Dragonfly Farm

Dragonfly Farm


Where are you located?
Cannot say enough good things about your beautiful flowers❤️
It’s safe to say Farm to Table dinners are here to stay!

We want to thank everyone who attended or assisted in making the evening a success. We enjoyed every minute of it and can not wait to host more events like this!

A big thank you to our chef for the evening, Dekk Monteyo from Poponovers

Below are the farms that were featured

Balfour Farm - Pittsfield
Grandpas Specialty Smoked Meats- Pittsfield
Snakeroot Organic Farm- Pittsfield
Waggin' Tail Farm- Pittsfield
Outland Farm -Pittsfield
Bellows Farm -Pittsfield
A + L Organics - Pittsfield
Dragonfly Farm - Canaan
Yoder Farm - Palmyra
Honestleigh Acres Farm- Unity
I’m writing for my sister, Debbie Bradstreet, The Farmer’s Table. She received the three floral vases you sent to them at the restaurant. She wanted me to thank you so very much for the most beautiful and gorgeous flowers. She was so touched by your thoughtfulness after such a very emotional and trying day. I was at the restaurant when she received them, and I agree, they are absolutely gorgeous. She showed all her diners who were quite impressed. You made her day! It was a very kind and caring gesture. She would reply herself, but she doesn’t have Facebook, so she wanted me to make sure I conveyed her thanks for your kindness.
Where are you today?
You’re flowers are beautiful!

Flower Farm

Operating as usual


Just a reminder that I changed the farm name to LibellaFlowers. Please come visit us there!


It really is true what people say about the weather in Maine. These photos are 1 week apart. Last Friday 18" of snow☃️ Today sunny skies.. a few flurries❄ I was so happy to see my plants thriving outside🤞🌱!


A beaver just swam by my garden, tomorrow maybe I'll have a unicorn.


My first round of snapdragons survived! Mother Nature this is not a challenge.... just for good measure.


Yesterday was the day lisianthus was planted. Wish those tiny little slow growers luck. Last year I chickened out and didn't dare plant them. Here is a photo from 's seeds. I hope to do these little guys justice.


In case anyone wanted to know, the weeds in my garden are growing just fine.


We may not have sunshine🌞 today but it sounds like it in our house today! Happy Spring Everyone!🌱🌼🌱🌻


I just got these funny looking little creatures in the mail today. Hard to believe they end up so beautiful. I can't wait to get these blooming!


I'm excited to announce bells of Ireland and snap dragons were born this week at the farm!
( not my pictures)
Anyone else getting ready for some Spring flowers?


Tax time.

-Weeding is more fun than taxes.🌿
-Chasing the dog out of the🐕 garden is more fun than my taxes.
-Digging compost is more fun than taxes.
-Fertilizing with fish emulsion is more fun than taxes🤢
Japanese beetles and aphids are more fun than taxes🐛

Well that wasted 30 minutes that I should have used to do my taxes.


Holy cow these lisianthus are tiny! I planted them 2/5, I've always heard they are slow growers, but this seriously takes the cake. Next year I'll have a magnifying glass handy🤓 my poor eyes are strained trying to count how many germinated.


Hey Baby! Baby eucalyptus that is!


I am excited to announce our farm will be changing its name to Libella Farm. For all you smart people out there, Yes! Libella means "dragonfly" in German, so it seems perfect. I can't believe it took me a whole year to think of that.

Thank you all for your continued support as well as your likes and shares. 🌷 This year we will be offering new services for DIY weddings/reunions as well as wrapped bouquets💐 at our Farmers markets. We are also jumping with joy that we have been accepted into the skowhegan farmers market ! We will still see you in Newport and Pittsfield as well. 😃


It's beginning to feel a little bit more like Spring! These little soil blocks will hopefully be home to lisianthus and eucalyptus in the next few days. It's hard to believe that my porch will soon be housing thousands of seedlings.


I just saw my first Robin! Two actually! Bring on Spring!


WOO HOO! My first orders have arrived! I ❤ Johnny's. I placed my order at 1:30 yesterday and just got it today! This made this flower geek's day!


The garden in winter is so peaceful and beautiful, but in my heart I just want to fill it all with flowers! I'm so excited to see what 2020 brings! Thank you to everyone who made 2019 amazing, I can't wait to see everyone in the spring!


Watching snow come down and taking notes for next season.


This little spider was just hanging around in the last of my amaranth. Looks like a little Christmas spider.


Well it's official..... This frost this week has ended my growing season. Thank you for making my first season a success! I can not thank all of my wonderful customers, new friends, old friends and family for all of your support. I'm so excited for next year!
Next year I will be opening the farm up a few days a week for pick your own bouquets. We will also add bulk flowers for weddings as well as weekly subscriptions.
Thank you all, and I'm excited to see you next year!


So, it finally happened. I haven't been out in the garden yet to see the damage first hand, but I'm pretty sure last night did some major damage. It's so funny, I've been joking that I want the Friday to come and now I'm feeling a little sad.


This is headed toPittsfield Farmers Market today! So far frost is only nipping at the ends of my most western rows of flowers. I'm feeling pretty good to be able to go to market today.


I think the bumblebee on the left is a queen. I was fortunate enough that I had a visit from NRCS a couple of weeks ago. The "bee guy" Eric pointed out a large bumblebee and showed me that she was so much larger and clean compared to the others.


I really hope the forecast is right! Looks like another week without a killing frost! The flowers are absolutely bursting! They are huge, zinnia's as big as my fist. I can't wait to see everyone Sunday Community Market of Newport!


Today is easily one of the nicest days we have had at the market! We are all here 10-2 Community Market of Newport


With fall and cool temperatures coming fast, I can't help but take an extra moment to appreciate nature.


Look who stopped by the Pittsfield Farmers Market. This little one was saved from the road by Outland Farm and is taking a snack break in a Cosmo.


I had a friend that asked me if I was afraid I was going to run out of flowers by going to two more markets a week...... um, no!


Today was a pretty amazing morning on the farm.


Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District

We wanted to share something we learned at our Bugs program: 👀 See that little white dot on the head of the Japanese beetle? That dot is actually an egg of a parasitic fly. That egg will hatch and the larve will bore into the beetle, ultimately killing this nasty pest! So, as you pick these buggers off your plants, leave the ones with the little white dot!


It's a beautiful day at Pittsfield Farmers Market, we have a selection of fiber and knitted items, baked goods, veggies, meats and of course flowers! I have make your own bouquets for $10 as well as premade bouquets. I also sell single stems.


It finally happened! All summer I have been trying to get a picture of a dragonfly by the pond.... Tonight magic! This little guy loved having his picture taken!


Here comes the sun (doo doo doo)
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right...

Sunflowers that is!

Yup! The song in my head right now. See you at the Newport farmers market at Aubuchon 2-6!


Check out the sweet little face!


The color on this zinnia is amazing. It came in a "mix" I think I'm going to try to save seeds from this one. In person or almost has a bronze metallic tint.

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Tax time.


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