Kelli's HorseHead Wreaths

Kelli's HorseHead Wreaths offers a quality product . Each one is handcrafted and unique, no 2 are alike. These can be custom made to your liking.

Although the concept of a HorseHead Wreath isn't mine, some of the ways I have decorated these are my own ideas. I am trying to reach out to all disciplines of riders by offering draft , halter or bridle, hunter and dressage horse styles. I welcome your ideas and suggestions. My goal is to make this something you love and love to tell your friends about .Prices are $15 for the "mini" and $30 for the regular sized wreath.


Busy making Horse head wreaths along with traditional ones as well. What can I make for you ? Reply here or email me at Merry Christmas!!!


Soon, very soon now I will start making some wreaths for the Holiday Season. I will also offer a few other seasonal decorations & regular 12 inch traditional wreaths, you chose the bow color.... Stay tuned for new pictures..


It won't be long now and I will be back at work in my Moms old New England Farmhouse creating wreaths for the 2016 Christmas Season. I would love to make one for you !


Guess I am going to close up my little shop for another year. I would like to thank all of you folks for your patronage and hope to hear from you again next year. If you haven't all ready please like and share this page . Merry Christmas and the best of the New Year to you and your famlies...


Busy making last minute gift wreaths.. Can I make one for you?


it's time to place your order for your one of a kind horse head wreath. made to your can contact me via Facebook, email [email protected] or call 207-278-4672.


I am going to take some time today to get my "work shop " ready. Going to take advantage of the warmer weather and weatherize the room with hopes it will be warm in there when I need it to be! Yup I am gearing up for the season and am anxiously awaiting for it!!! I n hopes to have enough time left over so I can get out in the woods to get a few fir tips to try out a couple of ideas I have!! Stay Tuned!!!!


If all goes as plans going to work on a couple of ideas I have had for my wreaths tomorrow. Will up date with pictures and prices when I get them done this week.. Stay tuned and be thinking of what colors you would like for this year and if you would like a pine mane or a sweet annie mane!!!


It won't be long now and I will be gearing up for making wreaths in my little "workshop"... Can hardly wait to get started.... I look forward to doing this!


Wondering if there would be any interest in a "mini" horsehead wreath and a "draft" horsehead wreath.... think I will work on a couple of samples....


Kellis HorseHead Wreaths is going to close up the "shop" until next year. I want to thank each and every one of you who chose stay local and buy one from me. I hope it added that extra special touch to your Christmas Season. Keep in mind if you plan to be a repeat customer and live in the area, keep the form, write your name on it and return it to me and get your wreath for $5 less next year. That way its less work for me
and your contributing to the recycling program... Meanwhile please like and share my page ... Happy New Year!


Looking for likes and shares on my page.. To those who have bought one a big Thank you.. to those who like and share a big thank you also !


I hate to part with my "horses" however I find I can't take care of 18 horses this winter... so I am taking them to JCB Horse Sales Holiday Auction on Saturday December 6th... I hope they find good homes


Sales are picking up... come see my wreaths on display at Katahdin Trail Saddlery in Newport, Triple S Tack Shop in Carmel and at Fossas in Dexter. Then order one in your favorite holiday color!


Guess its a good day to make some wreaths.... Hi Ho Hi Ho its making wreaths I go !!!





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