Website Shine

Get the most out of your advertising money by making your website stand out - simple changes that create big results! Impress your clients with a website that is user- and mobile-friendly. 04/07/2017

5 Tips to Boost Efficiency in Your Veterinary Practice

Check out these easy tips! Higher efficiency = Increase in income Poor efficiency means lost income. Here's ways to fight back and get your practice in order. 03/30/2017

5 Tips for Running a Successful and Profitable Veterinary Practice

#2 Understand Your Revenue! Do you know where your practice is making money or losing money? One reason why proper bookkeeping is so important to the success of your practice. Find our five tips for having a successful and financially stable veterinary practice. 11/10/2016

Cold Weather Pet Safety

It's not just hot weather that can be dangerous for your pets. Read on to make sure your pets are safe this winter...whenever it finally decides to hit :) You’re probably already aware of the risks posed by warm weather, but did you know that cold weather also poses serious threats to your pets' 11/07/2016

Management Tricks for Veterinary Managers

Good management = happier employees = more satisfied clients! Aspiring to management, or already leading your practice team? Here’s what you need to know to be successful. 


Veterinary Bookkeeping Solutions's cover photo 08/19/2016

How to Prevent Bookkeeping Fraud

1) Divide job responsibilities 2) Restrict manual payments 3) Review all reports monthly Simple processes and procedures to implement to reduce the risk of bookkeeping fraud. 08/18/2016

9 Bad Habits About To Ruin Your Bookkeeping This Year

Mistake #3 is the most common one I see - make sure to avoid these 9 costly bookkeeping mistakes to make sure your practice is on the right track to success The 9 worst bookkeeping problems to ruin businesses and jeopardize company financial health. 07/22/2016

Appreciating Depreciation Want to make sure your practice isn't paying more than it needs to in
taxes? Today we will be talking about depreciation expenses for your fixed
assets. Not only is it a free and easy way to save your practice thousands
of dollars, but it's how you can ensure that your books accurately portr... 07/19/2016

'Senior Dogs Across America' Tells The Beautiful Stories Of Aging Pets

Puppies are adorable, but senior dogs make my heart melt :) Photographer Nancy LeVine traveled the country, gathering snapshots of senior dogs along the way.

[07/18/16]   Want to make sure your practice isn't paying more than it needs to in taxes? Check in with us on Friday when we write about the depreciation expense on your fixed assets. Free, easy way to save your practice $$$$$$! 07/17/2016

July 2016: Week 2

Nice! Ready-made social media posts for your practice to use to connect with your clients. Easy-peasy. Veterinary Team Brief delivers practical skills for team-based medicine—with clinical strategies for team training, peer-reviewed credibility, concise content, essential training modules, and easy-to-implement protocols.


Grand Opening Tomorrow, the 16th!

Check out our ad in The Pasadena Voice for a valuable coupon! 07/13/2016

7 Qualities of a Good Veterinary Practice Owner

#2 Put aside time to be the owner - don't allow the financial and administrative duties (like bookkeeping) pile up. It can cost you your practice. Do you have what it takes to run a veterinary practice? Find out. 07/12/2016

5 Things Small Businesses Should Outsource

Create growth opportunities for your practice by outsourcing. Item #2: bookkeeping - because making mistakes with your practice's finances will cost you time and money. Don't waste your time on tasks that don't lead to business growth. 07/08/2016

A 10-year-old girl is teaching her deaf puppy commands in sign language

Love these kinds of relationships between a dog and their person! "There's someone out there for everyone." 06/29/2016

The Key to Audit-Proof Books I recently added free, Hubdoc accounts to each of my clients books. Why?
Because without proper documentation, your practice's books cannot stand
against an audit by the IRS. Having a receipt for EVERY SINGLE transaction
you document in your books, is the only way to make your books
audit... 06/27/2016

How to Hire the Right Bookkeeper | Xero Accounting Software

Five tips for finding a GREAT bookkeeper to help your practice grow. Find out how to hire the right bookkeeper to help your business grow. Read more on the @Xero #smallbiz guides 06/22/2016

12 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up the Vet Tech Life

A little humor for the middle of the week. Been there, done that! It's a crazy job. 06/15/2016

5 Accounting Mistakes That Put Your Business At Risk

Mistake #3 - not investing in QUALITY bookkeeping. Make sure your practice isn't committing these costly mistakes. Outsourced bookkeeping services can help businesses avoid falling behind on receivables, getting stuck with outdated accounting technology and other mistakes.


Summer is here! Make sure your pets aren't at risk of overheating.

It's going to be a hot one today in the Midwest. Keep your pets safe - leave them at home, comfy in the A/C, today. 06/09/2016

Enjoy Positive Cash Flow In Your Veterinary Practice

Best advice for maintaining positive cash flow - set a budget. Have your bookkeeper help you set one up and keep it! Dr. Carol Hart wants you know what positive cash flow feels like in your veterinary practice. Learn more as she gives you the tips to achieve it in your business. 06/03/2016

6 ways to communicate better to your bookkeeper | Xero Blog

Want to get the most out of your bookkeeping services? Six simple tips to make sure you do! How's your relationship with your bookkeeper? Are you best friends? Do you rarely speak? Your relationship with your bookkeeper should be a priority.


Happy Friday!

Summer = A husky's least favorite season. 06/02/2016

Reduce the Risk of Employee Theft

Like the article says, assume that it's happening and take proactive measures to protect your practice. How to recognize the potential for employee theft and how to reduce risk and eliminate problems. 06/01/2016

When in Doubt - Outsource! (Part Two) Finishing the second part of her two-part blog series, Veronika Ambertson
is digging deeper into the three stages of strategic growth: systems,
outsourcing and hiring. Veronika is a former Human Resources professional
with experience ranging from the private staffing industry, being a direct ... 05/25/2016

When in Doubt - Outsource! (Part One) Today we are lucky enough to have Veronika Amberston as a guest of my
blog. Veronika is a former Human Resources professional with experience
ranging from the private staffing industry, being a direct employer herself
and spending close to a decade with the United Nations Development
Progra... 05/23/2016

Emergency Care for Dogs and Cats

Summer is coming, or is already here for some of us :) ! Make sure your clients know how to care for their pets during these hot months! Emergency care begins with your call to the veterinarian. Be prepared to describe the emergency situation. Your veterinarian may instruct you on how to administer first aid and how to safely transport your pet. You may be able to identify life‑threatening airway, breathing, and circulation problems ...


For my dogs the rest of the sentence would be "and keep the food coming!" Have a great weekend all!

Sounds like a plan. ;) 05/19/2016

5 Reasons to Keep Personal and Business Finances Separate

It's too easy to mix business and personal finances - 5 reasons why you don't want to make that mistake. In order to satisfy a number of Internal Revenue Service requirements and to simplify recordkeeping, you should always keep your business banking and personal banking separate.


Great way to help kids understand how to safely interact with pets.

If you wouldn't do it to a friend, don't do it to a dog: How kids should NOT interact with dogs, by Dr. Sophia Yin.

[pdf available from the Liam J. Perk Foundation website:] 05/17/2016

Using Online Reviews to Win New Customers

An easy and free way to show your clients that you care about them and their pets Taking the time to respond to all reviews, both good and bad, will improve your business image in the long run.

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A Veterinarian Bookkeeper's Secret Weapon....shhhh!



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