Corona Norco Electrical Service 951 272 0467

Corona Norco Electrical Service 951 272 0467


Lots of options to hook a generator to your home panel, transfer switch, Interlock etc what do you think?
I can't say enough about John's service, his timeliness and his rates are the best you'll ever find. He does the job fast, he does it right, the first time, every time...not to mention no "hidden fees" , and for what he bills you, the parts are probably about wholesale cost. John is my favorite tech, bar none. My highest recommendation!
I highly recommend using John for your electrical needs. He is very knowledgeable and his attention to detail is impeccable. It's true the cheap does come out expensive in the end when you do like I did and hire the wrong guys. I will call only John from now on!!! 10 stars!!! **********
John does excellent electrical work!

Residential & Commercial Electricial Services DBA Silva Electric Lic # 647091 Welcome to Corona - Riverside Electrical Service. We have been servicing the Southern California area since 1984.

Whether you need small electrical repair, ceiling fan installation, EV outlets, troubleshooting, GFI, sub-panel and everything inbetween our professionals with over 35 years can help! Give us a call Monday- Friday 8 am to 5 pm to schedule an appointment 951-272-0467

Operating as usual


Remember and honor all those who never came home...... Thank You!

Remember and honor all those who never came home...... Thank You! 08/29/2020

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[11/12/19]   Thank you for visiting our web-site, we appreciate your business.


Thank You to the countless men and women who have served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice!


We are professional, at your service.


A 9 volt battery looks innocent enough. Notice the terminals have an insulated cap. If the cap is not in place; should the battery come in contact with metal, it will short, with the battery becoming very hot, very fast. This may result in a fire, especially in a trash can. Corona Norco Electrical at your Service.

[11/13/18]   If you think a licensed professional is expensive, the total cost of an amature may break the bank.


An unlicensed, uninsured person installed this with a loose connection, resulting in over-heating of the wire and receptacle.

[10/29/18]   Please drive carefully this Halloween and watch for the little critters.


Circuits overloaded? Circuit breakers tripping? Give us a call for a professional solution.


Taking our work seriously while 'playing' with electricity.


This photo brought a reminder of last summer. Neophytes from an 'energy company' burned up three HVAC* transformers due to wiring the *Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning system improperly. Rewired the forced air unit controls, and installed a new thermostat, which was electronically damaged as well. Cheap is expensive in the end.

[09/30/18]   TIP: The potential dangers of hiring an uninsured electrician are enormous.
Q. Why should I hire a licensed electrician verses my handyman or a friend of friend who knows electrical?
A. A small mistake can have disastrous results. The importance of hiring a licensed and insured electrical contractor can not be over emphasized! The safety of your family, co-workers, neighbors and the general public rests on the technical training, expertise and experience a licensed electrical contractor provides.

Think about it, if a handyman can’t do the work that it takes to become a licensed electrician, they will probably perform improper or incomplete electrical repairs. This will eventually lead to serious, recurring electrical problems. The work will have to be re-done or worse yet, may cause damages to life and property.

If you have someone who isn’t qualified perform electrical work and then there is a fire, not only could you possibly void any insurance on your home, but you will have compromised the safety of you and your family. These risks are too great to leave to chance.

When you pay an electrician, you are paying for the legal coverage as well. When you think about it that way, I am sure you will agree that an electrician’s wage is well worth the cost.


We offer Residential, Commercial and Industrial services.


In older homes, GFCI's (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) are not required, but recommended outdoors, in kitchens and bathrooms at the minimum. These have prevented countless shocks and electrocutions around water.

[08/15/18]   I believe this was in Readers Digest: If you think hiring a pro is expensive, try hiring an amateur.

[04/24/18]   Ppl buy electric cars. Our phone calls requesting a quote for 240 Volt, 50 amp receptacles (for battery chargers), are reasonable, starting at $250.00 opposite the main service panel; less than my associate charges, but too high for the low dollar shoppers. Who's installing these and are they up to code? This is a rhetorical question.

[04/19/18]   Thanking "y-all" for the 297 "likes." We've strived to do our best, and to be 15% smarter than the equipment we work with.

[03/28/18]   A service call; the garage lost power. In short, I made a few bucks and the customer was very happy: priceless.

[03/09/18]   I was just now reading an article which reminded me: The low dollar shoppers hiring unlicensed, unskilled, some neophyte licensed electricians (or handymen), should worry if an electrical fire breaks out and the insurance adjuster finds mickey mouse work-he's going to ask who did it. Moreover, your home insurance may be voided. Cheap is (very) expensive in the end. Thus ends this lesson. 🤔

[03/06/18]   Since working semi-retired, >1,500 customers agree it's done right the first time. 0.01% came along last weekend; it became beyond my physical limitations. We can't say I didn't give it my best shot.

[02/28/18]   Yesterday was heater and a/c repair. Another happy customer-satisfied smiling faces; the nights have been cold. Unbeknownst to them, but beknownst to me, someone jacked up their electrical circuits.

[02/15/18]   Cheap is always expensive in the end. My customers consider my rates to be very reasonable. It's done right the first time.

[02/12/18]   Cheap and Quality are never found in the same place.

[01/16/18]   The CSLB (effective Jan 01, 2015), requires fingerprinting, a background check with the FBI and DOJ. It's to protect consumers ensuring licensed contractors are NOT convicted felons.

[01/07/18]   (Mark Mixon's post) You want a licensed individual working on your AC, Plumbing, or Electrical. The state requires insurance, and continuing education. Its for the homeowners benefit. Try sueing a handyman that burns down or floods your house. (FB Post. I couldn't have said it better).

[12/23/17]   I recall a Saturday morning some years ago. My roll-up garage door opener spring broke and the door would not open. My Escalade was trapped in the garage. Not being able to get out for coffee; the garage door technician I phoned was out within the hour. He added a second spring, which the home builder should have done. The second spring provides garage door operation should one break. I was so greatful I paid his rate, plus a tip! Garage door opener springs are not necessarily DYI and can be dangerous.
The moral of my story is since I've retired and provide electrical service as a skilled expert-why are so many low dollar shoppers? My primary concern is electrical safety for the homeowner or industrial plant. I've seen (and repaired), way too many half-assed jobs done by unqualified persons; too many were fire hazards-which disgusts me to no end. Just saying...


This is why I've never installed any residential grade receptacles or switches. I recall a potential customer phoned to report the face was broken off his (residential grade), receptacle. I provided my service call rate, plus the cost of specification-grade receptacles. It was too much for the low-dollar shopper. What's worse is he was a family man with toddlers! A SPEC GRADE classification on the box label insures the receptacle (or switch), will not break off, and plugs won't fall out.

[12/04/17]   Countng down to full retirement. Take advantage of a semi-retired professional; engineer, sr. analyst, manufacturing automation/IEC tech support, and top 2% class Industrial Electrician for the next few months. Too many past repairs have had 1-3 "electricians" who left without solving the customers' electrical issues-Industrial, Commercial and Residential.

Corona - Norco - Riverside Electricians

Welcome to Corona - Norco- Riverside Electrical Service.

We have been proudly servicing the Inland Empire and surrounding communities for over a decade with thousands of satisfied customers. Whether you need small electrical repair, panel upgrade, electric vehicle charger installation, ceiling fan installation, portable hot tub troubleshooting, GFI, sub-panel, thermostats, recessed lighting, outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, data communication lines, smoke detectors, doorbells, shock prevention, troubleshooting and everything inbetween our professionals can help! Residential Commercial and Industrial master electrical services

Give us a call 24 hours a day to schedule an appointment 951-272-0467

Corona- Norco- Riverside Electrical Service DBA Silva Electric. License # 647091




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